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Electric Cars Aren't As Green As You Think

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Electric cars are more efficient than gas cars, but where do you think that energy comes from? #AdamRuinsEverything Watch Adam Ruins Everything on truTV every Tuesday 10/9C Catch up with clips & full episodes of Adam Ruins Everything at truTV.com/adamruinseverything Like Adam Ruins Everything on Facebook at: facebook.com/truTVAdamRuinsEverything/ Follow Adam Ruins Everything on Twitter at: twitter.com/adamruins See more http://www.collegehumor.com LIKE us on: http://www.facebook.com/collegehumor FOLLOW us on: http://www.twitter.com/collegehumor FOLLOW us on: http://www.collegehumor.tumblr.com
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The Great herbivorous Gorilla (3 minutes ago)
Where I live the electricity comes from dams and I got my car because electric cars are a whole lot cheaper to fuel and they drive smoother.
Damen Evans (1 hour ago)
I would agree that converting an existing car to electric is preferred to buying a new car...
Damen Evans (1 hour ago)
Also, centralized power generation is vastly more efficient then an ICE...
Halvor Nyvoll (1 hour ago)
Lol, in my country 99% of the energi is made from water power, the remaining percent is wind and solar power. Guess the USA just hasn't caught up with most western countries.
Bilbo baggins (2 hours ago)
Go planet.
mindlesstube (3 hours ago)
Wait how is walking bad for the environment?
Victor Espino (3 hours ago)
well fucking duh, if your car is fine don't buy another one. stupid.
Victor Espino (3 hours ago)
who cares, saves me money in gas
Safwat Ali (7 hours ago)
what a retarded video
Horrornado (7 hours ago)
The big take-away? Be eager to convert to renewable energy. Long term, it will cause great prosperity.
Yoann Morais (12 hours ago)
yeah right because are current cars won't ever breakdown and I have shitloads of money to just throw away mine to switch to a tesla bad arguments also because not like Germany a lot of countries rely on nuclear energy which is really eco friendly (yup I know strange right ?) also with project iter it is going to be even more clean and even more efficient the cost to produce an electric car are exactly the same as a "normal" car this video is bad I just wasted 5min of my life
Dumb Panda (15 hours ago)
Did his TV show get cancelled yet?..... I came just to ask.
machinagenex101 (16 hours ago)
Hey man, it's called Adam ruins everything for a reason
Steven Mendoza (19 hours ago)
Wait a minute... I just realized that almost everyone in the comment section believes Global Warming of some kind to be a fact. OMFG I didn't realize that until now. lol
Steven Mendoza (19 hours ago)
Yeah Adam because god forbid Elon Musk is an evil penny-pincher who only cares about the money. Some corperate fat cat he is with his Tesla and Solar City and SpaceX. Parts of your video is correct... sort of. It is "bad for the earth" to create new cars, but that is inevitable. Also while most power in the US is generated in with Natural gas (coal isn't even used anywhere need that amount) the fact of the matter is that we can generate electricity by the most efficient reusable to date. That surprisingly being nuclear power as it produces no green house gases and the newest model can reuse old material to make new fuel. Also newer reactors can never meltdown, EVER. Don't listen to Adam unless you know the facts yourself.
Evan Cabral Silva (22 hours ago)
Solar isn't a long way off. And here in Canada we use 80% hydro.
-Dr Coconut- (23 hours ago)
-Sponsored by tesco.
TheRealEquinox (1 day ago)
this is just a statement on buying cars too often
Chris E (1 day ago)
This is stupid there are more jobs in solar than coal, gas and oil COMBINED to say that solar is far off is very ignorant
Altitude Skateboarding (1 day ago)
Francisco Palma Beltrán (Toloch) (1 day ago)
I love people claiming "Adam is favouring the oil companies and is patroned by GM" when the main point of the segment wasn't the inefficiency of electric cars, but the excessive consumism of the masses, and he does have a point in that.
Mr Insomniac (1 day ago)
What about a huge solar plant right next to sun, not to close
James Irwin (1 day ago)
Adam is right. Traveling less is better for the planet. If you need a new car buy an electric one. Electricity need to be generated by renewable sources. You need a three prong approach here solar generation storage devices and electric vehicles. When society starts to have these things in bulk change will happen. Adam is wrong to dissuade the electric car owners. Your upgrade pushes your less efficient car to someone else whose footprint is larger than yours. Small bady steps but we are getting there.
James Irwin (1 day ago)
Adam is right. Traveling less is better for the planet. If you need a new car buy an electric one. Electricity need to be generated by renewable sources. You need a three prong approach here solar generation storage devices and electric vehicles. When society starts to have these things in bulk change will happen. Adam is wrong to dissuade the electric car owners. Your upgrade pushes your less efficient car to someone else whose footprint is larger than yours. Small bady steps but we are getting there. .
CookieEliteGaming (1 day ago)
Wait how can walking everywhere hurt your carbon footprint? Is it the breathing out CO2 because trees man! Just plant more trees and I'll walk were ever fucking trees!
willy mack (1 day ago)
the only problem with this supposition is which is easier to keep an eye on as far as emissions are concerned 300 million automobiles that are owned by individuals or a couple of thousand power plants I believe a couple of thousand power plants are a lot easier to keep an eye on as far as emissions are concerned than 300 million automobiles also some of that electricity comes from nuclear and some comes from Hydro so you cannot say that it all comes from burning fossil fuels
Olek_Gannon (1 day ago)
eh paid off and kid's think he only speak's the truth...wake up.
Isaiah Andersen (1 day ago)
Comprehensive tear encounter hvigu parental push ourselves Catholic rub.
pinchpeak5203 (1 day ago)
all these facts you stated are years old though...
Ho-Jo Da Finest (1 day ago)
Oh boy, the butt hurt in the comments.
HolyMerchant (1 day ago)
Why is he lying? He says the electricity is taken from the coal power plants ones. Not like half of the energy or even more is produced by sun, winds, water, and the nuclear power plants. For him using the almost eco power is worse than the gasoline.
AlphaSections (1 day ago)
All these tears from the Green religion are delicious. It's nice to see the cult rationalize around thermodynamics, I'm sure Nicolas Carnot is laughing in his grave at this very moment! ^^
Edible Elk (1 day ago)
Adam Ruins everything youtube comments pollute
Benjamin Munro (1 day ago)
This entire video is full of "if's" and very biased assumptions. It's absolutely stupid
fsx polit guy (1 day ago)
Adam should make a video call Adam ruins his own youtube Channel. because I have proved him wrong in almost every video
fsx polit guy (1 day ago)
making a gas car is just like making an electric car. they both use battery's. more coal power plants are being shut down and being replaced with green energy sources so buying a electric car is better then gas cars and even if electric cars are just slightly better than gas cars it's still better so I recommend getting a electric car or a bike. this Adam dude needs to so a lot more research when making his videos
Maxwell Offerman (1 day ago)
Jevons' Paradox
darexinfinity (1 day ago)
"Aren't electric cars just made from plants and old Ralph Nader stickers?" Not even a stereotypical hippies are this ignorant. This genuinely feels like a desperate move. I know College Humor does some sponsored content, which is fine. Just not when you try to ruin something Adam. No one literally throws away their current car, they're either sold to someone else or donated if no one wants it (and by then it's past its end-of-life). Sure the energy grid runs with coal, but there's nothing we can really do about it since coal is one of Trump's political agenda, we would have to stop using energy all together to fix that issue. The alternatives suggested here are just so riddled with exceptions and unrealistic thinking that they're more questionable than the problem itself. This video is filled with logic holes and industry puppeteering and should be avoided.
Chico5393 (1 day ago)
I feel that, due to these episodes being segmented, many are missing the overall point of the entire narrative: we cannot consume or "grow" our way out of this ecological crisis we are all currently facing. If you have a perfectly relatively efficient working vehicle - in terms of carbon intensity - it is better to continue driving the same vehicle instead of switching immediately to an electric car. If you live in a country, state, or region that derives the majority of its electricity from coal, gas, or oil (i.e. West Virginia, Kentucky, etc.) then it is better - in terms of carbon intensity - to not go electric until the grid is cleaner; having rooftop PV may change this equation if you generate significantly more energy than you consume and if you're the few who does not work in the day, or drive to their day job, and thus have their car charging in their house when the sun is out. Overall, the carbon intensity - or greeness as Adam and team are labeling it ( I don't agree with this label btw) - of a product depends on . . . context. If you live in California, Hawaii, or Washington and your car's fuel economy has dropped and tune ups are becoming more frequent and more expensive, then go grab that Tesla or Nissan Leaf. If you live in the dead center of coal country, you should avoid electric vehicles and stick with a fuel efficient ICE vehicle or hybrid. If your hybrid is running well and strong, hold off on buying an all-electric vehicle a little longer. If you want to make a larger difference, if time, money, climate, or distance is not a limiting factor, avoid driving a personal vehicle and instead opt to take public transit, biking, and walking instead.
Hillary Burgardt (2 days ago)
7 year old research, Adam? Not so good when you're talking technology.
Ron Burgundy (2 days ago)
Informative, not really funny( is it supposed to be funny?)
Jake Hildebrand (2 days ago)
electric cars are wimpy, anyway. Just not powerfull enough. a car isnt worth driving, if you cant go past 80MPH.
Zekezf7 (2 days ago)
Mine is yellow
Wacky Planet (2 days ago)
I already knew they were bad
scorchin brandon (2 days ago)
anyone who's hesitant towards this video you may ask me about any questions if you wish, i'm a qualified electrical and mechanical engineer who has researched into the theory mutiple times, unfortunately what is said above is true and in some instances worse than i would like to admit. one of the worst issues with these type of vehicles is the specially designed HE batteries due to the chemicals used in the manufacturing processes and the permanently sealed electrolyte, after there active/working life has been reached the vehicle (that usually costs more to replace than the cars worth, making its only valued as scrap) can't reuse the battery and in turn leaves us with a battery that's internal chemicals are unable to be re-used and are highly toxic. If we eventually convert our source of energy to wave,thermal,nuclear,solar or wind energy and manage to solve the serious issue with the batteries it will most probably become beneficial and significantly better for the environment. we are heading in the right direction but as we are currently, theirs along way to go.
Chubby Bunny (2 days ago)
MrEffgee (2 days ago)
It's an ethical question on a determinate timescale. What causes the greatest harm? The timescale is... until we all die. It's not that he's wrong. It's just a question of framing.
bary1234 (2 days ago)
Oh shit, oil companies bought Adam ruins everything? How much money did you get from big oil to spread their propaganda?
Xploding-turtle (2 days ago)
hybrids and ev's are stupid. the earth has been polluted in the last Idk how many years and now we complain? the earth will save itself as always
lego fan (2 days ago)
Next up: Trees are bad for the environment 
lego fan (2 days ago)
CO2 is emitted from making the car... Actually, my turn to be a smart ass and Tesla model 3 will be produced in the gigafactory which is 100% solar powered. This time you can't outsmart me..
lego fan (2 days ago)
Where do you think that energy comes from? Answer: Solar panels
AceGunSlinger666 (2 days ago)
Why does walking increase your carbon footprint?
Elena Gonzalez (2 days ago)
I just did a presentation in class using this video about electric cars, reading these comments is making me rethink that lol
James Maniac (2 days ago)
can you please ruin veganism? By eating vegetables, they support the growth of farmland which creates a lot of problems for animals and their economic systems. there are other hypocrisies like how being a vegan does not improve your health, but I can't be bothered to list them all.
Tomie Cicada (2 days ago)
An electric car won't pull a camper
Use Duct Tape (3 days ago)
When you alienate most of the staff at Buzzfeed
akba666 (3 days ago)
that child is so confused
Trustpizza (3 days ago)
Global Warming is a Myth
Eternal Dragonoid (3 days ago)
That last line though lol
Aidan sarkozy (3 days ago)
Many charging stations are powered by solar panels not power plants. That is incorrect
conroyale1 (3 days ago)
Walking increases your carbon footprint because you add more footprints to the Earth if you walk. That's how that works, right?
Norrin Radd (3 days ago)
To all the people below bashing this video as some sort of oil company propaganda, I recommend you check out the episode that this video is a clip from. It gives a lot of context that is lacking here. The theme of the episode as a whole is that the climate change problem is systemic and that, in addition to things like recycling or walking to work, people need to be politically involved, voting, protesting, and calling congressmen if they really want to make a dent in the climate change problem. Each segment in the episode focuses on a specific campaign by a particular special interest to shift blame for pollution and climate change from industry to the individual, sometimes making some money in the process. The first segment focuses on how the old pollution PSAs and even the term "litterbug" were coined in a campaign for companies such as Coca-Cola to shift blame to individuals when people began lobbying for bans on plastic bottle production. Essentially, they said, "It's not our fault for shifting to non-biodegradable, ecologically unsound materials t save a few cents on our production costs, it's your fault for throwing those ecologically unsound materials away. Look at these landfills litterbugs!" It's pretty interesting. The second segment is the one you just saw, the point of which is "if you already have a functioning eco-friendly car, all buying a brand new shiny car is going to do (even if it's a Tesla) is contribute to a ton of manufacturing carbon and put money in Tesla's pocket." Not pro oil propaganda, just a logical statement about how we can't consume our way out of a problem caused by excessive consumption. The third segment focuses on food production, and how it's virtually impossible to tell how carbon intensive any particular food at the grocery store without a lot of difficult to acquire information. This is one of my favorite lines from the whole episode. "Tell me stockboy, was the zinc in the zippers of the factory workers who drove the truck that shipped the coffee to the banana corporate offices mined in an eco-friendly manner?" Once again, the issue is systemic. The individual can't be held accountable for the corporate practices of the banana company that supplies their grocery store. If we want real change, we have to get the system to force those companies to behave, otherwise they will always be one step ahead. Finally they culminate the episode by telling the viewer that change on an individual level is the first step, but it won't make a difference if people aren't also working to change the system. It implores people who care about climate change to become more politically active and try to use their individual voices to call for change at the levels where the most damage is being done, in addition to making personal decisions that mitigate that damage in small ways. When you look at it holistically, Adam is actually making pretty good, well thought out points that may get lost in our human tendency to be reactionary.
NochSoEinKaddiFan (3 days ago)
First of all, that pacifist line was great :D Well, the real problem is still, that the nergy grid is fed by companies that don't want to deploy eco-friendly tech because their deals with their best buddies from the oil lobby gets them more money. If people would cranc up the electricity need with electric cars, the industry would have to figure out a way to get that much more energy and the electricity debate combined with an annual cap of greenhouse gases (that are this time not tradable you fucking punks of lobbyists and politicians!!!) would automaticaly force them to get greener. In addition, the more electric cars are on the market, the more research will go into batteries, which will make them both greener and get them higher energy density. Things only get improved when they are widely used, so if something has potential you need to use it so the potential gets accesible. Thats how capitalism works... and lets face it, capitalism doesn't work the way we are doing it right now, that needs a fix too. But first, get some money in the hands of people who make things that can do good; or at least less damage. And maybe not Tesla, the Hyperloop by Elon Musk is impossible and a saftey desaster.
Daniel Carvalho (3 days ago)
So the next one is how walking increases your carbon footprint? Lol
Ravenous Fallen (3 days ago)
Gasoline cars are just a pain in the ass. You have a ton of mechanical crap that breaks down over time, constant oil changes, transmissions that will die out on you and if you're poor... that's pretty much the death of your transportation, etc. Electric cars are just the future and can last much longer than gas cars. Gas cars are basically disposable due to their short life spans... that is really bad for long term sustainability. We have to have vehicles that can last 500,000+ miles for long term sustainability. battery technology is radically improving to the point where you may not even need to ever charge your vehicle. It's insane how much the technology is improving.
Pickle77433 (3 days ago)
This is video is wrong! Teslas gigafactory is powered by renewable energy. and the entire roof is going to be solar panels.
surrender4ever (3 days ago)
And the video starts with solar panels on the roof.
Clifford Forester (3 days ago)
You know what would be even better? Improved public transportation.
ChewingGum Cat (3 days ago)
you know that electricity makes alot of co2 ? Sure you dont know
Error inscript (3 days ago)
They still use coal?
Mercury The Metallic Liquid (3 days ago)
I'd rather pay some extra bucks on my electricity bill rather than buying gasoline which is getting more and more expensive
Liam Stevens (3 days ago)
I instantly know why this didn't get on truTV. Didn't fit the narrative
Harley Dendinger (3 days ago)
If we really want to talk about carbon footprint and climate change: animal agriculture is the leading cause of climate change. Watch the documentary, Cowspiracy.
Timothy Galvin (3 days ago)
This is the stupidest video I have ever seen. All Adam is doing is he's bullshitting his way through the video and making a bunch of bullshit claims. I guarantee the team behind this represents exactly one of the characters in the "If Google Was A Guy" series. The character finds millions of results as to why vaccines don't give aids and chooses to use the one result that says they do. Complete and udder bullshit buzzfeed.
Blue Cord (3 days ago)
Nikau Barton (4 days ago)
Everyone report this video as "Spam or Misleading"!!!!!
Nikau Barton (4 days ago)
gas companies are fucking retarded! if the don't get the idea that they NEED to stop through their fucking tiny brains, then everything will die. How do they not get that clean, silent, efficient energy production is better then dirty, noisy, deadly energy production?! WTF gas companies!!!
The Ambassador (4 days ago)
Liked the video but very misleading. Do research on your cities power plants and see where it comes from.
David Fordom (4 days ago)
no point making video if your not going to do your research properly
Lebenworks Productions (4 days ago)
In some areas it's efficient because not everywhere uses coal, but I live in Georgia. It's actually illegal to sell solar power here (unless you're from The Southern Company, but they don't do solar). You can create it yourself if you want to drop like 20,000 but you can't sell it to The Southern Company (they'll take it if you're producing more than you use, but they can't pay you for it) or anyone else.
Birgilios Marmaroglou (4 days ago)
You forgot a VERY important parameter here: The cost of producing, transporting, distrilling and delivering oil. This alone proves how important is to use electric cars. If you want to make comparisons, next time try to be objective and use the same methodology for both things.
Richard Mosser (4 days ago)
Maintain your old things instead of buying new. Consumerism<Self Reliance & ingenuity.
Bartman (4 days ago)
Some cities have already stopped burning coal for energy. So if you live in one of these cities, then I say buy it.
Karim Benallal (4 days ago)
I'm planning on getting a used tesla. I have solar panels where I work producing 250kh, that is where I will be charging the car. I'm sure that will produce less carbon than a hybrid
Angela Hernandez-Carlson (4 days ago)
What about Thorium Cars?
Francis Kingu (4 days ago)
these stats are outdate. it costs much more electricity to purify oil. And the amErica grid now has up to 30 percent renewable energy . majority is now gas. another thing is electric cars have ten times less moving parts . no clutch no gearbox. no need for oil change . car manufacturers get more money from selling you parts then selling actual complete cars . they are designed to fall apart . electric cars are much more reliable by design and use less break pads because you slow down using the motor just by letting go of the accelerator. And lithium is very ubundant . they wash it out from underground and use sunlight to evaporate the water and leave lithium salts. That's very little energy. You you have to also factor in fuel truck transportation . oil spills. spare parts transportation. The the electric car is just a means to allow us to use other energy sources for transport . solar roofs are the best and esiest way to transition to . supercharger run on solar energy . big oil has alot to loose from this transition and they will stop it by all means
Dogizmaster (4 days ago)
Who cares if they're green or not. Crack is cheaper than petrol.
Hugo Jackson (4 days ago)
so much bullshit in this video
Tony Flamingo (4 days ago)
My dad explained this to me when I was 8...
Robert Johnson (4 days ago)
dude you have no idea what you're talking about, next time read passed the headlines
Hasan Zobaer (4 days ago)
Adam FAILS to Ruin Tesla!
klankungen (4 days ago)
so basicly, wait for your car to break down befor buying a new car and make sure you pay that litle extra for green energy and you're all good
Yael o Boss (4 days ago)
well if they use wind and solar power instead of coal then it will reduce the carbon footprint. That's assuming the energy comes from strictly coal.
TeslasLoveChild (4 days ago)
The ending is accurate at least.. walking and cycling could potentially burn more Co2 due to the fact that calories (in the form of western derived foods) require a lot of energy to product. e.g. packaging, refrigeration, processing, mixing, heating, and then transport and heating in the microwave/oven etc.. just to get to your mouth. Ironic though.
TeslasLoveChild (4 days ago)
lmao, by this logic, we should never convert to electric vehicles because at any point during the next 500 years you would invariably be increasing your co2 because you'd need to eventually buy a new car that uses co2 to make it.. erm, duhh, you'd do the same for petrol cars also*