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Electric Cars Aren't As Green As You Think

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Electric cars are more efficient than gas cars, but where do you think that energy comes from? #AdamRuinsEverything Watch Adam Ruins Everything on truTV every Tuesday 10/9C Catch up with clips & full episodes of Adam Ruins Everything at truTV.com/adamruinseverything Like Adam Ruins Everything on Facebook at: facebook.com/truTVAdamRuinsEverything/ Follow Adam Ruins Everything on Twitter at: twitter.com/adamruins See more http://www.collegehumor.com LIKE us on: http://www.facebook.com/collegehumor FOLLOW us on: http://www.twitter.com/collegehumor FOLLOW us on: http://www.collegehumor.tumblr.com
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Text Comments (11351)
Furry Fursuit (12 hours ago)
This guy literally has no idea about anything he talks about
Darren Liu (19 hours ago)
its better that people use electricity at night to charge up teslas, then the powerplants wouldn't be wasting so much energy by idling
Alex Danco (21 hours ago)
Adam please check your sources, and please stop being biased by other people, and please for the love of this planet stop misleading people. You ruined your credibility. Make an apology video and take this one down.
KingofPros 21 (1 day ago)
"Mom the polar bear wants to give you a hug!" "OH MY GOD YOUR FACE"
DiMenaF (2 days ago)
Costa Rica produces hidroelectric, wind and geothermal energy. We don't burn coal here so this video doesn't apply to us
Alayna Palmer (2 days ago)
The whole time I was thinking of David Dobric Tesla lol.
Cloud Galaxy (2 days ago)
Seriously, why? Please don't make click-bait-y claims that perpetuate misinformation. It may get a lot of views, but it's not right.
Cool Dude95 (3 days ago)
Soooo cute😍
Is this argument true?
Aditya Salunke (4 days ago)
Just use public transport as much as possible
Aaron Verdugo (4 days ago)
It's electric boogie woogie woogie lol that that takes me back
rockingtheblade (4 days ago)
So am seeing a lot of people say say that Adam is wrong on this subject even though this was fact checked but what is he saying that is inaccurate on this matter?
Hi, I'm Danny Elfman From The Band Oingo Boingo (4 days ago)
what with the its always sunny music
Gummi Gummi (4 days ago)
Well they are already made sooooooooo
Jay-G (5 days ago)
Politics aside this is so forced it makes me cringe
Arthur Duda (5 days ago)
Yeah well all I know is that tesla kicks ass, watch some of the tesla drag races where it dusts vettes and chargers and you'll want one too Adam, buy the way what do you drive Adam and how often do you fly, the most polluting pound for mile way to travel ?
Charon ME (5 days ago)
I'd like to subscribe to Adam Ruins Everything but he doesn't have his own channel :(
Ash Ram (5 days ago)
you produce CO2 ,, you are hurting the environment ,, end of story
Andrew Rice (5 days ago)
Please pull this video!! the information adam presents is outdated and horribly misleading
RAGIAS GR (6 days ago)
the half of the video is fall's and inaccurate!!! came on you are better than this!!
thredge (6 days ago)
I'm so sad. Usually Adam weeds his way through the propaganda, he doesn't package it up and feed it to our ever trusting souls. :( I live in Iowa in the midwest, and even here, we are running 25% of our power on wind. Natural gas has cranked up again, but there are solar farms going in all over the place and solar going on houses left and right. Where does Adam live that this renewable power dream is sooo far in the distant future? Heck even the Kentucky Coal Museum covered their roof with solar panels to save money! Check out Adam FAILS to Ruin Tesla! from Now You Know, they actually put some effort into their research and numbers... I'm very, very sad :(
spicywatermelon32 (6 days ago)
which car should I get then
Cooper Ondersma (6 days ago)
while the first point is true by buying an electric car u still use bad electricity most people who own teslas use natural gas or solar energy the majority of the time. So for the man in the video Adam is right but electric cars are still better.
Nuno Torres (7 days ago)
A more appropriate title would be "electricity in the US isn't as green as you think". It's ironic how you talk about "disinformation campaigns" in some videos, while in oder videos you're the ones carrying out these campaigns.
MeanKno (7 days ago)
So it's less about electric cars adding to our carbon footprint and more about how buying a new car/item adds to our carbon footprint....
Isaac Haller (7 days ago)
The whole idea of "only voting will change anything" is lazy and pathetic. Sitting on your ass and telling people that they don't care because they didn't vote when they are actually helping to change things is sad.
tokketto (7 days ago)
Unbelievable! Is this video sponsored by the Petroleum Lobbies?
Aodhagán S. Buidhe (7 days ago)
Actually, most of the power around here is generated by Hydroelectric Dams so if I had an electric car that's most likely where the power would come from...
GameFailMaster (8 days ago)
The Adam in the thumbnail looks like Mother 3 art.
Laurence John Sortigosa (8 days ago)
adam is stupid in this one. very.
Enrique Estrada (8 days ago)
the forest of bambu!!
Abdul-Hakeem Burns (8 days ago)
Hey they stole my pacifist joke :(
Ananta Sesa das (9 days ago)
The walking is worse than driving argument depends on where your calories come from. If you live on a farm and eat only vegetables then walking is carbon neutral. If you love in a city and all your food is trucked in and especially if you eat lots of energy dependent foods like processed junks and meat them you are better to the planet by driving or even better carpooling/bus riding.
N0rt3x (9 days ago)
College Humor should really upload an apology for this video, it's not just "their opinion", the science is wrong because it is out of date and the facts are wrong because they are misleading. It's like saying the sun is bad because it's burning the skin. Yes, it is, but plants need it for photosynthesis which produces oxygen which we breathe.
Officer Go-Go (9 days ago)
The real sweet spot is E85
Jest Lockhearts (9 days ago)
I think electric cars are better than having cars that pollute the air and speeds up global warming.
Anastasia Theys (9 days ago)
IF I WASNT A PACIFIST I WOULD PASS MY FIST RIGHT THROUGH YOUR FACE honestly I'm surprised that no one else has commented this.
d1ckyj0nes (10 days ago)
Only really applicable if you're American or from other some third world country.
sanket.v.m sunny (10 days ago)
Do an Adam ruins 'Adam ruins everything' ?!
GregJoshuaW (10 days ago)
Yea, but the important point here is that if you are already going to buy a new car - it's better to buy an EV than gas. Unfortunately, I have little faith the average viewer will comprehend that...
Mellifluous Tunes (10 days ago)
Needs to be an episode on how bras are a lie.
David Cassens (10 days ago)
I like my hydrogen powered car
where are the petrol heads omg
finally a good video the Prius should stop production
Shandor Korda (11 days ago)
ADAMMMMMMMMMM!!!! RUIN Plastics, please! BPA isn't the only thing to worry about from plastics. Phthalates also leach from certain plastics. Thanks for ruining everything.
Redneck Country Boy (11 days ago)
i dont care ill be way long before then just get a ford
Renny Kelvy (11 days ago)
16,880 salty people bought electric cars
Estúdio447 English Club (11 days ago)
Sorry Adam but your argument is completely flawed. To say people shouldn't buy electric cars because they electricity comes from coal power stations is stupid. Obviously, people need to invest it sustainably produced electricity at the same time. For example solar power. Every single argument that you made for not buying an electric car, Tesla has a sustainable solution for and although no product may be 100% perfect, basically the alternative you are suggesting is for people to continue using fossil fuelled cars, which is completely unsustainable. In the case of this video, it does look like you are being paid by the fossil fuel industry or you just ran out of good ideas to fit the concept of your channel. Overall, I would say that the effect of this video will likely be more damaging to the environment the positive.
Chris Ng (11 days ago)
Three Words , Sodium Ion Battery
Diortelon (11 days ago)
So, we're all fucked no matter what and will take the planet with us. That's a downer.
James Baxter (12 days ago)
Coal plants are more efficient than gas engines which means Tesla's are more efficient in carbon per energy produced
PyroOfZen (12 days ago)
I love Adam Ruins Everything as much as the next guy, but let's not forget who's behind the Tesla company...Elon Musk. The guy that is not only manufacturing electric cars, but has convinced many manufacturing companies towards practical electric vehicles, is chairman of a company that has put more solar panels on peoples' houses than any other, and is single-handedly working to open the door to colonizing Mars, in case everything he's doing to save Earth doesn't work out as planned. Bigger picture, Adam. Bigger picture.
werek wot (12 days ago)
Don't worry. Power plants won't be needed for electric cars. The solution is simple: solar freakin' roadways. :P
Alex G (13 days ago)
keep your mouth shut if you already knew that ur stupid Hydroelectric power is currently the largest producer of renewable power in the U.S. It produced around 6.14% of the nation's total electricity in 2015 which was 45.71% of the total renewable power in the U.S "Electric Power Monthly". US Energy Information Administration. 2016-03-08. Jump up ^
Sredzful (13 days ago)
Did Adam leave Collegehumor ?
PETER CHEE (13 days ago)
Adam ruins the U.S. school system or any other system.
Tyler Lefebvre (13 days ago)
love stop motion.
Tempocat Lee (13 days ago)
Lesson buy a hybrid or just stay with gas
Gediminas Jurkaitis (14 days ago)
cool, drive as long the car efficient only then look for an electric or possibly used one. That was my plan! ( not because I can't afford one haha)
GT gaming (14 days ago)
80% of France's electricity comes from nuclear power which is surprisingly cleaner than any fossil fuel
Christian Faux (14 days ago)
I love how all the comments are just, "Nah, you're wrong" without actually contributing or arguing. Almost like a bunch of mindless cunts would.
Dank Coollikex (14 days ago)
C. C!
El Diablo (14 days ago)
This video looks like it was produced by STANDARD OIL, cute little video that's really short on facts and data. How about including some things like how many hundreds of thousands of gallons of dirty motor oil are generated by gas cars every year. How many one quart plastic oil bottles do they generate. Same thing with transmission fluid. One gallon bottles of coolant, same thing. How much of these toxic fluids leak on to the roads and end up in the ground water, and then in the rivers and oceans. Leaking underground storage tanks at gas stations. How many oil filters and air filters end up in the land fills every year. The list goes on and on. Spark plugs, plug wires, transmission filters, rubber and steal hoses. Not to mention the pollution caused by gold mining so the Arabs can have gold plated toilets. Which is where this video belongs. Gasoline cars are filthy polluting beasts.
Jonathan Patsios (14 days ago)
adam ruins autism
Julia LaFosse (14 days ago)
oh my gosh, the carpet their standing on, my brother and I had the same one when we were little! (The toy car play mat)
Jonathan Kedawen (15 days ago)
I swear Youtube teaches more useful stuff in 5 minutes than staying at school for 14 years
Sean Payton (15 days ago)
Why so many dislikes? He's just presenting factually accurate information. Tesla fan-boys would be my guess.
Aarteest Mj (15 days ago)
"If I wasn't a Pacifist, I'd pass a fist through your face!"-OMG my new favorite saying!
ChasingGeek (15 days ago)
Human exsitance is pain.
KIRAN G T (16 days ago)
Do one thingRuin your own life
KIRAN G T (16 days ago)
You just can't 🔎 good in things
KIRAN G T (16 days ago)
You're a bad person trying hard to ruin Tesla even though you couldn't
Harsimran Bansal (16 days ago)
This video is just a joke. Their channel name is "CollegeHumor" what more can you expect other than it all being false.
Ghfhky Vgjfrtdd (16 days ago)
if you had a brain youd know that the supercharger station derives all of its energy from the solar city
Ghfhky Vgjfrtdd (16 days ago)
Sam Harrison (16 days ago)
Just really inaccurate and misleading! What a shame...
Jeconiah Hoffman (16 days ago)
The best part is that cows regularly do many times more co2 emissions than mankind has ever done with production and consumption. The first step to helping the enviroment (if you're actually serious) is literally to kill all cows. But you can't they're a part of the environment. Not to mention that the Idea that we should be fearful of global warming is pretty silly as well. Humanity's survived the ice age, right? There's this crazy thing where we adapt. it's called micro evolution, and it happens constantly anyhow.
Lloyd Taylor (17 days ago)
Adam Ruins Everything; please ruin buying  flowers and its carbon footprint
PandorasNuts (17 days ago)
He is right. What are the chances of finding a recharging station that isn't connected to the power plant where they use coal. Very low.
Czar Zenana (17 days ago)
The real problem is the US didn't sign the Kyoto Protocol. Adam should ruin the US.
qwerty qwerty (17 days ago)
Sooo... they just arent going to tell us about the walking part? 😐 Could someone explain it to me pretty please?
Brian Villegas (17 days ago)
Guess what? It takes a lot of electricity to drill, pump, transport, and refine oil. Nobody seems to think about that when they bash EVs.
groundzero_0506 (17 days ago)
I don't own a car and I'm buying a new model 3
kered13 (17 days ago)
Most of the comments are missing the much larger point that buying a new car when you already have a perfectly usable card is far more wasteful than driving a slightly less efficient car. It clearly says at the end of the segment that if your car is worn out and needs to be replaced, replacing it with an electric is absolutely a great idea, but if your current car is still usable, you should keep using it.
Austin Smith (18 days ago)
How could someone so smart be so stupid?
142bobsim (18 days ago)
There is some truth in this in that throwing away your Prius to buy a Tesla to help the environment is not smart. The Prius is one of the most efficient cars on the road and that is because it half runs on electricity. So the carbon footprint of making a new Tesla would not offset the efficiency gains over a Prius for a long time. However, there is a lot of other plain false information here. Even the dirtiest coal plant is over 30% more efficient than an ICE engine. So no matter where you live, a Tesla will help the environment. It should also be noted that almost all Teslas are charged at home at night when the power plants are running anyway but selling the least amount of electricity. So in other words the Teslas are using the grid overcapacity that is just wasted anyways.
songstra (18 days ago)
Adam ruined Adam for me on this one. Wind and solar can charge the car. Learn about carbon and check out acidification of the ocean. It's not just about being green. Please wake up. Peace.
Solurum Berb (18 days ago)
They're running out of ideas.. this is one of the stupidest arguments I've ever heard. Only 16% of the US energy footprint are from coal fired power plants.
Czallo (20 days ago)
fun fact. Mike Berners-Lee, the voice that came from the pully toy in this video, is the brother of Tim Berners-Lee: the inventor of the World Wide Web. :D
Mr Ironier (21 days ago)
Just use the metal from old cars.
Jerickson Hatulan (21 days ago)
Use Google wisely ADAM and check the dates when they publish the article you use for reference. Tesla is not just a CAR it's also a technology like our smartphone which is growing fast.
Luke Eagleman (21 days ago)
in my area our power comes from a hydroelectric dam (Niagara Falls)
TheObsidianX (21 days ago)
How does assembling a car produce emissions?
Spiritus (21 days ago)
You seem to have overlooked the awkward fact that gasoline refining requires HUGE amounts of electricity. For the amount of energy required to refine oil into petrol, you may as well just charge an electric car. So, even if you charged your electric car from the dirtiest possible energy generated from, say, coal, you'd still use less overall energy. Even with the Model 3, Tesla is still nowhere near a conventional mass producer of cars. All Teslas produced so far have been to pay for the gradual ramping-up of production from high-end, sports cars, luxury sedans and eventually to family run arounds to make these things viable with a proper sustainable infrastructure years in the future. I won't even get started on some of the other mistruths presented in this video.
Sunneyu (21 days ago)
" Oh thats hot, just like our planet" lmao xD
TheEJK143 (22 days ago)
did people not know that the electricity comes from somewhere?
JAmes Marshall (22 days ago)
You realize that people can charge w/ wind, solar, and water power right because that's what some people have with their houses...
Haley W. (22 days ago)
All of that "smoke" as many people call it that comes from nuclear power plants isn't carbon. It's basically just steam.
Rapture582 (23 days ago)
LOL @ the Tesla shills down-voting the video. Get a fucking life already.
Ruvenss G Wilches (23 days ago)
Belgium is already reaching 45%