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Why the Northernmost Town in America Exists

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Wendover Productions (1 year ago)
I hope you enjoyed this first on-location video! If you want to see more involved projects like this more often, be sure to check out the sponsor (Squarespace) with the link in the description. They truly made this possible and they're a committed sponsor. I've also used them for years before they became a sponsor so all the praise I give them is 100% true.
Bill Innes (1 day ago)
Wendover Produc
JIM JONES (1 day ago)
Kenneth Sizer (5 days ago)
I totally enjoyed this. If money were no object, I'd visit places like this all the time. A place this isolated is so culturally unique. Fascinating.
Evan Hayes (7 days ago)
That was a good video. But you didn't answer my biggest question. This whole "Squarespace" deal. I mean, how can you put space into a square? Is it perhaps some sort of cuboidal space where they just forgot depth??
Zune Zvenzon (13 days ago)
No. Shit journalism. You talk in a continuos stream without pause. Its very annoying and stressfull.
Raymond Greenwood (6 hours ago)
The mayor seem so disinterested in this whole entire interview. He even yawned in the middle of the interview
Warbling Pasta (9 hours ago)
So this is really weird, I am English and I live near a town called Barrow, which makes it very strange when he talks about Barrow 😂
Blake Mcflopper (16 hours ago)
My science teacher sister live in barrow Alaska
Hx-Flix & Blog (2 days ago)
Are you sure Canada doesn't have a town even further up closer to the North Pole? After all, the title states "in America". Well, that would include many countries, including Canada. It should've read the United States of America. Then you would be referring to a country and not a continent! And you're supposed to be smart?
Oscar 420 (2 days ago)
Must be a bitch to find some decent weed up there....
i eat plants (3 days ago)
So then don’t live there....
Andrew Butcher (3 days ago)
Anyone else live in Alaska?
Guy Miklos (3 days ago)
Most importantly, are there any decent women there!
Trevor Seidl (3 days ago)
I met your mom there
Scavenger (3 days ago)
During the time of 65 days of daylight if I decided to take a poop in the middle of the road at 2:00AM while the sun was out do you think anyone would drive by and catch me pooping...🤔
MrFelixify (5 days ago)
Barrow is not the most northern town in the world. As a matter of fact, it doesnt even rank in top 10. Norway, Denmark Russia and Canada all have towns and cities more northern.
Hx-Flix & Blog (2 days ago)
Even if they were referring to the USA they're still wrong because America is a continent, not a country.
Searia Kett (5 days ago)
I was first introduced to Barrow through the movie 30 DAYS OF NIGHT. This documentary shows a very different side of the town then the Vampire movie does. ~~~~~ I'm not exactly sure why, but I would love to try living there for a year.
farizsh zaharshah (5 days ago)
🤔🤔 i just think twice to migrate here..damn exspansive for me and my cat.
Frank Robert Skogstad (5 days ago)
By this info, Longyearbyen >>> Barrow by a mile in my eyes.
Damien roughley (6 days ago)
Wow the place looks like the aftermath of a tsunami or hurricane. What a shit hole!
Lee Maples (6 days ago)
when the oil companies move out the town is going to be in a bind. tourism as a way to alternatively fund the city would mean they build a massive hotel and casino complex but, who would spearhead such a project. call that branson guy. hes rich and crazy enough to do it.
Raul Salazar (6 days ago)
isn't this the city that got invaded by vampires!!
Renee` Hill (6 days ago)
I'd cut my own throat before I'd pay $16 for a frozen pizza. They suck. I'd eat sea algae first. How much is a 50# bag of flour?
Tekmateak (6 days ago)
Hey I live there 😂
Mr Yellow (6 days ago)
M from this town. We watch porn movies to avoid cold
Sticks and Stones with Mike. (6 days ago)
Good video but please learn how to use the word unique. Something is either unique or not.
Hx-Flix & Blog (2 days ago)
learn to say the USA, not America, the continent.
a puleo (6 days ago)
I wounder if any homosexuals live there?
ClashWithSticky 881 (7 days ago)
So like , do they have internet and TVs and stuff their ?
EJSFilms2K (7 days ago)
cool video, but i'll stay in Florida, thanks!
ZDG (7 days ago)
ANNOYING narration
Sneakerama17 (7 days ago)
Good content video
Yatukih001 (7 days ago)
I´m renaming this town ´Barren Sorrow´.
Yatukih001 (7 days ago)
I sure did Wendover!!
sujauddin mohammed (7 days ago)
Good explanation we understand better,thanks a lot👌👌🌷🌷
lp p (7 days ago)
Waqaa everyone. Y'all negative commenters can eat my unuq, except for my fellow natives.
Letty 928 Gaviola (8 days ago)
If it so expensive, why live there? Are the salaries high? If you pay me a million dollars I will probably live there. I will save money and get out when I have enough money. I will not live there cause I hate cold weather. I am thinking they should have a football team there for recreation. Do you think they can fill a stadium? Of course, it should be indoors.
Alina Garofalo (8 days ago)
I don’t know why but I think it’s fucking beautiful I would love to retire there
John Matthew (8 days ago)
Losh Angeles has always intrigued me.
A Nother (9 days ago)
See now the issue I have is US government let in like 5 million Indians and 1 million Pakistanis or so, they put them in places like Cali, NYC etc, where its already overpopulated they made a mess in those areas, why the fuck didnt they strictly put them in Alaska?
SixSentSoldiers (9 days ago)
Does anyone else see an opportunity? With food and general items being so high? A store. That doesn't take advantage of the situation?
Lionel Hutz (9 days ago)
Just avoid travelling to Barrow in winter, heard the vampire season gets really bad up there.
NewJerseyJay (9 days ago)
The costs are horse crap. There is simply no need for the costs to be that high. Someone is filling their pockets.
Andrew G (10 days ago)
Watching this video, makes me cold..😬
Kiing milli (10 days ago)
This is ridiculous... who wants to live there? Ain’t no way I pay that much for washing soap or toilet paper and $17 for a box pizza... these people are getting over on its citizens
DahliasDarkside (10 days ago)
Vampires gotta eat
Adrian Capuzzi (11 days ago)
its named utqiagvik now
Juan de los Muertos (11 days ago)
I don't know about you guys but I ask myself everyday, does Barrow have a weed dealer?
evilphoenix 007 (11 days ago)
Imagine being homeless there?
kai hugo martnes (11 days ago)
But why does it exist ?
Nicodemus Edwards (11 days ago)
Once global warming melts the arctic consistently, this town is probably gonna be big
vidya (12 days ago)
He actually manages to make a video about the town with the question why they live there and proceeds to show not ONE of those natural inhabitants.
floridaBoy (12 days ago)
So you have to pay a shit load to live in a shit hole i get it .
Sheila Taranto (12 days ago)
Thank you for sheila for watching in on my life yes I do think of my Eskimo ladies and Boys and grand Mas and grandpa‘s that I knew along the way it would be fun to go back and see everyone I’ll be back in alaska on December 2 at 8:30 in Anchorage I am the only coming for a short visit to finish my home in the Matsu Valley I’ll be staying with Char. my daughter.
Joan Mcgilton (12 days ago)
I was going to say I bet it cost quite a bit to have something ordered.
Ian James (12 days ago)
Kim Jong Un could save some money there, he don't shit.
ian kleinschmidt (12 days ago)
turism? at 20$ for toilet paper, I choose a trip to southern france
leslie Tillett (13 days ago)
Why does Barrow exist? Because 10,000 years ago, primitive people migrated across the Bearing Straights, stopped, looked around and said to themselves "Hmmm, winters 9 months long and reaching 70 below zero with horrendous blizzard winds. Giant man eating polar bears and Grizzly Bears. And during the short 6 week summer there are 200 Billion mosquitoes. Looks like a great place to stop."
MadMatt8880 (13 days ago)
Dear Lord. And I thought living here in Chicago was freezing and expensive. I should shut my mouth.
YPAD_Aviation (13 days ago)
Nice video, very interesting. Keep it up! :)
Lebums Biological Father (13 days ago)
So there’s no Whataburger?
Matt Cole (13 days ago)
You didn't mention the month long vampire attack that took place there.
Russ G (13 days ago)
If I lived there, I could easily do without a $17 frozen pizza, but I'd have to break down and buy some $22 toilet paper! Seems like this is one of those products that should be brought in by that barge.
KvAT (13 days ago)
Lol but Alaska was bought from the Soviet Union
Jose Lopez (13 days ago)
30 Days Of Night
radhaor (13 days ago)
This makes Ireland in the winter look like paradise!
Tracy Reed (13 days ago)
Very interesting video. I will say that I agree, it's not a self sustaining town. They rely on goods from the outside to survive. Self sustaining means you have the ability to get what you need on your own without outside help. That's insane though $20 for toilet paper, $17 for on oven pizza. Anyways, tourism is another word for death of a town. Any town that loses it's main form of industry and looks into tourism as a way to sustain them. Well, it's nothing but a death trap. Living in a city myself that lost all it's manufacturing only to go into the ' tourism' industry , I've learned it's been the Death Nell for our area and any area. People are leaving by the droves to look for life sustaining jobs. There's no way in the world anyone could afford a $20 pack of toilet paper working in the tourist industry.
deadpool 16 (13 days ago)
my goal one day is to go here alone, cover myself with fake blood and prolly kill a few chickens and il ask to be jailed. THEN when they ask me shit, il just say " THEY ARE COMING "
John Spinelli (13 days ago)
Why live there?
TJ Battles The Universe (14 days ago)
I have barrow Alaska on my weather app so in the winter I can feel better about living in western New York
J L (14 days ago)
"The donuts show him the donuts!"
pawns1999 (14 days ago)
Resolute Bay is much further North.
Fernicus Maximus (14 days ago)
Is Alaskan pussy good? How's the sex up there?
Red Storm (14 days ago)
A perfect place for the white cave beasts on America's mainland to relocate
Alan Vulture (14 days ago)
I don't know why but I like it and want to visit this place someday...
Sir Naysayer (15 days ago)
so its skyrim in modern time?
John Miller (15 days ago)
We were talking about where we might want to retire at a recent family get-together. I was asked where I would want to retire, and I said "Barrow, Alaska." I got a good reaction out of that one! :-)
Anna M. (15 days ago)
So what is the average income?
EAT OLAP WEST (15 days ago)
I live in Barrow and yes...the sun is up for 24 hours for about a month, then changes
EAT OLAP WEST (1 day ago)
Floyd Davidson oh really Mr. Davidson....never ever heard of you bud...I was born and raised here and had never left the town until I was 22...you don’t live here...you’re full of shit and you’re just going on google and looking random stuff up about my town and acting like you live here and you know shit...you don’t know what you’re talking about
Floyd Davidson (2 days ago)
+EAT OLAP WEST : I have lived in Barrow for 20 years. You better start paying closer attention.
EAT OLAP WEST (2 days ago)
Floyd Davidson lmao no it’s not...google is filling you with shit bud...I live here...that doesn’t happen
Floyd Davidson (2 days ago)
+EAT OLAP WEST : The sun is up for 65 days every summer, and it is as light as full daylight for much llonger than that
EAT OLAP WEST (2 days ago)
Floyd Davidson lol what? That made no sense
critzujay2 (15 days ago)
Great video and narration.
Jack Liu (15 days ago)
Damn. Detergent 30 bucks. How do people living in this how afford this?
WTF STUDIO INC. (15 days ago)
There’s something wrong with that mayor.
morris brix (15 days ago)
Better Barrow or Phuket for an expat? I Will decide
SwampySack (15 days ago)
when i build a starting point when playing RTS, there are 3 major things that i look for. resources, access, & defensive point of view.
Jason Schwartz (15 days ago)
If you vote for socialism this will be how the lower 48 will look and cost.
Serge Chaves (15 days ago)
So at least there are no snakes there?
Carl Smith (3 days ago)
There was two years ago when Joe Stroup's mom live there.
Em Be (15 days ago)
2:28 "the entire town relais on planes going in and out to get food in and people out" - 6:23 "its a completly self sustaining city." Do you read your own scripts or watch your own videos before you load it up? Too much BS for me - Im out.
Lisethy Blue (15 days ago)
That's a weird conflict of interest, where you're dependent on oil extraction, but you're experiencing problems due to a warming climate. Too late to go back to the traditional hunting and fishing community it used to be, though
Dan Slik (15 days ago)
the end of the Earth...
Jman (16 days ago)
Whole town looks like a South African ghetto with snow on it.
EricaYE6 (15 days ago)
SOWETO. It sure does!
Greta M. (16 days ago)
The mayor is so not excited about talking to people xD
Reef Ahio (16 days ago)
I live in Utqiagvik and after seeing this? And the comments...idk if your mocking the town or advertise...what’s the point in this vids?
scottishcovenanters (16 days ago)
How sad!
Jared Gibbs (16 days ago)
I love the way you look at maps.  We tend to think of the world with the view of the classic map we're used to seeing since grade school.  The distortions from a flat map are much more extreme than one would think.  It's really interesting to look at the globe and judge distances by "resetting" the flat map at weird points that are closer to the axes.  I particularly enjoyed the "flat map" view of the Arctic.
Zach The Celtics Guy (16 days ago)
Why the Northern most town in America exists? Because it's the FACT of geography.
Tiggy Rayner (16 days ago)
5:20 the U.K. doesn’t look like that
lobba123 (16 days ago)
what a sad place
Bills109 (16 days ago)
Should seemed the climate change bs coming in this video 🙄
Pule Molefe (16 days ago)
Definitely would love to visit
Aric Goss (17 days ago)
It exists because it exists. It is geographically the northernmost town....
Sharon ODonnell (17 days ago)
Order mail grocery deliveries wouldn't be that high.? Gotta be Less than 17.00 to ship a box of captain Crunch.
Jaimi Cottrill (17 days ago)
Seems like they don’t really live the way they should to such a harsh environment. Why not keep reindeer for meat? Or there are several types of sheep that can survive in harsh climates, plus they’d have wool for clothes etc! There are communities that live in harsh environments in Siberia for example that have to really live off what they have, no flying in of products for them.
John Doh (17 days ago)
Are the vampires still there
Joseph Gallaнorn Sr. (17 days ago)
That old man on Alaska Airlines is my great grandfather Chester Sivviq. Irene Downey (Gallahorn)'s father...his daughter of Kivalina Ak. whom married Eddie B. Gallahorn Sr. (My grandparents) We have all documents from State of Ak. and Ak. Airlines as to who is on Alaska Airlines Tail. I am from Kotzebue Ak., raised in point hope ak.
MrPottymouth122 (17 days ago)
#1 So again, why the fuck does it exist? #2 Why would anyone want to visit that arctic trailer park much less suffer living there? I just see a frozen shithole with overpriced, toxic groceries. If I'm gonna die on beachfront I'm gonna have one of those drinks with a little umbrella in a hollowed out pineapple.