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Samsung Galaxy S10e Unboxing & Initial Setup (Flamingo Pink)

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Welcome to the home of the best How-to guides for your Samsung Galaxy needs. In today's video, We will unbox the Samsung Galaxy S10e and go through the initial Setup. Galaxy S10 Playlist: WhiteStone Dome Glass S10e: Galaxy S10e LED Case: Case-Mate Clear Case S10e: Products I Use and Suggest: My YouTube Setup My Main Camera: My 2nd Camera: My Other Camera: My SoftBox Lights: My Microphone & rig: My Black Height Adjustable Table: Acoustic Foam Link: 10% Discount Code on All Products: "AZ-JIM" Follow me!: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Xbox One: jimmyispromo #GalaxyS10Tutorials #GalaxyS10e #SamsungTrainer
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Text Comments (41)
TRiBaL81 (28 days ago)
Is this color 'right' for a male? i like it but i'm having second thoughts
Jimmy is Promo (28 days ago)
It's not horrible. As long as you're comfortable in your skin bro.
Helouise A. (3 months ago)
I'm excited still-- but if the earbuds and charger are white, that kinda pisses me off cuz the white and black had matching colors. My husband got white and had white accessories. My stepson got black and got black accessories. Which is what made me wanna specifically order pink, hoping I'd get pink ear buds and a charger. Not a HUGE deal, still a sweet ass phone... but I might've just went with whatever was available in store if I had looked this up first. 😑 Cuz my dumb ass was like "omg matching pink headphones!?" 🤣 that's what I get.
Las Ocurrencias de diego y su manager (5 months ago)
I hot the same phone same color and it's better than eny iphone I've haved Edit: best phone ever
TheLegendaryAvocado (5 months ago)
Which color to get,here where i am i only can choose between prism black,prism white and prism green
Ethan Nash (7 months ago)
Oh, I'm so glad he said the color kinda changes or whatever with direct sunlight or something. It's most visible on the prism white, where it gives kind of a rainbow effect. I bought it and then thought that it might be a solid pink all the way around, and was almost wishing I went with prism blue. I'm not too sure if the blue gets that effect at all but it looks really nice
Sol (8 months ago)
Does the phone already have a screen protector on?
Sarah Altieri (6 months ago)
Yes. And it's just a plastic one but it does a great job. I barely even know it's there.
Sarah Altieri (6 months ago)
Do you regret buying the color? I'm between prism white and this color for the s10 + Edit : i got this color for the s10+ and I love it. It's so beautiful in person. It's like coral with rose gold sides
SIRSILVERDOG (8 months ago)
no one mentions it but there seems to be a rose goldish border instead of silver around the phone. Cant wait to get my S10 plus tomorrow....Flamingo Pink that is.
SIRSILVERDOG (8 months ago)
@Joseph Kim youre gonna love it. Samsung put their feet in it this time. the S10's are beasts.
SIRSILVERDOG (8 months ago)
@Joseph Kim yes and because of that I'm actually ordering myself a clear case as well. I have to show this beautiful beast off.
Alexandre Pelletier (8 months ago)
doesnt the s10e come with a case in the paperwork box?
Sarah Altieri (6 months ago)
@Alexandre Pelletier the sd card gratis shows that it's an import from another country. mine didn't come with a case in the box! I had to purchase a case for my s10+ I think that non-U.S ones got the Samsung cases. The U.S phones got the pre installed screen protector on phones. I think it's was a better idea to have a screen protector than a case that will not do much for your phone.
Alexandre Pelletier (6 months ago)
Sarah Altieri some do look at the link I put earlier
Sarah Altieri (6 months ago)
No but it does come with a screen protector already on it! I rather have that than a case that doesn't protect your phone
jnai mcknight (8 months ago)
I think that’s for the non North American versions.
Alexandre Pelletier (8 months ago)
S'xhady S'xhadz (8 months ago)
Should I get the s10e or the note 9? They're now at the same price deals. Still confused.
Birax James (8 months ago)
This is my favorite color, is it available for s10+ ?
Raff Zh. (8 months ago)
@Mike Sage I ordered it from Samsung unlocked as I'm trading in my s9+.
Mike Sage (8 months ago)
@Raff Zh. Did you order from tmobile or Samsung or for another carrier?
Raff Zh. (8 months ago)
I ordered pink s10+ on 3/4 and it has shipped today!
Mike Sage (8 months ago)
@Natalie Carpenter same here, ordered 2/25 from tmobile, 2ea s10 plus with ship date of 3/27-4/19. It's a frigging brutal wait.
Natalie Carpenter (8 months ago)
Yes but mine is getting shipped out late (3/27) and I ordered mine on 2/27 through tmobile. I cant find any s10+ that has this color on YouTube for unboxing.
S. D. (8 months ago)
Whoever is not sure about pulling the trigger..... PULL IT!!! Got mine today and it's better than any iPhone I've ever used.
TRiBaL81 (28 days ago)
which color did you get?
Exotic College (8 months ago)
This sucks so much i have to wait till 15th march to get my s10+ even tho i ordered it on 21st February
Raff Zh. (8 months ago)
@Exotic College 🥰🥰🥰the color is so sick
Exotic College (8 months ago)
@Raff Zh. mine finally got shipped today and same expected delivery on Wednesday
Raff Zh. (8 months ago)
Central IL here. Ordered flamingo pink s10+ on 3/4 and shipped today! I expect to receive it on Wednesday
Natalie Carpenter (8 months ago)
Same. But i have to till the 27th!!
Andre Rosario (8 months ago)
How comes? I ordered mine on the 2nd this month and I am getting it today at 2:21 - 3:21 British Time
Lany Tuts (8 months ago)
Nice & cool...great unboxing...i love pink color...
MrBryan30 (8 months ago)
Awesome plan on buying this my s5 is getting slow great video
Hack Attack (8 months ago)
Hopefully you like it! My A7 has a few years left in it...
M Ajmal (8 months ago)
How to add audio files from phone to galaxy earbuds?
Enkhbat Bayar (8 months ago)
Bruce Dsilva (8 months ago)
nadil (8 months ago)
1st ❤️