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Transgender Protesters in Toronto: "Gender is Over"

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Lauren Southern of TheRebel.media went to a protest against a Toronto professor who refuses to use "non-binary" gender pronouns. MORE: http://www.therebel.media/transgender_protesters_in_toronto_gender_is_over http://www.Facebook.com/JoinTheRebel *** http://www.Twitter.com/TheRebelTV
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Text Comments (44951)
Shërin Chüsh (13 minutes ago)
"Why are you only interviewing white guys?" How do you know I am and will be only interviewing white guys?
James Lonergan (1 hour ago)
These people are a different fuckn species, I am not the same fuckn breed as these yokes
SPGZ (2 hours ago)
The men are willing to have a conversation lol, the trans and non people I mean binary aren’t
fourplay (3 hours ago)
New stat: 100% of boners are killed after watching any duration of this video
fourplay (4 hours ago)
Time to start a pharma company and or mental ward. These people are all mentally ill and need help. New pronouns dont cure mental illness.
blueshinystar (3 hours ago)
These non binary transgenger, genderfluid people... are singling out themselves.... dividing themselves from uniting with other human beings... this is so selfish creating such uproars over wether or not they are what they believe they are internally... they are an embarrassment for being so rude as to expect the world to bend to using pronouns and all thats involved. They waste their own time at these protests... no one wants to hear this self created crap in their faces all americans in the US have it in our face we are sick of all the silly immature uproars....rather these types of people are taking a private representations of themselves such as how they may be gay or transgender or non binary or genderfluid making it public and then expecting people to accept them if they just accepted themselves the whole world would not judge them.
Chuck Clare (5 hours ago)
i think jah would b disappointed in them
Nina R (5 hours ago)
Wow, they want respect, but all I see is disrespect.
Nosebleed Gotta go (5 hours ago)
Oh Yeah Yeah
Elliot Smith (6 hours ago)
"I come from a place where people are killed for being gay." ... "You don't understand."
Famous Forever (7 hours ago)
"I'm a Social Worker" at 6:45: Report that chick to your child protection/family services! You are not allowed to cite your opinion in a public forum while using your position to bolster your position on any matter. That is part of the agreement Social Workers sign when becoming licensed, begin working for the government/delegated agencies and the consequences for doing so are very clear. You will see a different look on that chick's face when she's talking about how she USED to be a Social Worker during her passionate speeches during these events that she'll have a lot more free time to attend 🤣 Report her and include a link to this video and the time she is in it Toronto People! She's using your tax dollars to support her position at this joke of an event! Especially if she is doing this during working hours. If this was during a weekday, your tax dollars were really being misappropriated here! And ""No" bitch, you have not seen transgendered youth you worked with murdered over and over and over..." acting all offended, trying to use your position to have people see you as some "knowledgeable authority" on the subject and then blatantly LYING about factual statistics you were witness of in your position as a government public servant is criminal. Issuing fear mongering statements that you are selling as factual information as witnessed and verified in public while performing your duties as a government official, misleading the citizens of Toronto to bolster your ego is precisely what will have your position terminated should one of your fellow citizens report you, as I hope they do! Your peers, colleagues, contemporaries, clients and taxpayers that afford you this privileged life that you shirk to show feigned outrage over this "sick, deranged" society you reside in, should all be sickened at your actions and abuse of your position in the community just to win over a few nutty protesters who cheered you on.
Famous Forever (7 hours ago)
I thought Vancouver was crazy. Toronto has gone full American with the full blessing of Trudeau.
Erika (8 hours ago)
These people are idiots. Apparently college life is doing nothing for them 😕
Eyal YY (10 hours ago)
I still identify as an attack Helicopter
linda hu (11 hours ago)
honestly theres more important stuff in the world and this doesnt even matter like dang do something about the starving kids in some parts of africa instad of focussing on what to call someone like dang yr irrelevant
kongiponki kongiponki (11 hours ago)
world first problems
Bapho met (12 hours ago)
whenever i watch those videos i like to puke. i'm a transgender ftm. and i completely disagree with this "gender is over"-madness. i always feel utilized, abused and in a way raped by this. more and more it feels like being trans is the latest fashiontrend. and a slap in the face of guys like me and our suffering. around christmas we had a familygathering. one of my nephews aproached me and asked how i transitioned. when i asked why he answered that he thinks a female live is easier. i answered: at this very moment i identify as roastbeef. bite me! biological there are two gender, when you include those who are born with both gender characteristics three at least. and that's it! i cannot change my DNA. period! and unlike others i don't reject the opinion that this is a mental problem. the only thing i can do is telling my story. the transition including all surgeries changed my depressive, suicidal, live hating, not able to work female into a happy, life loving, successful male appearance which finally matched my inner feelings. i'm doing great for 22 years now and i don't want it any different. it worked for ME. that doesn't mean that it's the right thing to do for others. instead of debating pronouns or gender-variety it would be better to look deeper into the subject and help people like me to find their key to happiness and make live worth living for them. decreasing the suicide rate should be the goal.
Paballo Molata (15 hours ago)
This woman in 8:33 was picking her nose looking for any brain cells😂😂
Chris 1993 (16 hours ago)
i wanna puke. wtf is wrong with humans ( they have to much time on there hands) cough cough
Apocalypse Pig (18 hours ago)
They're not blocking the camera, just waving at us
Terra Wulf (19 hours ago)
Wtf is wrong with you people? You are college to accumulate knowledge, learn new skills. Protest if the rules are partial, if you are not given proper facilities not for BS like this. Your parents work hard to support your financial burden. Good God!
Aaron Bobo (21 hours ago)
Cat Funt (21 hours ago)
Id like to inspect Lauren Southern with my tongue just to make sure shes a women.
OoieGooie (23 hours ago)
Those young, entitled students need to live life a little before making unrealistic demands.
Thompson Outdoors (1 day ago)
Why are people blocking the camera? They want to be heard but don’t let the word be spread by video
J D (1 day ago)
Bunch of sexual deviants, everyone one of them. The reporter should have worn gloves and a face mask
hugsfordrugs (1 day ago)
Why can't we go back to simpler times?
Martin D (1 day ago)
Peterson should be president of the world
zero (1 day ago)
There are 3 genders change my mind
Seagull Livingstone (1 day ago)
How can the social worker work with people who are killed over and over again?How many times can one person get killed ?or is it every gender .
Seagull Livingstone (1 day ago)
get jobs.
muay thai23 (1 day ago)
What an absolute freak show.
Z TX (1 day ago)
Our civilization is over....this is sick and disgusting. I learned nothing because there was no civilized, educated conversations.
BallBuster J (1 day ago)
Why are college kids so spoiled and crazy?
Oshea Fernandes (1 day ago)
That one girl picking her nose. 😁
sylvain gibson (1 day ago)
You can't be more stupid then that. Girls got to be called men, and men got to be called gilrs, animal got to be called insects. What is the problem with these people. I am happy cause i live in rural small town area. You only find stupid things like that in big city.
MindalteringNoise (1 day ago)
8:24 this is hust hilarious xD
Blape (1 day ago)
That black girl just standing and picking her nose like What
maka3230 (1 day ago)
Why is people do stupid...
Lewis Wolfe (1 day ago)
These people are like Pokémon. They evolve into increasingly stranger creatures.
Jim Halpert (2 days ago)
And I'm not "Cis". I'm just a normal woman.
Jim Halpert (2 days ago)
How did this happen???
I’m so sick of this bullshit. All fags and people who can’t figure out what the hell they are need to stay on the closet. Majority doesn’t wanna hear or see your sob story. And since majority rules you lose.
Cristian Carvajal (2 days ago)
Im the most leftist guy in the planet and it's a shame the bodyblock cameras in a public place like a College or University.
J. B. Hamel (2 days ago)
Once laws are made, there is no middle ground.
Vince (2 days ago)
Oh my god. Our generation... I don't want to live on this planet anymore.
Davi Araújo (2 days ago)
4:44 Dudeee look at this face
Cristian Carvajal (2 days ago)
Almighty Snail (2 days ago)
00:23 isn't this the girl from "there are only 2 genders change my mind" video?
The.Noble.Mobile Jr (2 days ago)
There is one gender , male women are property
Nicole M. (2 days ago)
Omg they're SO defensive lol you could literally be like.. "I agree with you" and they're like get out of here white cis scum!!!!! They're so ready to attack Lmao and that bad ass blowing smoke in the camera 😂 you show em
Maria Fonseca (2 days ago)
Is a man and a woman the rest is nonsense they just follow their own lusts😕😕😕
theBateman T (2 days ago)
they are all so entitled omfg. the shit eating grins when they think they are making a point, needless aggression towards anyone who disagrees and their general ignorance of any type of discord regarding this
sean wavelight (2 days ago)
Man I gotta download this one cant live stream... wonder what the PUNKS from the 80's would say about this since it is a kind of Anarchy no gender no labels total equality etc etc Think if this lot were to meet up with the punks the punks would vomit all over them mmmmm!! just dunno
Stefan Luginger (2 days ago)
😳 omg. They do not even realize how lucky they are they can act like douchbags in a free country. These people are not the victims. The real victims live in countries with dictatorships and brutal crime. How selfish and ignorant. 😐 that’s so shocking. If the majority or a bigger minority will act like these people one day the economy will crash, people will loose empathy to others and most countries can use the USA as example for a decadent and weak society with first world problems. After this people will see what oppression really means when their power in the world weakens more and more. I am not happy about this, but if one gets weak another one comes and takes your place.
Mitchell Cargill (2 days ago)
Can wait to start my new job at Jet Star. As a Boeing 747
CookieMontr (2 days ago)
pls someone knock out the guy who keep blocking camera XDD
mark nicholls (2 days ago)
No wonder schools keep getting shot up
Tom Thumb (2 days ago)
As in the days of Noah, men will dress as women and women will dress as men.
L3GEND 84 (2 days ago)
I have something in between my legs clarifies me as a man
Marshall Homi (2 days ago)
The actual trans near the 8:25 minute mark was only reasonable person out of the sea of retards.
Big Homosexual (2 days ago)
As a tranny myself these idiots make me want to die
Yashindra Nawanage (2 days ago)
She is hotter than any of these retards here
MrVeggie247 (2 days ago)
Touch the camera one more time and you will never jerk off again... Sorry i was imagining myself to be the camera man...
Conor Browne (2 days ago)
How can these people protest trans people being accepted when they can’t even accept themselves in the first place
Angelo Morte (2 days ago)
Every word from that whatever is a lie, Jordan doesn't have an issue with addressing someone on a personal level by whatever they feel comfortable with. He is against the Government forcing him by Law to have to use pronoun crap which infringes on his right to free speech. So stop your Leftist Marxist PC culture Lies and try telling the truth which you wouldn't know if it jumped up & bit you in the Ass.
Rocci Berrini (2 days ago)
Fat chick picking her nose with no shame at all
jomarvirg (3 days ago)
multiple personality disorder - NWO depopulation agenda
jomarvirg (3 days ago)
man = man woman = woman man # woman human # persona
d mas (3 days ago)
Has anyone ever thought about supergluing a couple of needles on your phone cover and when they try to block your phone...POKE! GOTCHA BITCH
d mas (3 days ago)
Why is it always the girls who are fat as they are tall. These gay girls arnt even eating good gay pussy, they are eating greasy fat puss.
German Bobadilla (3 days ago)
So they want to defend their gender but don't want a person to film in the public?
ruukusanla (3 days ago)
Just a straight white male passing through.
candice german (3 days ago)
Much can be said about these ignorant college people.... My views of life in general has changed since college - also, what life experiences have they had so far ???? Not much. ... I might add, where we're ALL of these liberal groups when Obama was in office????
Happiness is a choice (3 days ago)
LOL, these people are losers. Bunch of socialists using outrage because they are immature.
CS: GOPNIK (3 days ago)
There are only two genders, male and female, dick or vagina, facts>feelings
Sam Murphy (3 days ago)
0:23 "This is what a non-binary person looks like" nope, you just look like a girl
A Voice for the logical American (3 days ago)
The transgender community is full of beta males, outcasts and bitches that could never get a real man lol...
Arcnologia (3 days ago)
So was the blonde born a man or women im confused
Christopher Thorkon (3 days ago)
I really wonder how many of the kids actually struggle with gender identity and instead just decided to embrace it because it is a way of rebelling against standards and recreating one's own identity.
Emma Giogios (3 days ago)
Where are the mass shooters when we need one
Todd Brothers (3 days ago)
There is no argument you morons. God created male and female end of debate.
GABE LITVLOGS!!!! (3 days ago)
Trans people make me gag
dodo 45 (3 days ago)
Gender is over???? 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕
Russell Kelley (3 days ago)
Like normal people
ROCKnROLL1406 (3 days ago)
2 minutes in and you can just see the Psychological Disorder that those individuals have...
sydney webb (3 days ago)
It’s so sad , they’re all going to hell🤦🏼‍♂️
Mike Griffin (3 days ago)
Future Antifa members after graduation
Drifting Dan (3 days ago)
The far left is eating itself. The refusal to engage in conversation will be their downfall. Big shame.
p00py fart (3 days ago)
all jokes aside that’s a hot reporter ngl
Muhyee (3 days ago)
Seeing these kind of videos and how spoiled kids turned out to be, I somethings think that some people don't deserve to live...
Desi Magnum Records DMR (3 days ago)
We need a big asteroid. It’s overdue.
C UU (3 days ago)
What was that at 8:34 mining boogers? 🐷
Observant Owl (3 days ago)
The only reason people dislike them is by they are acting now on camera. Noone would have a dislike or care in the world but now we see the true mental illness on camera for all to see. They have nothing to bring to the world and will only create division everywhere they go. Good luck finding a job assholes.
Flying Boi (3 days ago)
LMAO protesting because of the wrong use of pronouns
Flying Boi (3 days ago)
"Refusal to respect the pronoun" What a bunch of idiots
mick ambler (4 days ago)
fuckin freak show
CloudDayLight (4 days ago)
I sexually Identify as a attack helicopter
Danny the Street (4 days ago)
This is why parents should be able to smack they're kids.
Mitesh Kumar (4 days ago)
The guy isn't "dictating" their gender identity. Whatever he addresses them as is his right and it doesn't indicate anything about what they are allowed to identify as.
NochBot (4 days ago)
These people have mental issues
Mana G (4 days ago)
WTF is sis and binarary and all of that like.... idek