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World Dangerous Idiots Heavy Equipment Truck Skill Driving, Extreme Operator Road Truck Fails

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Gsport Munich (28 days ago)
I loved the music
Brad Lewis (1 month ago)
most boring
Lasola Con mi soledad (1 month ago)
Mis respetos para muchos traileros son unos buenazos para manejar donde sea y como sea Woow woow muchos saludos para todos y k dios los bendiga atodos
Harry Johnson (2 months ago)
first one is from speed the movie lol
Dipak darjee (2 months ago)
Arunachal pradesh jaw or denger milega sir
Kumar Dkv (2 months ago)
Very brave
Chinna Madupalli (2 months ago)
Chetha video
American Truckers (2 months ago)
Some of these roads are crazy!
Beteraba Frita (2 months ago)
Mó dahora as locuragem !!!👍👍👍
Zonker Nunya (2 months ago)
Shanty Azka2016 (2 months ago)
S N S N (2 months ago)
Suman Suman (2 months ago)
Great Suer Super super life risk
Piklu Patari (2 months ago)
Must music ha
SILVANUS STEVEN (2 months ago)
mmmh is it true or not
neha Kakar (2 months ago)
Max Headspace9mm (2 months ago)
I guess this must be for people who really really really like trucks.......a lot!
Max Headspace9mm (2 months ago)
I just with the music was more dramatic and that there were more commercials😔
Mohmmad Sohel (2 months ago)
Pagal pan ki b had yaaro
bhimanna alzende (2 months ago)
Nice video
R Fi Pro (2 months ago)
Join subcreabe Bos r fi pro
Vidya Vidya (2 months ago)
Kubakola (2 months ago)
Awesome Drivers!
周芳香 (2 months ago)
Government please put some heart to make people like better
周芳香 (2 months ago)
Government is the fault.they have to spend money on that
Levente Szasz (2 months ago)
LLIP DER (2 months ago)
Guy at 5:00 gave him a big hit of crack and told him the rest was on the other side 😱
Axix Graham (2 months ago)
Was that the Manawatu gorge ...not so dangerous. .😂😂😂
John Lerma (2 months ago)
Where is this in Mexico ?
nakyer (2 months ago)
That spider's elephant was cream filled and well toasted.
Save You (2 months ago)
Ramsey Elvy (2 months ago)
Nagub Ozbuk (2 months ago)
سليمان اليماني (3 months ago)
ok yees 100/100 in yamany
Samson (3 months ago)
Why do you call it a fail if they succeed? If you're talking about them doing something that'll probably kill them I guess, but most of them look like they know what they were doing they just didn't have the stuff needed to pull it off. So they tried with what they got.
Lovely Ayush (3 months ago)
Veronica Bolanos (3 months ago)
The video @ 4 12, wow, just plain stupid. Smh
Mr Hankey (3 months ago)
what a stupid title ,,, there were no fails ,, just super skillful and lucky drivers ,,, they were crazy to try but success does not lie ,, the only idiot is the poster for a bogus title
van tri ho (3 months ago)
abdur raqueeb (2 months ago)
Edwin John (3 months ago)
That's called talent
Tyler Robinson (3 months ago)
liking god miss
Tanjila islam (3 months ago)
Very Dangerous
Moshin Wani (3 months ago)
skej mfek (3 months ago)
سبحان الله شاهد كيف وقع
Rebeca Rebeca (3 months ago)
Andrew Fileger (3 months ago)
I would have a panic attack if I were on one of those.
Hertza Maya (3 months ago)
They are!!! Since put their live and the others in risk they are idiots, aren’t they?
Pedro Ureña (3 months ago)
esta gente no tienen respeto por lavida, valen menos que un perro.
mayerscd (3 months ago)
goddamm music sucks
Angel Herbert (3 months ago)
most of the trucks were winner's so were is the fail part happen
great good (3 months ago)
Title wrong.
Rory O'Connor (3 months ago)
Unbelievable . The drivers have nerves of pure steel.
Владимир _ (3 months ago)
Стальные яйца у водил!
Reda Reda (3 months ago)
Rizan chhadiyal (3 months ago)
Wow so good Bishal Nepali
Dean Curtis (3 months ago)
Tried of all your music .
NRRI discipline nepal (3 months ago)
Parkass Parkass (3 months ago)
Super drives
Euphrasie Koby (3 months ago)
Ooooh my God 😱😱😱😱😰😰😰😰
Joe Torres (3 months ago)
Assholes clickbait
Riyadi Pojok (3 months ago)
Vijay Vijay mahor (3 months ago)
شاذي محمد أنعم الأغبري (3 months ago)
هههه حلوه
Vijay Vijay mahor (3 months ago)
Elmer Galiano (3 months ago)
También Rsnbo
nawaz shezada (3 months ago)
First learn to add truth picture of inside vedioes to screen...!
Manush Basu (3 months ago)
Oh LORD what's the communication of transports? Very Dangerously.
James Kmenta (3 months ago)
The school bus was hit or miss another inch or two of water and it would have gone
Vijay Vijay mahor (3 months ago)
Abdul Wajid (3 months ago)
Sax ,
oti theleis 1 (3 months ago)
Like your video. Good job 😊
Mohamed Sellam abdellah (3 months ago)
Megusta es wayyyyy
عبده معطي (3 months ago)
سواق ماهر
Devanna Gouda (3 months ago)
Eva Batalha (3 months ago)
esta estrada que passa este onibus na verdade este pais e um assassino mata seu povo na estrada duvido que o presidente passe nesta estrada
MIRZA M SHAFIQ QADRI (3 months ago)
Dennis Admiraal (3 months ago)
cool stuff very enjoyable! THANK YOU!
Kondapalli Gopi (3 months ago)
Pettina photo anedhi chupinchindi adiera luchha badakav
ernest johnson (3 months ago)
Tired of ads !!!!!!!! Thumbs down , no matter how much you like the video subject .Tired of things R A M M E D down our throat . Hate ads and the companies behind them !!!!!!!!!--------Ernest E. Johnson
Soma Electricals (3 months ago)
1st one SPEED movie clip
British beef British beef (20 days ago)
Crazy that not many people have noticed this.. Must a an age thing
Trenton Alverez (3 months ago)
who owns this equipment? insurance nightmare wouldn't want to be you!🙄
TheMostGodless SinfulBastard (3 months ago)
Overly dramatic music!!
TheMostGodless SinfulBastard (3 months ago)
The title of this video is ignorant... these things are in fact dangerous, but the people doing them are driven by necessity and a desire to NOT fail... the pressures put on most of these examples, of what this asshole calls "idiots", is enormous, and if that is the only job or that is the thing that needs doing well, men with balls just DO THEM... you can see people working steel in high rises from the black and white films, they were workers who had to get the job done to FEED TEHIR FAMILIES, ----- but calling them idiots is just unfair..... but I don't expect papered idiots who've never HAD TO do DANGEROUS things in life to understand... specially in the developing nations. These people also have a trust in THEIR abilities!! Things need to get DONE come hell (or hail?) or high water!! LOL
Елизавета Лиза (3 months ago)
И красиво,и страшно...,короче страшно красиво. Любуюсь и удивляюсь на этих смелых отважных людей МОЁ ВАМ ПОЧТЕНИЕ
When Death Declares War (3 months ago)
5:08 to 8:43 is new Zealand, Taupo. It says 35kph, but the take it pushing 50
Colleen Mc (3 months ago)
Why the hell are they calling these drivers Idiots!? Let's see them try to do what these guys did !
Awal Dayaram (3 months ago)
We need next video
Glenn Heiselman (3 months ago)
I like to read the first 5 comments. They usually say it all....
Sam sung (4 months ago)
The Background music is so annoying!!! 😡
Kenneth Morris (4 months ago)
minutes, 5:07 Mount Messenger, North Taranaki. NZ
khizar khan (4 months ago)
Chawki Chawki (4 months ago)
فرجات خراطة سطيف مثلا هاد فرجات صعبة
Amine Nahnouh (2 months ago)
Qadeer Hanid (4 months ago)
Idioto, all lies
Chris L (4 months ago)
Car Domain 2015 Corolla S (4 months ago)
Any one else yell..MORTAL Kombat!!!
Car Domain 2015 Corolla S (3 months ago)
Starting at 14:00 ish
Какимов Бахтияр (4 months ago)
Зарина Садуакасова (4 months ago)
Автор к вам претензия показывайте то что на обложке ролика👎👎👎
nikhat parveen (4 months ago)
Very nice
sachin Bhoi (4 months ago)
Bikash Rajbongshi (4 months ago)
bus fan (4 months ago)
Back to second is more crazy 😁😂
Mohd Izraa'e (4 months ago)
Алина Биназарова (4 months ago)
Ладно иного в зөкнжғэұ