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I received a fragile figurine from an Ebay seller. It was improperly packed and broke. Example of how not to and how to pack a fragile item.
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MsAussie83 (3 months ago)
+oldvision I have a music box that I bought in 2001 while on vacation with my American Grandma Pat, which is a lifelike model of the city of San Francisco, and it plays "I Left My Heart In San Francisco". I actually bought it from the San Francisco Music Box Company's headquarters when they were located on Pier 39. The problem I have with it is when I fully wind it, the music seems to play really fast, and the key, which has little models of row houses and cable cars, and a teeny tiny version of the Golden Gate Bridge, the Bay Bridge, and the Transamerica Pyramid, seems to rattle from side to side, instead of staying nice and tight in there like it used to when it was new. Per the advice of another Youtube member, a guy who goes by the name "Music Box Maker" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6CILzBUT6Fg, I tried turning the key the opposite direction to let it wind down, but I'm afraid I turned it too far, which made the key so loose that now when I wind it up, it won't play. It clicks as though it's winding up, but when I release the key, nothing happens except a snap, meaning the spring wound itself backwards again. The music plays fine when I turn it the opposite way, but when I wind it up, nothing happens. The movement sounds fine, perfectly in tune, although at times, some of the notes have a slight buzzing sound when they play. When I say that some of the notes make a buzzing sound sometimes, it's because the key on top of the music box, the part with the Transamerica Pyramid, row houses, etc., is loose and waddles from side to side. The music box itself has been through so many climate changes, such as being in a suitcase on an airplane (being in the suitcase was probably what caused the key to loosen to begin with), and it'd even been on top of a high shelf in the kitchen of my apartment for 7 years (I only recently got it down in September of this year). I got this music box when I was still living in Baltimore with my American dad, Scott, and upon going home to Baltimore, I had only clothing to cushion it in my suitcase that day. And I'm sure you know how rough those baggage handlers are! I sent it to Mr. Music Box at Gifts Online in Greeneville, Tennessee, with UPS Ground on November 13 of this year, and I insured it, with hopes that they would be extra careful. Even the employees at the UPS Store where I originally shipped the music box from assured me that they would be extra careful, since they actually saw how beautiful my music box is, and they told me, "We wouldn't want that to get broken." Even the guy who packed it up for me said, "Wow! That's a very beautiful piece you've got there. If I had a music box like yours, I would treat it as I would my own children, with tender loving care." And the woman next to him said with a smile, "We'll take extra care that your lovely City By The Bay will arrive in one piece at its destination!" From what I understand, they wrapped it in bubble wrap, then put those air pockets around it to insure it wouldn't get broken. But it seems that Paul, the guy who is Mr. Music Box, took it upon himself to ship it back to me with USPS, which is literally through the mail! He packed it with bubble wrap, air pockets, and packing peanuts, and he even double boxed it as well. I thought it would be delivered to my front door, but instead, it ended up in my mailbox! From what I discovered when it came back to me, the key seemed to be wobbly like their was only one foundation it was set on, instead of many foundations (perhaps screws) which made it steady inside the base when it was new. Even worse, my Mom says the whole top piece actually came off, since it looked like it had only been glued on instead of screwed in, and the glue somehow loosened up. The day it came back to me, I tried to wind it up, and that's when the top came off, right in my hand! Luckily I caught it before it fell to the ground! That day, I was remembering when I first took it home to my American Dad's house when I was living in Baltimore in 2001, and I thought to myself, "What if I had put it in my carry-on bag instead of in my suitcase that day? Maybe it would have survived the plane trip and wouldn't have been broken. At that time, I wasn't aware of how rough baggage handlers are, but since I know now what I didn't know then, I realize a big mistake was made. By the way, I believe the exterior base and top are made of ceramic, or some other fragile material. That being said, what's the best way to package a music box to be sent for repairs?
Mr.CoyoteTV (4 months ago)
6:29 “with your penis “ 😂😂
searching4 answers (1 year ago)
Hockeyfan 4life (1 year ago)
The world is now a better place knowing that you took the time to educate people on how to wrap a little toy.
Joe Nathan (2 years ago)
Thanks for the video! Cant stand using plastic! Ill definitely will be using toilet paper now
Saffirea (2 years ago)
I can't find packing peanuts. Got with ideas I can use?
Grey Forest Acres (1 year ago)
Shredded paper is good.
Yang Nell (2 years ago)
What a great video thank you for sharing. We are manufacturer of acrylic items and we delivery samples many times to customers abroad. Every time I think I am having a heart attack to hear feedback of broken items. It is very hard to tell which packaging method is better. We have tried so many things but still very upset sometimes it does not work out.
Reglindis Eckhardt (2 years ago)
Thank you so much!!!
Aishah Athena Asherah (2 years ago)
Awesome! Thank you very much for the time you hav taken to make this video. It was very helpful. Have a good day :)
THEDUDE (3 years ago)
Good clues but way to much expense for a meager 5.00 item. . A tissue wrapped item with significant SMALL bubble wrap padding surrounded by peanuts is more than sufficient. If you're double boxing cheap items and spending this amount of time you're not making money. I ship hundreds of items and never have breakage.
Yohan CliFford (3 years ago)
Toilet paper!!! Mate that's so funny
jsb99888 (3 years ago)
Bambi's little leg. :p Adorable. This is the biggest reason I will never again buy anything fragile or mechanical on Ebay. I bought a vintage typewriter a few years ago that had several broken keys by the time it arrived to me, and it was obvious from the half-assed packing that the person was clueless about how to pack it. People don't know how to pack stuff! Helpful video - I have wine glasses and rocks glasses to donate to Salvation Army and all I have are plastic shopping bags to transport them but don't want to spend money on bubble wrap since I never use it. I guess wrapping in tissue and paper towels will keep them from breaking.
SHEINDL ROTHMAN (3 years ago)
Thank-you very much for taking the time to explain this.  I am sending a fragile item to a dear friend in Toronto, and I would like it to arrive intact.
oldvision (3 years ago)
+SHEINDL ROTHMAN     The main thing is to have the item packed so it is snug but not tight.  Give the item room to breath but not move.   Then put that box within a box with packing material all around.   Again..snug but not jam packed.   If the packing is too firm any blow to the box will more easily transfer inward than if the backing has a bit of give.
Calico Griffin (3 years ago)
I'm wondering what is the size difference between the 2 boxes?
Calico Griffin (3 years ago)
+oldvision A little something with pictures attached ;) Improved thanks to your's vid! Solved my problem with second box sizes! Thanks! http://calicogriffin.deviantart.com/journal/Preparing-the-items-to-shipping-boxes-paper-etc-557233786 (a few tips for those who prefer to READ than to WATCH)
oldvision (3 years ago)
+Calico Griffin First, sorry for not being here often to answer your question promptly.  Once you have your main item properly snug in it's box the next box should allow for at least an inch to two inches on all sides of the main box so the main box is basically suspended and supported with a layer of cushion/packing material.  Hope this helps.
Robyn Courval (3 years ago)
I am sending a very fragile item this week. Your demo is very helpful, great tips thank you so much. Well done.
oldvision (3 years ago)
+Robyn Courval    Hope it arrived as you intented.
TheCreativeBujo (4 years ago)
Great video!
Nancy Stowell (4 years ago)
Packed and shipped a vintage Ceramic (that took over 60 hours to create) exactly like you demonstrate - the pictures of the item were part of the description - and in the written description as well. Some minor damage to delicate leaf edges and one missing half inch piece. Customer recieved the item - immediatly reported it "Not as Described" and demanded the $$ back (I clearly state that I DO NOT accept returns) The buyer caused so much trouble that even though no pictures were provided by her that eBay returned her $$ to her and she sent the item back to me, expecting me to refund her $$ even after being paid by eBay! The problem that I now have is that even though I was up-front about the minor damage, including pictures, what I got back from the buyer - in a styrofoam cooler - with shredded paper - was in many very small broken pieces - I am still heartbroken over the shards of ceramic that were returned to me. All my hours of hard work, hand shaping the pieces, firing and glazing and firing again. All to have someone reject it and - in my opinion - be small minded enough to pack it for return in such a way that indicates an attitude of "Oh, well." Trust me when I tell you that with 20 years of packing & shipping I have never had this kind of experience before. Now I don't ship anything that is breakable - Sellers Beware!
oldvision (3 years ago)
+Nancy Stowell Sorry to hear of your bad experience.
Nancy Stowell (4 years ago)
+Neo X ????????????????????? WTF??????????????????
deepTs (4 years ago)
with delicate figures, Like Bambi, does postal insurance cover broken in transit or does the seller add more or special type of insurance to cover the total cost of item? If so, has anyone actually received insurance check/credit for items broken in shipping and how was the experience?
oldvision (3 years ago)
+deepTs   You can check with the post office ...I believe priority mail now comes with $50 worth of insurance included.    Take photos of your item and the packing before sealing and the box before you ship.   This is your documentation of the state of the item and box before shipping.
Aaron Anderson (4 years ago)
I can't believe I just watched an eight minute video about packing Bambi...
Illium (1 year ago)
you're not alone :)
Gediminas Kvedaras (4 years ago)
lol, me too. I laughed when saw that it is... Bambi. 
oldvision (6 years ago)
I believe they do. Visit the US Postal website for free supplies.
oldvision (7 years ago)
@gunsppk Well, pack the way you want but this is NOT wrong. 30 years experience...and even packing with grocery bags begs to differ with you.
Pawlaczyk Michael (7 years ago)
bugsme10 (8 years ago)
poor Bambi. great tips gary.
couchpotatotheatre (8 years ago)
Bambi didn't make it!
oldvision (8 years ago)
@CathyCorlleone Popcorn...no salt or butter? Never did it but if it worked for you...great! Unless a return reciept or delivery confirmation was purchased at the time of shipping it is your word against theirs. Occasionally packages will take days, and in rare cases...weeks to arrive. I had a letter take over a month to travel 800 miles. Postmarked but must have slipped thru the crack somewhere.
Jordmate (8 years ago)
Now that is an education ... thanks for the great job and illustration. I bet there is a story behind that Bambi ;)
BroBryce2009 (8 years ago)
@oldvision also it should be noted that the damage is usually not caused by the individual package being handled a certain way. It is the fact that boxes are stacked like puzzle pieces on pallets and driven harshly through mazes of other pallets, or tossed into HUGE (like HUMMER-sized) containers with hundreds or thousands of other packages that may or may not weigh a LOT more than your package. Most times, the packages as individuals do pretty good.
BroBryce2009 (8 years ago)
@oldvision The reason envelopes get bent is not because they are marked "do not bend", it is because ALL envelopes -- ALL of them, go through a machine that bends them. Even if you take your letters to the post office to have them hand cancelled, the next thing that happens to them is they get to a machine, where they are sorted through a belt system that bends them in every imaginable direction at 40K letters per hr. Also, I can tell you that 8 out of 10 boxes PERIOD recieve rough handling.
oldvision (8 years ago)
@DearestBecky Perhaps and maybe that will happen. I think the only way maybe avoid this is to explain in detail what special precautions one should take with the item before it is ship. Don't assume because someone has positive feedback that they know how to ship everything properly.
oldvision (8 years ago)
@BroBryce2009 My own personal experience is that 8 out of 10 boxes marked fragile arrive with visible rough handling. Envelopes marked do not bend...are bent. Even ones with stiff protection. It has happed too much to my packages for me to not ignore it. (Brobryce worked in postal service and has first hand knowledge)
BroBryce2009 (8 years ago)
First class and priority packages travel together. Really makes no difference if you choose priority over first class except that there's a slim chance it will get there faster. By all means avoid sending anything fragile Parcel Post because people mail their TV's and microwave ovens via Parcel Post. Agree with the box being too small, but fragile stickers do help stuff get there safer. Really. This video does remind of the Anal Retentive Carpenter :) Good advice man.
DearestBecky (8 years ago)
You need to send this video the the first sender that sent Bambi in the first place. Maybe they will learn something and this won't happen to someone else.
oldvision (8 years ago)
@VirtuallyAddicted oh ya! With the crappy packing it does seem appropriate.
melzaelf (8 years ago)
@oldvision Uhgg so maddening I read tons of complaints about packages purchased off ebay not being shipped very well. I know when I ship I try my best to pack the darn thing extra careful even if it does cost more in shipping materials.
oldvision (8 years ago)
@TheDarksEmpyrean That is a suggestion which is at least worthy of imagining the senarios. Have had a rash of poor packing and a couple broken items this summer. Guess I will have to request in detail how I want something packed.
oldvision (8 years ago)
@melzaelf Yep, I was mad because it had the original sticker and is not a real common item. The seller charged over 12 dollars to ship. Then sends it first class with just delivery confirmation. Probably cost under $5 to ship. Now I have to ship back ($6) and am out $18 plus my time because someone didn't take the proper care in the first place. They will get a negative plus the link to this video.
melzaelf (8 years ago)
Aww I would have been so mad if I would have got that sweet Bambi broken. I know first hand that you are a excellent package packer! *lol* So your way must be super great.
oldvision (8 years ago)
@lostmymindinwv thanks! Funny...you make a how to vid with bambi...I make a how to vid with bambi. cool!
oldvision (8 years ago)
@catbrush123 It's an extra step that makes a big difference. Of course if a truck runs over it that won't help. haha:-)
oldvision (8 years ago)
@scottsadventures Thanks. Perhaps that is an idea as some people do not want to bother with packing things.
oldvision (8 years ago)
@kekikamiller Hi Kekika. I have used shreaded paper. Drawback -It's heavy and packs up too much. You want something that springs back. Like the sponge foam peanuts. I have used balled up newpaper with good results and it can replace the peanut, especially when packing on the sides.
scottsadventures (8 years ago)
That was a good packing tutorial. You could be a professional boxer.
kekikamiller (8 years ago)
Oh dear! This is good info. What is your opinion of newspaper, or scrap paper run through a paper shredder? Maybe in place of the peanuts.