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Netflix Shakes Up Disney And Other Media Companies | CNBC

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Disney, Comcast, CBS and other traditional media companies are frustrated that investors have given Netflix a seemingly unfair advantage. The more Netflix spends on content, the more its shares go up. CNBC's Alex Sherman explains how Netflix's strategy is shaking up traditional media companies. » Subscribe to CNBC: http://cnb.cx/SubscribeCNBC About CNBC: From 'Wall Street' to 'Main Street' to award winning original documentaries and Reality TV series, CNBC has you covered. Experience special sneak peeks of your favorite shows, exclusive video and more. Connect with CNBC News Online Get the latest news: http://www.cnbc.com/ Find CNBC News on Facebook: http://cnb.cx/LikeCNBC Follow CNBC News on Twitter: http://cnb.cx/FollowCNBC Follow CNBC News on Google+: http://cnb.cx/PlusCNBC Follow CNBC News on Instagram: http://cnb.cx/InstagramCNBC Netflix Shakes Up Disney And Other Media Companies | CNBC
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Text Comments (646)
Bradley Beyer (5 hours ago)
This is also why a lot of the big companies are starting to pull their content from Netflix and start their own streaming options.
Bless Brazy (13 hours ago)
And that Phrase "Netflix & Chill" really help push Netflix around the young generation.
Mohamed Anees (15 hours ago)
Most of Netflix’s original content are crap...
Stuart Little (1 day ago)
Nobody has cable. Netflix and smart tv are in
Arindam Chatterjee (2 days ago)
Media companies should stop whininng about Netflix. It's them who offered mediocre contents with inflated price for a long period of time.
faandean (2 days ago)
Netflix gives us better content and no ads for low price. Thats what you guys can't give us. So yeah, we go for Netflix instead.
Jackie (2 days ago)
Netflix is alright , amazon too. But for now, I’m on Hulu. I believe Netflix will raise their prices soon though. Other competitors are Asian drama websites such as Viki and dramafever
cyber elf (2 days ago)
By the way there aren't old movies. Such as robo cops series
amstevens23 (3 days ago)
I watch Netflix more than I watch TV.
Mitchell Quartero (5 days ago)
I love Netflix
Bailey Henderson (6 days ago)
Frsh JCP jcp are going to attack the country
Orppranator (7 days ago)
And you all are going to die to the giant that is alt media.
Christopher Dang (7 days ago)
What I'm worried about is if traditional media companies start to turn their back on Netflix in favor of their own streaming service. We already see this with Disney planning on releasing their own streaming service. Part of the reason Netflix spends so much money on Original Content is of course to lose its dependency on traditional media, but we love Netflix because it is our "one stop shop" for a lot of TV shows/movies. If everyone and their mother end up with their own streaming service with distinct original content (ex: Disney, which would include Pixar & Marvel content); we'll basically be back to the cable model but in a digital format... I hope I'm wrong, but copyrights are a huge part of the entertainment industry so it's possible.
ghost (8 days ago)
media deserve what it done.foolish program.lot of advertisement
Ken Free (8 days ago)
Netflix is another worthless bubble will fade away soon. Soon there will be other companies that will destroy today’s bubbles AMZN FB NFLX AAPL and other US stock bubbles.
Ken Free (8 days ago)
Netflix is a BUBBLE.
Corvette Dude (11 days ago)
But I still can’t find anything worthwhile to watch on Netflix
Patrick Kucera (11 days ago)
Companies with a history or lazy product development and overcharging customers say they are under attack. How can you be so myopic ffs Keep blaming everyone else. Enjoy your bankruptcy
Kevin Wilson (11 days ago)
For people who don’t even care or like sports like myself, I don’t watch anything on the TV. I don’t pay for cable at all. I have Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Twitch, YouTube, and Crunchyroll. All of these combined save me more money.
Jason Wockenfuss (12 days ago)
Can't wait when Netflix gets Live TV or Gaming subscriptions
Yvonne Hoff (12 days ago)
Not Today (12 days ago)
Cable is expensive.
Adler Davidson (12 days ago)
u scared, CNBC?
Federico Olivares (13 days ago)
Meh, got bored, gonna go watch a netflix show
chandrakant geology (13 days ago)
I love Netflix the way it is n I don't want any regulation of Netflix that may go against the costumers...
yesismemom nahjustyouimagination (14 days ago)
With move like net neutrality they are trying to put a stop to it.....
Tony Bone (14 days ago)
Disney are buying fox so is tons of content available on there own streaming service that's coming soon
Jose Brito (14 days ago)
No one likes having ads, on anything, including TV. The on demand service is just icing on the cake
Nash Lantey (15 days ago)
I watch Netflix everytime... No need for TV
JustSubscribe Pwetty Please! (16 days ago)
Ima go watch Netflix now
emi greneby (16 days ago)
Mfw i jus get a new trial account every month. It literally only costs 1 dollar a month then
Naum Rusomarov (16 days ago)
Gets the worlds smallest violin.
345boneshoss (17 days ago)
This is why I pay for Netflix. I love the company for what they do.
Andre Hill (17 days ago)
Traditional tv is failing because it has started to fall short. Too many commercials, not enough racial diversity, and the worst part for me, hardly any interesting original content. Almost everything on tv or in theaters is literally a remake, or an adaptation of a book. Netflix brings, high quality content, diversity out of this world, interesting original material that is constantly growing, and most importantly it does all of this without pestering people with commercials. The tv industry sold out and basically because a place to advertise rather than to really entertain. Netflix doesn’t have an unfair advantage. They are just using the tools they were give wisely.
Mark Armage (17 days ago)
Oh, please, as soons as others media corporate start to develope the same type of application featuring their kind of shows, in the past, present and future, Netflix would be kicked aside. Netflix can only go this far because the others are yet to catch up with the trend, Disney is following quite close, when Disney take all of their Disney production, including Pixar, Lucasfilm, Marvel off the app, the shares will go down, and then when Disney starts to produce another Disney Original that has the same quality, Netflix will lost it's edge. Soon the others will follow.
michii834 (18 days ago)
I love my Netflix!
Phlegethon (18 days ago)
Cause no one wants to watch live sports who cares go outside and play sports
Jake Mealue (19 days ago)
You can watch Fake News, or Real Shows. I believe in Netflix.
Joe (19 days ago)
Nice video. Good for Netflix!
cacopapote (19 days ago)
There's the quality factor as well. Modern TV drowns you with (reality) garbage content where your only gasp of relief is an IRS commercial.
Oliver Veale (19 days ago)
Round House (19 days ago)
Shame on you for trying to criticize your competition when they are doing good and you are doing bad.
Space Penguins (20 days ago)
Well this video won’t be bias at all
Jared Crypto (20 days ago)
Ironic that NBC is reporting this!
Rohith Kumar (21 days ago)
I like how cnbc is doing youtube videos now. All they have to do is look in the mirror.
whatthe fskauwb (21 days ago)
Attacking? Lol.
Questioning Everything (21 days ago)
Won’t last forever you can’t gain value from buying stuff you can’t afford
Walter White (22 days ago)
Quagmire subscribes to netchix
SeSe (23 days ago)
Netflix in New Zealand is so useless. That's why many people don't subscribe.
21minute (23 days ago)
It’s basically like Spotify killing the radio industry. Why spend hours on ads and stuff you might not enjoy when you can immediately listen or watch the stuff you want any time of the day?
m Cave (23 days ago)
I use netflix and AMZ prime Im good everything can go =$#÷×%$#÷×. Disney cant even make a decent SW movie think I want there crappy content
Alex T (25 days ago)
I finally cancelled my Netflix instant after they kept removing tv licenses they held for so long. Its not worth the price hike in my opinion. While streaming is nice, I HATE that its divided up content to various services....
Marko Dodig (26 days ago)
NeverWithoutNalani (27 days ago)
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Shannon Hillbom (27 days ago)
Hahaha.... I remember when all these big companies didn't worry about Netflix at all... Now they are scrambling to survive.... This is what happens when you fleeced your customers for too long... Bye!
mario zombie (27 days ago)
Papa Robotnik (28 days ago)
This explains why they are so many "Sports Zombies". Thanks CNBC !
Papa Robotnik (28 days ago)
Subscribing to Netflix. Thanks !
Ivan Gonzales (1 month ago)
Fox/ Disney finished their Wolverine deal, anybody glad he is now officially in the MCU to join 💪
Ee Kwang (29 days ago)
Ivan Gonzales Gonzalez Not Comcast. Universal.
Ivan Gonzales (29 days ago)
Ee Kwang Comcast ? 😂 so they can ruin it and turn it into a series ?
Ee Kwang (29 days ago)
Ivan Gonzales Gonzalez Not yet. It needs approval from government and also there's still time for Comcast to increase their bid.
PAPA Giarnella (1 month ago)
PAPA Giarnella (1 month ago)
WA WA WA !!!!!!! i wish i invested in Netflix
longho (1 month ago)
Steal other creative and sold for cheap price.
the undead1 (1 month ago)
Netflix is awesome. We need more netflix companies. Let them die. To open up for better companies.
Todd Kaplan (1 month ago)
Jeremy JMIAH Williamson (1 month ago)
yeah but when DiSNEY starts their own streaming service, they will pull ALL their content FROM Netflix and that's why Netflix has been scrambling around to get more content so they're not left without anything. #UseSomeCommonSense
Patience Momo (1 month ago)
I got roku years ago and never look back especially now that u can watch live tv on hulu for just $39 a month! Their days are number...bye cable
VAlfons Alfons (1 month ago)
F cable when im on netflix i forget what a comercial is <3 <3 <3
Jayde Martin (1 month ago)
I love netflix I can watch what I want when I want I gave cable up a few years ago because they kept making my bill go higher and higher and I was paying for reruns on tv all the time and have no contract so they can do what ever they want when they want everyone leave the cable satellite companies go to Netflix
Miguel Maravilla (1 month ago)
Netflix has good shows , but Hulu has a way better variety 💯
Anthony Castillo (15 days ago)
Miguel Maravilla agreed I have both
Eric Penner (1 month ago)
Hello Comcast employee! Did the big bosses call you in to provide you with some talking points?
MAN IN BLACK FACE (1 month ago)
This is why net neutrality is not fair for the providers, companies like netflix get richer whils the ISPs ate the ones that make it happen
raghu boyapati (1 month ago)
India doesn't have any problem like that...We can watch any tv show and any movie for free...so many sites to watch these shows...all of HBO's.. Netflix's ... everything you can name is available in some APK apps in India... zero cost ...too much value😂😂
AtarahDerek (1 month ago)
Netflix attacking Disney. I'm picturing a very small child trying to punch a body builder.
Jordan G (1 month ago)
It's logic unless you like ads...
Elcid Abiera (1 month ago)
people are tired watching commercials lol
GAMINGTORM 537 (1 month ago)
We WaNt StRaNgEr ThInGs SeAsOn 33333!!!!!!
Pepper Noia (1 month ago)
Yay Netflix! I love you guys.
Secret Private (1 month ago)
I hate how all of Netflix’s new shows are mainly black characters
Secret Private (25 days ago)
This is what you were looking for right; now that I said that here is the real reason
Secret Private (25 days ago)
Also; it’s physicological fact that people have less understanding of a different race so you are less emerged in the movie, so i’ts not as good as a movie with a man character of the same race would be. P.S. the movies are still good
mlungisi manzini (25 days ago)
Secret Private why?
Bailey Henderson (1 month ago)
Sell Netflix stock for Frsh now because frsh is worth buying at 6 dollars per share
Paul Austin (1 month ago)
I hate cable and it ads. Netflix all the way!
vivek sharma (1 month ago)
Amazon Prime is Big In india.. Netflix Isn't that Big.
Rashad Heyward (1 month ago)
Imagine if Netflix gets live tv.... 😱
jason macgregor (1 month ago)
Even if the prices went up a little of still pay to have Netflix rather than pay a ridiculous amount to have television with a thousand channels of infomercials, out dated shows, half hour of commercials for 12 min of show and not be able to watch what you want when you want, tv is a joke and highway robbery. Netflix every day all day, death to tv.
TheHeroKane (1 month ago)
The other media companies are profit hogs. Netflix forever.
Rey (1 month ago)
Its not just Netflix. Its streaming period. The more consolidations there are the bigger of a chance people might subscribe.
Lone wolf Studios (1 month ago)
Netflix is essentially just throwing sh*t at the wall and whatever sticks gets thrown even harder back on it
Tom Ratliff (1 month ago)
I cancelled. You should too. We vote for a better world one purchase at a time. Spend wisely!
Poppin Pebble (1 month ago)
My family has been paying for Netflix for around 6 years now and i’m happy we never stoped as a lot of good show and movie have been coming out lately 😂
My Thoughts (1 month ago)
I think the prediction of 350 million is way off , try 1 billion
Pierre Diaz (1 month ago)
The future it's now old man
Dalim Mont (1 month ago)
GG Dat Boi (1 month ago)
No contract. I can cancel any time. Its substantially cheaper. Like that's it. That's why they're doing so good
Jay Awesome (1 month ago)
Now if they can get family guy back we in business
Jakeylicious7891 (1 month ago)
People like choices and control. Turn on netflix, you have heaps of choices. Decide to watch movie to a more convenient time or rewind and fast forward to where you left off gives everyone the ultimate control to the limited time some people spend with their leisure moments.
Anønymøus Víds (1 month ago)
I dont even use netflix. I use 123movies it has everything there free
Anønymøus Víds (22 days ago)
neds yeah man
neds (22 days ago)
gotta love that Cuntwars popup
Harry Butte (1 month ago)
Lol CNBC this is old news! What's next??? Report that HBO is a thing??? lol
felicia ' (1 month ago)
Rich complaining about the rich
Sophie Pranoto (1 month ago)
Big mouth from the company that's advocating against net neutrality
ProZAPP (1 month ago)
ProZAPP (1 month ago)