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Obamacare in Trump country

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We travel to Whitley County in Kentucky to find out why people who benefited most from Obamacare would vote for Donald Trump. Some thought that Trump would not actually repeal Obamacare. Others felt that Obamacare wasn't affordable. Help us make more ambitious videos by joining the Vox Video Lab. It gets you exclusive perks, like livestream Q&As with all the Vox creators, a badge that levels up over time, and video extras bringing you closer to our work! Learn more at http://bit.ly/video-lab See the full interview with President Obama at: https://youtu.be/V7eqoL18zwg Kathy's full question and Obama's answer start at 38:00 Subscribe to our channel! http://goo.gl/0bsAjO Vox.com is a news website that helps you cut through the noise and understand what's really driving the events in the headlines. Check out http://www.vox.com to get up to speed on everything from Kurdistan to the Kim Kardashian app. Check out our full video catalog: http://goo.gl/IZONyE Follow Vox on Twitter: http://goo.gl/XFrZ5H Or on Facebook: http://goo.gl/U2g06o
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Vox (2 years ago)
Read more here: http://www.vox.com/2017/1/17/14294444/obamacare-trump-country Watch the full Obama interview here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V7eqoL18zwg&feature=youtu.be
Topkat (7 days ago)
i dont know y the numbers went up like that when people could literally use medicade
Charlie Hay (24 days ago)
@Matt H thanks for replying... both my parents had Medicare and Medicaid...they lived in a small town in south west Virginia (where me and my family live )i really dont understand much about health insurance, i just remember my mother on the phone constantly trying to get the meds that her and my step father needed..and that most of whom she talked to said it was linked to Obama care...my step father was 70 my mother was 68 when they passed...they died 9months a part
Matt H (25 days ago)
@Charlie Hay How old were your parents?
Matt H (25 days ago)
@Charlie Hay how did it change things? The ACA implemented caps to the maximum amount that insurers could charge in a year, as well as opened the door to expanding Medicaid support and made it illegal for insurers to kick people off insurance for being sick. It sounds like all 3 of these components would potentially help your parents, so how were they paying before?
MrBraveheart1191 (12 hours ago)
Repeal and Replace Trump
MultiJebusChrist (12 hours ago)
Donald Trump: The Russian Roulette of presidents.
Mike Metcalf (3 days ago)
I just vote repub cause I can't stand how democrats act
Justin Fitzsimmons (3 days ago)
the sad reality is that ACA was a attempt at a health insurance bill to cover more and it has but the only thing standing in the way of a single of universal health care system is politics and party division has stagnated the need to pass a bill that would help countless millions and in turn make it more readily available to the vast population.and this can be seen by the polls that overwhelmingly support the need for a single or universal healthcare.and the effects of such a bill would in turn give more flexibility both in the economy and give people more freedom to spend money to spur economic and create growth and more jobs by using a universal healthcare system and in turn making the healthcare insurance less desirable because of the cost and the long wait for approval from said healthcare insurance and waiting on the word from a bureaucrat who will most likely deny the procedure or needed medicine. and i would not mind paying more taxes to have a healthcare system that will insure i get the needed help and will insure i am not turned away because i cannot afford it or there be a chance i am denied because of some bureaucrat who will tell the insurance company im not worth the money i put into the health insurance company.
歐歐 (3 days ago)
Feels kinda good I would say?
Sean MR (4 days ago)
I work for the State of Texas through T.D.C.J and I pay for my family and I close to $800.00 a month, no lie. Still have deductibles but I got insurance. It ain’t cheap, but for the most part BC/BS is decent; not great but decent.
Luis Flores - Making it (4 days ago)
"he's got children he's smarter than that" 😳😔😠 facepalm. But he's right about the deductibles. We need Medicare 4 All NOW! Bernie 2020!
Beze (5 days ago)
Instead of having Obama care we should just use higher taxes. eliminate private healthcare insurance and make healthcare free
Ian Smithee (5 days ago)
Obama care is a detestable name
Bob Bart (5 days ago)
" Real change begins ... with Repealing and Replacing Obamacare " says the Erstwhile Donald J. Trump ... the only problem is the Replace part. The Gop as a whole failed to come up with a Trump-ready plan to replace Obamacare, and they had nearly EIGHT YEARS to do it. Trump arrives in the White House, spouting promises of a " Big, Beautiful " Health Care system which - nearly three years later, - has not even been defined, let alone legislated. - And some of you want to put Trump in again !
Leslie Nembhard (5 days ago)
Alexander Alblas (6 days ago)
In the Netherlands the deductible is as low as 385 euro's. And if you don't earn enough money to pay the insurance company you can get a healthcare allowance which could almost cover just a basic insurance.
Gentle- Man (6 days ago)
Obamacare is great ! I retired a year ago at age 57 and got on Obamacare for $100 a month.
Melvin (7 days ago)
The cancer was not fast enough. Sorry Bobby.
Baby Jesus (9 days ago)
Ask them for an update please
Maria (9 days ago)
In the UK it is free. The government takes the costs from the money that was generated from the nations taxes. Free health care. It's the civilised thing to do. These people. Not the brightest.
Sunset Vlogs (9 days ago)
Come to Europe it’s free
Resplendent Moron (9 days ago)
Kathy: "Get ready for a surprise!"
Blue (10 days ago)
Next video, infrastructure promise, and all the jobs it would create.
Brenden Oneill (10 days ago)
Donald doesn't wear underwear
Blue Eyes Darlem (10 days ago)
Even mutts don't bite the hand that feed them.
Steve (10 days ago)
She would have been pulled over and fined in my state for driving and talking on the phone.
Danny (10 days ago)
Talking on the phone while driving lol
Benji Walker (10 days ago)
Glowner (10 days ago)
USA is deeply in debt, to get out of debt you have to cut costs, cutting will leave people out and there is no easy answer. After USA is less/out of debt the government will have funds freed away from paying interest on the debt and the government can then provide better for the people
W Parsons (10 days ago)
Ah yes.....You get what you vote for
cx23 (11 days ago)
Bunch of cousins lol
Hull Style Produtions Change the World (11 days ago)
Im a Kentucky resident who has voted for Trump and Mitch. That was a mistake. My wife a registered nurse working and a state facility for about 10 years, lost her job due to health reasons. Lost insurance and benefits. The fmla only allows 12 weeks per year. She had a shoulder surgery amd onr month later her knee needed. Luckily I work and had her on my insurance but she lost all her benefits retirement. Can't be sad because other people have it worse off still not right
Crockerz Z (11 days ago)
You cant get rich in politics by telling the truth...
Crockerz Z (11 days ago)
I dont see why nobody can call the healthcare change what it is, affordable healthcare instead of Obamacare....because them the people who don't like Obama will object every time.
Luke Milner (11 days ago)
Am I the only one that wonders why she's talking on her phone while driving?
Joe Camarillo (12 days ago)
So, then, why not propose a two-path system? Why not have all those who support the ACA pay the taxes to support it. And those vehemently against it not pay any taxes related to that and not be covered when it comes to them not having insurance? I know my idea is unrealistic, but at least it’s an idea.
Marcely Brasil Silva (12 days ago)
"He's smarter than that" seriously lady, do you live under a rock or something?
ABGC (12 days ago)
Pardis Ranjbar Noiey (14 days ago)
5:39 Such a b*tch!
Shaddy Williams (14 days ago)
amerikkka is a joke
Charles Anthony (14 days ago)
"We will create a 'beautiful plan' within two weeks after my inauguration"-The Chimpanzee
Volker Scheffer (14 days ago)
Healtcare or wellfare in general shouldn't be seen as way to sit down and sleep all day long. You get paid the burden of expensive health and therefor you should be happy and THEN concentrate on educate yourself or your kids to get a better paid businesses and jobs!
Brenton Thrasher (15 days ago)
That moment when your following only knows how to insult and hate white people.
Jon Cox (15 days ago)
Obamacare was a disaster
Jon Cox (15 days ago)
“Excuses for Obama’s Terrible Presidency” 😂
Joey Soave (16 days ago)
Healthcare is such a mess. Even for people with great jobs, sometimes healthcare is not practical
jessie_fun (16 days ago)
So explain this to a non American. Low income white Americans benefitted the most from Obamacare. And yet they voted for Trump?? Why? I fail to understand. Only reason I could see is that Obama was non white and these people just disliked what he did? Regardless whether it was right or wrong??
Volker Scheffer (14 days ago)
I honestly think they hoped they get back their jobs and so they wouldn't need that wellfare-system. The problem is, wellfare shouldn't be seen as way to sit down and sleep all day long. You get paid the burden of expensive health and therefor you should be happy and THEN concentrate on educate yourself or your kids to get a better paid businesses and jobs!
jessie_fun (16 days ago)
Wait a minute Theres an old lady with some health issues and driving car while talking over her phone and all this is shown on National TV in America and there was no action?? Let someone try that here in Australia.
laughingstudiomc (17 days ago)
I think medicare for all would greatly improve obamacare. Let’s just make sure the insurance companies don’t raise premiums and deductibles by having the healthcare ran by the people!
Mitsubishilover04 (17 days ago)
Wake up people and ask yourselves why the costs of medicine is so high to begin with? In this country, we value wealth more than human lives.
cassie earle (17 days ago)
thats why republicans coined it obamacare so those who hated obama would hate but didn't realize that they were getting help from the goverment
cassie earle (17 days ago)
i wonder what they think of medicare for all
Alex S. (17 days ago)
On a serious note, can you find these people and see how what they think now, if they’re still alive? Thanks.
Alex S. (17 days ago)
“Obamacare saved my life, that’s why I voted Trump.”
Michael Devaney (17 days ago)
I don't understand why these people are so republican... I understand the left is a bit nuts but the republican party cares about them even less then the Democrats
James Pak (18 days ago)
bahahahahaha. I have something better for you. Just Trust me.
johnnie cameron (19 days ago)
Obama care is a JOKE
johnnie cameron (19 days ago)
Healthcare is just to expensive .that's why insurance is needed ,but being forced or fined is not right in my small option
Jean Pierre Desir (20 days ago)
Everyone needs Life Coverage Insurance Caused U don't know What's Gonna Happen
Josh Pierce (21 days ago)
I feel like the government needs to stay out of health care. I'm a nurse and Obama care in the end determines the patients treatment. The insurance won't cover the tests ordered, the tests have to be altered, there are still many tests that it will not cover. All it does is take money and say "hey they have insurance!" If you don't have insurance there are still many resources like health wagons, slide and scale clinics, financial assistance programs through drug companies and hospitals, etc. But no you get a penalty too. Not a fan. Plus I find this to kinda be poking fun and kinda racist toward white people... who cares if you don't have a college degree? Doesn't mean you're not smart. I know plenty of people without a degree making more than me and most people with a college degree. Plus nobody likes to mention how Trump lowered the Medicare and Medicaid health index and opening up more opportunities for people in rural areas to get Medicare or Medicaid. Plus that demand gave many nurses like myself and doctors raises in rural areas.
Josh Pierce (19 days ago)
@María Martínez like I started above there are many clinics that are cost friendly and working in health care we take an oath not to discriminate or lack care or treat patients differently based on what they pay and drug companies usually change ingredients due to new research and discoveries on diseases. Notice how we ate always developing and doing research. Yes some people are corrupt but that's in any system but a lot of money Is fot research and gathering resources
María Martínez (20 days ago)
Imagine to live in a country where the state provides a system in which you give a percentage of your wages, starting with a 7% if it's low, increasing if it's higher. Then, you have access to everything medicine can give to you, including pregnant mother-infant regular controls and vaccines (even if you are an illegal immigrant) and prevention exams, also medication, including cancer and transplants. Opioids are given and prescribed only to terminal patients and extremely serious cases, and the pharmacy keeps the recipe once filled. End-of-life care is also provided. If you are unemployed, you can also join the system, and receive not only basic healthcare, but all of the above, given that your economic situation be proved as vulnerable. You only can't choose your doctor and need to go to your district hospital for care. Preexisting conditions aren't even asked when you join. Resident foreigners can join too. If your wages are bigger, you may choose your doctor or a certain hospital, or better rooms in a private one that accept state patients, it will cost you a bigger part of your bigger salary; still no one gets less or no care if they can't afford to pay. And, if you like better the private insurance system, you can join it. And if you can afford the direct payments to doctors and luxury clinics, you can use them as you wish. I have just described the Chilean state healthcare system. You bet a Third World one has lots of problems, slowness, lack of resources; unusual diseases, plastic surgery and dentistry are fields barely covered, but there are cases (myself included) in which you can get even surgery for free. Oh, it isn't free, you'll say. Of course it isn't; but there is a remarkable difference when a lot of people join forces and pay for everyone's care instead of each one fending for him/herself. How is it that the richest, greatest country in the world can't think of a way of doing something so many countries do? Could it be its insanely huge and ever growing military eating away its budget? Or that it's more convenient for the owners of big pharma and health insurance that the people have no choice? The big donors to politicians that convince the people that having a state system means tyranny, dying from treatable diseases is your fault because you were too lazy to work yet another shift to pay for healthcare, and it's all the fault of immigrants? Anything rings a bell?
R Rdgz (21 days ago)
This is why I hate FOX NEWS. The old and the poor are the people that most benefit from Obamacare, and Fox News got them to vote against their own best interest. Most of these ppl do not realize that the reason Obamacare has not work is because it has been gutted by Republicans legislators, who passed 80some bills to limit its scope, blocked by Republican governors, and sued by Republican AG's.
Robert Baratheon (21 days ago)
Amazes me how easy it is to con these people. It's sad really.
genesssisss (22 days ago)
Trump supporters have mental problems
atiba76 (22 days ago)
Is there a follow up to this report?
Mike K (23 days ago)
"If we elect a businessman he will save us from these businessmen who are the source of these high healthcare costs!"
Justin Kenward (23 days ago)
Going by what they said in this video. they have cheaper deductibles with the affordable healthcare act than I do with my employer provided insurance. 😳
Mark Harpe (23 days ago)
That ungrateful ashtray with legs who had breast cancer, how could she not know her plan is subsidized by the federal government? No judgment on subsidy, but yes judgment on stupidity and ignorance. Politics needs to be taken out of health care and health care insurance. Period.
American schools are good places to hit trickshots (24 days ago)
Only thing America has done right is legalise weed
Sarah McCoy (24 days ago)
The Republicans did their best to try to do away with Obamacare. Despite the fact that they had no replacement plan in place. If not for the late John McCain, the Republicans would have repealed without a replacement plan. Trump ran on the premise that he would produce a better and cheaper healthcare plan, but he failed to come up with a better plan. Obamacare may not be perfect, but it is better than what the Republicans proposed, which was nothing.
Germany X (24 days ago)
Being racist must be hard 😂
Robert Balu (24 days ago)
Socialist doesn't care about universal HC but about money (mandatory fees for HC out of income). If they really want it so bad they'd suggest covering it by tax money (some standard), and for everyone who wants smth better there's private health insurance. In fact this system works in many countries, but this is just a giant fraud securing more money for whole healthcare complex (govt bureaus including)
sailingsolar (25 days ago)
@6:00 That mall look half closed down and deserted.
Craig Dewar (25 days ago)
It is kind of funny that the aca basically doesn't work for people in Kentucky is because the representative from Kentucky blocked anything that would make it better. But they still vote him in every time
Salnsd (25 days ago)
I doznt care I stell sapert and trost Tromp
Anthony Foster (24 days ago)
???? 🤔🤨🤔🤨🤔
Blake Sillence (25 days ago)
We need better education so we don't have these idots voting in the future
คนที่เมืองบอสตัน (26 days ago)
Boy Obama aged. Most people have no idea what he went through!
Lene Ring (26 days ago)
Basket of Deplorables!
Johnny Flyover (27 days ago)
This piece is BS. ObamaCare is bankrupting the middle class.
Salnsd (25 days ago)
" I have a wonderful health care plan to cover everybody" 3 years later NOTHING , yup you were conned
marcus stokes (27 days ago)
Why is it so hard to see what the real issue is here? I will will spell it out. White racist people have never in the history of this country supported anything that they believe would benefit blacks. If you dont believe me look at the history of some of the biggest programs we have today. Whites overwhelmingly objected to each and every one, even at their own expense due to racial resentment.
Aaron Chern (28 days ago)
0:32 Talking while driving.
Joel Firey (29 days ago)
I just want to say we can't blame these people for being misinformed, in other words ignorant. You can blame tribalism, you can blame the influence of fox news. Exactly what we believe to be true about these right-wing nuts is exactly what they believe about us, as unfortunate as it is, the only difference is that it's only true for them. They are being manipulated, They are being misled and taken advantage of. The only answer I can provide is through healing, we can only chip away at their belief system piece by piece and it's hard and grueling work and often times unsuccessful and debilitating but it's the only answer to influence those of which don't believe in reality.
Valva Cortez (30 days ago)
Vox videos have one of the weirdess proportion of likes and unlikes
Craig Marsh (1 month ago)
I feel like a slave...I go to work, pay my taxes and yet I have to pay for people coming here illegally....they work for cash, pay no taxes, take jobs that I would do for less.....this is not America....laws have meaning....if you cross the border illegally...make it a felony....so simple........
kaneki k (30 days ago)
You're not paying for illegal immigrants.. you're paying for Israeli citizens..
Craig Marsh (1 month ago)
The only predudice people are the democracrat party....Lincoln was a republican, the only party that has been pro-slavery was democrat...Why do dems think republicans did it...Dems know that blacks will vote for them no matter what, even though it was conservatives that set them free....????How have dems turned that around.....Yet all old dems were racist....
Julien Wolff (1 month ago)
Love that Face at 3:58
D Gaven (1 month ago)
That’s all well and good but I’m never giving back my Obamaphone.
Kushan Liyanarachchi (1 month ago)
Well, the name Obamacare sounds authentic compared to "Trumpcare".
rappernickisbaasch (1 month ago)
Unbelievable how many people the GOP manages to lure in to vote AGAINST their own economic interests...
muadhib001 (1 month ago)
Ignorance is bliss for the gop
M Batson (1 month ago)
*Repeal and replace it with Trumpcare* Trump just wants to erase Obama's legacy to the appeasement of the far-right.
M Batson (1 month ago)
I'm not surprised by this. This is all over the country. Lower class white people benefitted from Obama and his policies so much but instead voted Republican because Obama was black.
bongo155 (1 month ago)
They voted for Bush Jr when Kerry and Gore were white. To be fair in 2008 Obama got a massive electoral college win, much bigger than Trump and even won states like Indiana and North Carolina. Its brainwashing from decades of talk radio and Fox News.
Michael Chabler (1 month ago)
The high premiums and deductibles are in states that refused federal money. They don’t know this?
Nathaniel Joyce (1 month ago)
Turkeys voting for Christmas
EmmaShadyLilly (1 month ago)
"Obamacare is too expensive" "How about free heath care then?" "No, that's socialism!"
Drew Schliebner (23 days ago)
Have you heard of Canada
Patrick Hag (27 days ago)
It works in Canada and Europe. I am more than happy to be taxed a little more to have universal health care.
matson8008 (1 month ago)
Cognitive dissonance much?
Mr Lopes (1 month ago)
I'm European and find it astonishing how in the year 2019, American citizens have to pay for healthcare... Here in Europe, if I am diagnosed with cancer, I am covered absolutely free of charge. Our taxes pay for our healthcare. I would be submitted into cancer treatment within a week. Not good America, not good at all....
Sure Why not (1 month ago)
"He's got children, he's smarter than that" He has children born into his daddy's money, he hasn't cared about them. Look at how evil they turned out.
MLM Son (1 month ago)
Even though she did not vote for Obama, she was excited to meet the president still. That's small potatoes. The ignorance of rural America is unreal.
Tigre.De.Metal (1 month ago)
talking on the phone while driving is illegal.. (well in Canada)
shweta0608 (1 month ago)
Fernando Betanzos (1 month ago)
Bring back Obama Care. Please....
Maury Ginsberg (1 month ago)
I think the best value for money healthcare is the British NHS model.
STONEFREE1962 (1 month ago)
Bonnie K Kostantacos (1 month ago)
Please fix part if this video. Because President Obama signed the Affordable Care Act as Obamacare in 2010 instead of 2013.