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Electric Cars Aren't As Green As You Think

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Electric cars are more efficient than gas cars, but where do you think that energy comes from? #AdamRuinsEverything Watch Adam Ruins Everything on truTV every Tuesday 10/9C Catch up with clips & full episodes of Adam Ruins Everything at truTV.com/adamruinseverything Like Adam Ruins Everything on Facebook at: facebook.com/truTVAdamRuinsEverything/ Follow Adam Ruins Everything on Twitter at: twitter.com/adamruins See more http://www.collegehumor.com LIKE us on: http://www.facebook.com/collegehumor FOLLOW us on: http://www.twitter.com/collegehumor FOLLOW us on: http://www.collegehumor.tumblr.com
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Text Comments (11573)
marcus holtzheimer (49 minutes ago)
2 non recyclable batteries and take more fossil fuels to make and ship here than they will ever save
Ed YT (4 hours ago)
BS! Cars like that BMW I series are made sustainability. The only thing that is really bad is silicon in the batteries. Even if you charge your car through power plants most power plants use natural gas which is a lot better than oil. Plus solar panels are definitely the way to go! Your don't have to waste gas driving to a gas station, and with solar, driving mileage is free! So your argument is really flawed.
Ed YT (3 hours ago)
Plus if you buy products that are completely recyclable and/or completely compostable than you will never have to worry about the products that you buy especially if they are made from recycled materials in the first place.
Kaylee Mayers (5 hours ago)
"If I wasn't a pacifist I'd pass my fist through your face." Pure gold right there.
Raul Perez (9 hours ago)
Here is an idea: Adam ruins his reputation.
Brennan Angelone (1 day ago)
For an Asian he's pretty duuuuuuumb
Frank Chen (1 day ago)
who wrote this bullshit
Alfie Trotman (1 day ago)
why not get cars with solar panel roofs?
elephant hero (1 day ago)
adam ruins everything - adam ruins socks adam  ruins everything - adam ruins god adam  ruins everything - adam ruins adam
jessica estep (1 day ago)
why is there not more adam ruins everything?
kughi 4000 (1 day ago)
im walking
Robert Johnson (1 day ago)
how can walking increase the carbon footprint
Pixel Rocket (1 day ago)
You look like earthbound characters when your toys.
Namron (2 days ago)
yep, walking is bad for the planet
Sammie Mohi (3 days ago)
slimydick23 (3 days ago)
The hoops I must jump through to make this argument work: I buy a brand new car every couple years, crushing my old one. I don't know the source of the electricity I use, so I'm going to assume it comes from coal and not from a renewable source.... The problem with this is... 100% of gasoline IS fossil fuel, and depending on what state you live in... around 80% of so of the electricity could come from wind, hydro, etc.
Eddie M. (3 days ago)
Correct. The amount of energy required to mine, transport, manufacture, and distribute the electric car is environmentally obselete.
Bima Anggreyanto (4 days ago)
I genuinely want to know how walking will increase our carbon footprints.
Joe Bean (4 days ago)
Also, next year they, tesla will release their solar tiles I am not smart and don't know much so search it up
David Reuben Grech (4 days ago)
Comments section: Adam I don't like this so obviously these are poorly researched lies
soapftw96 (4 days ago)
Tesla owners, the Apple fanboys of the car community.
DELTA (4 days ago)
oh Adam, you ruined the section
Name Less (5 days ago)
Well having all the electricity made centrally as oposed to released by individuall cars could be helfull as it is easier to manage the exhausted pollution.
Sleepy Dog (5 days ago)
Literally, carbon footprints
TheHotcrumbs (5 days ago)
Edgar Bennett (5 days ago)
Pascal Pietrzak (6 days ago)
I actually use solar panels at home with no connection to the grid
TehRenderr (6 days ago)
hah jokes on you i installed solar pannels on my house for my electric needs
Cas H (6 days ago)
I bike and walk.
Pranav Ramesh (7 days ago)
Have you ever realized, that Tesla's charging stations get the power from the sun? They have solar-panels. _.-
Valentin (7 days ago)
There are probably 100 things they can nit pick about electric cars and they choose this... Maybe it's time to place the logo of your investors, just so you know... we don't waste our time. Edit: Just watched the "The Corporate Conspiracy to Blame You for Their Trash", now this video makes sense. So - FIRE YOUR SCRIPT WRITER ...
James Truslow (7 days ago)
dont buy a tesla? you killing my dreams you fking assh0les
harman kardon (8 days ago)
how can you dislike this?
FireOccator (8 days ago)
Well. Of course buying a new car while having a fine car will cause more problems for the environment.
AlphaWolf // GamerOfTheNight2005 (8 days ago)
Who else knew the joke "Its Electric,Boogie! Boogie! Boogie!"
Saul Moses (8 days ago)
I just want an electric car because its silent, I could give 2 shits about our planet
Pokemon & DBZ fan don't judge (7 days ago)
I need sleep. Tomorrow. it's tomorrow eh the next day.
creaturelive (9 days ago)
Maybe they aren't as green as people think, but this video is 100% oil industry smoke and mirrors bullshit, literally every point Adam makes is easily disproven/ countered. 1.you get a new car= someone buys your old car= you don't just throw your car away (not included in footprint analysis). 2. lithium is only 2% of tesla battery, the rest is nickel/ graphite= not rare. 3. no mention of electricity used to refine oil into fuel= 2kwh/ litre. 4. renewables data used is from 2010+2013= outdated. 5. USA renewables ≠ world renewables. 6. normal cars still need copper, aluminium, steel. 7. renewables dream a long way off? Most countries on earth produce more% from renewables than United States. Even in USA with only 14% energy from renewables the average reduction in greenhouse gases by switching to an electric car= 20%. In Germany it is 40% In Norway it is 90%.... Adam just ruined his credibility.
Austin Smith (9 days ago)
Worst thing Adam's ever done. Pathetic.
Mr. Gecko the Salamander (9 days ago)
I get my energy from greenly burning garbage
Vamshidhar O (9 days ago)
this is nonsense..Buddy first of all we can remove pollution from our cities....and drive innovation in the right direction.... Just make everything electric...simultaneously innovate to make them more green..and it is possible...
Edmond Herrera (9 days ago)
tsk tsk adam
Chris (9 days ago)
btw way you should do adams ruins school
Bogdan Antone (10 days ago)
"Ya ,but that dream is a long way off" Such stupid reply. In max 10y a significant number of `muricans will switch to solar powered houses/cars. Even less if we talk about China [whom is now the leading country in solar panel production]. Anyhow, this video speaks only of murican issues. Tell this to Nordic countries who already are reaching 100% renewable energy sources :). Such dumb video and arguments. IT makes me really wonder if topic it's bad intended or just simply poor researched.
Joshu Brayfield (10 days ago)
But what if they use excess energy from power plants? By the way this is baseless but it's just an idea.
Luca Guimont (10 days ago)
why is this no more?
Alex Aaa (10 days ago)
Only if you need a new car buy one. If you buy one, buy electric, small & 2nd hand . Lobby to get your local electricity grid to use more renewable energy. Walk, cycle or like I do : use public transport, share cars with friends or use apps like blablacar😊😆
Andrew (12 days ago)
Sorry but a lot of these videos have gotten very misleading which makes me and a lot of others think these videos are payed by big companies. Like the global warming video, this one was most likely funded by big oil companies Some good old ones like the lie detector and diamond rings are realistic but facts were not checked, at least they were not lies.
Angel Chercoles (12 days ago)
Wow dude, you have left so much info out in regards to buying ice cars and how destructive they are. This is the worst video and worse yet you probably have influenced people to buy more gasoline cars. I wouldnt be surprised if you had received a little gift from a gasoline company. I'll never watch your show again and will tell others to do so as well.
Hugo Barbedo (13 days ago)
if we all of the sudden start using electric cars the only solution on the short term will be Nuclear power....and that will have its consequences for sure...
Derp (13 days ago)
How tf does walking hurt the earth
Blood Falcon Fantastic (13 days ago)
is it funny cause he's Asian?
Syph Erix (13 days ago)
I hope he corrects this soon. Any news on this?
needforsuv (13 days ago)
solar panels and green energy yo i don't care what the haters say if you have enough solar panels you will effectively have a car that will never run of fuel until the sun dies sure you can only drive as much as you can charge without external sources but with a large solar system a daily commute will be free
Babylonian (14 days ago)
Car exhausts are making such a small difference in polution, even if you would change a quarter of all cars to electric, it wouldnt make almost any difference.
Tyler Perelman (11 days ago)
Armando I. (14 days ago)
if you have an electric car and no solar on your home it's not clean energy
Nanobyte (14 days ago)
In the long term, you still save power. People could charge their electric cars with solar panels in the house too. Yes they might not be as good as they say... still significant.
Tyler Lefebvre (15 days ago)
Love video
Andy Animates (15 days ago)
I didn't see you all attacking adam for his incredibly inaccurate Trump wall vid.
Omega Henry (15 days ago)
Stop driving so much. Also don't walk.
Omega Henry (15 days ago)
Couldn't even tell us that the batteries are made of lithium. Sad.
Hamlet137475 (15 days ago)
So BP's oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico off America's shores is totally okay then? NOT
amacm69 (15 days ago)
Haha electric cars worse than hybrids idiots
Eve Woehrling (15 days ago)
there are several incorrect statements here - however, it is true that instead of consuming and wasting so much, we need to re-use and not buy for the sake of buying. So the message is correct, even if the facts aren't.
Jude puddicombe (15 days ago)
1. he has solar panels couldn't he power the Tesla through that? 2. since a Tesla is made from almost entirely aluminium and aluminium requires huge amounts of energy to refine surly a Tesla is particularly bad?
Dog Bark (15 days ago)
coulnd't you just sell you current car, and then buy a used one? assuming your previous car is sold to somebody else instead of scrapped, Then wouldn't that be the best outcome?
noodles6669 (15 days ago)
So he's saying if you ditch your current car right now you aren't helping. Sure but who actually sends their 3yr old or whatever car to the scrap heap. You will likely sell it off to someone who does need a new car. Like Adam said, millions of new cars are being bought every year. So if a large percentage of THOSE cars are electric it would help a great deal. Also Li ion batteries are recyclable so you are helping in the future as your batteries will eventually be recycled. In addition if you don't live in a country that is trying to push coal super hard then you ARE helping and no country in the world runs on 100% coal so that's bullshit too.
Christian Abbott (15 days ago)
BTW no such thing as "global warming".
8Rincewind (16 days ago)
I really like Adam Ruins everything, it covers some great topics in good detail, but it seems you were mistaken here Adam. I understand the appeal of undermining common beliefs and since there isn't much opposition to Electric cars aside from cowboy drivers complaining about "Environmentalist Hippies" this could be seen as a fresh take. But you seem to have run with an interesting narrative which is unfortunately misleading and plays into the hands of oil companies and manufacturers of ICE Cars (ICE stands for internal combustion engine). This is why it's great that you site your sources and that in every interview you've emphasised that "You can be wrong" and you encourage us to fact check. You've made a mistake but your overall message and style is still really good. Please everyone watch a video called "Adam FAILS to Ruin Tesla!" It goes into good depth and I'm sure if Adam were to watch it he'd see where his mistakes are. I hope Adam gets to see some the comments on this video and gets to watch "Adam FAILS to Ruin Tesla!" He's talked about doing an "Adam Ruins Adam Ruins Everything!" to show things he got wrong. I am looking forward to when they make that episode and hope he makes a mention of his mistakes in this video; could even mention the people at Now You Know who created the response video "Adam FAILS to Ruin Tesla!"
8Rincewind (16 days ago)
Please everyone watch a video called "Adam FAILS to Ruin Tesla!"
Isaiah Barry (16 days ago)
Adam looks like Brian Brushwood.
John The Cool Kid (16 days ago)
College Humor makes these? Wuuuuahhhhhhhtttt??
hishammadani1988 (17 days ago)
Stephen Cotton (17 days ago)
Most of what you say is true. The thing about the energy grid - we could switch to renewable energy very quickly and get off coal and natural gas - but the energy industry is a 6 trillion dollar business annually - and the huge energy companies are actually putting lots of money into politics to pass laws to outlaw renewable energy. Sound untrue? But it is true... And the Tesla company has a sister company which wants to build a network of solar power stations where you can recharge your car using only renewables. So there is a big fight in the energy sector... So what you say is correct - because the energy industry in the US is corrupt. So why don't you do a video on that? How the coal, oil and gas companies are outlawing renewable energy? But I do agree with one statement - we cannot buy our way out of this - and we should use a good car for as long as possible... so what is the best length of time to use an energy efficient car for? And the walking thing... walking is good for your health - please don't be an ass about walking...
Jeff Mcfarlane (17 days ago)
so he never really ruins electric cars, he just talked about everything that does hurt the environment that is not an electric car. GREAT.
cros13 (17 days ago)
When are they going to take this video down and publish a retraction? The worst fact-checked "Adam ruins.." so far.
The Notorious Doctor Logic (18 days ago)
This is complete bullshit! First off, why would you trust government scientists for climate data, when those same scientists have continually been caught falsifying their information for political gains? The government is never a trustworthy source to look to, especially when it comes to science. The problem isn't at all the fact that people buy things. To say that is to believe that the free market cannot work in parallel with the environment. Capitalism isn't a bad thing, and restricting it will only make things worse. Plus, why would we want to reuse anything that we buy? Recycling consumes a lot more energy than it saves, and creates a ton of pollution. Anything and everything people do "for the environment" will never have any effect on it. If you want to do something for the environment, it must be economically practical. Otherwise, it's just a huge waste of time and money.
Nikhar Naulakha (18 days ago)
Adam I love your videos generally. But this one is so under researched that it seems sponsored. Actually it's so bad that I know its sponsored. Adam ruins his credibility.
Duong Pham (18 days ago)
Adam's answer: walk everywhere, don't eat, don't wear, don't buy stuff. Oh, and if's it's inefficient, he won't make a video about it, about how walking increase greenhouse. Because it's too complicated to make such a video, everyones' "walking life" would be very different.
Duong Pham (18 days ago)
"Buying a new car ain't gonna fix it"? So not buying (supporting companies like steals) would fix it?! What are dumb ass, in the long run, it wouldn't increase greenhouse footprint, because by buying Tessa you would help them make money, build more power grid (which are green) and everybody would enjoy a more green future.
That guy Love's games (18 days ago)
Thanks Adam! Now I have something to write my essay about
slay (18 days ago)
This video should have only 2 likes... Koch brothers
slay (18 days ago)
You can't trust this guy after this... Talk about propaganda. What. A. Shame. Adam, your reputation is ruined.
21joebloe (19 days ago)
Joke's on you, my power grid is fuelled by hydroelectricity
BlackCatKomatsu98 (19 days ago)
The daughter seems bored and uninterested.
jekentmenietje (19 days ago)
Sooo what's wrong with walking?
Naughty Hotdog (19 days ago)
All Prius owners are special snowflakes who argue about boring topics they heard off of public radio. I hope to run them over with a huge truck that sucks a ton of gas.
Happy Bear (19 days ago)
geez so many tesla fanboys getting butthurt in the comments
Aleksay Nikolskiy (20 days ago)
yeah getting weaker with your point,
Jack liu (20 days ago)
JDM for life death to the electric car
Jonathan Colon (21 days ago)
Wait so is walking really worse ?
Kyle houlihan (21 days ago)
Ok well the info about making the car was in 2010 and buying an electric car will be more efficient then most cars that are 10+ years old that probably most people are driving as a daily commuter like my jeep that was $500 and gets 8mpg average. clunkers like this is what's making the eco people go nuts.
______ Samuel (21 days ago)
Tesla's are ok now because Elon musk is going to make them out of solar power
Christian Neihart (21 days ago)
There is no such thing as a free lunch.
Nathan Mcintyre (22 days ago)
Hey don't forget about nuclear power. There aren't only coal plants out there
Mobat Me (22 days ago)
Don't discuss, just drive and enjoy
Owen Whittemore (22 days ago)
Then we realized we were learning on YouTube
Capri Shizzle (22 days ago)
but the cars are already made??
Mr Clean (22 days ago)
I think we can't really save the earth... just sayin
Dale Miller (22 days ago)
Mmm...ludicrous speed! I support coal miners, why not you? Fremont Assembly used to build 500,000 cars a year, it will again!!!!
No Lube (23 days ago)
I think a lot of people in the comments are upset that he's stating the facts that electric cars aren't as green as people think.