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Transgender Protesters in Toronto: "Gender is Over"

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Lauren Southern of TheRebel.media went to a protest against a Toronto professor who refuses to use "non-binary" gender pronouns. MORE: http://www.therebel.media/transgender_protesters_in_toronto_gender_is_over http://www.Facebook.com/JoinTheRebel *** http://www.Twitter.com/TheRebelTV
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Text Comments (40263)
joaquin12348 (28 minutes ago)
I woyldve broken some of these peoples hands
TEXAS ROCK CHANNEL (33 minutes ago)
Remy Muah (51 minutes ago)
I will rock the shit out of the guy who keeps covering the camera if I see him
Coined Collins (2 hours ago)
Here’s all you have to say “I identify as someone who identifies others using my own identification methods” that ends all arguments
John 316 (2 hours ago)
Your telling me, I'm suppose to pretend a man is not a man and a woman is not a woman. Get some therapy.
Valeria Gutierrez (3 hours ago)
The guy in the pink shirt is a cockblock man
Jacob Phillips (3 hours ago)
Q: how do you feel about freedom of speech? A: I'm offended..... This is how the Senate in 2035 will be, this is the down fall of America and all of what we stand for.
Tim Mcclannahan (3 hours ago)
Those people are Haters of God and his ways
Jared Callender (4 hours ago)
And I'd punch one of these things for blocking my shot of the camera
Jared Callender (4 hours ago)
I'm 15 years old and wow this scares me I'm so glad I don't know any of these people and I'm glad I know I classify as a Male and Male only that is in a relationship with a beautiful woman. But here is something if you believe the phrase "you don't have to change yourself or you don't have make yourself change for anybody" then why are people changing their gender and if you believe God created us then why are you going against God's wishes and decision and how he made us how we are
kristn_T (5 hours ago)
People blocking the cameras makes my blood boil, they’re so triggered they don’t know what else to do😂
Jörgen Persson (6 hours ago)
I think this is great. As a swede I think it will be funny to see the clash of cultures in the future.... ISLAM vs LGBTQ I will stand beside, watching, smile and say "I told you so....". :))))))
Natalia Perez (6 hours ago)
I'm completely lost in all of this. Sorry i am old.
Aaron singer (6 hours ago)
I have never had an urge to shoot up an event but now I do
SecretlyAFanGirl (6 hours ago)
They want them to interview trans people and then block the cameras with there papers when they do.
Martin Wilson (6 hours ago)
I can clear this bullshit up right away. Three pronouns....He...She....It. Take your choice.
Mia Andreatta (7 hours ago)
“Why are you only interviewing white guys” A few minutes earlier Literally screaming at her and not giving a straight answer and blocking the camera
ODGREAPER 11 (7 hours ago)
Only in Europe /America you can find this type of mental disability
Johnny 42 år (8 hours ago)
Due you know what? I don’t give a shit!
mike love (8 hours ago)
must suck to be so confused. sorry but if you start getting close to me like that i will take it as a threat and will act on that threat
x JTG x (9 hours ago)
So there's no shooter active lol.. like government hello there you go you want to cut billions of people start with them lol.
fasaso (9 hours ago)
At 8:36 is that guy that hit a reporter on camera where smuggelypuff was born
goose boy (10 hours ago)
All these none binary NPC's heres a pronoun for you guys. ............... Cunts.
Yevodee (10 hours ago)
The correct pronoun for these entitlement-minded arrogant idiots is 'IT'.
Jacket (10 hours ago)
The amount of times the camera got covered, oof If you continue hiding, that just shows a lot about you and your cause, doesn’t it?
Andy Ballard (10 hours ago)
Loads and loads of horseshit
mogdie moggleye (11 hours ago)
Why are all these trans so ugly...................
Vinyl Blair (11 hours ago)
The shorter the hair the bigger the gut the longer the beard the more crazy the nut!
James Vernon (13 hours ago)
All these people are mentally ill fact
James Vernon (13 hours ago)
The want to be men but cry like little bitches
Raven R (13 hours ago)
Bunch of crackpots
Raven R (13 hours ago)
Transgender garbage straight from the pits of hell. It’s a Mental illness being forced down humanity throats. Go Devil Go
JHo (14 hours ago)
Emmanuel Ross (14 hours ago)
Where do these people come from? 😒
Fall Husky03 (14 hours ago)
2:17 why did they keep filming those people they obviously did not want to be filmed
Sam Parfitt (15 hours ago)
dont oppress me but we get to talk before you makes sence...
lbyyy (15 hours ago)
The left is cancer
SpiritFit David Wallace (15 hours ago)
In a totally not weird way, I’d let Tomie Spray Fart in my face
PaulJayFFF (15 hours ago)
What the hell is going on in the US??
dc128 (16 hours ago)
While I do believe that there are people who are truly transgender and lead completely normal lives as the opposite gender - it's not these people. This is a gathering of mentally ill losers. Non binary isn't a thing. Get help.
p10 TwiT (16 hours ago)
Holy crap they are so condescending. I'm speechless....... Like.... What....... Far out.......
Stephen Dyer (18 hours ago)
They're all so self righteous aren't they.
Justin Muñoz (19 hours ago)
Using your brain is so attractive.
Aramis Stavridis (20 hours ago)
I would have rocked that kid that kept blocking the camera
Stephen Peck (21 hours ago)
I wonder if they could write a speech? Probably don’t even know their grammar.
Stephen Peck (21 hours ago)
That social worker is an antagonist
Stephen Peck (21 hours ago)
These people need some hard labour...
Stephen Peck (22 hours ago)
You kids played to much video. So next are u avatar characters
Stephen Peck (22 hours ago)
Mental health is not a cause, it’s an illness. Biology still exist...if you are willing to get treatment, you all would not be delusional
ClackRogers (23 hours ago)
Is this why god stay up in heaven
John Robichaud (23 hours ago)
This is what's ruining my city
Dwayne〜 (1 day ago)
Here's the main question everyone needs to know: *Why can't we all equally get along?*
Leah Rose (1 day ago)
This is the most pathetic time in history. It’s disappointing how many sissy’s and snowflakes have popped out of their mother’s hole.
Doge Doge (1 day ago)
An invasion of Canada would help
Doge Doge (1 day ago)
The British guy was so true
Doge Doge (1 day ago)
This is why I've converted to Republican.
Doge Doge (1 day ago)
I converted to Republican because of this.
Doge Doge (1 day ago)
Guys. Canada, is, a Communist dictatorship.
Lucky BK (1 day ago)
Honestly the most confusing shit
Bina B (1 day ago)
the trans girl is just like "yeah I didn't organize this shit, I just want to talk" but just politely. I loved how she used her screen time to say something meaningful
This message has no content (1 day ago)
5:55 "I wanna learn about you guys." If he was white they probably would have lynched him for that.
Joanne Davis (1 day ago)
You idiots! There are men and women, period!!
Molly Rose (1 day ago)
The giggling and cliquey behavior... even when I was a liberal I didn’t feel like I fit in. They are very exclusionary for a group that preaches about bringing people together.
Jesse W. (1 day ago)
Man, that guy in the white shirt, blocking the camera the ENTIRE time in the video, I would of nailed him straight between his caveman looking eyes.
Valentin Spasov (1 day ago)
Waw, and now what ?
Shadow (1 day ago)
how was the word non-binary even created cuz binary is just a language in 1 and 0's
James D. Logan (1 day ago)
I hate THEM all!
Jonny 85 (1 day ago)
I see another whack job rally, is in full swing.
Greg Armstrong (1 day ago)
they must be right about anything /everything and if you disagree they try to turn you off like a light switch
x 6666 (1 day ago)
5:55 Man just wants to understand. He doesn't care what others want to be identified as. He also said "to educate a crowd and know that they want to be educated, but the fact that you're just being offended.......", then right after that women gets offended and talks about something else.... I now believe these people are somewhat mentally ill.
FireCatStudios (1 day ago)
I want to shoot myself fro looking at these people.
Libtards Whisperer (1 day ago)
NPCs in the wild documentary .
S R (1 day ago)
Do you you think everyone's voices matter equally? "Not in this world" Yeah... sounds about right...
Virginia Hughes (1 day ago)
western ppl have too much time to complain about stupid shit
Austin Tucker (1 day ago)
8:30 that ugly ass fat bitch really picking her nose lmao
EzebelaTiture (1 day ago)
What pronouns are they using in french? Vous/eux?
Knut Knutson (1 day ago)
I doubt that many of them had really listened to what Jordan Peterson had said. He does use the appropriate pronoun when addressing people in daily life. What has trouble with is the government regulating speech. They are two quite different issues, though they are on the same topic. Unlike the people in this video, Mr. Peterson actually takes the time to listen to apposing views, and reflect on them. I do not agree with everything he says. But i respect that he is willing to look at thing from all sides before forming his viewpoint. A lot of people at this rally could benefit from that skillset.
James Dodson (1 day ago)
Daily Reminder: Socialism always ends in starvation and genocide
Alicia Simmons (1 day ago)
*one of these people block camera* here is what I would have done "touch my camera one more time your period will be coming out your nose"
michcookies (1 day ago)
They yell ‘why are you only interviewing white men’ but they seem to be the only ones giving calm, measured answers. The ones protesting are acting like huffy children. They argue that they want heard but then shoot down anyone else with a different opinion. The gender debate is getting ridiculous. What happened to free speech? Yeah ok, you might be offended and not agree, but not everyone is going to agree all the time.
R Man (1 day ago)
New world order
imlewisblackman (1 day ago)
The first person.. what a mess!
ArrowJ Smith (1 day ago)
There is no Transgender unless one is born with a vagina and penis.
Leo (1 day ago)
These people dont represent trans people there behaviour is horrible. As much as they dont like it that teacher has freedom of speech like they have the freedom to protest it this is just an endless circle. No one wins here.
K.G Productions (1 day ago)
8:34 Manky Bastard!
Brynn Kohler (1 day ago)
How can a few people dictate the change of an entire lexicon (the English language)?
Felix Enthusiast (1 day ago)
People like this really hurt real transgender people we get attacked and called horrible things because this is what people think we are these aren’t transgender people so please don’t call them that
Felix Enthusiast (1 day ago)
Being transgender is a mental disorder during development in the womb something went wrng and the brain developed into a gender but the body developed into the opposite sex which end with the individual having gender dysphoria and the only way of fixing it is by undergoing surgery but so,e people end up confused and seeking attention and become “non binary” which isn’t transgender it’s just a confused person or a transTrender who us doing it for attention so too all those bashing transgender people because of articles and things like this those people are transgender people like myself they’re immature sjw crazies who want attention half of them don’t want any surgery nor do they have dysphoria some people genuinely can be non binary one dsy they feel more masculine and the other feminine its just a mental disorder no one can control and unlike mental disorders like anorexia and stuff they’re not as bad and generally are quite solvable with surgery and hormones we have no intention of screaming at people or attacking hurting or anything like that we just want to live normal lives we can’t help it and honestly if I could choose not to be transgender I would it sucks it makes life difficult and makes me miserable so please understand we aren’t like these insane people gender will always exist and there will always only be two
Coraline Gage (1 day ago)
“Why are you only interviewing white guys?”-Idiot. Well every other freaking colored girl is being a little bitch and blocks the camera from their face being seen, or they don’t want to be interviewed and they walk away like pussies.
Jay Miner (1 day ago)
Here's what's interesting to me. SJW's are supposedly all about not labeling people and putting them into little boxes and "narrowly defined gender roles," etc. But if you listen to them speak the truth is they are obsessed with labels. In this video alone I heard: "Binary," "Non Binary," "Cis," "Trans," "Transmasculine," "Transphobe," "Trans," "LGBT," "White guys," "Cis men," "the straightest cisist white men," and "intersex." Btw, "cisist," is not a word. That would be "most cis." PS, @ 8:35 - picking your nose for the camera isn't radical or punk rock and isn't going to help people take you more seriously.
Ron Wylie (1 day ago)
Sorry but I would have dropped that camera blocking guy like a bad habit. This is typical of any SJW meeting, the guy from India was being perfectly respectful and trying to tell them what the real world is like but they dont like anyone doing that, only THEY are allowed to do that
Robert Smith (1 day ago)
Not everyone opinion matters that's B's it violates freedom of speech so they need to have there voice silenced since nom transgender voices matter
robert mcquigge (1 day ago)
These kids dont know shit from shinola. They arent even sure what the hell they are protesting. The little wierd fat shit whith the finger in her nose pretty much says its a gathering for idiots. Go back to mommys house and grow up idiots
エリック (1 day ago)
Who are these mutants? Miss casting for the X-men?
Renee Elliott (1 day ago)
Rule number one to be without gender, ugly.
SecondComingTwice (1 day ago)
"Transgender" and "Trans-humanism" is a scam, you poor brainwashed imbeciles. Kill your televisions, read a book, and get the hell out of a classroom when Alinsky or Marx starts stinking up the place.
Skyler S (1 day ago)
Lord help us.. wtf is happening to this world
SecondComingTwice (1 day ago)
It's not pretty. But the fight for decency against the deviants, and a free humanity has gone hot. Moral relativism and "social justice warrior brainwashed snowflakes" are to be pitied, but if ANTIFA starts beating on you or your family or an innocent? Shoot them in the legs first, although Natural Law would allow fatal measures. The pedophile psychopaths funding them? Head or heart. Double-tap.
Andrew W Whittaker (1 day ago)
These entities are not entitled to their opinion, they are entitled to an informed opinion. Willing to protest on the basis of hearsay is the height of absurdity. Ignorance is the wine of the masses, and these sheep are dangerously drunk on their outrage.
cowdog64 (1 day ago)
The west is SCREWD.
Andrew Kolotyliuk (1 day ago)
They aren't trying to educate people. They aren't trying to inform people and help shape educated opinons and serious matters. They are just derating the character of a professor, half without even looking at the subject matter. They are literally telling people their opinons and views on the topic are wrong and they should be punished without explanation. They did even let anyone speak; they interrupted anyone with an opposing view. Their actions truly did show the LGBTQ+ community in a very poor light.