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Why the Northernmost Town in America Exists

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Text Comments (8691)
Wendover Productions (1 year ago)
I hope you enjoyed this first on-location video! If you want to see more involved projects like this more often, be sure to check out the sponsor (Squarespace) with the link in the description. They truly made this possible and they're a committed sponsor. I've also used them for years before they became a sponsor so all the praise I give them is 100% true.
Aquilla Fleetwood (1 month ago)
Google, the Northern Cross by Aquilla Fleetwood, youtube! Google, Night Signs by Aquilla Fleetwood, youtube!
Vincent Napolitano (1 month ago)
Is the mayor a liberal hippie douche or what fellas?!?
Scuba Tips (1 month ago)
well done!
Gabriel Shea (1 month ago)
Hey man, the shot you took at 7:15 minutes, with the aboriginal canoe and the LG tv cardboard box is amazing..
Ernesto Garcia (2 months ago)
This was an amazing video, extremely well done sir!
Samuel Himmelman (6 hours ago)
oh hey shout out grafton vermont
Cameo Solomey (1 day ago)
actually, I have seen an Alaska license plate and I did not even go to Alaska I sall it right on the east side of u.s.
rkb100100 (1 day ago)
Looks like a slum
D Young (1 day ago)
Worst place ever. Here's to the oil there drying up and them losing 40% of their population.
pale horse (1 day ago)
All about the money🤔
xiong jing (2 days ago)
I thought it was alert, nunavut, canada
Starving Wolf (2 days ago)
I used to want to move to Alaska until I realized everything costs 5 times as much because of how difficult it is to import goods.
Atheism Kills (2 days ago)
Climate change is wonderful
Jennifer LePage (2 days ago)
This place would be a blast to explore in a few decades when the oil money is all gone. So many aging and abandoned structures, rusty old towers that once broadcasted WiFi and radio, I bet it'll be just like something out of a Fallout game.
Terri Kukla (2 days ago)
It has a real native culture there and its an interesting unique lifestyle. They have polar bears,whales, seals,eagles and beautiful Aurora lights in the winter. In the summer the weather is very nice.
Wynn Taylor (2 days ago)
0:30 novato, california
TzClappBakk (3 days ago)
I live in Alaska but not barrow
laxmannate07 (3 days ago)
looks like a 3rd world poophole
Paul Lorenzini (3 days ago)
Crap propaganda, Maurice Strong.
Paul Lorenzini (3 days ago)
self flagulation, encouraged by UN Agenda 21. narrator sucks.
Jack Crilly (4 days ago)
Native Alaskan people lived and thrived on the North slope long before airplanes and white men arrived in Barrow. My cousins Mark, Jim Wolgmuth worked the pipeline on the 70's and made their fortune in Pt. Barrow AK with their store .
Mobbelkotze7 (4 days ago)
06:50 even up there with those ridiculous food prices and harsh climate those americans manage to get fat as fuck. Jesus christ why america?
L B (4 days ago)
The Twilight Zone right here on earth!
Elizah Kay (4 days ago)
Its depressing.
toofunkyniki (5 days ago)
Was there not put an end to Wells Fargo bank !!!
Doji Satchivi (5 days ago)
6:46 *spits coffee* GUYS LOOK A LIVING PERSON!!
Brandon Ram (5 days ago)
So literally the most pointless town in existence
Riri N (5 days ago)
the US is smart, climate change makes northern area warmer, investment for grand children
Roger Metzger (5 days ago)
I don't know what percentage of what people eat in Barrow is fish and mammals from the Arctic Ocean, birds and occasional caribou but those are kinds of "food" that don't arrive in Barrow via airplane.
Fortbruh (5 days ago)
1:38 you couldn’t tell if it was day or night
Randall Mangum (5 days ago)
OH FFS... I knew there would be an Al Gore propaganda pitch...I just knew it.
Mantric Caravan (5 days ago)
Whats the point? Not much green, expensive, 2 months of darkness and the town looks like a crap-hole aesthtically......not for most people well those of us who enjoy the amenities of modern civilization!
Graxy playz (6 days ago)
you sound dead inside
Atheist Paravian (7 days ago)
For the people talking shit about the mayor.... IF YOU LIVED THERE YOU WOULDN'T HAVE A CHEERFUL PERSONALITY EITHER.
Sir John Doe of PennsWoods (7 days ago)
Inbreeding at its finest
Can we get 10000 subs as Winston Churchill? (7 days ago)
To get in Guinness World Records.
Shane Funk (7 days ago)
I want to live there. I would work three times as hard to live there as anybody there.
Lewis Flores (8 days ago)
Well considering there was a village before a town there...I'm sure people have lived there for generations...the title is ignorant to say the least
M- Nice (8 days ago)
Does Amazon deliver to barrow?
Mountain Mamma (8 days ago)
Wendover? More like bendover productions
KindaRustySocks24 (8 days ago)
Great video - subscribed
alterdestiny (8 days ago)
Climate change ???..... That mayor means the changing of the climate
Gdog 04 (8 days ago)
Weird flex but OK
Warren Lavallee (8 days ago)
Most northerly town in the USA, not America. There is a difference.
Ramy G (8 days ago)
Thanks but no thanks..I prefer Florida...
Swamp Hawk (8 days ago)
I traveled here on Google Earth. It was neat.
shyboi 0002 (8 days ago)
Mmm nah I'm better off here in my San Diego. I'd love to visit but I love the beach too much and well, snow would keep me from doing lots of things. Love the nature though, beautiful and snowfall looks nice, however I saw some people in this comment section saying there's so many alcoholics and I personally hate alcohol and drugs/smoking of course. Thank you for this video! Very informative for sure man 🙏
Victor Velasquez (8 days ago)
Watched video for why the town exists and of course get a dose of liberal propaganda squeezed in 🙄
Help Me (9 days ago)
So Alaska(barrow) is bigger then uk
Joshua Patrick (9 days ago)
So if people have lived there for 1500 years why do they need to fly stuff in? Seems like they were getting by on what the land provided for quite a long time; truly self sufficient, despite what uninformed douchebags say. Now, not so much.
Daljit Takhar (9 days ago)
Nice place
Daljit Takhar (9 days ago)
The End (9 days ago)
Hey now, I've been to Grafton Vermont and even I don't know why it's there.
Tony Swann (9 days ago)
60% indian, no thanks I choose civilization.
Gary Klafta (9 days ago)
Barrow sucks - I wouldn't want to live there- nothing is there.What do people do there for fun?
jae pae von (9 days ago)
Great video, thanks. Good to know how life is in other parts. Unfortunately 3.1K neanderthals don't seem interested.
Carl Ruf (9 days ago)
And as it should be....The town probably has no crime. Keep plenty of Rum around for some toddys, and work on data processing or may be an environmental study. Great life. I bet most there are happier than status symbol town America.
Tilly Divine (9 days ago)
There are some spectacularly beautiful places in Alaska. Barrow is not one of them is it?
joseph galarneau (10 days ago)
Why does it exist ?? Oil that's why
peanutaxis (10 days ago)
The UK is a lot bigger than they showed in their comparison.
dason danielczuk (10 days ago)
instead of creamation when your dead you get the opposite over there. you get freeze-mation so you can be preserved forever
Cal Tologanak (10 days ago)
Climate change sucks! Too many changes these days in the way of life from just 100 years ago.
Tina Hachey (10 days ago)
That was interesting thank you for the tour 👍
Stephen Bird (10 days ago)
I love the mayor talking about climate change. Every spring and every fall the climate changes! It is like that in lots of places.
Rade Ue Masq (11 days ago)
I'd love to have snow almost year round. I'd live there if I could afford it.
Hank Hill Hoe (11 days ago)
I would hang myself if i were born and raised here.
samzy_ 12 (11 days ago)
Im from Oahu and Big Island Hawaii, and moved here 3 years ago and its incredible up here. People from 70+ different countries live here and we all get along nicely for the most part. Theres not a whole lot of room for intolerance in these conditions. If your'e interested in adventure or shaking things up, spend some time or a few years here. It'll change your life forever, I promise.
damkayaker (12 days ago)
An ugly place.
Timmy Jones (12 days ago)
Nice show years ago I looked up temps in Barrow on my Nextel Gov Phone it was -88 , you can never forget such a name once you see the cold weather and climate of Barrow Alaska . I live in Minnesota it gets so cold there I spend winters in California & Florida , so I can only have bad dreams of what it would feel like to me to be in Barrow Alaska .
Boogie Boogie (12 days ago)
That's is sad.
Joe Franks (12 days ago)
I took a day trip to Barrow out of Fairbanks in August 2009. There was no sea ice and the temp was 45 degrees. I took a walk in the water to say I dipped my tootsies in the Arctic Sea. It was a great place to visit, but I don't know if I would be able to live there on a permanent basis. When you have lived where there are four seasons you whole life, it would be difficult to get use cold weather year round. Hoping to get up to Alaska again in the future. It would be my 3rd visit. An absolutely beautiful state.
NotableBias / (13 days ago)
I wouldn't call it self sustaining if it requires constant need for outside food and supplies....
AMA RMDtv (13 days ago)
the phoenix 315 (14 days ago)
They have changed the name now, I believe.
John Paul (14 days ago)
Oh yeah? ALERT! Canada has got an even more northern town. Alert. It’s like -40
displayfireworks1 (14 days ago)
You can Google Earth street view the Midway Atoll Island out in the middle of the ocean, and no one really lives there but a few. Yet, you can not Google Earth street view Barrow. Why is that?
Fizzlethorpe Bristlebane (14 days ago)
Just watching and enjoying the video minding my own business and HWAAM! "Climate Change" FUCK YOU. So tired of this shit.
Max Scooterfan (14 days ago)
Murmansk (Russia) is more north town, than Barrow.
Dozenazer (15 days ago)
4:27 when you can claim you've been in both St. Petersburg cities (Russian and FL one)
HotSauceBuddha (15 days ago)
Go follow my youtube and twitch!! HOTSAUCEBUDDHA i usually fail but sometimes i get lucky and grab the dub
eqlzr2 (15 days ago)
Wow, great to see this from my home in Southern California.
Pinstripe Jim (15 days ago)
Looks like a modern McMurdo Station, Antarctica.
Larry M. (15 days ago)
It exists because people want to live there?
Indiana&OhioRailway85 (16 days ago)
I stopped watching at the mention of "climate change", or "global warming", or "climate shift", or whatever the libtards call it this week...
chairmanofrussia (16 days ago)
If the world warms by 6 Degrees Celsius. Barrow can become a city of hundreds of thousands or millions. He who controls arctic trade, will control the world. The newest major hubs of the global economy will be Norilsk, Tromsø, Murmansk, Halifax, St. Johns, Reyjavik, Yellowknife and Barrow. Any major city south of Detroit or Chicago will be uninhabited. New hubs will also open up in Antarctica. You heard it here first ;)
Norbert Zimpfer (16 days ago)
So much beach, so little swimming!
MM R (16 days ago)
“30 days of night”
joe guy (16 days ago)
i could not see myself growing up in this loser ass town where the beer flows like wine and brothers and sisters fuck each other then have kids that fuck each other
Dreyden (16 days ago)
Hey moron, do you know what self-sustaining means?
The Great Hawk (16 days ago)
What do you mean _why_ it exists? The title makes no sense.
Big Styx (16 days ago)
It’s not even close to running out of oil it’s estimated to have 85% still underground.
Nishkid641 (17 days ago)
return the town's name to "Barrow". Its fucking native name is long, stupid, and hard to remember.
Wolf_T1me (17 days ago)
I live there. The sad part is that the WiFi isn’t as good as the other places. Usually the quality would be 144 to 240
macroevolve (7 days ago)
How much is it, 1000 dollars a month?
Rockscod (8 days ago)
+Wolf_T1me Why do you live there? I live in the snowiest city in the continental US and everyone feels like shit during the 5 months of winter we get. I couldn't imagine not getting a break from it...
Wolf_T1me (13 days ago)
Daniel Semi Same as always. Boring
Daniel Semi (13 days ago)
What's it like living in total darkness for like 2 months
Ryan Thomas (17 days ago)
sick video !
Jude Groomes (17 days ago)
Cook it up. Whip it up faster diamonds cold buy that shit from Alaska aye I’m gettin close to disaster aye. I don’t know the rest
Sagedragonalpha (17 days ago)
80k a year? $16 for a personal pizza pie. Wow, what are those people thinking! What is rent, taxes, fuel and electric cost like? Houses look like those you would find in the desert of NM.
leki kelekona (17 days ago)
Damn... you mentioned fernley nv... the chances..
Em Traveler (18 days ago)
Not called Barrow anymore buddy - It is now officially Utqiaġvik.
zinaal kriid (18 days ago)
I used to want to live in Brighton for the stones beaches and the beautiful England weather, but...
Vnachi8 (18 days ago)
I would have liked to see an explanation about how these people afford food, let alone all the other expenses, even at a median income of 80k.
Grandstand Video (18 days ago)
A thought on your narration. You said no roads exist due to freeze thaw cycles. Being in Illinois I get that. Yet the airport has concrete and asphalt runways as seen in your video. They survive. I think roads for vehicles are simply to financially justified because snow mobiles are likely the most used vehicles.
LifeWithMaxine.JellyBean (18 days ago)
Anyone else from Alaska?
Mark Copland (18 days ago)
You lost my audience when you talk about global warming,its a hoax and when you talk about it snowing in June and then say its warming,Ha!
TheScamr (19 days ago)