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Volvo Trucks - The Epic Split feat. Van Damme (Live Test)

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Watch Jean-Claude Van Damme carry out his famous split between two reversing trucks. Never done before, JCVD says it's the most epic of splits -- what do you think? Please share & comment! This live test was set up to demonstrate the precision and directional stability of Volvo Dynamic Steering -- a world first technology that makes the Volvo FM easier to drive. Filmed in Spain on a closed-off landing field at sunrise in one take. Directed by Andreas Nilsson Soundtrack by Enya: Only Time More about Volvo FM & Volvo Dynamic Steering: http://www.volvotrucks.com/en-en/trucks/volvo-fm.html Don't miss coming films and other exciting material: http://www.facebook.com/VolvoTrucks http://www.youtube.com/VolvoTrucks https://twitter.com/VolvoTrucks https://www.linkedin.com/company/volv... https://plus.google.com/+volvotrucks http://www.flickr.com/photos/volvotrucks http://www.pinterest.com/volvotrucks http://instagram.com/volvotrucks See the Teaser with Jean-Claude Van Damme and the technician behind the new steering: http://youtu.be/Yatg89gi0nM
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Text Comments (43132)
Santanu Dutta (3 hours ago)
2020 anyone?
Praveen Chabuksawar (6 hours ago)
True LION HEART Van Damme what a Great STAR.......... 🥇
To xic (6 hours ago)
What this music pls ?
Boo Boo (9 hours ago)
What a badass!
В Б (1 day ago)
Am I the only one who's wondering how did he return to the starting position and put his legs together?
Americo Rocha (1 day ago)
Music please
Volvo Trucks (15 hours ago)
Only Time by Enya
Why have you subscribed? (1 day ago)
What laws of physics was JCVD defying?
محمد فيا (2 days ago)
رؤؤؤعه والغنيه الي يعرف اسمهه يدزلياهه
TАЛFАТ ТУРЕНИЯЗ (2 days ago)
C. Haas (2 days ago)
Jean Claude absolutely the best martial artist to ever hit the big Screen an amazing splits that very few can do one of the most beautiful women in the world singing of of the most beautiful songs in the world and the best rig on the road all come together to make the best commercial ever produced....
Neno Amos (2 days ago)
Nice atraction 👍
George J Rivers (2 days ago)
Jean Claude Van Damme is the best
мочи хохлов 1123 (3 days ago)
Ван дам👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
ZONG Alexander (3 days ago)
just amazing
Ladislau Gomes (4 days ago)
A commercial with 89M views, must be a record for sure.
lucutes /// SuperCell /// Other * (4 days ago)
whats the music tho
Volvo Trucks (3 days ago)
Only time by Enya
lucutes /// SuperCell /// Other * (4 days ago)
squirrel between da trucks
Ryan Garcia (4 days ago)
Would love to see Fat Seagal do that 😂😂
Alejandro Orozco (4 days ago)
A Reddit squirrel standing on two sunflowers brought me here
jeanroucas19 (5 days ago)
2019, anyone??
Siddharth Shinde (5 days ago)
I bought a truck 😁
Toruk Makto (5 days ago)
Surely there must have been some sort of safety harness or net which they have edited out, right?
Surge Garcia (5 days ago)
He can still kick your ass!
JohnHan (5 days ago)
After 5 years I finally realized trucks were going backwards
Volvo Trucks (5 days ago)
Good for you. :-)
Vasile Polisca (6 days ago)
Wow #WOW
The all time cow Tomlinson (6 days ago)
Why are they driving backwards
Skeeter Lewis (6 days ago)
I hope he was wearing underpants. If his trousers split there would be no way of rectifying the situation.
Ebru Genc (7 days ago)
what is this song?
Volvo Trucks (7 days ago)
Only Time by Enya
Van Rosenthal (7 days ago)
I fell asleep listening to this ad, don't know why, wasn't even tired or anything
kd lkkkööö (7 days ago)
Someone hold my beer
Daimonomicon Saitanomicon (8 days ago)
Look who is watching now in 2018!.
Machisma Productions (8 days ago)
I love this commercial.
Splendid Dwarf (8 days ago)
Ceci Torres (8 days ago)
Now this is an AD !
mrprofix (9 days ago)
what a legend
GmoneyStylez (9 days ago)
Holly guacamole
SiLver Pix3L (9 days ago)
Meeep meeeep
alex tagbo (9 days ago)
And most epic split of all time award goes to JCVD🏆
Ayy It’sJoaquin (9 days ago)
Fake. They cut his legs off and replaced his feet and legs with solid steel prosthetics
MrJsal64 (10 days ago)
A little far out and down goes the dude
S M (10 days ago)
Ultimatem.... bravo
Luis Bravo (10 days ago)
Ivaldo Sobral (10 days ago)
Volvo realmente absoluto!!!🇧🇷🇧🇷👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Maycon Trojan (10 days ago)
BRASIL 2018 KKKKK ...... SOU mg
Natthan Vídeos (8 days ago)
Sou PR
Natthan Vídeos (8 days ago)
Incrível esse video
alejandro ovalle (10 days ago)
😂 👌 dinamics
will harbuck (10 days ago)
Jean-Claude Van Damme catches alot of heat for being a "faux" martial arts actor and what not, but when I learned he did this in just one take, it totally redeemed him as a true legend and bad ass!
MrSyriaMoon (11 days ago)
From the viewers side, we can not see how the Dynamic Stearing is accurate untill the split happens. This is how to transfer add to a Satisfaction Will done VOLVO and JCVD.
Rolls royce (11 days ago)
Naresh Sh (11 days ago)
howmuch remuneration have been given VOLVO ?
last Friday (11 days ago)
It's still great ad epic martial arts man dam this is good because of him we got MJW another bad ass
John K (11 days ago)
the drivers must be pissing sweats the whole time
John K (11 days ago)
goosebumps 2018
Oda Yuda (11 days ago)
Van damm is the action...by oday yhuda...
Veronica Inawaty Pranoto (11 days ago)
Mr Van Damme.... 😍😍😍 😘😗😗
Cakil Fajar (12 days ago)
stupid prancis
billy bob Swinnsson (12 days ago)
I'm in the same age as Jean-Claude, if I tried that, it would be my death.....
Just Random (12 days ago)
that makes no senes at all but its funny XD
priya parasnis (12 days ago)
Song is beautiful...Blends with the motion and the atmosphere around. What song is it ?
Volvo Trucks (11 days ago)
Only Time by Enya
Xcooltallion (12 days ago)
Ok this is epic!
Jean-Claude Van Damme ? i will beat them all four alone
Soda Beach (12 days ago)
When the music started ......
Saul Herrera (12 days ago)
🇲🇽😂Rocky Balboa va hacer un comercial con Volvo donde no importa cuantos utazos le den los camiones, el sigue levantándose.😵😲😥 "Volvo es el campeón, no se doblan tan fácil!"😂🖕
AJmuscleflexTV (13 days ago)
Damm u got wrinkly
A2J (13 days ago)
This would probably be the only ad I wouldn’t skip on a youtube video
sylenceexposed (13 days ago)
This was done in 1 take 1 of the simplest yet best commercials ever and this is 1 of the few YouTube video that I’ve ever watched that had such extremes positivity within the comments section that’s fantastic 9.5k Steven seagal fans thumbs this down lmao
Emre Can ÖZTURAN (14 days ago)
Emre Can ÖZTURAN (12 days ago)
+Volvo Trucks Thank you ❤️
Volvo Trucks (12 days ago)
Only Time by Enya
Big Troll (14 days ago)
monika hodermarska (15 days ago)
Wau, nádhera
John Jeffry (15 days ago)
Its giving better Action thrill than a 100 million dollar CG movie
vinod waghmare (15 days ago)
Mordekaiser Pentakill (16 days ago)
Scania Rules
Cayo Cezar (16 days ago)
who made this commercial is a genius
Daniel Alencastro (16 days ago)
Harish Babu (16 days ago)
wow, your fearless hyena Van damme.
小宥 (16 days ago)
Do_wat_u_luv (16 days ago)
Does anyone know the song playing in background?
Volvo Trucks (14 days ago)
Only Time by Enya
Tony Montana (17 days ago)
FAKE !!!!
Indian bullet rider goutam (17 days ago)
Salute van salute volvo
TepaneBT 2011 (17 days ago)
2019? anyone?
Javier Perez Dolores (17 days ago)
Muy bueno el video FELICIDADEZ👍👍👍👍
Jesse Silva (17 days ago)
You think Van Damme split was epic, well Chuck Norris was driving both cars at the same time
p rajput (18 days ago)
best commercial advertise i saw.
Roxxane D'troyt (19 days ago)
jon Doe (19 days ago)
I have never seen this ad before... daam 4yrs ago??? I have never seen this truck on the road
Otavio Ribeiro (19 days ago)
jacek placek (19 days ago)
long pen (20 days ago)
BoB Bi (20 days ago)
Volvo the Best
Savannah Lorén (20 days ago)
2019? Experts say Van Damme is still split between those 2 Volvos!
Tadeusz z Nadarzyna A to dla Mnie (20 days ago)
Niczym nasz jarek
King Tube (20 days ago)
Brian Stramel (21 days ago)
You know you have been watching too many "Tiny House" shows lately when all you think is the smaller truck would make a killer RV conversion!
Fetele show (21 days ago)
Raffaela De Simoni (21 days ago)
A me ricorda Yul Brinner ne LA CITTÀ DEI ROBOT: ancora oggi mi dà i brividi!
Ascertain (21 days ago)
I am fan of Volvo and Van Damme Sir, the universal soldier. I never used, or got chance to experience a single journey in any Volvo vehicles in my life, yet I have dream to travel at least once in Volvo Bus. As enthusiastic of vehicles, all products of Volvo are known to me through advertisements and youtube videos, this performance can only be possible only by VOLVO vehicles, I have platonic love for Volvo, Regards from #ascertainindia
Manoj Philip (21 days ago)
I love Don Draper's commercials.
William Ruiz (22 days ago)
A man with balls of steal, who'll still kick my ass though he is like 60,much respect---JCVD.
ildar shaiferdusov (22 days ago)
Мой любимый актёр,я вырос в его фильмах.Большой уважение Вандаму!!!!
william alex (22 days ago)
Can anybody tell me the name of that song please
Willy (22 days ago)
only time - enya
Pedro Rivera Garcia (22 days ago)
Simplemente un crack