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Transgender Protesters in Toronto: "Gender is Over"

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Lauren Southern of TheRebel.media went to a protest against a Toronto professor who refuses to use "non-binary" gender pronouns. MORE: http://www.therebel.media/transgender_protesters_in_toronto_gender_is_over http://www.Facebook.com/JoinTheRebel *** http://www.Twitter.com/TheRebelTV
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Text Comments (44291)
Ricky Rizk (3 minutes ago)
god i want to punch the camera blocker
Zac Bingham (10 minutes ago)
So Many Meatballs
Markmellows 34 (30 minutes ago)
“Your not listening” =“You don’t agree”
Tristan Jacobson (39 minutes ago)
This is what happens when you don’t spank your kids and spoil them. 8:13
Alessandro Vitiello (41 minutes ago)
The wicked and evil generation the Bible foretold.
Hitrover (46 minutes ago)
If only the camera person was just taller.
Tristan Jacobson (47 minutes ago)
Teenager :Are you willing to be educated we can educate you. White wahmem: you are not an educator though. Teenager: I have more knowledge on this made up baloney.😎 lol
Marat Balaian (1 hour ago)
They have betrayed the Nature. They lie to themselves , but Nature doesn't care. They went against her, against Truth and Justice - they will be destroyed. I prefer to abolish them from North America and put some law in action against showing these freaks.
Donna Peroche (1 hour ago)
Donna Peroche (1 hour ago)
This is what happens when your parents had too much tofu
Queen B (1 hour ago)
There are only 2 genders!!
Tomfoolerydoozle (1 hour ago)
*Covers Camera* Is holding a microphone... *Sigh*. You see, these here snowflakes are like light. A very dim light. Whilst still *VERY VERY* dim, light travels very fast. So fast that it may lead you to believe that their lights might just be on.. until they begin speaking. Sound travels much slower, similarly to their brain function. This is so sad to watch. Tries to speak *YOU’RE NOT LISTENING YOU’RE NOT LISTENING YOU’RE NOT LISTENING YOU’RE NOT LISTENING YOU’RE NOT LISTENING*
Lonely Traveller (1 hour ago)
I don't believe that minority groups should be able to force their ideology down everyones throats.
Ch Pe (1 hour ago)
I figured out how we can solve this problem. We need to start calling men "XY people" and women "XX" people. They can't possibly refuse to acknowledge that.
Killpop _001 (2 hours ago)
Wtf they yappin bout
CizreK (2 hours ago)
This is cancer in human form.
Hyper (2 hours ago)
Serious issue's my ass
Hyper (2 hours ago)
Bitch ill call them for what they biologically are not the shit they are made up to be...
Dwayne Ball (2 hours ago)
Nothing personal, just not into dudes lol
iCrispy (2 hours ago)
God needs to return already this is just so bad lol
apt_nova (2 hours ago)
i love how they get defensive as soon as they step up to a mic, even against a female lol
Admiral Hood (3 hours ago)
This is the youth's and millennials way of seeking entitlement and the desire to not conform to any of the west's standards
Jim Deferio (3 hours ago)
There are standards for beauty, intelligence, civility, and rationality and the women and others at this rally are unquestionably devoid of any of these four. I would normally feel sorry for people like this who have a deficiency of being but when these nut cases take it to the streets that's when I speak out against their liberal lunacy. These people have de-humanized themselves and therefore human rights should not apply to them. They are a menace to any civilized society and to themselves.
Sasupai (3 hours ago)
Lmao it’s just a phase mom
MrFabiansChannel (3 hours ago)
this is such a shitshow
Katy Out n About (3 hours ago)
Sorry Rebel, I can’t agree with your broadcasting this video because some people obviously didn’t want to be on camera.
Bob Ross (3 hours ago)
Why are 9/10 of them land whales Jesus
xxx Navarsh xxx (3 hours ago)
Them titts rrrr huge
jimmy aguirre (3 hours ago)
What and how many Gender are I was thinking there are only 2 female and male
Taylor Staley (4 hours ago)
LGBTQ talk about how they want no discrimination, equal rights, freedom to have YOUR OWN opinions, blah blah, but are always the first ones to attack straight people who don’t have the same opinion as them..
Venxmxus Fire (4 hours ago)
Wow these people make me feel smart.
la crema (4 hours ago)
This kids thing they know everything. Thats a phase a lot of people stay in it.
Explosive Crow (4 hours ago)
Degenerates. Evolution's way to get rid off bad genes
Jepz Onilatep (5 hours ago)
We need a new plague or a new war to lessen the stupid and toughen up the pussies
agbrenv (5 hours ago)
this is why I don't get it when people say "American Dream" and "being a proud American" and shit like that, seems like being normal is being the weirdo there, glad I live in Europe.....
Jose Arias (5 hours ago)
All these college dropouts
Riccardo Tessari (5 hours ago)
I swear to God the guy blocking the camera is so annoying. Someone punch him
WidTheSquid (5 hours ago)
Wait did the woman just say she worked with trans youth that has been murdered??? HOW SWAY HOW
Mike Dorsey (5 hours ago)
Ugh that was disgusting to watch. Except for the one person that was interviewed with a level head the rest, even the transgender in attendance, didnt seem to know what they were fighting for or what they were talking about they just couldn't get past the word fight. I'm surprised we became collectively stupid so quickly I wish or hope there are more embarrassed by this.
Bruno Oliveira (5 hours ago)
Please legalize murder in this cases.
the j (5 hours ago)
I am all about trans-gender. I like to trans-fer the ole seminal fluid into the opposite-gender. Your welcome for the clarification. Sick people!
werewolf dragonking (6 hours ago)
Only 2 genders people of u think otherwise the devil is watching u
Cookie Mite (6 hours ago)
this tall white guy need some punching from me. yeah, a 6'3 will handle that ginger just fine.
Twan (6 hours ago)
Its very annoying that this dude in his pink shirt constantly stands in front of the camera like its his destiny to stand in front of it. damn these people are sad. go do something actually helpfull to the world
Simon Sims (7 hours ago)
She never lets them speak, I understand how she disagrees with people but just don’t attack them. Let them explain themselves why does She even care so much
Nicolai Stojanov (8 hours ago)
Those Morons should be greatful we keep them alive! If this happened like 60 years ago they would have been mass murdered and beaten by the popos!
gabrielle mgbudem (8 hours ago)
And this is why I would never go to America
Shpend Beqiraj (9 hours ago)
2:28 wait for the blonde girls face reaction after trying to process all the dumb shit that other person just answered ... she looks so done XD
Mark Emerson (10 hours ago)
To be truly a man a person needs to experience the feelings associated with masculine sexual desire. That is, his desire, etc., that comes from possessing actual male sexual organs. Same for a woman. However, a man who thinks he's a woman is exactly that, he's a man who thinks he's a woman. If that guy wants to be addressed as Ms or whatever he just needs to let me know. But the law is not going to compel me to do that. I oppose the legal requirement to do so.
JC Tantay (10 hours ago)
Okay trangenderism and gender dysphoria are very real conditions but since the journalists started giving some psuedo-sciency bullshit about genders to the media people started buying into that narrative so they classify themselves as whatever gender they want to earn some oppression points without actually feeling the dysphoria
Jennifer Miller (10 hours ago)
Excellent job guys! You guys remain cool. calm. And Collectively. Bravo!
L P (11 hours ago)
These people are confused? Dumb motherfuckers.
DreKade (12 hours ago)
6:57 "I have worked with trans kids who have been killed and murdered over and over".... China Should take over USA at this point
damej elyas (12 hours ago)
natural selection is working ! the proof ? these transgenders will not reproduce.
damej elyas (12 hours ago)
jordan b peterson is my rockstar
god zillas (13 hours ago)
Students were so much nicer when they preached peace and love . Now its all about themselves . Kindly attach a tazor to the lens and ``accidently`` touch the hands that restrict free speach next time .
Jaelynn Rowley (14 hours ago)
What the heck is sis and binary? Oh and GENDER IS NOT OVER
Hayley Funderburg (14 hours ago)
This is the stupidest shit I’ve seen so far in YouTube
Dany Sanchez (14 hours ago)
honestly only clicked on the vid because i thought she was the most beautiful girl Ive ever seen! Great thumbnail lol
DWORLD 2018 (15 hours ago)
Clever disruption 😏
gray73 (16 hours ago)
No gender isn't over because a few crazies with gender fetishes say so. And no one is more obsessed with gender than trannies. Plus Jordan Peterson is not obligated to lie to make you feel better.
jimijuu omastar (17 hours ago)
lauren is confusing me on so many levels....
Scifi_wifi (17 hours ago)
if someone is transgender why would we call them they/them wouldnt we just call them male or female.
Garfunkle (17 hours ago)
What happens when a trans, especially female to male commits a crime, what prison do they get sent to?
MrVidification (6 hours ago)
I suspect courts do everything not to send anyone born female to a male prison to avoid becoming victims, regardless of any want for equal rights amongst activists. Higher testosterone in born-males may lead to more aggression and urges in a male prison, and anyone under that LGBT category could make them a major target. A born-female now male could have a similar strength if working out, although how each sex stores fat and muscle would likely still be different, and what areas of the body are most vulnerable again may lie on whether that person has had surgery. At the moment the likelyhood of what prison someone might go to may heavily depend on whether they have had surgery (since not all trans undergo body or indefinite hormonal changes). In the future, transgender people could even be separated into areas of their own within prisons to avoid issues. Whether seen as fair or not, it would surely limit abuse. I have noticed male criminals according to some media have attempted to define as female trans in order to get into all-female prisons where there is less of a risk to them and much more of an obvious attraction
Garfunkle (15 hours ago)
Thanks for that info very interesting, I wasn’t focusing on that side me being a female, but there you go.
MrVidification (16 hours ago)
It would seem to be a male prison if they have legally changed their gender. The other way around doesn't bode well though for the worst situation, eg https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2018/oct/11/transgender-prisoner-who-sexually-assaulted-inmates-jailed-for-life
AD (17 hours ago)
The nicest person out of the SJW group seemed to be the transgender person.
Steven Arvizu (18 hours ago)
I think the trans community and the feminist movement are in opposite places. Feminists and the Me Too movement are pushing this idea that rape is a culture and that it’s simply everyday actions and prejudices that are keeping women down and want to change people’s attitudes toward them. The trans community is trying to make this a game of politics pushing to get civil rights based on what they call gender identity. It seems like if feminists pushed for actual legislation, say a law for equal pay or harsher sexual assault sentences things might’ve worked out in their favor. And if they trans community focused more on explaining how and why they’re trans and showing the world that they’re people too and just want to be a different gender rather than pushing for laws to literally require you to call them ‘it’ or ‘worm self’ or whatever, maybe people might’ve been more accepting. Both movements should switch places if they ever actually expect anything to come from all this
ihavehusband justlikeparkChanyeol (18 hours ago)
*Transgender prostesters* Me : ohh.. okay *Gender is over* Me : wait..what? So can i call my self Spongebob?
JaggedRecordsVa (18 hours ago)
Just burn them alive... the devil is within them
D M (18 hours ago)
If gender is over how can there be transgenderism?
Mike 123 (18 hours ago)
"Trans people" very mentally / spiritually ill.
Sandaru RANARAJA (19 hours ago)
There are two genders male and female -transgender is is genetic issue
YaskyJr (19 hours ago)
6:49 i wouldn't want her to be a social worker with kids
Tokeinsmoke 420 (19 hours ago)
How people act is disgusting. I hope 2019 gonna be a better year😔🙏
Plexiate (19 hours ago)
Tape a BB gun to that camera and let them try to place their hands infront of it lol.
heyBiz (19 hours ago)
male and female. thats what i'll call everyone until their ID says otherwise. shit is so stupid they have too much free time
Narciso Rivero (19 hours ago)
Freedom isn't freedom without it's set of rules to guide and protect everyone right to oppose or support what they believe otherwise anyone can do anything and there would be no consequences for their actions. If my right is taken away or anyone's right is taken away to disagree with someone's choice then it becomes a dictatorship because I will no longer have the right to think for myself and that is what the LGB, feminist and transgender community are doing to every upstanding citizen that has opposing view too them. Yes they have a right to choose whatever life they want to live it's just not there right to force it on me or anyone.
Flexington Steele (20 hours ago)
Bull Dyke in Jean jacket trying to look tough at 1:56.
Blitz (20 hours ago)
It's impossible to be genderless as that would definy the laws of genetics. This is ridiculous next thing you know people start changing species saying oh I'm not a human I'm dog. The professor didn't have to use their pronouns if he didn't want to. He's a professor for heck sakes of course he has a good defence for why he doesn't want to use their pronouns. It's obvious their protest will accomplish nothing. You can't challenge a professor unless you are smarter than one. Based on what those "genderless" people said proofs that they can't match the intelligence and intellect of a professor. In the human history it has proven that country's with the smartest people wins the war. No matter how big and strong your army is, if you don't have a general more intelligent than the country your trying to invade you will lose for sure. The smartest always wins.
Sam M. (21 hours ago)
anyone who blocks a camera at a public political event... you already know they are intolerant.
Aldo van Aarde (22 hours ago)
They say they are informed but when asked to give their views they have nothing concrete to say. There, i used all the pronouns.
VIVID (22 hours ago)
1:15 HMU 😍
The N00BTrasher (22 hours ago)
"Why are you only interviewing white guys?" B E C A U S E N O B O D Y E L S E W A N T S T O T A L K Y O U R E T A R D E D M U F F I N T O P L O O K I N G C U N T Also never trust edited comments
101Potatoproductions (22 hours ago)
This is what’s considered an ‘issue’ in 2018. Seriously, it’s because we haven’t been at war. I’m convinced that’s the reason why we’re all becoming delicate offended snowflakes.
itamar koren (23 hours ago)
This is cringe comedy. It's legit hilarious
Busting Bunny (23 hours ago)
Education time . Your gender is one of two thing Male cause your Johnson is dangling Or Female cause u go inside not out. U can not change thus your oppions are invalid u understand this? It like a basic law. Your body tells us all
Shane Sekiya (23 hours ago)
Basically, trying to take away people's freedom to be an A-hole. You can't do that. But JP is not an Ahole. He was polite in saying he won't use the pronouns for reason of Marxism.
Abraham The Grey Goyim (23 hours ago)
*JEWS* are behind multiculturalism and cultural marxism and ADMIT TO keeping Christians(whites), Muslims, and Latinos in perpetual war and labor. WAKE UP GOYIM. NO more wars for *ISRAEL* and TALMUDIC globalist BOLSHEVIKS!!!!!!, (((They))) are also U.S.S LIBERTY and LAVON AFFAIR DENIERS!!!'
Standin HyperX (23 hours ago)
You're either born male or female... That's it!! Thank you.. God bless..
TwoMas (1 day ago)
Death G (1 day ago)
Im a spider
vince kelly (1 day ago)
do you need anymore proof that trannies are mentally ill? i am so glad i came for the era i did the human race is doomed if these chuckleheads are our future
Dolman Eff (1 day ago)
2 Timothy 4.3
Laurie H (1 day ago)
Watching this video fulfilled my virtue-signaling quota for the day. It also made me SUPER glad that I'm in my 50's and will be dead before these morons take over. Good grief.
AbuLaban (1 day ago)
i got uncomfortably annoyed watching this... my mind cannot process all the conflicts that i hear. and the result is i get confused and a bit mad tbh
Jessica Sprouse (1 day ago)
You came to troll.... Pathetic
Deadmanlyndon (1 day ago)
these gays never have facts about anything. they can't answer any question so they need to shout.
Andrew Duarte (1 day ago)
How victomized can one person get
Justin Banse (1 day ago)
0:27 if that's what a nonbinary person looks like then I'll skip
John Ray (1 day ago)
Good grief. You're either a male or a female. Period. Whatever you "identify" with is a mental disorder you need to seek professional help with. Stop attempting to strong arm the rest of the world into condoning your lunacy
ProfZockTV (1 day ago)
abc def (1 day ago)
the nose picker at 8:37 summs the whole demonstration up. If (you want me to use pronouns?) IT could have jumped up on the soapbox and did that in the first place, everyone could have gone their separate way the and there.