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Flite Test - B-17 "Memphis Belle"

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Ever wanted to step inside a B-17? Here's your chance! Visit the Liberty Foundation to help support: http://www.libertyfoundation.org/getinvolved.html Check out the Liberty Foundation on Facebook: http://www.libertyfoundation.org/getinvolved.html Check our website for more Flite Test: http://flitetest.com/
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Jana Lamanna (3 days ago)
No one I love the b 17 no 2 I live in Memphis no 3 I love the Memphis bell
N.W. Gamer 212 (3 months ago)
I was actually in a B-17 bomber with the name 909
Cypress (5 months ago)
I built the plastic Revell model of this plane as a child, I was obsessed with it.
joe blow (5 months ago)
It "literally" brings you back in time? So how do you like the 1940's? Did you meet anyone interesting?
glen phillips (8 months ago)
Brycen's fun life Briggs50 (10 months ago)
shes not the belle the real belles at dayton air force mussem in ohio you should go there
PyRoOWL 1995 (10 months ago)
If I had a choice of taking a ride any warbird I’d choose the B-17! The plane that won the war!
The phantom flan flinger (1 year ago)
As an Englishman i cant help wishing that we could do the same with our Lancaster!. As a model builder an an aircraft junkie , i would love a ride in that beautiful old bird!. Ah well.
JacobHasADogLuuk (1 year ago)
oh its not in Colorado springs but the real Memphis belle is in Colorado springs it was found buried in a beach because after the war they didnt want the enemys to steal there technology and the world war 2 aircraft museum got the real Memphis belle and restored it
JacobHasADogLuuk (1 year ago)
if you want to see it
JacobHasADogLuuk (1 year ago)
this is in Colorado springs
nick lis (1 year ago)
what state is it in
nick lis (1 year ago)
b17 memphis belle made an rc b17 out of a model from hobby lobby
Genji (1 year ago)
My brother got a model of the Memphis Belle for me on Christmas!
Lowbacca (1 year ago)
ive been inside that plane before, its pretty awsome
The Mahamushi (1 year ago)
As a young child I used to play in the Memphis Belle when it was on display at the Memphis Zoo in the late 1960s. I am so glad it has been restored.
Tobias tondel (1 year ago)
can all go in memphis belle
ChristianM (2 years ago)
Amanda Bona (2 years ago)
killerbc yt (2 years ago)
lol the b-17 apparently has 2 kills lowl
Lol Lol (2 years ago)
Realy cool guys :)
SKYGuy (2 years ago)
That was a nice $1800+ gift y'all got!
TeamCookers (2 years ago)
thats awesome!
Gail Raby (2 years ago)
shame about the Hollywood film... very disrespectful.
Lady Dog and Me (2 years ago)
Holy chit... my favorite plane of all time right there. Must have built 10 models of 'em as a kid. I remember the first time I got to see one take off... the sight, the smell, the sound... I inexplicably just started to cry. I was in my 30's at the time and can think of no reason for why that happened. Nothing like that has ever happened since... You guys are very fortunate...
jay ell (2 years ago)
thats not the one they used in the film memphis belle one from the film is in england
Andy Lucena (2 years ago)
Tom (2 years ago)
It should be noted that this plane is a "REPLICA" and NOT THE REAL MEMPHIS BELLE. The REAL MEMPHIS BELLE is presently undergoing restoration at the U.S. Air Force facility in Dayton, Ohio. This plane is the one that was used in the TV movie.
Ayden Hoover (2 years ago)
I wish they would bring back the guns that were in the front of the tip of the airplane
wittpilot (2 years ago)
This aircraft was modified to look like an "F" model, which did not have a chin turret.
Nuke 778 (3 years ago)
I thought the Memphis belle was in the uk
wittpilot (2 years ago)
There is a B-17 named "Sally B" in the UK that has "Memphis Belle" noseart on one side.
Aim Yussof (3 years ago)
Tom Nugent (3 years ago)
But great video
Tom Nugent (3 years ago)
Oh come on guys why don't you do a review a build video and the speed build kits on a mighty mini or regular size rc
CaseyKaiJones (3 years ago)
Tom Nugent hey, they are flying a real plane
John Rivera (3 years ago)
I have been in that plane, here is a picture https://scontent-dfw1-1.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xaf1/v/t1.0-9/11146223_10205021324310880_6436041583591100578_n.jpg?oh=52bebc336c21eb493fa3c272875e139c&oe=5780C7C7
Aямiταge Hυχ (3 years ago)
I share this comment to all crew of each and every B-17 in the war, especially "Memphis Belle"...
Ace Blazer (3 years ago)
can you do more festivals vidios? you look like you enjoy them and so much happens
Udo Wörner (3 years ago)
Hi guys,it's my dream to fly in a B-17. She is for me the WWII favorite Bomber. I know that Bomber as my Dad build a mobile for me as a little kid of one year. Udo from Berlin Germany.
McBean's Tiny Weapons and Tanks (3 years ago)
What an epic experience!
johnny ray (3 years ago)
Just had to take pause when Mr. Bixler asked that guy and he said his grandfather flew "44"missions. Over Germany... that makes him rarer than a fighter ace. 44 Missions, flak, Me109s... Fockewulf's, incredible!!! Tell your gramps I said A number one. but I had an old friend who was tail gunner B-17 guy, and he died last year. Peace to you! Those men truly served!
johnny ray (3 years ago)
+Adam Drain Thanks Adam, he had done his bit, keep him warm!
Adam Drain (3 years ago)
+johnny ray He'll be 93 in March of this year. Unfortunately the lights are on, but no one is really home anymore if you catch my drift. A severe case of dementia has taken most of his mind. There are still twinkles that shine through every so often though. They were truly another bread of American.... of human.....
SuperStewie (3 years ago)
According to their website, they only charge 1/5 the cost of taking your group up for a flight. At $450 for a 30 minute flight, and $4,500 per flight hour, that makes 450/2250 or 1/5 the cost of your flight. It really is a once in a lifetime deal.
Adam Drain (3 years ago)
+Jacob Bauer On a good weekend we usually break even. Sometimes even run away with a little extra gas money :-)
ProfineDoesStuff :/ (3 years ago)
Why are there nazi symbols on an american bomber? Unless it indicates how many germans they have shot down...
Adam Drain (3 years ago)
+ProfineDoesStuff :/ Correct. The swastikas symbol aircraft shot down. On the nose, they represent total number of enemy fighters shot down. They are also located at each crew station for that crewmans victories...
sonic23233 (3 years ago)
does it cost much to ride in this
Adam Drain (3 years ago)
+sonic23233 $450 is the going rate just about for all the 17's on tour.
sonic23233 (3 years ago)
my grandfather was a b-17 mechanic
Andrea Roll (4 years ago)
i so would like for it to come for a tour in europe.
Positrack (4 years ago)
That's absolutely INCREDIBLE! Thanks for sharing, and MANY thanks to the folks at the Liberty Foundation for keeping this gorgeous machine alive and FLYING! It's just fantastic to see it in the air, particularly from inside!
bjaminbjamin (4 years ago)
Sam Bartlett (4 years ago)
i wish i was apart of flight test
ZACH (4 years ago)
fly full scale p-51
Sloth FPV (4 years ago)
that is a beautiful plane, im so glad its still being kept ingood order. love to fly in it
Cory AKA: Riven (4 years ago)
This beauty dropped by one of my local airports and had a BLAST looking around inside it!
Tom Hollinger (4 years ago)
I saw that plane a while ago it isn't the original plane but she was in the movie. she's beautiful though
Adam Drain (3 years ago)
+harveyrosen Read my reply to Echo down the page. This is NOT the original "Memphis Belle". Although Sally B played the role as well, I believe this particular aircraft did most of the scenes in the film portraying the "Memphis Belle".
Adam Drain (3 years ago)
+Echo Moto He means that the aircraft in the video is not the "Memphis Belle" that flew combat in WWII... This particular airframe, along with all other flying B-17's in the world, never saw any combat. The "Memphis Belle" that flew combat in WWII is currently undergoing an extensive restoration for display in the Air Force Museum in Dayton, OH. It's a REAL B-17, but not the REAL "Memphis Belle".
Denis Naylor (4 years ago)
Fantastic job guys. What an experience !
Enterprise206 (4 years ago)
now do a P-51 with Josh Scott flying it
Carter Bowman (4 years ago)
There from Washington (Pete repete on the back)
Aodhan Dougherty (4 years ago)
Josh could you go into the bubble under the plane
wittpilot (4 years ago)
Unfortunately we do not have the machinery to rotate the turret in flight... It would take a serious stomach to try it out though!
Iluvquadbike (4 years ago)
If that doesn't work, add more gun.
Mike Stewart (4 years ago)
I would love a ride in one of these
Mike Stewart (4 years ago)
lol dont have any now so when i do go i'll go a paw pah 
Adam Drain (4 years ago)
You can't take it with you!
Mike Stewart (4 years ago)
like everyone money lol
Adam Drain (4 years ago)
 Whats stopping you!!!
Robert Gibbons (4 years ago)
Can you review the hobbyking b-17 Memphis Belle1875mm.
Archie Scriven (4 years ago)
When is the speed build out? LOLOLOLOLOL
Airplane Maniac (5 years ago)
How much does a flight cost?
Airplane Maniac (4 years ago)
Thanks you both, that helps! :)
2Stroke Diesel Power (4 years ago)
+Airplane Maniac ... in 2014, it was (If I remember correctly) $450. for approximately 1/2 - 3/4hr flight..... overall cost of flight time for the "Belle" is approximately $5,500..... a ride in their P-51 was $1,595. for 20minutes... with a per hour cost of flying it of approximately $3,300..... that covers, fuel, maintenance, insurance, etc, etc. The B-29 (FIFI) of the CAF has different pricing... it depends on "where" in the plane you can afford to ride.... and can run anywhere from about $595. (Gunners seat) - $1095. (cockpit seat) - $1,295 (Flight Observers seat - directly behind the pilot and co-pilot) and the "Best seat in the house" (Bombardiers seat - nose) for $1,595...... it costs a Lot to fly and maintain these planes in good condition..... current annual costs for the "Belle" is approximately $1.5+ Million !! The prices I quoted are "at the event" prices... if, you purchase ahead of time, on-line... you can save anywhere from $20.(gunners seat) to $100. (bombardiers, seat). Hope this answers your question.
Adam Drain (5 years ago)
Rides are $450 per person and typically last 25 - 30 minutes.  Check out the website for more information. www.libertyfoundation.org
Rc Addict (5 years ago)
Holy crap so many links (3).....
Do It After Smoking (5 years ago)
 Its started with a plug for the brand new Mighty Minis.. How do you do this magic?  haha what a surprise 
Oliver Gs (5 years ago)
Did you sit in the ball turret?
『Yukikaze Flyes』 (5 years ago)
I remmberred a game that my friend made with the oculus rifth when iwas on the turret and iwas like holy shet
Tobias Sig Sonne (5 years ago)
Added to: "to do before i die" list
Mathewson Ramsey (5 years ago)
How much do you think it costs for a ride in that thing?
FlyBaby (5 years ago)
Story about the cell phone typos.
FlyBaby (5 years ago)
U thought this was the rebuilt plane. I guess they havnt completed that one. The Liberty Belle was the plane this organization used to fly, and was lost. You can see a shirt video of the amidships view I mentioned. They didn't take out the waist gunners glass for us. When I went people jogged the nose so I couldn't check it out. It was still awesome. Highly recommended. I have a great Wife.
FlyBaby (5 years ago)
There were weird typos because it was done on a cell phone and for some reason wherever you correct the spell checkers automatic "corrections" it does odd things. im not complaining that the glass wasn't removed. I loved that flight. I highly recommend it for any hardcore aviation buff. i couldn't get to the nose cone because several people were up there and hogging the view. It is kind of tight going through the space between the pilot and copilot anyway. You guys were back in my town about a month ago, Sanford NC.
wittpilot (5 years ago)
Not sure what you meant in the first part there... But when you flew on Liberty Belle the waist windows  were not open because they did not open in that aircraft.  The Movie Memphis Belle is modeled to look like an earlier F model which had open windows while Liberty Belle was a later G model and had closed windows.
FlyBaby (5 years ago)
I flew on the Liberty Belle years ago. The first rebuild had a fire during a fundraising flight and did an emergency landing in a corn field. Sadly the field was muddy from rain and the fire engine couldn't respond. A total loss. The current plane was being rescued when I took my flight. She took up the name of the original. It was an awesome experience poking my head out the top of the plane and videotaping the plane from the top amidship. Expensive but well worth it if you are an aviation fan.
Motion RC (5 years ago)
How does anyone thumbs down this? Awesome video, thanks for the ride! Pilot Ryan
wittpilot (5 years ago)
 The internet is made up of all kinds what can I say.....
Jeremy Brock (5 years ago)
I got to ride in this just a few days after i watched this video, i loved it so much and recorded a lot of the flight. it was well worth the money, and i intend to do it again every year i can. If anyone has this opportunity i would definitely recommend doing it.
wittpilot (5 years ago)
Thanks Jeremy, We appreciate the support!!
AikarambaNorway (5 years ago)
I donated 100 USD :) i think this should be flying for a long time!
AikarambaNorway (5 years ago)
Thats great!
wittpilot (5 years ago)
Thanks!  Every single dollar goes to keeping this airplane in the air!!
Jim Hummel (5 years ago)
Craig McVeigh (5 years ago)
So amazing, jealous!
jr10 (5 years ago)
What a wonderful video. Thank you for sharing. I will definitely keep an eye out for this plane in my area!
vetitoe362 (5 years ago)
This video made me look to see the schedule of this aircraft, and low and behold, it is in town next month. Thanks!
Chim Chimmy (5 years ago)
Just saw this bird in Winston-Salem last weekend. It sounds amazing.
sr633 (5 years ago)
The tires on a B 17 are huge !
Ecadman87 (5 years ago)
Anytime you get a chance to fly in a B-17 do it. I got to fly in the CAF Texas Raiders B-17 on the 4th of July over Austin, TX. Loved it.
Digital Wolf RC (5 years ago)
Who does make the music @6:14 I love it! i want a sound track! :D
MrShadow12622 (5 years ago)
I've been in this it came to my town! I was also in a b-29 that was with it.
Justin Case (5 years ago)
It is not until you see the inside in such detail do you realise how badly designed the B17 is.  Furthermore, does it not fill you with greater admiration for the young men that flew in these aeroplanes that would be best described as a maze.
Justin Case (5 years ago)
@wittpilot Yes, I agree, but it has to be remembered, the US were well aware of the overwhelming circumstances that precipitated the WWII.  America was providing both Germany and the UK with machinery to manufacture their weapons of war thus feeding the need to arm on both sides.  Like the UK, the US failed to reappraise their procurement in the face of that knowledge. In fact FDR knew of the intended attack on pearl harbour some three months before having broken the Japanese code.  It was purely a political decision.  If you wish go back in history, Gen. Billy Mitchell tried in the face of inflexibility, namely Gen. Pershing to demonstrate the importance of air superiority, especially bombers. As is often the case he failed and was court-marshalled.  Although you may find my criticism harsh, it is nevertheless, a fact.  That due to political ignorance or otherwise in the face of military experience, many brave American boys died in an aircraft unfit for purpose. Its bomb load was small, and its impact more psychological than practical.  Worst of all these poor brave boys were ordered to fly during the day.  Given the preceding facts I find it inexcusable to go to war in such antiquated aircraft.  Hence my comment. If you wish to go forward the F35 is proving to be a flop as presently it is restricted from flying within 25 miles of a thunderstorm, has reduced envelope, and is ridiculously expensive.  It seems that the military commercial complex is alive and kicking.
wittpilot (5 years ago)
@Justin Case I would say that is pretty harsh considering the aircraft was designed in the mid-30's......
Anita B (5 years ago)
By the way,will it come to NY?
Anita B (5 years ago)
@wittpilot Bethpage LI? PLEASE SAY YES!!!
wittpilot (5 years ago)
@Eren Jaeger We visit NY frequently.  Unfortunately not this year.  We have made stops in Syracuse, Rochester, & Buffalo in the past.
Anita B (5 years ago)
Walkertongdee (5 years ago)
Bet I'm not the only one who wanted to see more of the AIRPLANE. Insteafd of guy bs.
Sodiepops (5 years ago)
the ball turret view must awesome :D
bobelayer (4 years ago)
@SkyWriter25 Ah
SkyWriter25 (4 years ago)
@bobelayer I just wanted to point out that the B-17 landing gear were electrically actuated, not hydraulic.  They did have a hand crank as you mentioned though.
wittpilot (5 years ago)
Yes, all kinds if ways to damage the linkages and gear itsself.... also, it was preferred to belly land vs. land on one wheel if you had one good and one bad....
bobelayer (5 years ago)
@wittpilot I guess the gear could be shot up... But I don't think you can get stuck in those ball turrets... ways to get out.
bobelayer (5 years ago)
@wittpilot Hm... Why were they forced?
very nice ! 
Landotter1 (5 years ago)
15 dislikes? Guess those people just don't like airplanes.... facepalm..........
Landotter1 (5 years ago)
They hangar a B24 Liberator at my A&P school and we walked under her wings every day. "Diamond Lil" was her name. She is owned and operated by the Commemerative Airforce.... They do all of the annual repairs and inspections there. Was a real treat, to see her every day. Another plane that a person should get a ride in is the old Ford Tri-motor. It may well be the only flying one out there. It's like 75.00 per ride but hell, people spend more money than that, at the bar on friday night....
Nick C. (5 years ago)
Holy moly. That is awesome.
Birol Karacahisarlı (5 years ago)
Great experience thank you for  sharing....
TRAXXAS6606 (5 years ago)
I've seen this bird many times at the Andrew's Air Force Base Air Show's. Amazing to see it in person. I gotta pilot it! XD
bnlovesey (5 years ago)
I have been to the airfield where the film the Memphis belle was filmed
SgtPickledic (5 years ago)
I think they was here close to me in Indiana, it was 450 bucks a ride. What i understand as well, this plane was never in active combat. 
Aeroscience (5 years ago)
Yes, you should do more full scale. Maybe Blue Angles?
zosometalgod (5 years ago)
The real Memphis Belle is being restored now and will be in the sky's once again! that's the one I would love to fly in it actually saw combat and survived! 
zosometalgod (5 years ago)
wittpilot (5 years ago)
Yep. The National Museum of the United States Air Force in Dayton OH.
zosometalgod (5 years ago)
Thanks wittpilot I got the wrong info! do you know what museum the Belle will be at? 
wittpilot (5 years ago)
The original Memphis Belle will not fly once it is finished.  She will go on display inside the museum.  
Paul Scaccia (5 years ago)
Burke Lakefront! In Cleveland! :D
Conrad Vandermerwe (5 years ago)
Great video. Next time please include a soundclip of the motors firing ip!
Conrad Vandermerwe (5 years ago)
Great video. Next time please include a soundclip of the motors firing ip!
Jayson Black (5 years ago)
blue angels next