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Why the Northernmost Town in America Exists

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Wendover Productions (1 year ago)
I hope you enjoyed this first on-location video! If you want to see more involved projects like this more often, be sure to check out the sponsor (Squarespace) with the link in the description. They truly made this possible and they're a committed sponsor. I've also used them for years before they became a sponsor so all the praise I give them is 100% true.
Amber Branks (2 days ago)
Hello! I enjoyed this first on-locale video so much I subscribed! Please, take 30 seconds to laugh about the cold video that this video made me think of! "Fresh not Frozen" https://youtu.be/RCx1C5XAmZw Fresh not Frozem
Stephen Dmyterko (11 days ago)
Thank you so much.. Great video. I learned so much!!!!
Ed (12 days ago)
Interesting video. As soon as you said "oil" things started to make sense but still, what a miserable place to live!
old gregg (26 days ago)
This isn't an on-location video. You bought stock footage form shutterstock you fucking liar.
tech four9 (20 minutes ago)
I wonder what the women look like
amritansh pandey (43 minutes ago)
Its not nothingness
Bart Alford (4 hours ago)
There is a rOad in wonter in and Out watch ice rOad trukers
jonharson (5 hours ago)
"Northernmost" Barrow Alaska Latitude: 71°29' N Alert Canada Latitude: 82°28' N
Nick B (7 hours ago)
Did he forget ot mention Second Thought errrrrrrrrr?
Thiên Phúc Nguyễn Đình (9 hours ago)
Why does Wendover Productions exist?
StopFear (9 hours ago)
Do they have internet to at least download and play some games?
Kyle Hill (10 hours ago)
Damn why did you disable previewing?
Archie Hennessy [The Amatuer Editor] (10 hours ago)
I mean, look on the brightside, you're close to Santa.
Chebva Romero (12 hours ago)
Good video but it does not sound very self sustaining.
󠀠 (13 hours ago)
How's the internet tho?
StellaR (14 hours ago)
I didn't even know this town existed until I watched the movie 30 days of night
Lee Hofork (19 hours ago)
This place sux .... just because the weather . Might as well move to Yakutsk .
Chris V (1 hour ago)
Better still, Norilsk.
The Jason (1 day ago)
Eat a climate change dick...
chanchin chaunchy (1 day ago)
1:33 that street sign just says "c " Lol
Wesley Cerecky (1 day ago)
forgot to mention all the whaling... and the other natural resources the natives hunt for food. Resources are not just brought in by plane. how do you think people have lived there for hundreds of years... they hunt and fished there. also the world's largest Fiber line is run there so internet is better there than most places in the lower 48...
chanchin chaunchy (1 day ago)
Bendover productions With a real life hor
Sam Stewart (1 day ago)
Why did will rodgers go there? other then to die?
Josh Dietsch (1 day ago)
Yeah this place gonna die
JM O (1 day ago)
coastline looks like a native American 5:29
swapsaraf3 (1 day ago)
Alaska doesn't feel like America. It should have been a separate country
hollywood1513 (1 day ago)
LOL. Of course this video would secretly be about climate change.
Mr Sealio (1 day ago)
3:21 That means if you need a car, a truck, or a building materials... 😂😂 no hate great vid.
ᒍᑌᔕTᑌᔕᑕOᗯᔕ (2 days ago)
1 year in and I'm out. sorry but it would feel like solitary confinement. Also dubai is a shitty fucking city, the buildings hold no value, they're worthless sticks, absolutely no history had ever happened in Dubai, crap city start in 1960s by dipshits who designed basic skyscrapers.
fuzzX (2 days ago)
Fernley is normal town.. lmao
Tony Boy (2 days ago)
lol at all the idiot Republicans getting triggered by climate change
Ohio fish1 (2 days ago)
We should build an interstate that bridges from Seattle Washington all the way to Alaska and we should send it to barrow, so that they have a road to the outside world.
FurryFace (2 days ago)
wow ! so i can make it to 1500 yrs old if i move there , ha ha sounds a bit like it when you said people have lived here for thousands of years
Kurt Ingalls (2 days ago)
Climate change....depending on the season....REALLY!!!!!...no sh#t!!!!! :-)
The Adventure Biker (2 days ago)
This is so fantastic. I have always been intrigued with Barrow and would love to visit there someday.
Amber Branks (2 days ago)
This is an excellent video.
Martin S. (2 days ago)
i thought it was crabs
Niles Williamson (2 days ago)
San Marcos Texas has had continual civilization for over 13,000 years!
hillmanant (2 days ago)
Do the pay rates for work reflect the high price of goods?
Justin Jahn (2 days ago)
How did the natives survive before plains, boats, and oil? fishing?
Sarah Brown (2 days ago)
Fun fact: barrow is my grandmas madden name, her family founded this town
Justjamin 1 (2 days ago)
I couldn't stand the cold, gray skies, mud all the time. I want warm weather, grass, trees, and pretty women. I'll pass.
Wise Meek (3 days ago)
Sounds like an incredibly shitty place.
David Ben-Abraham (3 days ago)
$20 for a package of toilet paper and $22 for a package of diapers!? How do people live there? What are their incentives? The oil industry?
Joe Mama (3 days ago)
I love the garbage empty tv box in the picture of the most scenic place on earth.
Randy Smith (3 days ago)
Barrow does not exist with that name, Utqiagvik is the name of the town, and was so when this video was made and during the time when the videographer was there. December 1 2016 it reverted back up it original native heritage name.
Michael Klein (3 days ago)
During the Summer Months it's still Daylight like at 2:00-3:00 in the morning. Daylight 24/7. During the Winter Months it's Dark like at 1:00-2:00 in the Afternoon. Dark 24/7.
GLR 42 (3 days ago)
That's pretty interesting. Thanks.
onzkicg (4 days ago)
They’re hiding some military stuff there for sure :)
Ryan Privee (4 days ago)
Why don't they attempt to build greenhouses to grow some food? at least cold tolerant cabbages, peas, onions, etc. If they have oil it shouldn't be too costly to keep it warm and lit. They probably wouldn't need to keep it warm or lit up during the short summer months.
J S (4 days ago)
I've been there. It was an adventure. It was early fall and it was snowing. Will Rogers and Wiley Post died in a plane crash there. Not being a native I stood out and was stared at a lot. But I did meet some very friendly people and made some friends. In addition to a higher income the Inupiats receive a lot of government benefits including free college. The kids looked happy, scooting around on their quads. Hunting and fishing is their main form of recreation. Alcoholism is a problem there, which is why it's illegal to sell but they have plenty of bars. A fascinating place.
Tim OB (4 days ago)
Yeah but do they have a Walmart tho?
Srta.TacoMal (4 days ago)
Idk, the Cape Horn National Park in Argentina seems an awful lot like the edge of the Earth to me, considering the path of human migration.
John (4 days ago)
I will like to fly in ova night and plant a hugh tree with green leaves to see the people's reaction when they do wake up.
Brian Arbenz (4 days ago)
People don't realize how huge Alaska is, compared to any other U.S. state. Alaska is 1/5 the size of the other 49 states combined. Barrow is as far from Anchorage as Minneapolis is from Oklahoma City. That's why in terms of latitude and lifestyle, Alaska isn't one place, but a whole array of them.
jan bar (4 days ago)
"migration a little bit earlier"!!! that's global catastrofe, calamity!! Immediatly call CNN!!!
Gustavo Martinez (4 days ago)
They make good money but they’re houses look turdy.
John Rackley (4 days ago)
Climate change. Lol. Yeah right
SatoriSoul (4 days ago)
ok i will be moving to alaska. i like as remote as possible but with a road access . and i need dense trees and mountains. my husband wants to work . he can do water treatment/distribution and hvac refrigeration and heating repair. hes willing to be a janitor too. me im a retired massage therapist and i want to just be with nature. im not a fisherwoman or a hunter but i might be willing to hunt to eat, does anyone have a recommendation where to focus on moving to specifically. ive lived in fairbanks years ago and i felt it was too populated and even outlying areas werent natural enough. i need a hot spring nearby too. any suggestions would be great . three eight six two six six six seven zero eight. anyone with property for sale or ideas or who just want to chat call me any time at all. ask for moonfirewolf
Aulorenzo (4 days ago)
If the oil leaves, the town would fail no doubt.
Todd Bonin (5 days ago)
Worth Doss (5 days ago)
Worked this area for 10 years.
suzycreamcheesez (5 days ago)
He's wrong It's so not self sustaining.
Where'sTheSauce? (5 days ago)
BA BA BA BULLSHIT!!!! A town that size would have an ice road all winter long.
野村ERIK (5 days ago)
Bendover Productions
Pyramus K (5 days ago)
In my opinion Alaska will never be the real US. Geographically it just doesn't make any sense.
Taikamuna (6 days ago)
Some town must always be the northernmost
Starsk25 (6 days ago)
The long winters there would make me lose my mind. I live in Minnesota, and the winters here are bad enough!
Wolf (6 days ago)
More global warming propaganda.
hawaiidkw (6 days ago)
I live on Oahu, which is this little bitty island right in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. It is a LOOONG, LOOONG way to anywhere. Hell, just somewhere relatively close like Los Angeles or San Francisco is like two thousand miles, and don't even _start_ on those East Coast cities. Why? Why does anyone live here? How can civilization survive in such a lonely, remote location? Because during World War 2, Pearl Harbor became such a vital strategic location that it led to a strong American presence here, eventually bringing in people, jobs, and... very important... money. Because Oahu is right smack dab in the center of numerous shipping lanes, bringing in even more money. Because the relatively nice weather and pristine beaches make it a popular tourist shop, i.e. money, jobs, and relevance. Because there are local farms (i.e. not totally dependent on food shipments), and plenty of groundwater. Because the military presence led to other federal agencies setting up headquarters here, and disposable income grew to the point were the big chains found viable markets here, ensuring that the local economy will keep humming even when things get tough. In short, stable weather, strategic importance, and attractiveness to big corporations, _none_ of which Barrow has. Frankly, it doesn't make any sense to me to put a town there at all. If oil is such an critical resource (and it is), build a utilitarian seasonal or factory town that workers can be shipped in and out seasonally. And ship in basic foodstuffs: bread, rice, corn, beans, frozen meat, produce, eggs, none of this overprocessed brand name crap. Also, _no excuse_ for not having Wi-Fi. What is this, the Bronze Age?
Dizzle (6 days ago)
Did you talk to any of the residents there, other than the boring mayor? Would have been nice to see them and hear their perspective, what a typical day is like, local events that they may have, celebrations, what they do for entertainment, etc.
Dizzle (6 days ago)
@ 6:22 you said it's a completely self-sustaining city. What do you mean by that? They have to have everything flown in from outside of the city. How is that self-sustaining?
Three Camels (6 days ago)
Millennials are a one trick pony.   Social Message on Exodus.
ELLIOTT ROSE (6 days ago)
Cool video thanks, check out CFB Alert if you want to see desolate lol
Planet BS (6 days ago)
Ass freezing town!
WormholeJim (6 days ago)
Turns out there *are* vampires in Barrow, Alaska. Just not the kind that'll such your blood..
WormholeJim (4 days ago)
Uhm, Milo, I'm just gonna block your ass. There's too much stuff I could say to you to make you shrivel up on yourself in shame and I just haven't got the time. So that's why.
Milo_ Jr (4 days ago)
Why do people keepn talking about vampires
DJCandyManMike (6 days ago)
Is this flat Earth related?
Mr.Noface (6 days ago)
the worlds largest shantytown
Patrick Bateman (6 days ago)
No thanks, too many vampire's
ХОРОШО (6 days ago)
I doubt it was a wise disition for Russia to sell Alaska for $7 million dollars. It would have been better to exchange it for California.
SatoriSoul (4 days ago)
were from california its going to finish burning down soon and theres always a drought
Victor Pineda (7 days ago)
The expression on mayor's face looks like he's going to cry.
E.D. Law (7 days ago)
I worked up there before the oil boom hit drilling test holes. People were quite nice to us but seemed to get more hostile after the boom hit I understand why.
Kevin K (7 days ago)
one of the coolest (pun ) on you tube !!
Vang Cha (7 days ago)
Got my cheeks bust in barrow
Alberto Villasmil Raven (7 days ago)
It maybe the northern most city in the us but not in America. America is a continent, not a country!
wannawatchu66 (7 days ago)
Google maps shows Barrow as "Utqiagvik." It's an American city named "Barrow."
noisy boy (7 days ago)
Who searched barrow after 30 days of night movie?
ninuxy (7 days ago)
Fuck that. I ain't going there.
k8192 (7 days ago)
The Mayors contention that he is witnessing climate change is OPINION and is just NOT supported by climate records. The MEAN temperature in Barrow for each season is falling. Records exist going back to 1935. Please advise the viewer that OPINION is being expressed when that opinion, is NOT supported by evidence... Unless, of course, you have a far-left agenda to push, then fake news is the imperative.
Warwolf Winter (7 days ago)
jahmod cook (8 days ago)
Wtf would someone stay there?? Just why
24282488david (8 days ago)
A place where your sister is your momma 😂😂
me not you (8 days ago)
totally amateurish production.
Mic Micson (8 days ago)
The United States has four oceans...Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Gulf of Mexico, and Arctic Ocean.
Mic Micson (4 days ago)
Bobby Lawson, It doesn’t matter to me. There are fishes and living things in the Gulf of Mexico. The Gulf of Mexico is an ocean. I have touched Pacific, Atlantic, and Gulf of Mexico oceans but I have not touch Arctic Ocean yet.
Bobby Lawson (5 days ago)
The Gulf of Mexico isn't an ocean
Franklin Jackson (8 days ago)
I’m moving to Barrow Alaska
Jim Burgan (8 days ago)
Excellent video. I got here by accident and never thought I could sit still for 10 minutes to see a video about Barrow Alaska, but it was very interesting!
KANSAS CITY SPV 13 (8 days ago)
Welcome Barrow Top Of The World
mark carey (9 days ago)
There must be road of some sort along that pipeline.
utkgrad101 (9 days ago)
Really great little documentary!
Grizzly Guy (9 days ago)
If you think this is cold you should go to Resolute Bay in Canada.
Nowwut 808 (9 days ago)
It's pronounced Nev-a-da. Not Nev-ah-duh... You need more travel..
captainbackflash (9 days ago)
But the northernmost town of America is Alert / Canada!
Chris Rambarran (9 days ago)
It's expensive, cold, near the Russians...the upside 🤨? .....move..
I Like Google Plus (10 days ago)
Coincidentally, Barrow is also the name of the northernmost town in England. Maybe it's because the colonists were bad at names
FlawlessTwist (1 hour ago)
No i live in Barrow and there are many towns more northern than Barrow, i mean it's located in South Cumbria 😂