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Volvo Trucks - The Epic Split feat. Van Damme (Live Test)

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Watch Jean-Claude Van Damme carry out his famous split between two reversing trucks. Never done before, JCVD says it's the most epic of splits -- what do you think? Please share & comment! This live test was set up to demonstrate the precision and directional stability of Volvo Dynamic Steering -- a world first technology that makes the Volvo FM easier to drive. Filmed in Spain on a closed-off landing field at sunrise in one take. Directed by Andreas Nilsson Soundtrack by Enya: Only Time More about Volvo FM & Volvo Dynamic Steering: http://www.volvotrucks.com/en-en/trucks/volvo-fm.html Don't miss coming films and other exciting material: http://www.facebook.com/VolvoTrucks http://www.youtube.com/VolvoTrucks https://twitter.com/VolvoTrucks https://www.linkedin.com/company/volv... https://plus.google.com/+volvotrucks http://www.flickr.com/photos/volvotrucks http://www.pinterest.com/volvotrucks http://instagram.com/volvotrucks See the Teaser with Jean-Claude Van Damme and the technician behind the new steering: http://youtu.be/Yatg89gi0nM
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Text Comments (43926)
HIFI AF (1 hour ago)
they need to get jujimufu to do the next one!
Jordan Noyola (2 hours ago)
But I wonder if this was carried out by professionals in a closed off area?
peanutjellyman (1 day ago)
No way that's real lol
Richard T (1 day ago)
I'm buying one of these trucks
Abhijit Deb (1 day ago)
Hidayatullah Anas (1 day ago)
Best ad...I have ever watched...
Mohammad Theo (1 day ago)
The truck dont shift.. van damme push the truck..
Juníor Barrios (2 days ago)
Febrero 2019
Entertainment DOser (2 days ago)
The music is a song by enya ''only Time''
Chris Arndt (2 days ago)
Jean Claude du hast es immernoch drauf ich würde zu gerne wieder ein Kampfsport Film von dir sehen wo es aber auch wirklich nur um Kampfsport geht wie bei Bloodsport und Bolo Yeung muss auch mit dabei sein.
Jason West (3 days ago)
I dont ever want to see another commercial again... this beats anything Ive seen in my life. The colors, the sun, its as if time stood still, Jean Claude is such a bad ass, the deep meaning behind his eyes. Everything....wow
La Griffe (3 days ago)
love vandamme
sarahlawless (4 days ago)
This is still the most brilliant genius and jaw dropping commercial of all time.
Paula S (4 days ago)
Masterpiece!!! I come back to watch this every year because it's the best ad ever made...and it doesn't hurt that I adore JCVD and Enya...😍
Merab Beridze (4 days ago)
6 years already wow
FTLAUD 911 (4 days ago)
Can never get enough of this video. Epic!!
kreganf (4 days ago)
They thought it was to test the semi's, but no, it was to show the world Jean-Claude's greatness XD
KAMALJYOT SINGH (4 days ago)
Engineering at its finest
roman (5 days ago)
Almost 10 thousand dislikes, wtf is wrong with you people. Its JCVD performing the most epic of splits!!!
Isabele Francine (5 days ago)
simplesmente incrível!!!!
Oo0 z (5 days ago)
Only time enya sweet november
ROBIN minj (5 days ago)
Razak Idris (5 days ago)
Me - I learned Taekwando for 5 years & can do split between 2 chairs. JVCD - Thats cute, hold my beer..
Meg Law (5 days ago)
Beautiful. The human body's abilities and physics.
Chuck Freaking Norris (5 days ago)
That was actually me in a Jean-Claude Van Damme costume. You just thought it was him because that's how good I am at disguising myself. I was also driving both trucks.
Jozef Kučera (2 days ago)
Mr.Norris? You dont type that, you just think it right?
Dakhanavar99 (2 days ago)
I think youre confusing with Chuck Norris because he is the only one who can split on 2 trucks and drive them at the same time
Chuck Freaking Norris (4 days ago)
Of course
Helmy Ihsan (4 days ago)
And let me guess, you became cameraman, editor and director too right...? I knew it...
Killerkam91 (5 days ago)
Bruce lee said go to a corner
Pratik G. (5 days ago)
Can't believe it's been 5 years to this ad
Dr.Sonny (6 days ago)
Ahh I forgot how epic this ad is
Christian Saab (6 days ago)
It's not epic anymore it's legendary now
Aires Jone (6 days ago)
Fuck it 💣💣💣
wkhai wkhai (6 days ago)
wkhai wkhai (6 days ago)
Ole Anders Urdland Karlsen (6 days ago)
Hahaha OMG
Melder M. Rodelas (6 days ago)
I see that you’re a man of culture as well.
LadyLLLL (6 days ago)
Kareem Sultan (6 days ago)
Nice , I love volvo truck becase I'm working in Volvo truck spare parts .
V1taly I (6 days ago)
2 0 1 9 ?
nilan tjacob (6 days ago)
The only time in you tube , where you skip the video to see the ad.. Pure perfection
the CatQueen (6 days ago)
Why are your leg not broken
Pilav Imbetter (7 days ago)
Does the truck come with the dude ?
Gilvan Moreira Dias (7 days ago)
Brasil 2019?
Lani (7 days ago)
My teacher tolled us about this he showed us this xD
Kamilek Duchovny (7 days ago)
Guys tell me. What is that song?
Volvo Trucks (5 days ago)
Only Time - Enya
tatendaishe manzunzu (7 days ago)
Name of song
tatendaishe manzunzu (6 days ago)
+ukba takva thanks
ukba takva (6 days ago)
enya- only time
Śîãń Ćîñĝ (7 days ago)
jesus francisco perez (7 days ago)
I remember watching this for the first time....
guts dragonslayer (7 days ago)
Easy I can do better
Gzad (7 days ago)
DMS REPAIR (7 days ago)
Truck on the left is a straight truck and on the right is semi truck, i think thats why only left straight truck made the split while right side semi truck kept going straight, its harder to split with semi truck vs straight truck, however beautiful ad, Van Damme is awesome !!!
Mateuszcz Czechowski (8 days ago)
F...... Epic ! :)
fenixXfenix (9 days ago)
I just want to know one thing. How the heck he got down..
0u812 0000000 (10 days ago)
Nherriel Faeldin (10 days ago)
this was 5 years ago? wow
Ex Fire (10 days ago)
Jay (10 days ago)
2019# EPIC.
沈某人 (10 days ago)
A generation of martial arts masters!
M_ Christine (11 days ago)
This made me love jc vd all over again!
dasthagir syed (11 days ago)
Should have tried on jerky road😅
gitanjali Karki (11 days ago)
omg 693 44
C.V. (12 days ago)
Feb 2019 and is till came back and watch this 3x before going to bed.. Epic
Andrzej Kucharczyk (12 days ago)
9.6k people are either complete morons or work for Volvo competition
Nikor730 (13 days ago)
1st Scania 2nd Volvo!
Kent Löfgren (13 days ago)
I want a volvo truck
Aban Don Roby (13 days ago)
I need the soundtrack...!! someone please tell me which is that..!!
Volvo Trucks (12 days ago)
Only Time by Enya
J A (14 days ago)
This dude’s like 30 years older than me and I barley have the flexibility to bend over and touch my toes.
Chris Tulsie (14 days ago)
Epic video indeed but what they didn't tell you is that Chuck Norris was driving both trucks.
Supercat 456 (14 days ago)
Thats dangerous
amir anzal (14 days ago)
I love him he is not fake he is real
Marty Crush (14 days ago)
2020 anyone?
AGmarsen (14 days ago)
This guy can beat even Po from kongfu panda
Keni pi Vlogs productions (14 days ago)
2019 ?????
‎ ‎ (14 days ago)
dude is a legend
Leon channel (15 days ago)
I am watching Volvo's YouTube everyday.
Volvo Trucks (15 days ago)
Thanks for watching Leon!
Mike CorLeoné (15 days ago)
I didn’t know 18 wheelers could drive 25mph in reverse without the drivers rubbernecking both mirrors simultaneously... puts the meaning of SUPER TRUCKER on a whole new level..
Sannhetens Mann (16 days ago)
fake. Stalone killed this guy
Nicolas Bouvier (16 days ago)
2019, february, still watching
colt 45 (16 days ago)
At first my stupid ass thought it was a song called The Epic Split featuring Van Damme by the band Volvo Trucks..... The title lol
Djeferson Rzigoski (16 days ago)
John Duffy (16 days ago)
may god bless Belgium!
John Duffy (16 days ago)
van damme is my favorite immigrant.. and he knows it.. lol. god bless him!
elsa3dany1 (16 days ago)
I have a question; how did he return and stand on his legs?
Premium Fruits (16 days ago)
Literally art.
Fabrizio Colandrea (17 days ago)
Who else thought he was in a boat? 😂
jorge santibañez neira (17 days ago)
Luz cámara acción
Inde CaAl (18 days ago)
que belleza llegar a esa edad y seguir haciendo esas cosas!!
Carmen Camacho (18 days ago)
Amazing! You are de best! Idolo!
Volvo Trucks (17 days ago)
Thanks for watching!
Jan Novak (18 days ago)
Daniel Studart (18 days ago)
That was so 'ord
Gig Razor (19 days ago)
I'm not impressed. Signed, Steven Seagal
sam tobi (19 days ago)
other truck companies are crying,ofJealousy!!😂
mpark.pro (19 days ago)
2019 january
TectonicTsunami (19 days ago)
That advert is a beautiful piece of artwork, I don't know if it won any awards but it certainly should've.
Thomas brunkle (19 days ago)
2019 anyone?
Mir Zaman (19 days ago)
2019 anyone ????
モーセ (19 days ago)
Hmm not bad BUT everyone knows Chuck Norris drives the trucks
Liviu Gabriel (19 days ago)
kargargamel (20 days ago)
best commercial ever
Chris Anagn. (20 days ago)
Chuck Norris drove both of the trucks
siddharth hedonist (20 days ago)
U can't skip this ad !!!😁
Abe Martinez (20 days ago)
idk what about this commerical is so awesome, its better than some movies lmao
Azizxon Nodiro'vich (20 days ago)
O'zbela bomi🇺🇿🇺🇿 2019?
michael williams (21 days ago)
Seen this a million times such a gd advert but only now realised the trucks are in reverse
El Grillo (21 days ago)
YouTube recommending this ad 5 years later? *THANKS BRO!!*