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World Dangerous Idiots Heavy Equipment Truck Skill Driving, Extreme Operator Road Truck Fails

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brutalistix (6 hours ago)
the only idiot here is you
Gerhard Rinkens (19 hours ago)
the music to this video is much too loud, much too dramatic and totally unnecessary.... the music is soo annoying... cannot take it at all. so shut it down, please.
Mohammed Mohammed (22 hours ago)
S4uryk (1 day ago)
11:51 the driver is all right. But passengers of the bus "Paradise in heaven" have gone to hell
Arjay Francisco (1 day ago)
Melinda Mills (1 day ago)
Train or truck? Did not see anything!
siddu chowdary's (2 days ago)
No technology used all the things r done by the skills of drivers that's it broo
Tony Riccio (3 days ago)
habte weldeghabr (3 days ago)
oque tipo bosque e arvore esse!!!
Babubhai Patel (3 days ago)
Shanara Blue (3 days ago)
I don't get how they can't use tree logs as well as planks on top, or even build better bridges on the areas that need it most, I know money's an issue but the resources are obviously right next to them, gutsy guys that's for sure, I sure as hell wouldn't want to be in those vehicles
DMS REPAIR (3 days ago)
to bad all the bad ass trucks made for Europe. In US we got only a crap that has DPF and DEF crap that always break and have no pull
Let's Watch HD Movie (3 days ago)
they not idiots they are super genius drivers i have ever see dude!
ronnie odang (5 days ago)
Amaze for the driver
KINGK0NGD0NG (5 days ago)
I dont see earth having a shortage of dumb fucks anytime in the near future
Kao Lee (5 days ago)
who is the leader of this country?....look at ur ass.....
RB meena (5 days ago)
Anselmo Bertini (6 days ago)
Levita Ana maria Artesanato (6 days ago)
e porquê os donos de carros não procura fazer a ponte fica mostrando a ponte quebrada deveria colocar tarô Boa Nova o povo preguiçoso e crítico faz a ponte o carro é de vocês
Kc Agustin (7 days ago)
Completely, perfectly IDIOTS👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👋👋
Jeff G (7 days ago)
1:43 how is that dangerous. Even if 1wheel went off the side there would still be 3 wheels supporting the truck.
Ganesh Jain (7 days ago)
Down vote for misleading thumbnail
ElegyForTheMasses (7 days ago)
Uh, the driver in the first clip was doing what he was instructed to do in the script for the movie Speed, and I'm sure was paid well for that stunt. I don't know what you think that person is an idiot or why it's a fail, considering the movie was moderately successful.
Napoleao Junior (7 days ago)
Bolssonaro Presidente
iman Tamang (8 days ago)
dant dafa garne
Randolph Bradley (9 days ago)
Geez... the music is gagging me....
Nak se Pani pina (9 days ago)
Ayra Malik (10 days ago)
nice video
chapewa dube (10 days ago)
this is not so safe
Saurabh Mishra (10 days ago)
Jo poster Bnate ho vo to dikhate hi ni ho
Gary Tucker (10 days ago)
This is very amazing
Hamdy Zahran (11 days ago)
طريق الموت
Katam Raju (11 days ago)
asayu Risa (11 days ago)
ALKUKES (11 days ago)
25:47 buss drift
Balu K (12 days ago)
Dark Knight (12 days ago)
The video would sound much better in its original recording then the STUPID annoying background music you add on.
subrat samal (13 days ago)
Dangerious,but beautiful
Sam Khati (13 days ago)
Bro front wali videos hai hi nhi yrr
Farah Mohamed (13 days ago)
thia video ia advertisement
Abas 1 (13 days ago)
Skill mantab... ✊
gian catabona (13 days ago)
fail jeep
bhausa chainal (14 days ago)
Hamdy Zahran (11 days ago)
واللهى هذه هى علامه من علامات الساعه الكبرى
Yasir Khan (15 days ago)
md.rasel. hosain (15 days ago)
Kali Thasan (15 days ago)
George Ramirez (15 days ago)
I'm confused!! Looks like a bunch of truck drivers taking care of business!!
Antonio Aloro Jr (16 days ago)
Nice truck,good tire
Deepak Gupta (16 days ago)
Aktiv Bucket (16 days ago)
The only idiot is the one who posted this video.
Mouss k1 (16 days ago)
Pkoi pas créé des pont
Shlomo Yosef Shekelbergzuckerowiczgoldmannsteinberg (17 days ago)
*I will find you*
jmgnish (8 hours ago)
OMG Your name is Shlomo Yosef Shekelbergzukerowiczgoldmansteinberg? My name is Shlongmo Yosef Shekelbergzukerowiczgoldmansteinberg!
Vuong Dinh Thi (17 days ago)
Gê that
razak boukari (17 days ago)
Ce cool
aleena alex (17 days ago)
Marco Vinícius (3 days ago)
Ngametua Maretu (17 days ago)
Those others trucks from New Zealand
vinod bellubbi (17 days ago)
avtar singh (17 days ago)
very danger rides
Krishna Mohan (18 days ago)
BRUNO YOLLAM (18 days ago)
Chiz xo adi aokote makopo
Piroska Merk (18 days ago)
OMG 😮😱😱😱😱
Midul Ali (19 days ago)
Midul Ali (19 days ago)
Md Ajijul (19 days ago)
raj nayan (19 days ago)
dangerous 😑😑
Satyajit Mondal (19 days ago)
NICE video
Amit Chor (19 days ago)
amit bhvhl
Md Ahmed (19 days ago)
True,yalau wekil
Anita Dohre (19 days ago)
Emmanuel Kanuth (19 days ago)
Drivers jindabaadddd yaaarrr
Kyaaa baaat
Maut ko maaaat dena
The Ronaldo legend Warriors (19 days ago)
Saifi Siraj (20 days ago)
thao phuong khanh (20 days ago)
Sub cheo like
KB bir (20 days ago)
Mohammed Hussain (20 days ago)
Chondo Bawri (19 days ago)
Mohammed Hussain j
Mahandev Singh (20 days ago)
Roshan chodry Roshan (20 days ago)
i lovu Sapna
Zacarias Beneton (21 days ago)
Hussain Ibrahim (21 days ago)
Wek wek wek....
Umang Kumar (21 days ago)
Su Lau (21 days ago)
Dân tộc vùng cao
padma chetry (21 days ago)
Gary Smith (21 days ago)
Don't use out of focus clips. I will stop & watch something else.
Arman Khan (21 days ago)
Arman Khan ka chenal dekho g
manh pham (21 days ago)
Dkm lm deo gi co
Maryann Anderson (21 days ago)
To the guy driving the school bus....YOU MADE IT!  Now don't ever do that again!
Khurseed Khan (21 days ago)
Felix Uni (21 days ago)
This lie,why is there any track like this picture
my time (21 days ago)
skills your the idiot yourself
खान भाई Khan (21 days ago)
खान भाई Khan (21 days ago)
खान भाई Khan (21 days ago)
Steve swakei (21 days ago)
so the video ended and no truck in your front page picture. wasted my life. do not like or subscribe to liars
Robert Turinia (22 days ago)
that was thee only reason I needed to kill you PROBLEM is you tried to treat him like one assasins r uss interal fagger affair dead dear violent whored off pig shit heads THATS HOW THE LAW WORKS dirty pig shit punk balancing 0911 works for me now fat ass money dork faa do the job failure I will
علي عطلاوي عطلاوي (22 days ago)
ماشاء الله
Md. Kadir (22 days ago)