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How French Health Care Compares To The US System

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France's health-care system, which is called "social security," has been globally recognized for overall quality. In a 2000 report, the World Health Organization ranked it the best national health-care system in the world. As Democrats push a government-funded health care and President Donald Trump campaigns on repealing Obamacare without a clear alternative, Health care has become a major focus of the 2020 elections. Many Americans are considering what kind of health care system they may want. “Medicare for All” has become a mantra among the left-of-center Democrats, with most of their plans calling for a universal single-payer health-care system, closely modeled after Canada’s health-care system. But there’s another national health-care system that’s worth paying attention to: France’s. ***CLARIFICATION*** At 1:35 we make a comparison between the rate of rehospitalization between France and the United States. The difference is 5.3 percentage points lower, not 5.3% lower. » Subscribe to CNBC: https://cnb.cx/SubscribeCNBC » Subscribe to CNBC TV: https://cnb.cx/SubscribeCNBCtelevision » Subscribe to CNBC Classic: https://cnb.cx/SubscribeCNBCclassic About CNBC: From 'Wall Street' to 'Main Street' to award winning original documentaries and Reality TV series, CNBC has you covered. Experience special sneak peeks of your favorite shows, exclusive video and more. Connect with CNBC News Online Get the latest news: https://www.cnbc.com/ Follow CNBC on LinkedIn: https://cnb.cx/LinkedInCNBC Follow CNBC News on Facebook: https://cnb.cx/LikeCNBC Follow CNBC News on Twitter: https://cnb.cx/FollowCNBC Follow CNBC News on Instagram: https://cnb.cx/InstagramCNBC #CNBC (FULL VIDEO TITLE)
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Javahc1 (2 hours ago)
Europe best continent on earth! #ProudEuropean
Daniel Perlin (3 hours ago)
I've been living in France for 2 years now. I was just hospitalized for 3 days due to an unexpected infection in my intestines and I must say it was a very unique experience. There were posters all over the hospital talking about strikes (sounds very french, I know), took me a loooong time to get into a treating room (around 7 hours, and I thought I had appendicitis.... so, yea), but once I did, there was a different doctor coming in every 5 minutes to check on me. There was a whole lot of blood and urine tests taken (too many for my own pleasure, but good for my safety) and in general I felt very protected, even if being a foreigner. Id like to share the numbers so that it makes sense: It was a public hospital, I stayed for 3 days, total bill was 2.100 euros and 80% was directly payed by the government using the Carte Vital explained in the video. The 20% left the insurance I get from work will pay, but if I didn't receive any, I would pay myself.
marie vaillant (4 hours ago)
You can buy a gun in a shop for less than 50$ but stay 1 day in hospital cost you one month of work , poor people can die in font of you but you don’t care cause its your individual freedom 😍😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 shame on you
marie vaillant (5 hours ago)
On paye rien mouahahahahahahah 😂😂
Musique61414 (3 days ago)
American stupidity at it's worst. We need a revolution.
andwhy (3 days ago)
I’m English and live in France, totally legal residency and 100% medical cover. CMU
Ariaan Titan (3 days ago)
Now Go Away And Do Something Good (7 days ago)
Healthcare in the USA: If you're sick, they'll take care of you Healthcare in France: If you're sick, Macron's police thugs will beat you.
; p (8 days ago)
Hospitals is USA have been under pressure too... Where they shut down. Shows that French system is better. One should be a doctor not because of greed but to help people.
Didier Lemoine (8 days ago)
doctor visit cost 25 € or 27 $ in France !
Missy V (10 days ago)
No wonder U.S. talks political b.s. about France. We get robbed of thousands and thousands for healthcare and end up when none when it reaches $2200 a month, and 8k out if pocket in residual costs. Criminal greed runs our health care system.
Joel Pacheco (10 days ago)
T.Reid is wrong went he says that France is the only country where the patient doesn't pick the doctor
Luis Rocha (10 days ago)
You should really see how Portugal manage this issue, also other social concerns. I suppose that we are better by having better social care.
Raifufufu (11 days ago)
Rpz la sécu
THE-ALBANIAN-GUY (11 days ago)
The US is also 5 times the size of France as well. They never ever mention that little fact. I imagine if you consider the fact where 5 times bigger and the numbers are almost equal, where doing pretty good
Hans Bjorkman (11 days ago)
EU don’t accept low quality food from USA and it’s banned here. Guess if American producers are happy now, 50 million new customers on a golden plater served up by Brexit. Now the British can get the US chlorine dipped chicken that EU don’t accept and maggots in the US tomato sauce Europe don’t sell.
Hans Bjorkman (11 days ago)
Americans are fooled by media to believe they live in the greatest of great countries, but it’s actually a working people’s nightmare. These examples of cost for healthcare in France is also applicable to lots of other industrial countries in Europe and Asia. Republicans and a lot of Democrats in America don’t consider people to have any rights when it comes healthcare the only right they have is to obey their slaveowners and carry a gun . Mentality is, if you can’t pay, you should die, I guess thats in the Bible.
Inexorable I (12 days ago)
5:07 "No general practicioner approval to see a specialist" That's actually false (I'm French) and that would be a pretty bad idea if it was true. You do need a first medical exam from a general practicioner and his written approval in order to see a specialist, otherwise a LOT of people would run to their nearest pneumonologist as soon as they have a little allergy impairing breathing, and the waiting lists are already long sometimes, people who are really sick could wait way longer because of this, so no, you do need to see a general doctor first. otherwise pretty accurate video
Sébastien Bouvard (10 days ago)
Tout dépends, pas besoin d'ordonnance pour aller voir un ophtalmo (qui est bien un spécialiste?) alors que pour une neurologue, oui ! Le terme spécialiste est vague :)
Maria Paula Montes (12 days ago)
How can you compare one existing thing with another one that doesn’t exists?
Musique Bombarde (12 days ago)
But today with Macron and ultra libéralism system they want to delete all the social security system to make a system like the american one.
Musique Bombarde (8 days ago)
@Didier Lemoine Bien sur que si, on va y venir, notre modèle est déjà en train d'être attaqué, tout comme a été privatisé les autoroutes, ou EDF et les aéroports qui sont en bonne voie de privatisation, la sécu et les retraites seront privatisées, c'est un marché très juteux et ils veulent se l'accaparer. D'ailleurs on le voit déjà par la mise en place de complémentaire santé privées.
Didier Lemoine (8 days ago)
totally false, any governemnt in France will never touch french social system inherited from De Gaulle !
Eric Decamps (12 days ago)
In Europe we think that a government not providing health care is as crazy as a government not providing roads or running water. I'm a conservative European but I believe that the government should protect your health.
MaximilianoDent (12 days ago)
I’m french, I’m a doctor and I stopped the video at the 2:05 nonsense about prevention. You guys clearly don’t know wtf you’re talking about...
Uni Kitty1am (12 days ago)
Insurance is a joke in the USA. Pay $45 for antibiotic with insurance. $65 without insurance. You go to the doctor apparently you don’t have nothing, a year later cancer 🤦🏻‍♀️. With insurance or without you screwed in USA. Hospitals make a lot of money, they a big business with many good lawyers to put malpractice under the rug.
Lreb Sten (12 days ago)
THE USA NEEDS TO STOP DEFENDING EUROPE WITH THE LIVES OF OUR SOLDIERS AND OUR TAX PAYER DOLLARS!!! WE MUST SPEND THE MONEY ON OUR OWN HEALTHCARE, FREE EDUCATION AND ELDERLY. FORCE EUROPE TO PAY FOR THEIR OWN MILITARY DEFENSE WITH THE LIVES OF THEIR CITIZENS AND THEIR OWN TAX PAYER DOLLARS. Americans subsidize ALL OF EUROPE AND THE WORLD SO THEY CAN HAVE FREE HEALTHCARE AND EDUCATION. https://www.defensenews.com/global/europe/2018/03/15/results-are-in-heres-how-much-nato-allies-spent-on-defense-in-2017/ If the USA got rid of all of their military bases in Europe, we would be able to provide free health care and education. It is time that Europe paid for their own military and defense from their own tax base. No one wants the US military in their country anyway. When alternative energies become more efficient and fossil fuels are no longer an issue, I hope the US pulls its military bases from every corner of the world and the cost savings come back to the American people. Long distance Intercontinental Drone Strikes will go a LONG WAY to saving the US taxpayer a lot of money and keeping tax dollars within the US. It is time the US stops playing policeman to the world and starts putting its own people first - free healthcare, education, the elderly, etc. Let other countries pull their own weight and pick up the military tab. Too much US dollars are spent protecting Europe and the world. Too many American lives are lost - time for other nations to put their lives on the chopping block. https://www.cnbc.com/amp/2018/07/11/trumps-nato-criticism-is-valid-europe-isnt-spending-enough-on-def.html https://nationalinterest.org/feature/why-america-still-defending-europe-24957 https://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/9219754/amp
Jin (12 days ago)
Got doctors in my family, my uncle is the head of the hospital in Toulouse and he says that it is super stressful and they are expected to do more hours of works than tey re paid for, has said budget are tie and private hospital, clinique are on the rise as people started to not trust public healthcare + all the issues with emergencies. We are doing well but i don't know if we can keep it that way in the long run
MC Bruin (12 days ago)
The doctor in my hospital wanted an second opinion from different university hospitals to look at my case. He invited four doctors with there assistant. Would I have lived in the states it never would have happened because no way I could have paid for it. Probably I would have be dead 3 times over by now. So so glad and happy I don’t live in the US where people die every day just they cannot afford to see a doctor let alone pay for there treatment.
jeonlyxoxo (12 days ago)
Why on earth would compare Europe to the states.
Joanna Hammond (13 days ago)
After living in France for 2 years and using their health care system I still prefer the British system.
lisinne (13 days ago)
As a French American, I'm forever grateful for my French healthcare. LOVE it.
Fyrwe (13 days ago)
French healthcare is the #1 supporter of homeopathic medicine. France needs to get to the rest of the developed world with medicine.
himlingpatrice (13 days ago)
France will stop supporting these so-called medicines.
gaiadove (13 days ago)
The best thing is that universal medical information. That card that tells doctors what you have/had is paramount and is needed for us here. We’d save so much money if we had that.
PentiumMMX133MHz (13 days ago)
France is jus bettar
Pierre CREUSEVAULT (13 days ago)
The Sécurité Sociale we have here might seems great from the outside but it needs lots of improvements, starting with information. I find it crazy to see how much people goes to the hospital for minor injuries/diseases : Hospitals are NOT the right place to treat these problems ! If someone in France needs first aid for example, he has to go to the Pharmacy, but people tend to prioritize hospitals, penalizing its efficiency. Also, as good as the Carte Vitale is, lots of people doesn't keep their "medical status" updated, which leads to useless medical exams that cost money.
Gabz87 (13 days ago)
Doesn't take much to have a better health care system than the American one. In America healthcare is considered a for profit sector that has to generate money. In the rest of the developed countries is considered a human right. Forcing people to do a go fund me so they can afford cancer treatment is inhumane and disgusting.
G. West (13 days ago)
As much as I dislike the left wing lunatics I will vote for one of them for this issue, health care for all is a right in the richest country in the world.
melpond (13 days ago)
I am French, "no general practitioner approval to see a specialist" is wrong (the last time I checked was 6th of June 2019). And we also have issues. One of the major health situation in France is our psychiatry. Evidence based medicine is almost non existent in our psychiatry, and psychoanalysis is still an almost omnipotent cult (censorship of scientific psychology[1], of the existence of scientific explanations for mental disorders[2] and of the existence of efficient CBT psychotherapies[3]). [1] : le pouvoir pas le moins du monde occulte des psychanalystes (revue sciences et pseudo sciences) consultable en ligne : https://www.pseudo-sciences.org/Le-pouvoir-pas-le-moins-du-monde-occulte-des-psychanalystes . [2] : L'hégémonie de la psychanalyse dans les enseignements en psychopathologie, sur YouTube il y a Hold up sur la psychologie de Sophie Robert (https://youtu.be/uHKxxjB3kps) et Tronche en live 58 Regard scientifique sur la psychanalyse de l'ASTEC (https://youtu.be/RBd2sm-0eyM). [3] La diabolisation des TCCs par les psykk peut être constatée un peu partout, Roudinesco avait parlé de plonger la main du patient dans un bocal de mygales, souvent les psychanalystes comparent les TCCs au nazisme et utilisent la formule "nous rappelle les heures les plus sombres de notre histoire" . Mais j'ai pas de source précise pour ça. An for the non-french speakers, you already know that psychoanalysis is a pseudo science :p .
Frost (13 days ago)
Rule 35: If it exists, America will find a way to monetize it.
redko79 (13 days ago)
And we don't even have like the US the dollar as global reserve currency to pay all by credit. But we can have a decent health system with state regulated prices. So hard to get why the US can't afford decent health system??! Working for Allianz travel insurance, when our clients go to ER in USA, they pay 2000 USD for 2hours check up and 2 Xrays. When foreigners go to french ER, they get the same service, for 80 euros! 7000 euros for one week hospitalization, while the same costs 200 000 USD in USA ??! US health system is a joke ! It's a mafia speculative system done only to cheat on US GDP stats as healthcare counts on Wall Street. Do less wars guys...
Jeremy Boer (13 days ago)
There's much better than the French system. Singapore's healthcare system. Cheaper and better quality. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=axQAVCKkFoU
Gunned Down (13 days ago)
Socialism doesn’t work! In Canada healthcare isn’t “free” you pay it in taxes and it sucks! You have to wait 3 months for an X-ray and they’ll end up telling you to come back in another 3 months!
Philip Sednev (13 days ago)
As a US citizen, our insurance system is such a scam. I can’t afford it. Even when Obama was president it was just too expensive. And since I didn’t have insurance, I had to pay a fine which sucked. But I just dislocated my thumb and I popped it back in and put a splint on it and ice it cause I can’t afford a 1000$ X-ray plus the visit fees. It’s ridiculous and could easily rack up so much more and I can’t afford that.
Pablo Sejas (13 days ago)
And yet they have yellow vests protesters
TReXcuRRy (14 days ago)
As a french citizen I will say this about the french medical healthcare system : if you are poor, it's working for you. If you are rich, it's working against you. If you earn your life well in France, you will end up having paid to the poorer people their medical treatment. By the way, this applies to a lot more than the healthcare system. All of french politics are like that. "Liberty, *Equality*, *Brotherhood*". It's now easy to understand why all poor immigrants flock to France and why all talented people fly away to America.
bienbien17 (14 days ago)
Breaking Bad would have been a 2 episodes series in France
Hurlelune (3 days ago)
That's funny because it's so true
Artemis Fowl (12 days ago)
hilarious, merci
Rose 'n' Pink (14 days ago)
The only thing that needed to be corrected was the numerus closus, which limited the number of students in medical schools that could pass so that only a certain amount from the top could get their license and thus, having only the very best doctors. But the population's growth and the fact that we can treat everyone unlike america means that we need more doctor, which is an issue right now and a lot of nurses are protesting -while working because they can't just stop treatments-
Rose 'n' Pink (12 days ago)
@GoldSkyward I'm not talking about deleting it, but enlarging it.
GoldSkyward (12 days ago)
@Rose 'n' Pink Indeed, currently there are abourt 500 students per years, but more than 3000 on the first year Do you want these 3000 students to go to med2 ?, there must be a kind of selection
Rose 'n' Pink (12 days ago)
@GoldSkyward it doesn't make more student join the universities, it makes more students pass.
GoldSkyward (13 days ago)
Opening the Numerus Clausus is not the solution nonetheless I think. Universities can't handle thousands of students
Elmax (14 days ago)
Je suis pas si mal au final en France lmao
Elmax (9 days ago)
@himlingpatrice True
himlingpatrice (13 days ago)
quand je me regarde je me désole, quand je me compare je me console" when I look at myself I feel sorry for myself, when I compare myself I console myself "
Rose 'n' Pink (14 days ago)
American : basic health care like seing a doctor is expensive, some people won't go to the doctor Later : the person is now in the hospital, if the price of basic healthcare wasn't disuasive, we would cut our expenses by ten ! American : Surprised pikachu
Rose 'n' Pink (14 days ago)
I'm french and american who say they don't want to pay for the health of other make me laugh. What do you think is going to happen once you or someone you care about get an illness or get into an incident and can't pay because not only is it all from your pocket, but also way more expensive ? Also american who don't believe that our doctors can actually come from poor families... Yup, intelligence and hard work sutdying doesn't depends on your parent's wealth.
Nick WLS Farmer (14 days ago)
Now imagine if the French also stopped smoking. They'd live to a hundred.
Rose 'n' Pink (14 days ago)
Only 18 percent of the population smoke, and it's decreasing.
Golden Nugget (14 days ago)
It’s not that our system is impossible to implement in the US, we simple don’t have as many health problems as Americans! We eat better and live healthier lifes, so the social security is more efficient and spends less per person
SteriCraft (14 days ago)
At 5:09, there is a mistake. It is mandatory to get approval from a general praticioner to see a specialist, if you want to get refund from the social security. You can do it on your own, but to get the money back you have to see your "Médecin généraliste".
hesoneofus (14 days ago)
As French citizen, I can confirm this report is pretty accurate, even though there are still some loopholes exploited by doctors, pharmacist, clinics and insurance that degrade the level of services. Moreover during the last 10 years, governments have also decided to degrade the level of services due to the cost of aging of the population with a limited state budget. Fortunately Doctors are still well paid, well trained and working with latest tech .
L Ht (14 days ago)
A bunch of things are not true : you don't need your general practitioner approval to see a specialist, but if you want to be reimbursed for the consultation with the specialist, you need approval from your general practitioner first. Also, there is 100% a waiting list. It can be up to 6 months for a dermatologist, for example.
L Ht (14 days ago)
What's wrong with buying your own private insurance ? Are you a weak little child who can't take your own decisions ?
james murphy (14 days ago)
I love the French
Koen K (14 days ago)
France's healthcare system was not modelled after canada's health care system.
peckcitron (14 days ago)
France is the only country in the world where socialism worked. Challenge me.
Rose 'n' Pink (14 days ago)
Well, communists/left wing really worked hard to free the country during WW2. I like some aspects of my country, but the fact that Macron was elected at the last presidential elections is quite bad, and let's not even talk about Le Pen. Only the right wing at the final ? what a disaster. Extreme right is rising all around Europe and it's bad.
M S (14 days ago)
America is a very sick country
Bennn (14 days ago)
Congratulation ! you explained the french social security system without giving any credit to the communists who made it at the time !
Rick Zune (13 days ago)
Uhmm just lol
Matthieu Grente (14 days ago)
20% of administrative cost on every medical bill?? That just theft
Louis Kévin (12 days ago)
Nope, that's America 😀
Lol Lol (14 days ago)
Ok on a un meilleur système de santé mais sur le reste c'est pas mieux !
Rose 'n' Pink (14 days ago)
De quel reste tu parles ? Car le pays ou tu peux acheter un sac de glace à 1 dollar plutôt que de mettre un pain de glace réutillisable au congèl me laisse perplexe sur l'idée qu'il y ait le reste qui soit mieux.
Joe Woelfling (14 days ago)
@3:30 a mis-statement of this fact. Medicare does not cover all doctors, it only covers the Doctors that accept assignment of benefits. Patients are free to see any doctor, but if the doctor does not accept assignment. He is free to charge his normal rate and not bound to accept medicare's allowed amount rates. Those Medicare patients can submit a claim to medicare for the services. but Medicare will reimburse the patient only 80% of the allowed amt. The patient will be responsible for the rest.
Edward Linne (14 days ago)
IDK I think we can learn a lot from this things need to change. France has the Yellow Vest movement and things are falling apart. I think the influx of refugees is probably stressing the system. I lived there and it was nice though to see a Dr. They are like your friend more than in the US.
Rose 'n' Pink (14 days ago)
The Yellow Vest movement is a response to the bad politic of Macron, our last elections only had right wing finalists and we were forced to elect the less worst candidate, or we would have get the almost nazi's party as president. Extreme right is rising in Europe, and I don't know if it's related to the refugees but people seem to forget that they're human like them, and are running away from their country with a reason, like war, and France is selling weapon to those countries... But let's be clear, the Yellow Vest movement is fading and I actually never met any inconveniences because of them, except the fact that the TV would only speak about that.
TRUTH HURTS (14 days ago)
US is only good in terms of Hollywood and Military that's it.
Youtube Pantheon (13 days ago)
sports too
Pierre Pignal (14 days ago)
Dont follow french health care. Its expensive for workers and it is communism
Gustav (14 days ago)
you should have done a comparison with schwitzerland
Jf H (14 days ago)
As a Canadian, both sound worst. Im not saying its perfect, far, far, far from it. But as a 40ish y/o that never needed a doctor, in the last 3 years i had broken foot, very bad infection to the elbow and i needed a clinic for more frequent visit following an accident. Id qualify my experience as "Rolls-Royce", including home delivery, i get tests as a reminder, 2 days before, and then the day of the appointment. It warns me if its going to be late. Everything is brand new, 5 min from my place. About 100$ for the elbow, needed some IV stuff for a few days. Then around a 100$ for the boot when i broken my foot. And about 30$ in pills per month for my accident. Hospital visits, parking was the most expensive part of it, 20$ after 45 min. Why do i even pay taxes ... But thats it, everything else was on the the medical insurance card. Also, why do you put the medical info on the card? If cops can get your history from your driver's licence, medics can get your history from your medical insurance card. I was given one for each of my kids getting out of the hospital. Then pictures after a certain age, but my kids have driver's licence so they use the same picture.
Rose 'n' Pink (14 days ago)
Are you talking about the carte vitale ? I don't understand what you're trying to understand. I can help you, I live in France.
spawn bacon (14 days ago)
Cocorico... Je pense foncièrement que TOUT le system américain est une grosse arnaque
Rose 'n' Pink (13 days ago)
@Pierre Pignal Tu n'as toujours pas développer ton argument. Si mon conformisme c'est dormir dans un hamac parce que je préfère plutôt que d'acheter de la literie a plus de 1000 euros et bien soit, je me conforme. Aller, plutôt que d'utiliser des mots comme bobo et de dire directement que tu ne me respectes pas pour mes opinions politiques que je n'ai moi même pas cité, explique moi ton point de vue. (note : La façon dont on s'exprime sous une vidéo YouTube donne tout autant une impression de soit que sur un CV, et en tombant sur ton commentaire en anglais plus tôt et en en voyant la rudimentarité "it's communism" (toujours pas d'explication sur le fait que ce serait mal, comme si je disait, il ne faut pas faire ça, c'est en bleu ! sans expliquer les tenants et les aboutissant de la couleur bleue dans le contexte) puis en voyant également le "la ba tu ne paye" j'en ai facilement déduit que tu pourrais être un collégien.)
Pierre Pignal (13 days ago)
@Rose 'n' Pink Discréditer quelqu'un pour son orthographe, voila qui est digne d'un Francais prisonnier de son conformisme. Je ne ferai aucun effort d'orthographe pour toi mon cher. Je ne respecte guerre les gauchistes de ton genre. Bien sur que non le collectivisme apporte que des dépenses en plus et de la pauvreté. Donc il faut un systeme libérale mais ca les bobo de ton genre ne comprennent pas. Salut de Lyon
Pierre Pignal (14 days ago)
Au moins la ba tu ne paye pas pour tout le monde
Taelor Wiles (14 days ago)
This is like going to a dumpster and a mansion in Beverly hills and saying let's compare these houses. The US system is so far behind its unreal.
Xavier Aéroprod (14 days ago)
A box of "Doliprane" cost 2 $ in France, doctor check-up is 30 $
TheBloblom (13 days ago)
@Rose 'n' Pink It's called acetaminophen in anglo countries.
Rose 'n' Pink (14 days ago)
doliprane is paracetamol for our fellows american who don't know what that is.
Jean Neige (14 days ago)
Just one thing. It is true a french doctor will be far less paid than an american one. But here medical students once graduated have (most of time) no or few student debt left since most of education from kindergarten to university is "free". Aside from high renowned phD who can earn millions in USA, I think it's economically more enviable to be a doctor in France. And in terms of ethics it's indisputable...
Rose 'n' Pink (14 days ago)
Yes ! It cost like 250€ per year to study in medecine and if you can get scholarship it's free. Student debt doesn't exist in France, except if you go to a private school but I would not recommend it, was in private primary and middle school and that was the worst times of my life, I'm glad I litteraly lived IN a public high school so it was just so convenient for my parent to sent me there. Also for other studies, I've heard that most private school are just really bad and in it for the money so it's not worth it. Thousands of dollars for getting educated is clearly wrong, I don't know how american can do that.
donnie brown (14 days ago)
What is the average income tax in France vs. the US. Population of France vs. the US. The number of medical research labs. The amount of foreign aid France gives. The number of countries they have aided by helping defeat the invading foes. The number of countries they helped to rebuild then forgave the war debts. What is the gdp of France vs. the US. What is the cost of living. What is the cost of a gallon not litre of gasoline and how much of that cost is tax. If you compare their social security to the US Medicare it about the same. 20% of the cost is payed by the patient.
Rose 'n' Pink (13 days ago)
Tax on gasoline is disuasive and is supposed to encourage people by switching to electric car. The average american spend way more time and money to get to work than the average french, and their car also spend more because for some reasons they have gigantic car ?? The road are so much wider why ?? The cost of living is about the same but we have a better quality of living. We don't need to get a student debt to get educated, we are able to get to the doctor early which mean we won't pay as much as american who didn't go to the doctor and ended up costing way more because their cases got worse etc... But why are you saying all of this and not giving any numbers ?
antoine salama (14 days ago)
We fight to keep Macron from destroying everything
Endo Roboto (14 days ago)
It's clear the right thing to do requires the neutering of the health care business which is not a bad thing. Unfortunately this then requires getting their money and other for-profit money influences lobbying, donations, and more out of politics.
5Siver (14 days ago)
Sure, France's medical care is better, but good luck getting an appointment with a date that's less than 6 months. Hell even if you go to the emergency you have to wait 5 hours for the doctor to have time to diagnose you.
Rose 'n' Pink (13 days ago)
the emergency case is because they didn't made a wide enough numerus closus back at that time, and even if you get an appointment in 6 months, depending on your case it can be very quick. I went to a generalist and he needed me to get a radio and I did it only 2 hours later, because I needed to drive there. What I mean here is that if your case need it, you will get an appointment soon.
0 1 (14 days ago)
"Comparable or better health care outcomes." Comparable?
Jean Goustine (14 days ago)
This is how we live in Francistan or Cuckslanding as you want
Nebo8 (14 days ago)
Better than in America
cvalkmal1 (14 days ago)
Vive la France!
william mussetter (14 days ago)
If liberals think France and other socialist countries have such great health plans, why don't they pack their bags and move there? And all this "state" supported health care is going to collapse under the weight of all the refugees it allows into their country. When Sharia Law becomes the law of the land in France due to all those Muslim refugees taking over the country, how will that great health care system play then?! Oh, that's right. It won't matter because all the non-Muslim citizens will be escorted out of the country, by force if necessary. This also goes for all the European Union countries, many of whom are already at the brink now!!! Ask the citizens of London how they feel about their new Muslim neighbors!! And all you Americans, don't get your nose too high in the air. Unless you are blind (or a liberal) we've already started down that road! Talk to the folks in Michigan or Tennessee, where our government are sending all those law-abiding, hard-working Somalis we're letting in the country. Well, the Muslims won't take over the whole country. They've made a deal with the illegals pouring over our southern border to let them keep California and the southwest. And it's happening even faster that either the Muslims or Mexicans and their allies in Central American could have imagined. You a teacher and can't speak Spanish, your not going to get hired in California, Arizona, New Mexico or Texas! ,
Rose 'n' Pink (13 days ago)
Duh, religion and state are separated in France. Perhaps if we stopped feeding the conflict by stopping the sales of weapons the those countries, then it will be more peaceful and the refugees will stop running away from them ? And are you really getting angry at the fact that people who speak more language than other get an advantage during a job interview ? Sorry but I can"t move to France as I'm already there ?
김아무개 (14 days ago)
쓰읍... 미국 의료 시스템을 악으로 만드네 Of course, American medical care system should care of people who can't access to medical system by poverty but it doesn't mean American medical care sysyem is evil! every countries have a medical problem It's complicated problem Lots of europe doctors and nurses heading to US, it's a fact . No one can't deny it . Bcz America provides better environment to them
Big Bang (14 days ago)
you just have to wait 10 to 12 hours , and the people who can afford it go to the private system...i am portuguese and if i could, i would go to live in the usa...
Jensen (14 days ago)
We are still smoking a shitton of cigarettes and take anti-suicide pills. We are a country of frogs and doomers.
Rose 'n' Pink (13 days ago)
Fumer c'est le choix de chacun, personne ne nous y force et c'est facile de na pas commencer. Pour ce qui est des antidépresseurs, j'ai rencontré beaucoup de gens qui sont dépressifs, et ce que je peux dire c'est qu'ils sont tous plus ou moins responsable de leur malheur dans le sens ou ils refusent de voir ce qu'il y a de bien (pour ce qui le sont depuis longtemps, car ceux qui par exemple ont fait un burn-out puis dépression s'en sortent) ils négligent beaucoup l'effet de leur mental et rentrent dans un cercle vicieux. Forcément si tu as l'habitude de te lever tous les matins en te disant que tu vas souffir toute la journée ça aide moins que si tu te levais en ne te disant rien, voir en te disant que ça allait être bien. La plupart d'entre eux refusent d'aller voir un psy alors que c'est vraiment ça qui peut les aider, mais ils se disent que ça ne sert à rien, qu'ils sont tous mauvais et que ça va juste empirer les choses ?
sawyerleemoore (14 days ago)
I moved from the USA to Canada. Canadian health care is not as comprehensive as France's from what I can tell but its still a life-changing difference compared the USA. I rarely pay more than $20 CAD ($15 USD/13 Euro) per prescription.
chrisrhudy2000 (14 days ago)
america pays 62 percent of their annual budget out on social programs like welfare and medicare they only pay out 16 percent on military funding. let that sink in folks and guess what? france pays out a tiny fraction on military compared to us.
Seldoon182 (14 days ago)
The health-care system is become closer and closer to the US one. Very poor services, the new doctors/interns are formated by neo-liberalism and under management rules. Hospital got less and less subvention and in a not so far future, hospital will have to find finance through market and VC which mean like only ROI illness will be prioritized. CMU don't give you 100% refund and free health-care. More and more pills are no refund. Plus if you really can"t afford to pay for your health, CMU doesn't guaranteed that will be well heal.
Haltaïr (14 days ago)
"GoVeRNmEnT SyStem Is bAd !"
A. Baciste (14 days ago)
Well... Yes, French health care works but costs money; American health care cost money... And yet does not exist. Healthcare and education are the 2 main pillars of mutual aid at national level... And mutual aid is the very reason why societies exist at the first place. Forget about these 2 and you don't have a society; you only have people living at the same place under the same laws... That's completely different.
Remy broun (14 days ago)
It's not 80% btw I don't know where that comes from ?
TJ (14 days ago)
That’s not exactly true. In France, we have to have our general practitioner guide us to a specialist otherwise it’s not reimbursed the same. But sometimes specialist will just lie in the document saying you were sent by your practitioner (and I appreciate that they do that). Also another issue of the French system is that French doctors are very tied to the system and the government has the power to decide wether some diseases exist or not (like chronic Lyme disease which currently is not supposed to exist in France... ) however some doctors have been asking the gouvernement to change that status recently by going to the government assembly (Assemblée nationale) to explain that chronic Lyme does exist... but bureaucracy is slow and for the time being people are suffering !!!! Right now it’s very risky for doctors to treat chronic Lyme in France as they may get banned from working as a doctor in France (banished from « l’ordre des médecins » ) !!!!!! So if you copy our system in the US make sure you give more liberties to doctors and don’t scare them away from treating certain things. Make it better with more freedom ! US style !!!
Jules Winnfield (14 days ago)
Blablabla France is so nice. 100pc public deficit +58pc dépense publique
Jules Winnfield (14 days ago)
🇫🇷🇫🇷 La baguette
TheBaloo1991 (14 days ago)
germany is even better ;)
French inSH (14 days ago)
As a French I can tell you, The French medicare is in huge deficit and about to collapse as the French economy can t support the burden of its huge losses. It s a monopoly , We pay hidden cost ( tax and deficit for future generation) for poor service ( monopolistic with state own hospital running ineficiently ). The hidden burden of our socialist system is huge tax for entrepreneurs and private sectors, which makes our country a fiscal hell with 15% unemployement and very few opportunity to rise in the private sector.
Rose 'n' Pink (13 days ago)
Ca fait des dizaines d'années qu'on nous dit que le trou de la sécu va tout faire tomber, pourtant le trou de la sécu est a moitié fictif ?
Guy Lemay (14 days ago)
The US Election coming up already?
timoonn (14 days ago)
France superior, no doubt
Adriano Barbet (14 days ago)
"Ranked best health care in the world" Gillets jaunes: "ThIs CoUnTRy iS hORiiBlE oMg tHe GoVErnMeNT iS UsEleSS"
Adriano Barbet (14 days ago)
@Метастаз les Gilles et Jhon? oui.
Метастаз (14 days ago)
@Adriano Barbet Les paysans dans Kaamelott..
Adriano Barbet (14 days ago)
@POUGET Guillaume "EveRYThinG bUT THe HeAlThCare SystEm Is HoRRibLe OMg" - looks at education statistics: "EveRYThinG bUT THe HeAlThCare SystEm AnD eDuCaTion Is HoRRibLe OMg" - looks at the wages statistics: "EveRYThinG bUT THe HeAlThCare SystEm AnD eDuCaTion AnD MinimUm WAgEs Is HoRRibLe OMg" etc.. etc..
POUGET Guillaume (14 days ago)
1st good healthcare doesn't equates to good governement (especially if the said governement is very slowly striving for a more US like care system) 2nd the healthcare system is the only thing that isn't (totally) getting ruined (yet). 3rd gilets jaunes not gilLets jaune... yeah that last point was unnecessarly mean
Happy Life (14 days ago)
I'm French and in France we pay up to 46% of taxes. Do that in the US and the country will turn bankrupt. The French system is dying so don’t think you can reproduce it in the US or, to financially support the system you will see your taxes doubled.
Syl75 (14 days ago)
+Happy Life If you want to compare, compare everything. In the end, a French citizen pays less in taxes than an American who has to pay entirely his medical cares, his studies, etc. Be sure that the French system is better.
Bahi (14 days ago)
Our system is not dying. Liberals like you and Macron want to break it and are starting right now.
Whitey McGee (14 days ago)
Correction. You DO need your GP’s sign off to see a specialist if you want reimbursement. Otherwise, you foot the entire bill for that specialist. And who cares about the data from the year 2000?! That was nearly 2 decades ago! I’m French and proud of our system, but don’t tout fallacy to convince Americans to change. The actual facts should suffice!
SRF NMA (14 days ago)
Usa can’t be the best everywhere, they have the best economy, the best army but the worst healthcare... that’s all
Rose 'n' Pink (13 days ago)
And a bad education system
JJ Rimini (15 days ago)
France 10 Usa 0