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Electric Cars Aren't As Green As You Think

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Electric cars are more efficient than gas cars, but where do you think that energy comes from? #AdamRuinsEverything Watch Adam Ruins Everything on truTV every Tuesday 10/9C Catch up with clips & full episodes of Adam Ruins Everything at truTV.com/adamruinseverything Like Adam Ruins Everything on Facebook at: facebook.com/truTVAdamRuinsEverything/ Follow Adam Ruins Everything on Twitter at: twitter.com/adamruins See more http://www.collegehumor.com LIKE us on: http://www.facebook.com/collegehumor FOLLOW us on: http://www.twitter.com/collegehumor FOLLOW us on: http://www.collegehumor.tumblr.com
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Macaco Veio (2 hours ago)
Waaait a minute there! That final statement was a bit misleading. Or a lot. True, you may conclude that walking outputs more CO2 if you take into account that you have to eat more calories and add all the carbon footprint that goes into producing and distributing the food. However, one must not forget that CO2 is just one greenhouse gas, while cars emit far more pollutants that cause other effects besides greenhouse effect, and there's the metal waste they will eventually become, and there's the urban infrastructure necessary for them to circulate and park, and there are the health effects of being a sedentary driver... so no, under no assumptions is it more environmentally friend to drive than to walk.
Gari Sullivan (7 hours ago)
Adam ruins the fact that this man is of Asian origin by making his toy version with fully rounded eyes.
Alan Guan (7 hours ago)
Next the present year to ruin the president make everyone mad and destroy his tower and his company
kindom of greece mapper (10 hours ago)
Elon Musk is impressed
Hurin-Thalion TO (20 hours ago)
TRUE! Hate Tesla!!! Tesla sucks fu*k Tesla
Aaaa Bbb (21 hours ago)
What is 8551
Nicholas Sterling (1 day ago)
Interesting comment at the end about walking possibly *increasing* your carbon footprint over driving. I'd like to know more about that. Of course, if you walk someplace in lieu of driving and then later going to the gym ... :)
David Cappadoccia (3 days ago)
The real problem here are idiots that believe the hype and buy things they don’t need.
Sarah Menkes (3 days ago)
"Like our planet", *sighs
Afrika Smith (4 days ago)
Walking longer helps you live longer. You can't ruin that for anyone, Adam.
Joao Da Costa (5 days ago)
All the references
Joel Lundhag (5 days ago)
Even IF we succeeds in leaving a smaller footprint, we still have nature, the thing that creates the most greenhouse gasses and the only way to stop that is to make something to change the greenhouse gasses in to something we can use to build, like if we can make carbon dioxid turn faster in to limestone than it does in nature. Then we could maybe build with it, thus solving our sand problems AND greenhouse gass problems.
Robert Dowell (5 days ago)
Do you really want those assholes at the power company that jacks up your heat bill in the winter to control your ability to transport yourself where you need/want to go? N.I.P.S.C.O. are dicks , and most of the power that is surplus go to you , also jackasses in Cali ! Then the Midwest gets to pay the difference get Rekt ! Screw your lightbulb car and screw ole" Musky" with his strip mining b.s.
Mikey Finggaz (5 days ago)
I realy fucking hate you but this episode is so on point so thank you
Jo The2nd (5 days ago)
It’s electric Boogie woogie woogie
R1_Rebe1 (6 days ago)
Tesla. Maxi pads on wheels.
Super Salad Balad (6 days ago)
Because you actually step on carbon I have no life
J R (6 days ago)
When are people going to wake up and understand a carbon free environment is only attainable with nuclear power at this stage of life. People are so blind because they don't see the exhaust at their Tesla, while the power plant pumps out co2. Solar and wind has failed at producing a reliable base load. In Australia we have wind power because the government subsidies it and its deemed un-viable without govt subsidies. Repeat, without the subsidies the are not a viable as a power source? The cost of solar and wind and the intermittent supply will never supply a constant base load. Please study Germany if you think I'm not telling you the truth, it is the highest solar implementer and it has failed in bringing down the cost of electricity, because for half the year is cold and overcast and the wind dont blow. So in these times Germany gets its nuclear power from France at a high premium. Solar power cannot reduce CO2 because of the cost out weighs putting in nuclear power plants. France is carbon neutral and its laughing at the rest of the world trying to meet the Paris agreement with solar and coal. In one foul swoop France cured itself from all the cost and fuss. Nuclear power. Because of this green rubbish Australia and Germany have the highest costs in electricity. So if power is free with these new technologies why is it so high? Australia has a power crisis right now and its only going to get worse. We need to scrap this policy its a fiscal mess and waste of taxpayers money. Has anyone looked into disposal of solar cells? The crap in them will kill you and affect the environment if you don't dispose of it properly, the third world breaks them up in their back yard... What are we going to do with all the spent lithium in batteries? There is more than meets the eye in this green economy and so far we have implemented it too fast without looking at the side effects. The people pay, who cares right... Last of all who is going to want a second hand Tesla with a dud battery, seen the price of parts and how much it costs to fix the body. Back to the trash heap I guess. Is that sustainability?
BlueFox The Cutest (6 days ago)
Screw it,I'm buying a horse
Potato Destroyer (7 days ago)
When I saw an ad for a Tesla I wondered for some reason: if it is sun powered where are the solar panels on the roof?
Norm theperson (7 days ago)
So many butthurt liberals. I soak my garbage in diesel and burn it outside everyday for all you liberals.
JAI HO (7 days ago)
And this video is sponsored by BMW
videogamingstuff (7 days ago)
dem dislikes tho
LavaLeader (7 days ago)
Dang, 1:4 dislike ratio.
Cristian Rodrigo dos Santos (7 days ago)
How da foqk walking can increase the carbon footprint?
Homopetteri 77 (7 days ago)
Adam called prius a perfectly good car...
GAMeO's slouchin (8 days ago)
This is untrue
Pagan Cloak (9 days ago)
Next time Adam will tell us the sky is green and the grass is blue.
Nigel Quinanola (9 days ago)
Where's the episode where he ruins walking?
Serps (9 days ago)
Lol that ending. Best by far
RojoFern (10 days ago)
If only we could dump fossil fuel plants for something greener, safer, and more efficient. I just wish there was an energy form like that... oh wait there is! It's called nuclear!
CrusaderGir (10 days ago)
I want to hear more about this walking part at the end....
Nick Hammond (11 days ago)
Every one is saying this isn’t accurate when it actually is most of our electricity still comes from coal so if you buy a Tesla it comes from that, and those charging stations that get their power from “solar” only get some of their power from that because we don’t get that much energy from solar so it’s still hooked up to the power grid which in turn increases our dependency on coal
The Camaro Kid (11 days ago)
Screw the environment and screw electric cars, GAS GUZZLING V8s ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!
Ryan Appel (11 days ago)
xPugs34Gaming H (12 days ago)
frikin Prius
Veosity Music (12 days ago)
I typically don't disagree with him, but first of all the solar panel are actually cheap now a days. You can buy them for $100-$1000( that is cheap in wise of saving money from gas) now of course we know that companies pollute when making them but there's more cars then factories so using electric cars is the first step and oh nuclear is safer then coal plants which coal plants arnt used that much nowadays after we began the whole thing where all countries agreed to go green. So yes it is environmental depending on how you use it. Oh and global warming isn't possible I mean it's april and its 36 degrees snowing out. Yep the world has come to a end!!!!😭😢😐 Edit: oh ya and telsa has kits for there cars so you can charge them at home with solar panel which again is better then spending gas for the rest of your life.
tactic be (12 days ago)
Bootleg lego
Manuqtix (12 days ago)
Electrical population isn't something new. In fact it was done in the 50s but was pretty much a failure
Joseph Stalin (12 days ago)
boogie woogie woogie!
Dhruv Kumar (13 days ago)
Consumerism is a problem but with cars the dynamic is different. When you buy a new car you don't just throw away your old car, you sell it, so the car continues to be used, it doesn't just become trash. So you should not feel bad about buying a new electric car.
Tournel Henry (13 days ago)
They are still greener than petrol/diesel anyway. So, it's worth it
lo op (13 days ago)
So Tesla lied to me? How dare Tesla?
saggy diaper (13 days ago)
Solar cars would proably be better
GrayWoIf (13 days ago)
Well I don't own a car could I still buy a used electric one and not damage the environment as much
TheDerpyWarrior (13 days ago)
Next, he's gonna say that CARBON based life is bad
LoudGames (13 days ago)
Arpan Pathak (13 days ago)
Umm, Heard of Renewal Energy like Hydro Electricity?
Systems Commonwealth (13 days ago)
Don't buy a tesla, musk is going to run out of money, building 25,000 type 2 imperial star destroyers and spending 300 quadrillion(22 zeroes) on the death star...musks goal of becoming the emperor of the terran empire flying around conquering the galaxy with his many millions of dollers, well....he will run out of money on the 1st star destroyer....you know musk, how about we colonize the damm moon before humans conquer the universe????? Can we stop global hunger???? Cure cancer???? No? You want to conquer the universe in for the glory of the imperial musk empire...good luck with that...
funny JOLOXx (14 days ago)
Pleasehelpnow123 (14 days ago)
this was my first video on adam ruins everything.
Angry Misanthropist Freak (14 days ago)
Wait, walking can increase you're carbon footprint.  Was that a joke or serious?
Quiet Corner (15 days ago)
Now anyone who can afford six figures on a car, can put solar panels on their roof and a battery in the garage.
Gizira Leon (15 days ago)
I'm supposed to write an essay on electric cars, thanks, Adam!
LivingLoving (16 days ago)
Ah yes, but it is so much more than Co2! BP oil spill anyone?? What about the one off the coast in Cali in 2015? I could go on.... Ultimately, it comes down to using transportation as little as possible. Better for your body, too!
thiago silva (16 days ago)
is it me or did any one think this was stupid hes like if the power pant burns coal like who's power grid still uses coal china? where i live ontario canada most of our energy is nuclear which is way more efficant as well as cleaner for the enviorment
FD Gaming (16 days ago)
Adam,The Electricity Comes Not From Power Plants, The British Car Show Top Gear Already Knew What Was The Source "They Used" (Top Gear Used Power Plant Energy) But Tesla Made A Solution Right After The Roadster Review So They Used Solar Or Hydroelectric Superchargers.
Amelie Angel (16 days ago)
Why tho! but my grandparents charge at home and they use all solar even at there other houses. Also, the batteries are really bad but isn’t that better than a car’s exhaust busting wholes into our atmosphere??
Crazydragon1926 (16 days ago)
Can’t you filter the smoke from power planet????
MrRolyat98 (16 days ago)
Ok, the “pacifist, pass-a-fist” line was clever.
Jack Lazzaro (16 days ago)
Can someone explain to me in simpler terms as to how this got criticized? I seriously don't get it
Syndrome 616 (17 days ago)
“That’s hot.....like our planet!” 😂😂😂
UmmYeahOk (17 days ago)
Guy in the video has several solar panels. If he only charges at home, and has enough paneling to cover usage, then why wouldn’t that help more? In fact, have too many solar panels, and that excess goes back to the power company where other people can use it.
HNRichard (18 days ago)
I always told people to buy used cars, and not trade their old car for a hybrid or electric cars. Because When buying new stuff, you basically make the factories produce more emission by making new cars. They all laugh at me like I was a crazy person :/
MLG Dogster (18 days ago)
Next up: Adam ruins College Humor and Tru Tv
John Conner (18 days ago)
Can someone explain what is wrong with the video? A lot of the stuff Adam says, I've read on other places
Random Stuff (18 days ago)
For everyone who says he is wrong. Watch Adam Ruins Corrects ITSELF cya
man with a top hat (19 days ago)
I just realized that tesla in this video are hot wheels
Awesome Gaming (19 days ago)
maks avgustin (20 days ago)
Internal combustion is better
Teemu M. (20 days ago)
Oh, this whole video is mocking the gas car lobby! Many of us got it wrong
Wils The Limit (20 days ago)
Next up adams ruins the earth
pettion pettion (20 days ago)
Walking = carbon foot print because of lungs or the shoes that we wear out? or walking = less carbon foot print compared to cars? More detail would be appreciated. if you (i mean anyone) who has any spare time can you list the many ways walking produces carbon foot print, i found this topic funny and these negative pre-excuses intriguing.
OrchestrationOnline (21 days ago)
"Yeah, but that dream is a long way off..." Not for New Zealand. Our power grid is over 80% renewable.
Duncan Stone (21 days ago)
Other than the construction of the car, my electric car does not release any CO2 as both the energy going to my house and to the plug at work are sourced from renewable energy*, for I live in Scotland! *Other than construction.
A Box (22 days ago)
Ermmm, what if you sell your current car to someone else? Then it’s the same
Santeeisweird9 (23 days ago)
Still buying a Tesla.
Dan Nguyen (23 days ago)
wow ‘increase carbon footprint’
Curryean Boi (23 days ago)
Adam is sayin a Prius is a good car.
Legit Calvin (24 days ago)
No need to just walk.. CYCLE
Haaris Ahmed (24 days ago)
AndersFilms (24 days ago)
This is why I hate Priuses
thenamestheygivearedumb (24 days ago)
Tesla the company is a joke. Coming from a guy who lives in the Bay Area, I've heard stories of employees all forced to work long hellish hours for three weeks straight, and mandatory overtime. On top of that, the company recently issued massive layoffs.
L B (24 days ago)
Does this mean that all cars pollute even when they are an electric?
Spencer Gagnon (25 days ago)
Ok those who say that Adam is wrong: electric cars use up fossil fuels the same way a normal car does. And also the fact that using an electric car on a cloudy day will render your car useless. Although if your car is broken it is a good idea to try to help the environment just a little bit even if it doesn’t actually. Or just f*** ride a bike.
Eli Geidel (25 days ago)
Whoops, too late... already ordered Model 3
super555555555555 (26 days ago)
Holy shit Americans drove half a lightyear!
Kokanauka (26 days ago)
Wait. I want to know how walking increases your carbon footprint!
Samuel Silva (27 days ago)
I always hated Tesla’s
Perryprime 1999 (28 days ago)
Thank you collegehumor for making this video
YipuTheDerp (28 days ago)
but what if I painted the electric car green
Lakshit Dagar (29 days ago)
Yes electric cars don't save the environment 'A LOT' of CO2 if the electricity is made from 'DIRTY COAL' (which is true for now but undeniably is changing to CLEANER ENERGY). And yes buying a new car for the sake of buying is a waste of huge resources (this should actually be generalized to everything we buy). BUT BUYING A TESLA IS ABOUT SO MUCH MORE. IT'S ABOUT CHANGING THE ATTITUDE OF PEOPLE TOWARDS MOTHER EARTH. BUYING A TESLA IS A SYMBOL OF HOPE AND CHANGE THIS SOCIETY NEEDS. WHEN WE BUY A TESLA IT SPARKS CONVERSATIONS AROUND TABOO TOPICS OF CLIMATE CHANGE AND GLOBAL WARMING OF WHICH EACH ONE OF US IS A VICTIM AND A VILLIAN. P.S. I don't own a TESLA today but will buy one soon as the conditions are right and flaunt it like the beauty it is ;)
Harun Malik (30 days ago)
reinard joseph (1 month ago)
Nice story college humor, you are paid to black campagin green movement!
BiggJern (1 month ago)
I'd still rather have a hybrid over an electric car because it's cheaper.
Commander Salamanders (1 month ago)
For the first time he's wrong.
Miky Melnik (1 month ago)
Miky Melnik (1 month ago)
Miky Melnik (1 month ago)
Tesla 😀👕💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸🏡😧
Selvyn Quijada (1 month ago)
tell this to the Tesla inventor.
Video Gaming (1 month ago)
Adam got his facts wrong on this one.🤣🤣🤣🤣
Video Gaming (1 month ago)
And don't say I am wrong. When Adam himself has already made a video explaining the mistakes made in all his videos