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Electric Cars Aren't As Green As You Think

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Electric cars are more efficient than gas cars, but where do you think that energy comes from? #AdamRuinsEverything Watch Adam Ruins Everything on truTV every Tuesday 10/9C Catch up with clips & full episodes of Adam Ruins Everything at truTV.com/adamruinseverything Like Adam Ruins Everything on Facebook at: facebook.com/truTVAdamRuinsEverything/ Follow Adam Ruins Everything on Twitter at: twitter.com/adamruins See more http://www.collegehumor.com LIKE us on: http://www.facebook.com/collegehumor FOLLOW us on: http://www.twitter.com/collegehumor FOLLOW us on: http://www.collegehumor.tumblr.com
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Text Comments (11134)
Swordnarrows (2 hours ago)
Well, electric cars can be painted black, white, grey and other colours.
Axelfirekirby (7 hours ago)
Henry Nguyen (8 hours ago)
and Adam just proved he is a sell out. Of course the answer is to reduce the amount the population requires to drive and stay productive. Way easier to implement than a technological superior substitute. What a dumbass!!!
Kyrakia (8 hours ago)
Everyone blames China for pollutions but per capita, America far outstrips it in carbon emmisions
Poet-X (10 hours ago)
We get all our power from water baby!
Lop_Avenir MC (1 day ago)
really want an Adam figure now :/
rajastylez (1 day ago)
It's the lesser of two evils
Cetrakh (1 day ago)
got myself some skates to go around down :3
Patrick Holland (1 day ago)
Workaholics joke stolen
TheAmazonElf (2 days ago)
Walking increases carbon footprint: is it the manufacturing of shoes? or people breathing? farting?
Greg Homan (2 days ago)
Hey, it's the brother of the guy who invented the World Wide Web!
Joshua Zuber (3 days ago)
NEXY (4 days ago)
I got a a A- in science from watching this video
Noice (4 days ago)
What does he use for his hair?
A Human Being of more than 1 human beings (4 days ago)
Adam ruins almost everything, not actually everything. For example, his barber ruined his hair. BOOOOOOM!!!! ZING!!!!!!
Tate del Olmo (4 days ago)
I'm only liking this video for the Bob's burgers reference..
Daniel Evans (5 days ago)
I LOVE THE DIFFERENT formatting of each video
A Rain (5 days ago)
What a MORON! How much electricity do you suppose an oil refinery uses to produce a gallon of gasoline? How about 10 gallons of gasoline? How much gasoline does it take to fill your gas tank? That alone negates your extended tailpipe theory. Jackass!
Gears Planet (5 days ago)
there was an car that was made to run on water.. but the gas company that tried to buy the engine that can run on water, the guy wouldn't accept there money which was a 100 million dollar offer. they took him to court saying " anyone who wouldn't accept this much money was insane ". they won and the guy was spent to an insane asylum. FACT LOOK IT UP.
ArsenicViper (5 days ago)
Pyro Technik (6 days ago)
Did he miss the part in the tesla commercial were they say it's powered by the sun
Blake Fall. (6 days ago)
If you're by yourself, just get a bike.
Timothy lokotkov (6 days ago)
Rolling Coal FTW!
White Llama Gillian (6 days ago)
This is Stranger Things level content.
Blu Crystl (7 days ago)
More proof Adam is tool of the illuminati Sorry Adam, Your half truths will only fool half wits it be 100% possible dat mōs fōkes be mō dan haf-wits ... like Abramham LinkUm shuda said ... yō fool mōs yō gets way wit lotsa sh*t ... Congrats "Adam"
Harry Todhunter (7 days ago)
Hence why we should have more trains
Jack Robinson (7 days ago)
Well I live in Vancouver so we do hydro
PowerOfHamburgers (7 days ago)
wow i didn't know all of that , thanks adam
Damnationization (7 days ago)
Walking can not increase your carbon footprint. That's bull shit!
Peter Brown (7 days ago)
But most of my electricity comes from hydroelectric damns.
xoxblondeee (8 days ago)
it's Deandra from MPGIS!!
Jace Francis (8 days ago)
The video that ruined the credibility of the series
SolarBlazeFX (8 days ago)
The like to dislike ratio lol
Eloi Dumas (8 days ago)
nah fam
glstoddard88 (8 days ago)
I'm very disappointed in the direction this show has taken. Hey Adam why don't you mention that EV batteries are 85-100% recyclable depending on the battery. Oh that's right, that doesn't fit into your agenda of supporting big oil.
David Cassens (8 days ago)
I want a tesla because it drives itself
Jiayi Chen (9 days ago)
I think he's trying to say that we should reduce consumption by being more frugal in what we buy and use. While his analysis on electric cars could be debated, I believe that reducing consumption is something that we can agree on and adhere to.
Jeff Pierre (9 days ago)
Well, for one thing, I think this video is wrong. I mean there are way more parts that go inside a gas car than an electric.
Hello! It's Gianpaolo (9 days ago)
Walking can increase your carbon "footprint". That, is cheap comedy.
Alejandro Hernandez (9 days ago)
no one remembers Nickoli tesla that had the right idea with free energy
PlatinumRacing (9 days ago)
There are valid points all around. Renewables are on the rise. But creating the batteries and transporting car materials around the globe to build cars is a massive impact on the environment. Replacing a car with less than 200,000 miles is silly, IMO. To me the real problem is the hundreds of thousands of V8, RWD police cruisers and taxi cabs that idle around or drive under 35 MPH through cities and suburban traffic. Some through snow half the year. Why a V8 RWD car that idles all day? Why do manufacturing companies buy box trucks and 3/4 ton cargo vans when they usually only move 2 or 3 small boxes at a time? Why not a 750CC turbo-diesel-electric hybrid? Why did Chevy have hydrogen technology in the 50's and why did it die? Why no consumer grade bio-diesel? In the 60's the US was close to having an airplane that used nuclear power for propulsion. Why did they quit? There are plenty of opportunities for improvement over where we are today. The oil industry controls the western world. That is the only reason the bar is set so low.
Charly Berry (9 days ago)
Wait, "Walking actually increase your carbon footprint?"!
Janice Bedford (9 days ago)
If you can afford to buy one of these. Then you really should donate your tax incentive to housing a homeless person. In Los Angeles County there are 50,000 homeless people. More than 50,000 of these supposed green cars are purchased every year. All the buyers take the $7,500.00 tax incentive to purchase their vehicle. This money could go to provide a room in a shared house for a homeless person for a whole year. Seems money is easily given to those who really don't need it and not given to those that do. Remember that when you're driving your not so green car past the homeless people. Stop wondering why they are like that. It's your fault.
rave1704 (10 days ago)
in the fture 100% of the energy will be renewable
Alex Watson (10 days ago)
Why are they so many people defending electric cars? Honestly, I think they're shit. No point trying to make the world green as it's already fucked with pollution
The Orange Wonder (10 days ago)
Wow this video ends with hypocrisy.
Timothy McCaskey (10 days ago)
I can remember an episode of Penn & Teller's Bullshit on Showtime about 15 years ago (I always liked that show because they attacked both the left and the right. You've got to respect that). Anywho, it dealt with Enviromentalists who were gathered for some type of rally or convention. The show had someone gathering signatures to ban Di-Hydrogen Oxide. He told those who would listen that it was practically everywhere. He managed to gather many signatures. In case you don't know, Di-Hydrogen Oxide is the chemical name for water.
Royalgaming 111 (10 days ago)
ewww a prius
Jamilton Shipper (10 days ago)
"That's hot......like our planet." LMAO!😂
FluffleLion (10 days ago)
How about we take a page from Norway and use garbage as energy. Recently they've had to buy garbage from neighbouring countries to use!
Krevin Grard (11 days ago)
Wanna be green buy a crappy used car.
Daniel Puma (11 days ago)
Diesel is best !!
proudblackjynx (11 days ago)
I don't like the green episode. A lot of it is a stretch. Even eating a banana is bad? c'mon. what do you want us to do? starve?
house9120 (12 days ago)
East accurate video they've ever made of a solid series. Please, go back and do a correction. Mythbusters did it and maintained their legendary following and credibility.
Palora (12 days ago)
I'm noticing a trend with these videos: *WARNING! THE FOLLOWING STATEMENT IS A JOKE! While it does have a kernel of truth, like all good jokes should, it is not meant as a political statement* - The USA ruined everything! :D Tips, roads, democracy, weed, shopping, gifts, laws, and on and on. Except Europe, it ruined it self.
MooCow 4Prezudent (12 days ago)
TFW an insane majority of greenhouse gas emissions come from Eastern countries.
Jumpy Bunny (13 days ago)
Why can't car designers have an imagination
Money 1217 (13 days ago)
"If it's not broken don't fix it"
Lofty Smalls (13 days ago)
Adam reiterates already well known and incorrect counter arguments to electric cars being cleaner than gas cars.
Dylan Bellard (13 days ago)
why do i feel like his videos have been downing anything good in this world. drinking water, electric cars and stuff. he said buying 1 electric car won't save the earth. no it wont but if alot of people buy the electric car. it will have a big impact. also saying the TSA don't help is like saying cops don't help people.
Josh Towner (13 days ago)
last line tho
Mr. W (14 days ago)
Adam didn't count on one thing - Steve Jobs being dead. Now sycophants and fanchildren have no one to turn to and worship and revere without question but Elon Musk. This savior even comes with a bullshit Old Testament prophet foretelling his coming in the form of Nicola Tesla.
Alperen Bırçak (14 days ago)
Well this compeletly ignores the fact that it reduces the demand for petrol, incresing the demand for all other sources of energy.
cheetaah (14 days ago)
44,600 butthurt rednecks and climate change deniers have watched this video
ThatOneEngineeringStudent (14 days ago)
Look at the salinity of the people in the comments who cant accept that as long as a car is made it will have an impact on the environment.
Foundation (14 days ago)
that kid though 10/10
999,999 views (14 days ago)
Why does the Asian have round eyes when he's made out of clay?
PowerTerminated (15 days ago)
Your theories are incorrect as you said "the batteries are made from rare metals found deep within the earth [that cause a good chunk of the carbon footprint]" is actually false the batteries are made from lead and H2(pb4)o2. (An acid) are actually quite common materials. She your theories for THIS video are insufficient and non-informative!
anoni mato (15 days ago)
why not buying a bike?
Reid Sinclair (15 days ago)
15 minutes can save you 15% or more on car insurance
michael o'mahony (16 days ago)
Hey there this video is right where I live therefore it can't be wrong anywhere America is the only place in the world after all
Ross Ponder (16 days ago)
This was not a very well researched video. I love the rest of yours, but there is excessive unpriced externalities and nuance that you entirely missed out on or simplified to the point of misrepresentation.
Stefinder (17 days ago)
Oh jeez, you triggered a bunch of Tesla fan boys. Can't accept the truth
KateMacaroni (17 days ago)
Can anyone explain how Walking increases your carbon footprint?
House of Bateman (18 days ago)
Adam I will buy my house but I'll make it
The Bukkakian From The Planet Dillhole (18 days ago)
Need to think of the bigger picture. Saving the earth is small time. All of those means of transportation bring us closer to the heat death of the universe. You need to use the Layne Staley method and waste away on a couch while expending just enough energy to pump drugs into your veins and huff aerosol. It's like feeding the universe vitamins.
dschledermann (18 days ago)
This is totally flawed. By that logic (the powergrid being so dirty that gasoline or diesel is preferable) we should encourage people to setup their own personal power generators in the back yard to prevent using electricity from the grid. Luckily no one does that. While the production of the EV do produce more GHG, the lower emissions from EVs in most modern western powergrids means that it will have break even in less than two years. This means that unless you completely scrap your car within two years, EVs will be an advantage. This does not even address the local pollution issues, where EVs are an advantage from day one.
sam's vids (18 days ago)
just use bikes
Tomasz Rajek (19 days ago)
I National Geographic I've read that walking and cycling are the most ecological ways to travel and if you have some long way to go use train. Why is walking bad?
Quenten Schoonderwoerd (19 days ago)
Just do what the Dutch do... Cycle everywhere... Dutch people own more bikes than there our entire population
Green (19 days ago)
If he doesnt care about co2 its still free to drive 4 ever
Lyfe (19 days ago)
I agree with most of this, but here's some things he doesn't mention: 1) He's assuming when you buy a Tesla, you just throw out your old car, but someone will probably buy that car instead of buying a new car. If it's not in a condition to be bought, then you need a new car anyways. 2) The batteries that Tesla's developing will make it easier for power plants to run on solar instead of coal, since the hardest thing about solar power is how to store energy for nighttime.
Sentinel (19 days ago)
so what your saying is were fucked
f2a Finito (19 days ago)
bars tho? pacifist pass my fist... slow it down I just dissed you
jonathan berg (20 days ago)
Entertaining but completely out of date. Electric cars do pollute more to make, however that is offset by the lower emissions during the cars life. Most credable sources nowadays say that electric cars pollute about 50% of the comparable ICE car. What everyone also forgets isvit takes a metric fuckton of electricity to refine oil meaning that the tail pipe emissions are not the only sustained emissions that ICE cars produce.
Amcor09 (20 days ago)
Adam has a really massive head.
Cleveland Maker (20 days ago)
Adam needs to ruin dating.....I wish he would tell yall that the friendzone exist women sleep with the bad boys and nice guys do finish last!
Ryan Miller (20 days ago)
Totally inaccurate.
Doctor E (20 days ago)
yeah but if I have to buy an car that's left harmful, fancy yet affordable, and drives it's self, id choose a Tesla
sonicboy678 (21 days ago)
Walking *increasing* the carbon footprint? I'd love to hear about this.
Jose (21 days ago)
I think Adam is smarter than this. There is way too much misinformation here. I think he got paid to say all this. Fyi if you can afford an electric car you can afford solar panels on your home so how would that increase your carbon foot print?
Alex Hampson (21 days ago)
I have a hydride
DANIEL GIRGIS (21 days ago)
i"made a water powoered car
GalaxyFlowerGamez Roblox and more! (21 days ago)
i'mma kid and i watch this
rockymanbro (21 days ago)
When did college humor get bought by the oil industry. -Electric cars don't require pipelines. Nor do you have to but THOUSANDS of gallons of gas into the car over it's life. -There's technology available for anyone to power their tesla off 100% renewable energy. Solar or wind with salt water battery backup. - They are extremely efficient when compared to an Atkinson cycle (gas powered) engine.
[5rc] тѕсм.Burning Pixel [GER] (21 days ago)
but what if the power plant running with clean coal xD
Ricardo alves (22 days ago)
1st You're an idiot if you switch a NEW car for an eletric one If you're going to buy a new car you can buy an eletric one Just dont waste a NEW one 2nd There are many people that have solar panelsnso they use that energy instead of the power plants 3rd Its worth on the long run
John Randomness (22 days ago)
I really hope that the final sentence was a joke. Although someone should have mentioned biking along with walking. An extreme parody of the argument: the environmental impact of making a bike being used against riding one.
Maetilliin (22 days ago)
The thing about electricity is sketchy to talk about, Norway gets most of their electricity from water
The Marchal (22 days ago)
That's my in Quebec all of are energy in hydro and wind powered but mostly hydro amd we have better air the you