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Electric Cars Aren't As Green As You Think

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Electric cars are more efficient than gas cars, but where do you think that energy comes from? #AdamRuinsEverything Watch Adam Ruins Everything on truTV every Tuesday 10/9C Catch up with clips & full episodes of Adam Ruins Everything at truTV.com/adamruinseverything Like Adam Ruins Everything on Facebook at: facebook.com/truTVAdamRuinsEverything/ Follow Adam Ruins Everything on Twitter at: twitter.com/adamruins See more http://www.collegehumor.com LIKE us on: http://www.facebook.com/collegehumor FOLLOW us on: http://www.twitter.com/collegehumor FOLLOW us on: http://www.collegehumor.tumblr.com
Category: Comedy
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Insane-inator (3 hours ago)
"Aren't electric cars made from plants and old 'Nader stickers?" EEEEEEEPIIIIIIIIIIIIIIC FAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIILLLLL
Insane-inator (3 hours ago)
The reason I want a tesla is because of the tech in it. Get a new car, gut the computers from the old one. YEAAAAAAH!
Mouhamed sall (5 hours ago)
Dang we can't capitalize out of it 😥😥😥
TA U (9 hours ago)
holy shit that's pretty much what i tell people about electric cars. that's why i drive a diesel
Blue Bird (11 hours ago)
He's not warning against getting a Tesla, he's arguing against switching cars to a shiny, well-marketed, novelty and believing you can easily reduce your carbon print by consumism! It takes effort to save energy; switch to a bicycle and reduce your overall driving instead of switching cars. If your car is, in fact, breaking down and damaging the enviroment, do switch over. Why should he spell it out like that? The message was anti-consumism, people! Telling you what to do would insult your intelligence!
TheDrakon (12 hours ago)
A better investment for the world would be public transit and bicycles everywhere
TrueAC / Ausumn Creeper (14 hours ago)
So does that mean I should ride a bike indoors?
kek lel (14 hours ago)
Here's a few things you got wrong: 1. Power plants in the USA mostly use natural gas (like methane) to generate power, which emits waaaay less carbon dioxide than coal. 2. The efficiency of an electric car is ~60 %. The efficiency of a gas-burning power plant is also ~60%. Combined their efficiency is ~36%, while the efficiency is of a car that runs on gas or diesel is ~20%. EDIT: That means you can get the same amount of work done with just ~55,6% of the fuel. convinced yet? 3. Old cars ussually have huge emissions (I wouldn't consider that prius an old car). 4. Buying an electric car means that one can make more use of any solar panels/wind turbines they already have installed, and it makes it more likely that a person will install them if he hasn't already. 5. Tesla's gigafactory will run mostly, if not entirely, off of solar power. 6. Teslas are autonomous and are ready for any future software improvements, which means that one day emissions could be further reduced because of more efficient traffic and car sharing networks.
Tim MD (16 hours ago)
"If those powerplants burn coal" so if you buy a Tesla and don't live in China it's all fine. ;)
Dan Lev (18 hours ago)
Where does that energy come from? Where I live it's hydroelectricity. Wait, manufacturing requires energy??? NO WAY! People are still buying new cars, gas guzzlers and guess what? They still have batteries that are difficult to expose of, although a lot less. Nevermind the significant difference in the amount of material needed for an electric motor compared to a combustion engine. Yes, depending on where you live, the energy for your tesla may be generated by burning fossil fuels but where is the extensive research that your engineers have done to determine what the actual energy in vs energy out? True, as a generalization you don't move up on the energy hierarchy if you don't need too. For example, it makes no sense to heat your home with electricity if that electricity is being generated from burning natural gas. You're losing energy and still producing the same carbon footprint. That's why in some areas it makes more sense to just heat your home with the natural gas, but that has vastly fewer variables than electric cars. If no one buys electric cars because they're slightly less environmentally friendly than people would like to believe, depending on where the energy comes from on energy hierarchy. Then there wont be a market for them and the technology won't progress. We're making new cars and people are buying new cars regardless. The new cars shouldn't be made with archaic technology. Your over simplified logic is correct, but a huge generalization from a comedy website that is very unlikely to have spent billions of dollars researching and developing this technology. Even in worst case scenarios in terms of energy transfer efficiency, there are too many variables to calculate energy in vs energy out based on a few simple generalizations. All of our technology works this way, just about everything in your modern world has involved the burning of fossil fuels and poor efficiency of energy transfer because of all the steps involved in producing anything or just that our culture is extremely wasteful to begin with. So if you want to reduce your carbon footprint, you're going to have to resort to scratching in the dirt and eating sticks and berries. And for the comments claiming that energy cost of solar cells isnt worth it... Do you work for exxon mobile?? Maybe 15 years ago you would have been correct. Everyday they're become more efficient, cheaper to manufacture and more affordable for consumers. Can't afford a tesla so it's not worth it? I'm sure many people couldn't afford horseless carriages when they were invented. Things are expensive before they become viable consumer technology. How about Adam ruins: adam ruins everything. You can talk about your own credibility and the detail of the research, that I assume, you have an entire team researching. Stick to making fun of inconsequential cultural tropes, but do yourself a favor and leave the real education to the experts (not me) or at least give us a link to your sources.
Dan Lev (18 hours ago)
I should also add that the significant difference in weight and smaller profile due to not needing a giant motor and complicated drive train makes the vehicles smaller, more aerodynamic and safer in collisions. More spacious as well. You wont be exploding liquified dinosaur bones right above your feet. oh we didn't even talk about the efficiency that's lost when you increase the amount of components that are transferring that energy vs a motor that can practically be hook straight up to the wheels
Brent Crain (22 hours ago)
The "rare metals" he is talking about for the batteries (commonly called rare earths) actually aren't that rare at all, however he is correct when he says that they are extremely energy intensive to mine. Furthermore, if energy continues to transition to renewables for manufacturing & transportation then the carbon foorprint will be substantially lower..& coal is increasingly obsolete. Most of our electricity now comes from natural gas which emits co2 when burned but is still far cleaner than gasoline engines & energy from coal
Alex Fenk (23 hours ago)
What about solar cars?
Top Hat (23 hours ago)
Someone has already said this but please watch "Adam fails to ruin Tesla"
Ashim Sapkota (1 day ago)
well...my country produces 100% electricity via hydropower!!😄😄
Gamer Guy (1 day ago)
Teslas giga factory is 100% solar energy based
The Pixel Kings (1 day ago)
If I wasn't a pacifist, I would pass my fist through your face.
Camryn Faucette (1 day ago)
ADAM!!! YOU'VE GONE TOO FAR!! Do not smack talk Teslas because my mom might say my phone and she loves teslas
Logical Dark (1 day ago)
Regardless if you don't buy a car someone will and Cars will be manufactured. An electrical car will be made with near enough the same carbon footprint as a regular car in addition to the fact we already rip the ground apart for those "rare metals" to make rechargeable battery's. I agree that electrical cars are not green as of yet unless you are one of the few home owners who power it via solar power or some other renewable way. However, it is still a step in the right direction to combating carbon emissions. You even said yourself the impact is "tiny". Tiny is still a better number than 0. In my opinion, I suspect people would rather buy an electric car for the more convenient fact that you can charge it in your own house In addition to how silent it drives. Electric cars may not reduce C02 by much but if more people go for them the streets will defiantly have cleaner air.
Adam Hosterman (1 day ago)
This is why I still drive a 1988 pickup with 24 mph...well, that and who can afford a Tesla??
boojaman (1 day ago)
whyd you downvote this video? honestly
Naughty Nihilist (1 day ago)
The new standard "max" mileage is 200,000 miles which you can easily exceed with proper maintenance. But everybody sells their cars at 30,000 cause they "need" something new. Wasteful
Heinrich Woogue (1 day ago)
Please explain how walking can in many cases increase carbon footprint. I actually walk to work. XD
Beka Khitiri (2 days ago)
I live this show... but here's the verdict that I see here - electric cars aren't perfect, so screw them! I expect better from this show. When you are on the same side as the petroleum lobby and the Arabian dictators, you should rethink what you are preaching.
TCt83067695 (2 days ago)
Lol wait how can walking increase your carbon foot print?
Shotz of Lead (2 days ago)
But I live in Ontario and only 10% of our energy is produced by fossil fuels soooooo
KenGenHD (3 days ago)
Just go 100% nuclear power and shoot the nuclear waste into space...
Shadow Senpai (3 days ago)
I thought this was common sense
toony and friends (3 days ago)
adam i think you are retarded tesla bought a mega factory to produce their batterys and it is full of solar panel the mega factory
Chrisls (3 days ago)
So in one video, Adam says there's nothing we can do to save the planet, in another he says that we need regulations to save the planet, and in this one, he says what's the point of trying to help. What's the deal?
Cloud Galaxy (3 days ago)
Okay... What about the fact that the Giga-Factory in Nevada is almost entirely solar powered? Check your facts fact checker.
Payton Frith (3 days ago)
Well with the 2016 and later model years of the gmc canyon and chevrolet colorado, their 2.8l 4 cylinder duramax diesel is more efficient than their 3.6l v6, and it tows more.
Inu Yasha (3 days ago)
Very small amount of plant in US are burning coal. Most of them are burning gases, oil products and nuclear fuel to produce power. There also green energy in the grid, 5% or something like that (mostly at daytime or/at windy weather).
bobomac2012 (4 days ago)
One study? Really? But there are a lot more methods to generate electricity than getting petrol
Newb Programming (4 days ago)
It was a great series, til this video...
television man (4 days ago)
Tessa -> charger -> generator -> power source -> carbon
Ryan McCormick (4 days ago)
I wish a Tessla could take me back in time to when college humor was fun to watch
Dr Cyan (4 days ago)
This is kinda bullshit but ok pal.
Venken 64 (4 days ago)
How can walking increase your carbon footprint? Incoming fart joke... do I even need to say it
Paragjyoti Deka (4 days ago)
Saying "Electric Cars Aren't as green you think " is like "Elon mask is not smart as you think " . Ooops better luck next time Adam .
Frank Smogoleski (4 days ago)
Do Adam Ruins global warming
mxt mxt (4 days ago)
Now this is bullshit. How do you think fuel is made Adam? You need electricity for the refinery and petrochimical plants. The same electricity that's made from coal power plants. How do you think the oil is pumped out of the ground? With electricity! That same coal produced electricity. How about drilling for oil? If you add all that up the electric car is the way to go.
Raven Trunite (4 days ago)
best thing you can do is use public transport. taking cars off the road is one of the best ways to achieve a greener planet. plus, using the 'savings would be minimal' argument is cynical for the sake of it. small changes add up, and when it comes to large issues, they wont be fixed by 'one big government orchestrated change.'
mastertoki1 (4 days ago)
Sound like it's always sunny in Philadelphia
oscar schreiber (5 days ago)
Frame beef winter clean just softly employee flame depend
Mark Valencia (5 days ago)
that's why I bought a old 2002 mistang next 2007
Starrider aka Clifford Romney (5 days ago)
my question is, how does walking increase your carbon footprint?
Thx1138sober (5 days ago)
Don't be a dumbass and buy a Tesla in the first 3 or 4 years that they come out, because there will be bugs and flaws that no amount of engineering or computer modeling can anticipate. Let other people be the guinea pigs and get stuck with the problems. Wait a little while until their product stabilizes and proves itself, but you won't, because you're a dumbass.
Dead Mask 282 (5 days ago)
how does walking create more carboun footprints than a FLIPING CAR
Ephix Games (5 days ago)
Go watch "Adam fails to ruin Tesla" this video is misleading and is lying to your face... Tesla is way better and is really good!!!!
chibi hungary (5 days ago)
Someone should show this to British law makers they want to make electric cars the only legal cars by the year 2020
Napoleonicus (6 days ago)
I don't care about helping the ecosystem. It's a freaking high tech electric car, mate
Rex Digno Fidel (6 days ago)
its funny that Adam Kills a Topic about studies by............. you get it studies ...
Janith Dasunpriya (6 days ago)
i'm pretty sure once they stop the production of gas cars the government will tax the solar panel or something like that in some places you can go to jail for collecting rainwater
WFkSLy (6 days ago)
Elon Musk wants to have the industry move away from fossil fuel dependency. Also Tesla plans to have all of their charge stations solar powered so completely independent of power plants. ALSO lithium is an abundant element found on earth (for the batteries). Meanwhile the car industry refuses to change and the only company in decades to push the industry is Tesla. At least do a bit more research adam...
Karine Fonte (6 days ago)
Ok, now I want to know HOW on Earth walking more increases carbon footprint...
waito tong (6 days ago)
Just wait till graphene is in mass production and bodywork that is organic decomposable.
Aurelijus Plesnevičius (6 days ago)
In Lithuania a preist buy a tesla. Alot a pepole hate it. I agree
Tobi Makkura (6 days ago)
Very triggered comment section...
CakeKing (6 days ago)
Please everyone watch a video called "Adam FAILS to Ruin Tesla!"
Ben Jay (7 days ago)
but how will Californians smell their own farts now?
Average Toad (7 days ago)
Disliked in the video you stated that all electricity comes from fossil fuels this isn't true if you where smart enough to buy a car you would know that you would use solar or wind to power, in the video you're doing the equivalent to saying don't buy a pc because it doesn't come with a monitor that you use of course your going to buy another monitor same with this.
Jefferson Smith (7 days ago)
We're all fucked in the end
Jovan Lee (7 days ago)
Aha! I knew that I was right all the time!
Craig's Machine Shop (7 days ago)
This video is full of false information. Adam must have investments in big oil or something.
Andrew Roberts (7 days ago)
I don't know man, my electric car runs on solar 99% of the time. + I really don't like paying the stupid gas taxes we have in California.
José Aygretto (7 days ago)
elon musk might act like he is God like visionary, but he is just an entrepreneur with profits in mind
Thom Grotto (7 days ago)
For americans, this seems correct. But, in places like Brazil, it's not. Our eletric energy comes from wather and is a better energy source. Not saying you should change your car too often, just that WHEN time comes, an eletric one seems a great way. Too bad Brazil don't have those.
Jurassicboss 2007 (7 days ago)
Sorry Brian griffin
Sean Keuroghlian-Eaton (7 days ago)
they aren't saying they are completely anti electric cars guys, they are saying. Know where the power sources is coming from, and don't ditch a car that still has a few years in it. Use the most of what you have cuz that's less wasteful
Shannon Peace (7 days ago)
Adam you have never addressed the main cause of pollution on our planet, and I notice you never ruin meat egg and dairy consuption becuse you eat them. ....
Aggin Ym (8 days ago)
The problem is the 3rd world methods that US uses to produce electricity.
Sean Torrie (8 days ago)
We don't burn coal in Ontario.
PaJeezy (8 days ago)
all of the power where I live comes from hydroelectric and wind sooo....
STEVIE G4M1NG & Vlogs (8 days ago)
There is only one thing that would make me buy a tesla... VTEC YO!!
Lukas Troni (8 days ago)
Yeah, but if the power sources were renewable energies...
Eric The Eric (8 days ago)
Plot twist: The Tesla megafactory is powered by solar pannels
lillian boulton (8 days ago)
oh my god is that Trisha form the most popular girls in school? :D
Nathan Guy (8 days ago)
The message here is so wrong , every transformation/revolution starts small ,first everybody buys electric cars to phase out gas cars , then we slowly replace power plants with more environmentally friendly plants that use solar/hydro/wind. Telling people not to do anything because these eco friendly power plants are Too far off is flawed logic , all it does is keep oil companies in business and will make sure all these enviromentaly safe power solutions stay long way off.
Thomas Failor (8 days ago)
You're an idiot. My electricity comes 100% from hydroelectric and wind. Get your facts straight.
Alyssa Hayes (8 days ago)
Why did he talk about electricity sources without mentioning natural gas or nuclear tho
Nilruin (8 days ago)
More than half of this video is filled with logical fallacies. Of course if everyone just stopped driving their trucks and left them in a landfill or scrapyard for a Tesla, our carbon footprint would increase. That's common sense. On top of that shit, they just assume that someone buying a Tesla would do that, and stop driving a perfectly fine car, which most people don't. They pass the car along to their kids, or someone who needs it. Fully natural energy isn't more than 20 years off, by the way. We've steadily increased photovoltaic efficiency every year for decades. A full solar installation will pay for itself in less than 8 years. We're not even counting all the wind mills and hydroelectric plants. The only valid part of this video was the scientist saying that we need to reduce our footprint by using what we have, for as long as we can. Fucking fear mongering and view-whoring.
Hugohopser (9 days ago)
And to everyone who is interested: If you breathe you output CO2.
Hugohopser (9 days ago)
There is a think called "sell your car". You don't have to throw it away.
Alex Lambert (9 days ago)
One thing that still stands the Prius still sucks
Jabatheblob1 (9 days ago)
It's kinda ironic that the majority of this videos is the complete opposite of Tesla's agenda... Can someone make a channel called EveryoneRuinsAdam where people fact check what he's talking about and make a video about it.
Dianne Martino (9 days ago)
About time somebody is mentioning this.
rd963852 (9 days ago)
This is a bunch of crap! So you're trying to tell me that Co2 ,the gas the plants need to survive, is bad for the planet?! I can't understand how people can't see how stupid that sounds.
Stephen Gengvlogs (9 days ago)
But in Ontario Canada there aren't any coal plants
ギャビン (9 days ago)
This video is misleading. Watch adam FAILS to ruin tesla
8 bit gamer (9 days ago)
take that Elon Musk!
W S (10 days ago)
Injecting electric cars into the market is ultimately a good thing. The construction of the cars themselves will increase carbon emissions but the long term effects on the motor industry is that by the time our electricity is natural, all our cars will be too. Greater footprint now, for a lower footprint tomorrow. ...Plus some states and countries are already >50% renewable.
Stanislav gábor (10 days ago)
well then its a good thing that i have my rusty trustry good old custom made skateboard for a reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally long distances.
teresa fuentes (10 days ago)
I saw a video of kids being mistreated when collecting the minerals from a mine to make this car's batteries. I couldn't see it all the way through
Horizontal Tendencies (10 days ago)
Everything is about money
munchnEl (10 days ago)
Toy Adam looks like Pokey from Earthbound
Gregory House M.D (10 days ago)
Waited for Adam to do this.
Jamie Holding (11 days ago)
This is a very unfair and biased view on election cars. Briefly put: electric cars can run on renewable resources whilst other cars can't (unless you use biofuel which has many negative impacts of food sources). Also people walk and cycle around cars, not around power plants so displacing the pollution is something to consider.
Martin Ducharme (11 days ago)
Yeah if you think "green" means your car is made of goddamn plants with oxygen as waste product! The point is it's greener and to make companies change, we must change. The more there are, the more people will want some too and the faster we'll transit to 100% electric. Even if it's not good for the environment now, it's an investment for the future. Ho and your video should be called "the Electric Grid is not as Green as You Think". Then we'll all be guilty at least.
Lil Guy Elly (11 days ago)
Hey college humor can you sub to me
Siddhartha Dutta (12 days ago)
Sorry, the video might be funny but the message is just useless.