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Electric Cars Aren't As Green As You Think

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Electric cars are more efficient than gas cars, but where do you think that energy comes from? #AdamRuinsEverything Watch Adam Ruins Everything on truTV every Tuesday 10/9C Catch up with clips & full episodes of Adam Ruins Everything at truTV.com/adamruinseverything Like Adam Ruins Everything on Facebook at: facebook.com/truTVAdamRuinsEverything/ Follow Adam Ruins Everything on Twitter at: twitter.com/adamruins See more http://www.collegehumor.com LIKE us on: http://www.facebook.com/collegehumor FOLLOW us on: http://www.twitter.com/collegehumor FOLLOW us on: http://www.collegehumor.tumblr.com
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Text Comments (11802)
matthhias brown (1 hour ago)
the cow says clean your room
סהר לאור (9 hours ago)
What about now? Solar city is getting bigger by the moment
TheR3Aper31 (9 hours ago)
This is a joke
TheR3Aper31 (9 hours ago)
He seems really biased and doesn't do real research
Allan John (11 hours ago)
I have seen some of this videos, but this is the first one to disappoint me. Even minor behaviors or minor contributions to the environment shouldnt be discouraged. DO buy a tesla if you can, DO buy green products, its minor, but its something.
Scott B (13 hours ago)
it's rare that Adam actually got one thing correct. most of the time his videos are completely false
Andrew gonzalez (13 hours ago)
I colect Hotweels
pol1250 (15 hours ago)
Adam knows shit about EVs and physics...
HaZeust (1 day ago)
is the series over...?
Phil Dog (1 day ago)
Actually, as a person with the income to fairly easily buy a new car he's doing the RIGHT thing. Hybrid cars are still more expensive than traditional gas cars. By selling it off he enables someone on a lower income bracket to buy it instead of a gas car. His purchase of a all electric vehicle also contributes to the market share of EVs causing the price to continue to drop. Adam is wrong.
jordi sol (1 day ago)
Could Solar energy cause climate change? it seems an stupid question but... imagine that you are a solar ray, and you impact to the earth and then go to the space. is it real or not? yes!, what happen to the solar rays in a solar panel? they go back to the space...???? the answer is no. more energy into the planet.... more degree of temperature for our planet.
Ethan Y0000 (1 day ago)
I knew this as well. He is correct so people in the comets he not lying. Plus hydrogen is really the most efficient
Ben Ellis (1 day ago)
it's a good thing we use hydro electricity in the lower mainland of bc
jay patel (2 days ago)
Ok how does WALKING make a carbon footprint???????
Bellevue MathClub (2 days ago)
If you have basic knowledge of thermodynamics, due to volumetric efficiency, the powerplants are generally more efficient than burning petroleum directly inside the cars. On top of that, Lithium mostly comes from salt-lakes, not from deep excavation which is needed for Lead batteries in petrol cars.
Dan (2 days ago)
Many comments bashing the video because there are nominal examples there fall contra to the main claim of the argument. Just a reminder: outstanding examples do not contradict the majority of other cases.
Jack Mihof (2 days ago)
have you "seen" lithium mines compared to oil pumps?
Bellevue MathClub (2 days ago)
I bet he hasn't. I also wonder why that would be different for petrol cars since even petrol cars need lithium or lead for batteries, too.
Ig0t123 (2 days ago)
Another oil propaganda driven video
Nate n (2 days ago)
17k People are pissed they wasted money on lame cars.
GREEN SCIENCE (2 days ago)
an tesla invest in solar an longer batery life so a tesla for everyone
GREEN SCIENCE (2 days ago)
al the little help so Electric cars
Shredera23c (2 days ago)
make the roof of the car solar panels.... problem solved
Ken Smith (3 days ago)
Adam Ruins Everything is wrong again!!!!!
John Carter (3 days ago)
This isn't sponsored. Lol.
Batman Suqmadiq (3 days ago)
omg how much they pay you
Ashton Macklin (3 days ago)
Dang Prius.
Kreation Projekt (3 days ago)
Sorry Adam. I think this is the first video of yours I had to thumbs down. Seeing the comments section made me realize this does seem like a propaganda.
batman (3 days ago)
the point of this video is not to buy new shit not to use fossil fuel
CLOROX BLEACH (4 days ago)
Im still buying a tesla
Tala Mare (4 days ago)
Wow... This video is just straight up wrong. A Car will be produced REGARDLESS if you purchase it. Then you can determine what the Manufacturer will produce with your purchase. So, if you WANT more Electric Cars in the future, then you NEED to buy Electric Cars today. As well as You suggested buying a Used Electric Car... WHERE DO YOU THINK USED ONES COME FROM?! Finally, It's true that Electric Cars shift the burden into the Electric Grid... BUT THAT IS OBVIOUS THAT IT DOES. What we also need to push is Power Plants from Renewable Sources. This isn't a single step solution. This is a massive Pyramid that we need to build. Trending Manufacturers towards Electric Cars is just the first tiny tiny tiny tiiiiiiny but significant step towards making the world Greener.
Devon Alex Reckon (4 days ago)
so basally if you want to stop climate Chang you haveto stop or growth of population are production for the population and transport for these production for the population
Husmor Skala (4 days ago)
Not all countries run off of nuclear power. I live in New Zealand, where 97% of our electricity is renewably sourced. In fact, if you only ever charge your car at night (which is logical anyway) you will only ever use renewable energy.
patricia kitchin (5 days ago)
Question: Why do restaurants get away with paying their servers less than minimum wage?
Captain Cringe (7 days ago)
My sister has almost driven her Prius 200000 miles.
OPGuyK (7 days ago)
Adam: Tesla's aren't green Tesla: The all new Tesla powerwall solar panel Adam: Tesla's powerwall aren't green Tesla: The all new Tesla oil dumper CH: *Adam has resigned his job*
FreeMind931 (8 days ago)
Sponsored by OPEC
Tim Robinson (8 days ago)
All technologies are inefficient when they first get started. By investing in electric cars now we will get the technology developed sooner and better.
JoBiden (8 days ago)
pretty much all of washington state is powered by hydroelectricity so...
Venkatesh Ravi (8 days ago)
Fucking idiots !
RedBarowen 01 (9 days ago)
So, how many oil companies sponsored this video?
Honorien/MarquisBs (9 days ago)
Event tho I disagree with a lot of the "facts" there is one bit Id agree. Buying a tesla whilst having a fully functional and OKAY car (fuel powered) isnt good as well and you should probably wait a bit and drive it a little longer.
Ali Izzet Metin (9 days ago)
what da fok you have ruined exactly you fat cant
Drew Donley (9 days ago)
people perpetually buy new cars, so saying buying a new tesla electric car is more damaging to eco footprint just a pile of your horse shit. factoring in manufacturing as you suggested is invalid since it is essentially constant.
ZozTheKing The Real Zoz Man (10 days ago)
They fixed it! Tesla made very cheap solar panel thing!
Nitesh Roy (12 days ago)
Dewaun Warren (12 days ago)
that last one was a joke
Engi boi (12 days ago)
pls do Adam ruins walking
maikatase (13 days ago)
Wow, normally Adam Ruins everything shows are more researched. Very disappointed.
Truth seeker (13 days ago)
So funny when Americans wish for a future without oil, do you guys actually know what would happen if people did not buy oil for your precious dollars, you would turn in to a third world nation al most over night.
Oliver Filman (14 days ago)
Walter Sarapa (14 days ago)
Adam is very wrong about this topic. Dislike!!!
Walter Sarapa (14 days ago)
Tesla is actually building a factory in Nevada that produces everything from solar energy. Reducing the footprint of manufacturing the car
Walter Sarapa (14 days ago)
Tesla is actually a very reliable car
Walter Sarapa (14 days ago)
Adam. First of all most parts of the country is switching or already switched to a different source of energy to power electric cars
Myrmidon (14 days ago)
Mike Berners-Lee wrote an article about the carbon footprint of electric cars. His brother INVENTED THE INTERNET!
Anthony Ralph (16 days ago)
If I wasn't a pacifist, I would pass My fist through your face! Best line ever
Natalie Campbell (16 days ago)
subscribe please. new channel. ✌👀
Liz (16 days ago)
"That's hot!... Like our planet..." IM DEADDD 😲😂
garrett knox (17 days ago)
I drive a deisel dodge 2500 ram with a Cummins engine I like to have a vehicle with power
zebble ganubi (17 days ago)
insane. most of this applies to gas cars as well. and anyway, its not like you would be scrapping your old car, you would be selling it and somene else would be using it
Startup Division (17 days ago)
so.......how much did Exxon Mobil pay for this shitty video?
MrQuader4 (17 days ago)
This commercial has been brought to you by Toyota, the company that still hasn't figured out how to make an electric car that goes more than 25 miles. Why do you think they showed a Prius in the opening?
Putra da (17 days ago)
At least with electric cars, pollution only concentrated in grids and factories. No Carbon gas in our neighborhood
lEbyandsmartie l (18 days ago)
Adam Ruins: Feminism
flat world takeover!!! (18 days ago)
Maybe people should go look up Nikola Tesla and see that we could be riding around in free electric cars that don't need be charged. because Nikola Tesla came up with free electricity in the 30s. but of course the bankers and oil tycoons couldn't let that happen!! do your own research!!!!!!!!! P.s. who do you think the car company Tesla is named after???
Matt NihtDaemon (18 days ago)
ADAM, how match have been you payed?
Carl Reifle (18 days ago)
It amazes me that all the "greenies" out there NEVER tell you the truth about the "clean energy" manufacturing and production methods. Solar cells = toxic manufacturing methods produced in countries that have less stringent environmental requirements and are not part of the Paris Accords = interests owned by Greenies; etc. BELIEVE THE LIES......BELIEVE THE LIES.....TRUST US, WE'RE YOUR FRIENDS........
Kaloyan Doichinov (18 days ago)
"According to one study". Welp, case closed, I guess.
Colin Solomon (19 days ago)
You are fucking idiot and should be ashamed. Your data is outdated and as such math is wrong. Showing people this with the influence that you have is irresponsible and ignorant.
Mark Bradley (19 days ago)
poorly done. misrepresented the truth
PJJV The Clasher (19 days ago)
We already knew cars were no good. But I guess I need to dump my legs as well...
Battlefield4x (19 days ago)
Well at least 11 million people won't get a tesla
alibabasicei40dehoti (19 days ago)
Yeeees! Don't use an electric car, use a 10 litter v12 monster-truck. You wil show your president Donald Duck that you care about environment. :)
Bruce Alucard (20 days ago)
white people does ruins Life greatest pleasure
Emo Boy (20 days ago)
Go on bicycle.. its the safest .. you don't need license and you don't need to run fast just pedal and go...
N R (22 days ago)
There's a number of things which really need to be said about this... 1. There are numerous advantages to owning a Tesla as opposed to a regular car. The instant torque, the record-breaking safety score, the autopilot, the supercharger stations, the quietness of the drive, the seamless integration and installation of Tesla solar panels/solar roof tiles, and with the Model 3, frankly, the price. It's far better value than most cars on the market at $35,000. 2. Given the amount of energy it takes to extract and purify oil, compared to coal, you use dramatically less energy using an electric car compared to a regular car, even if you're charging it from a wall. Elon Musk presented these facts in the... I think... Model S reveal. 3. Drilling for and transporting oil is dramatically worse for the environment than charging your electric car with coal. It's not coal spills that contaminate entire sections of ocean and kill hundreds of entire species. 4. Most Supercharger stations are powered by solar electricity. 5. Using an electric car at least lays the groundwork for when we can finally switch away from coal or oil to something like nuclear. If everyone's already driving an electric car, the difference a renewable-powered grid would make would be huge. If everyone's car needs oil then a 100% nuclear grid can only do so much. 6. As they said in the video, keeping your car on the road longer will save the planet more efficiently than buying a Tesla. But if you need a new car anyway then of course it's better for the environment to drive electric.
Brett Atkinson (22 days ago)
Whenever you look at a nuclear reactor, that's not smoke you're seeing rise into the atmosphere; it's non-radioactive water vapour - steam. The stuff that clouds are made of.
jlghardy (23 days ago)
What about the power consumed extracting and refining petrol/gas??!! But I agree with some of the other commentators: buy an EV because it kicks the ass of dinosaur cars in many departments: an EV now holds the lap record at the Nurburgring and you can turn on the A/C witha phone app five minutes before you get to the car
Toby luce (23 days ago)
They don't​ reduce pollution they simply move it
CrackerJacked (24 days ago)
Can I pretty please write for CollegeHumor? My ways lonely
Justin Whetten (24 days ago)
this video was not fact checked as well as other videos of adam. the science was very scewed. there is somthing there but the bottom line you got wrong.
Baillie2715 (24 days ago)
And America still cant say aluminum...
Olivia Doro (24 days ago)
glad my dad wants a jeep
Taylor Barber (24 days ago)
I would like to point out something they missed as once again they have made a video completely based on a failed premise. If this guy buys a Tesla will he not sell his hybrid. Will the buyer of the hybrid not have likely upgraded from a conventional engine to a cleaner vehicle? Obviously manufacturing creates carbon emissions, but (almost) everyone needs a car and the more electric (and hybrid) cars that are bought the fewer conventional cars will be bought.
Peggy Schuyler (25 days ago)
Whats next on the list? "Adam Ruins Talking?"
Groggy TM (26 days ago)
Who buys a Tesla to "be green". You buy the car because it's badass
koolio21able (26 days ago)
Oh my god lol so much false information, misleading stats, old data, debunked "myths" here. Fck this video and fck whatever big oil company paid you to do this
Fayer wins (26 days ago)
This is the dumbest video i have ever watched
Mark Lim (26 days ago)
You know what else increasing your carbon footprint? Having children! Using up resources, more cars being built, more people needing jobs that don't exist, etc. If you have children already, don't have anymore. If you have zero children, try to limit it to one. Birth control, vasectomies, IUDs, condoms, etc... use them! We know you all can't control yourselves, regardless how much "praying" you do or "self-control" you have.
maxerica69 (27 days ago)
can adam ruin babies? and by that i mean- PLEASE Adam, ruin babies so that I can shove it in people's faces every time they post picture of their babies on facebook or they talk about getting pregnant. Talk about overpopulation and unwanted foster kids and the joys of adoption. And how the whole stigma around "male heirs" and last names and family lineage is a load of crap. And how true lineage goes through mitochondrial DNA anyhow (which is only carried in female chromosomes the X gene) And how trying to produce an heir has caused societal problems. (girl babies being murdered and orphaned in asia and that whole Henry the 8th fiasco and the shortage of women in asia today leads to rape clubs)
Thelongmanable (28 days ago)
0433elva (28 days ago)
this this the reply i got regarding co2 emissions. . The reason we don’t advertise our carbon emissions from our vehicle is because there are none that come from the vehicle directly and it is very hard to measure the indirect emissions as these vary greatly depending on where the energy is actually coming from. In some Scandinavian countries, all their energy comes from renewable sources so even the energy that is used to charge the battery has almost no carbon footprint. When coal is being used there is obviously still some carbon associated with generating this electricity however it is typically much, much less than similar petrol powered vehicle. To put things into perspective though I will make a comparison and use some rough figures. The Mercedes E400 is similar price, size and performance to the Model S. It’s emissions for a mixture of highway and city driving are rated at 245g/km (CO2) so for 100km you would be looking at around 24.5kg of CO2 into the atmosphere. For the same distance this would also require around 9 litres of fuel. This fuel also has indirect costs associated with it, like the energy required to extract, refine, transport and retails this fuel. The indirect emissions related to petrol equates to around 900g of CO2 per litre before it’s even been burned. That means there is another 7.5kg of CO2 associated with the 100km of travel. All up, the Mercedes will be responsible for around 32kg of CO2 to cover 100km. Compare this to a Tesla Model S 75D which will use around 16kWh of energy to cover the same distance. Unfortunately in Australia around 90% of our power comes from coal however this is still much cleaner than petrol. Producing 1kWh of electricity in Australia will result In about 680g of CO2 being emitted, so for 16kWh you would be responsible for around 10.5kg of carbon. This means that the Model S is using the Model S is responsible for less than 1/3 the amount of carbon dioxide compared to a similar vehicle. If you do 10,000km per year over 5 years this means the Tesla will be responsible for 10 tonnes less CO2, roughly the weight of 5 cars! In addition to that, if everyone in the city was driving electric vehicles there would be significantly less pollution which is known to cause health problems and harm the environment. I hope this clears things up and answers your questions. Let me know if there’s anything else we can do to help.
Quinn Greenlee (28 days ago)
why not thorium
Sunny Liu (28 days ago)
TORON (28 days ago)
DragonsREpic (28 days ago)
problem is cars weigh WAAAAY to much
thejayscraft (28 days ago)
I really did not think of that
feralnerd5 (29 days ago)
No okay but I want more information on that walking thing
Lauri Orava (29 days ago)
Wait... if you're buy tesla and charge it at teslas own charging station it should be 100% solar energy. (If i remember it right.)