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Electric Cars Aren't As Green As You Think

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Electric cars are more efficient than gas cars, but where do you think that energy comes from? #AdamRuinsEverything Watch Adam Ruins Everything on truTV every Tuesday 10/9C Catch up with clips & full episodes of Adam Ruins Everything at truTV.com/adamruinseverything Like Adam Ruins Everything on Facebook at: facebook.com/truTVAdamRuinsEverything/ Follow Adam Ruins Everything on Twitter at: twitter.com/adamruins See more http://www.collegehumor.com LIKE us on: http://www.facebook.com/collegehumor FOLLOW us on: http://www.twitter.com/collegehumor FOLLOW us on: http://www.collegehumor.tumblr.com
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Text Comments (13491)
NoThrottle (1 day ago)
IN SHORT, Dont buy electric cars until every source of electricity is renewable.
Cameron Meetze (1 day ago)
But Tesla’s look cool
Daevin Dilbeck (1 day ago)
mian fazle razik (2 days ago)
Why adam whyyyyyyyyyyyy.... Just joking i hate teslas
wait what? (2 days ago)
You ruined me :(((
Jebediah Kerman (2 days ago)
Last time I checked, where I live 90% of power is renewable Does everyone automatically live In the us?
Hazmatt (3 days ago)
Electric cars are like a fad diet that you neighbor told you about. You go buy one only to realize it is not working. Even if every automobile on the road today was electric, it would have no effect on the environment. The world is going to change if humans have a foot print or not. Look back at how the earth transformed over the last 100 million years. If you still buy into the "man made global warming" BS, ride your bike or walk. Your fat ass could use the exercise.
Jk Bun Bun Gaming (3 days ago)
Not BC Canada
DrDoug (3 days ago)
Long live the gasoline engine!
Carboy7 (4 days ago)
Screw electric cars, I'm going to drive an old Honda. The fuel efficiency is _better_ than a Prius, or any hybrid. (50 MPG in the city, 55 on the highway.)
Seth Vogt (4 days ago)
So if your house uses solar energy and you use that, then you are helping with the carbon footprint.
Shy Guy (4 days ago)
I see a bunch of electric cars. You are so right. They aren't all as green as most people think. I've seen some orange one, red ones, blue ones and even a silver one.
Jack Evans (4 days ago)
Elon Musk has addressed this. I do not know what his sources are but he has stated that a model s powered by the USs power grid creates less emissions than a Toyota Prius. Furthermore, there are some countries smaller than the US that get the majority of their electricity from hydroelectric and geothermal power plants. Not to mention that Tesla also sells solar roofs and power walls which could provide electricity for your Tesla or any other electric car for that matter. However, I do see how consumerism leads to more emissions but if you need a new car or are buying your first car then I would think that an electric car is better than the alternative specially better than luxury cars that may have low fuel efficiency specially since a Tesla can achieve comparable performance and luxury.
sockosockosocko (5 days ago)
wow - it's a fun idea for a series and all. some were pretty clever and funny. this video takes too many liberties with fact. yes always strive for better and more perfect solutions. wrongheaded to shoot down one of the greatest companies we'll see probably this decade. this is totally in line with and likely fuels the sicko blind hatred in the youtube comments of so many videos.
nathaniel steamgear (8 days ago)
I use a full electric car and my house is powered by solar panels and wind turbines so happy go lucky me (I charge my car using my house)(also my car has solar flexible panels under the chairs so I can just lay them out)
ElectricYasuo Roblox and more! (9 days ago)
You burned alot of our gas distgasting woooow
trodat07 (9 days ago)
Actually, we shouldn’t negate our natural consumerist tendency. Instead, we should go back to create long lasting products that don’t require periodic maintenance or being replaced in the short term.
Tobrok Wa Mike (10 days ago)
If I wasn't a Pacifist , I would pass my fist right across your face😂
Hevensdragon (10 days ago)
wait wait wait. you ended with something really interesting that should get much more elaboration. walking can increase carbon footprint? how?
Turtpipchim (10 days ago)
Can I get a toy Adam?
Dustin Weist (11 days ago)
If I wasn't a pacifist, I would pass my fist through your face. Fucking great.
Adam Gronemeier (13 days ago)
19k idiot hype followers where here lol
Michael Pace (14 days ago)
My current vehicle is a 93 Ford Ranger that gets about 15 miles to the gallon. I guess I qualify for a Tesla! Wohoo!.... Now if only someone would buy one for me.
Indrid Cold (14 days ago)
I will never own an electric car. In a real emergency, the first thing to go out is always the electric grid. Goodbye car.
pseudonymity0000 (16 days ago)
You keep saying that electric cars are more efficient. The'er not more "efficient." lets put it this way. You burn a fuel in an engine and make it drive a vehicle directly. You burn a fuel in an engine to make it drive a generator, that then supplies electricity to an electric vehicle. You burn a fuel in an engine to make it drive a generator, that then supplies electricity to charge a battery, that then supplies electricity to an electric vehicle. With each step, you are removing more efficiency with the conversion losses and what not. The only point that this becomes moot is when electricity is no longer being produced with fossil fuels, but as you state in the video, this is a long way off.
Wooden Floor (5 days ago)
pseudonymity0000 Bullshit, it takes on average 5kwh to refine a gallon of fuel. The tesla model S can go 20 miles with 5 kwh. Also, people normally charge their cars during the night during the low peak.
Dat Boi (17 days ago)
What if you get it second hand?
Dennis Fluttershy (17 days ago)
Thank you for making this video. A lot of times, people forget what electric comes from, and that the manufaturing of the car has a huge impact. – Some regions has much better powerplants, like in Sweden were we use nuclear where we don't dump the waste in the air and instead bury it deep deep underground. But other regions still uses coal and dumps a lot in the air.
Manolis Grifoman (17 days ago)
Guys, trying to think of a solution that provides free energy in the power stations, doesn't fix the problem. "Continuing with your old car" has smaller impact to the environment than "Manufacturing a brand new car" even if the latter is an electric one. The point he is trying to make is "When you sell your regular car for an electric one, you don't end up replacing the gas car to an electric one, you just add one more electric car to the equation, because the previous car is still out there". Then he moves on to search how bad for the environment is to actually make an electric car.
elijah diez (18 days ago)
Ankur Brahma (19 days ago)
I really feel bad for the US, they work so hard and spent so much money to grab up all that black gold, but Mr Musk got a way around that... An electric car is one step towards global peace
kiddoriddler (20 days ago)
Delishosyumyumz (20 days ago)
I can just feel my tesla stock decreasing
MrHamncheez (20 days ago)
Walking can increase your carbon footprint cause it burns calories, requiring you to eat more, causing more farts which releases more methane, a very potent greenhouse gas
Stephen Agnew (21 days ago)
Or we can keep buying stuff and live guilt free because global warming is a hoax.
Kevin Lee (22 days ago)
We should be extincted to solve all the nature problems and whatsoever...
Electronics For Fun (22 days ago)
Not to mention the millions of gallons of toxic waste that is created from mining lithium. And electric cars depreciate A LOT which means you will find more of them in junk yards which means more waste. Electric cars are an environmental. disaster.
phantom of fire gaming (22 days ago)
J.Bauer (22 days ago)
Meh, doesn't really ruin it. Coal plants are already closing left and right, simple market forces are taking over. EVs will one day reach cost parity with regular combustion vehicles. Lower overall cost of ownership. Becomes a viable option.
Nassimus666 (24 days ago)
No there white
Emre Altuğ (25 days ago)
Just plant trees instead of buildings ! Limit the birth rate in the world ! Use low energy consuming household electronics.Grow your own veggies and fruits,Walk or cycle instead of drive.Replace your broken catalytic converter and particulate filter.Use appropriate size fuel injectors.Wash your car less.Maintain your engine periodically.Then we can protect the planet.Not with Tesla or other electric screwdrivers on the road.ICEs are not the only cause of pollution.Stop blaming it.
targetdecoy (26 days ago)
key phrase: *If* the electricity comes from coal power plants
Yvonne J Rabbitt (27 days ago)
Perfectly good car? Adam,screw you
Yvonne J Rabbitt (27 days ago)
Screw you,Prius loser
BlueSkyhawk14 (27 days ago)
Sometimes I almost wish that global warming would get really bad just so these asshole businessmen could see what kinda damage they have done to the earth with their "green cars"
3000 subs with no videos challenge (27 days ago)
It's Ness n lucas
Boden Hamilton (28 days ago)
Next up: adam kills him self
Child Predator (28 days ago)
For people saying all the power in your area is green, don't believe it. They produce negligible amounts of energy compared to other sources, and your county is probably buying from a nearby nuclear or coal plant. The technology for green energy and electric cars is not quite there yet, but it will be soon.
TreWhite (29 days ago)
U don’t have to pay for gas with a tesla tho
TheSquizzles (29 days ago)
This video is woefully short-sighted and I'll informed. "ill walk everywhere" is so realistic.
Kylixion _ (29 days ago)
You all are fucking retarded. THE POINT ISNT FOR YOU TO AGREE WITH HIM, ITS TO GIVE YOU SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT. And don't give me the "The facts aren't right, they are just lying to us" bullshit. If you don't want to believe his factual evidence that he gets from REAL SOURCES, then your just like those moms who find that one obscure website that says that flu shots cause autism, even though there are millions of other websites that use facts that disprove that belief. This is why the universe always had a shotgun in its mouth
Brennen Cox (30 days ago)
I saw this as a problem too a few years ago. But electric vehicles require forward thinking. Yes, for now they get their juice from oil and coal burning plants.. But as renewable energy continues to gain ground... it's a move in the right direction... I think
Jonathan Davis (30 days ago)
As an owner of a full electric car I feel obligated to point out the benefits of one.(2013 Fiat 500e) 🚗 1) Electric cars are almost free to drive by using charging stations throughout the country.2) The shift of power supply to coal factories may not cut total carbon emotions but power plants are usually built in well ventilated areas and away from major population centers (at least where I live).3) Electricity is a far cheaper power reasorce than gasoline and it transfers power far more efficiently to tasks such as driving.4) When I started charging every day at home my power bill only went up 10-20$ a month, compare that to the 14,000 miles I drove and last year.5) Heating and AC work instantly (not much warming up your car in the morning)6) Vehicles are very light and balanced compaired to combustion cars, and therefore electric cars have supirior handling and torque when driving.7) Due to an abundance of "compliance electric cars" built in California, electric used car prices are very cheap. My dealer bought my car at auction for just over $2000, he shipped it to my state and I purchased it at only 6 grand.8) Electric cars have few moving parts, this means that, other than tires, electric vehicles will drive matinence free for many years.9) They don't smell (unless you squeal the tires). With 0 emissions the car produces no smell or harmful fumes.10) They are fast. The huge amount of torque that electric cars have translates into exceptional acceleration. My car goes 0-60 in 8 seconds and a tesla owns the record for the fastest accelerating car ever. If you are looking to buy an electric car here are a few things to know: 1) My car is only for short range comuting with a 100 mile range(only 30-50 miles max from my home) although, newer teslas are coming out with 500mile+ vehicles.2) They lose range in very cold weather (at -15f the range of my car goes from 100 miles to about 60miles)3) The tires may wear out faster as it's easy to squeal them and for my car they are quite small.4) Trips must be planned or else you risk running out of power (most insurance companies have road side assistance that will help you to the nearest charging station).5) My car can charge at any basic house outlet but it will take all day/night and investing in a type 2 charger costs about $600 but it charges my car from 0-100% in just over 3 hours.
RyanMcnoname (1 month ago)
Thanks for helping me with my assignments, adam
Allan Helgason (1 month ago)
SVURulez (1 month ago)
Actually if you really wanted to reduce your carbon footprint, you shouldn't have had that kid. You can drive a Hummer everywhere, leave all your lights on, and never recycle, and it's still not a fraction as bad as having one extra child.
Valkarez (1 month ago)
damn theres alot of salty tesla fanboys
Enso Style (1 month ago)
in future owning car is obsolete
Hannessomething (1 month ago)
I don't get why so many people dislike the video, what he's trying to tell everyone is actually really important.
Jack McDonald (1 month ago)
lailie taylor (1 month ago)
"woops needs another yank!" lol
sllliy (1 month ago)
Abu Dhabi is building a literal solar city EAT s*** MERICA!
Tiel Master (1 month ago)
Looks like 19k people who own a Tesla saw this video.
D67A_MIKE_ DYLON (1 month ago)
anyone got the jokes: if I wasn't a pacifist I would pass my fist on you face. and walking would increase your carbon footprint. the second one is a strictly scientific pun so what ever
Jose Luis Arrieta (1 month ago)
If you really want to slash your carbon footprint, don't have kids!!!! You can set an oil rig on fire and cut a whole forest and still leave less footprint than what a human being does in his lifetime.
Chris Kwee (1 month ago)
Walking is bad for the enviroment say whaaaat
Prashanth S (1 month ago)
Fake propaganda funded by Ford, General Motors & oil companies of US
Matthew Gregory (1 month ago)
Didn't really ruin amything this time. I knew about the minerals that go into and I knew about the over buying of cars. The only thing I learned in this one was how many miles were driven and how many cars were bought.
Destroyer 10000 (1 month ago)
The cars are only responsible for a fraction of the CO2s we are making, most of it comes from power plants.
Joshua Bar-am (1 month ago)
But cars produce over half of all carbon emissions so switching to electric is better, and more and more companies switching to renewable energy
Ted Zhang (1 month ago)
My 2 Teslas :(
asandberg6 (1 month ago)
My thoughts regarding ICE, EV, and Ethanol. 1. I drive a Camaro because I like it, kiss my ass. 2. The video pretty well says it all whether you are a truthophobe or not. 3. Ethanol has 30% the amount of gasoline and requires 60% more fuel to be burned, requires some energy to be produced and transported, and requires farming, detracting from the production of food production (Farming is also the #1 cause of deforestation.) As soon as I get a second job and double my driven mileage, I will buy a 4 stroke Chinese scooter for 100MPG and keep the Camaro parked for the most part. I live in a small town with no public transport, and everything is spread out a fair bit.
lilbrother21 (1 month ago)
Guess I can justify getting a challenger
Boden Hamilton (1 month ago)
Brought to you by every gas and car company
Boden Hamilton (1 month ago)
Next up adam ruins his own life
JACOB PLAYZ GAMEZ (1 month ago)
but also get this were not ''ALL'' were just a part of the world
JACOB PLAYZ GAMEZ (1 month ago)
thank u i explained the power plant fuel souce to like 50 tesla fan bois
DRAIGION 65 (1 month ago)
If no one got the last joke it was about feet making footprints not part of his argument
Yakarot Sennin (1 month ago)
The Solution: Reduce/Reuse/Recycle
Loui Coleman (1 month ago)
Outdated data and ignored facts. A bitty shitty for a normally good show
薛陳月美 (1 month ago)
Adam ruins Adam ruining Adam mistakes ruining adam
thint gaming (1 month ago)
Is this true?
firstSir William (1 month ago)
Apparently society it's ruining this planet. I say let's all kill ourselves in mass.
DFawx (1 month ago)
Electric cars aren’t as green as you think,huh? Well shit. **Shoots self** X_X
Kade Wallis (1 month ago)
What a crock! Does anyone buy this?
Zyx _ (1 month ago)
I hate how he says aluminium
Tampatec (1 month ago)
🤔 correction Adam, the tesla solar charging stations and some power plants use hydroelectric like Niagara Falls.
Indrid Cold (7 days ago)
Brian It was poor choice of English wording. I looked up language usage and found I should be saying, "fossil fuels." 65% utility provided electricity is fossil fuel fired, plus an additional 5% for private generating plants for foundries and remote areas. The 70% is fossil fuel fired, not necessarily coal. English is my secondary language.
Nick Thorpe (7 days ago)
theMASKEDskull I can’t tell if you’re joking or not. How do you think turbines work?
Brian (9 days ago)
+Indrid Cold "he United States uses 70% coal fired plants" This is incorrect, why do you keep using this statistic?
Indrid Cold (9 days ago)
Cody crash Where do you think the electricity comes from, the magical electrical fairy? That is coming from the city's power grid. In a true emergency, cellular and electricity is the first to go down. Goodbye short range car. 80% of the planet's electricity is generated in coal fired generating plants. The United States uses 70% coal fired plants. If you want an electric car and you have the excessive money to purchase your novelty car, nobody is going stop you. Enjoy your car. But do not try to convince others it is for a good cause or because it is better. I will never own an electric car. Especially for the cost of one. You can put a lot of fuel in the most thirsty of guzzlers for the price of an electric car, especially the bloated cost of a Tesla. I am all for an alternative fuel source, but not electricity. Decade after decade it gets pushed and fails.
Indrid Cold (9 days ago)
Messor XV Have you ever seen a lithium mine? Wow! Talk about devastation. Nothing grows there.
Kody Palmer (1 month ago)
How does walking increase our carbon footprint???
GhostShipSupreme (1 month ago)
Atleast on the bright side, the pollution is concentrated around the factory rather than wherever you drive. And maybe if everyone drove electric cars, that would be encouragement enough to build more green power sources?
Tanbeer Taher (1 month ago)
buying stuff is the problem. but if u can't resist urself from buying then buy green one. at least thats less problematic
Tanbeer Taher (1 month ago)
Your videos is misleading. it takes 6kWh of electricity to refine 1litre gasoline and with that you can drive 17 miles in tesla.
timber fur (1 month ago)
Idk it the cow joke was put their on purpose or not
Colin Burgess (1 month ago)
adam conveniently forgets several facts: power stations use fossil, sure, but way way more efficiently than cars, and it is transported to the consumer for free, ot in tankers
FireBlade (1 month ago)
This guy is the only person who understands this
AxelArrow (1 month ago)
I like Teslas and all (not because of the acceleration speed being close to the dodge demon,) but I would rather save up for a Mercedes SLS amg electric. Has anyone seen that top gear episode? The green was so ugly
Clarence Sampang (1 month ago)
Nuclear powered cars so we're one step closer to the Fallout games.
Jacob Zondag (1 month ago)
Elon doesn't care. He's preparing his ride to Mars.
this guy (1 month ago)
I wanna hug a polar bear.
cedric robertson (1 month ago)
Don't care my country run on water
Sebastian Roca (1 month ago)
Tesla actually builds large batteries that are powered from renewable energy sources, like the wind and sun................
MUJ Engg (1 month ago)
Hard to find out which one of you was bought