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Is the economy losing steam?

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CNNMoney's Christine Romans shares some of the early signs indicating that an economic downturn could be coming.
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Text Comments (24)
Josephat Kibet (9 months ago)
Nobody believes Fake News CNN anymore
Esteban Niño (10 months ago)
x5914sT7d931Hw 8C41A7g3M0s6x4 (10 months ago)
Good, higher rates! I'm happy! I don't mind paying $4/gallon $92 dollars in my Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG.
World's Netizen (10 months ago)
Trump: I'm rich!
AZI THE MLG PRO (10 months ago)
Ruben Salazar (10 months ago)
The economy slowing down right now is good. Macroeconomic policy is working
The Mind of God (10 months ago)
America is a joke. Everyone I know hates their job.
J.T. Tomas (10 months ago)
The Mind of God woww! great point einstein.
TheUltimateBeing 01 (10 months ago)
This woman really doesn't understand macroeconomics. Usually rising prices indicates spending increases (rising aggregate demand) and shortening supply (falling aggregate supply). Meaning that people are buying up goods and services and the economy is doing well. In theory that is. In reality....it's not that clear cut. But even so, rising prices alone doesn't mean the economy is necessarily in good or bad condition. What really shows that is when prices start to deflate noticeably, usually brought about due to people not spending money. Things that triggers that are stuff like unemployment rises, debt increases, bankruptcy increases, falling wages, business closures (which ties into employment decreases), retirement of production capital and so forth. When THAT happens, when real GDP starts to decrease quarter by quarter, consistently, then and only then can you safely assume the economy is in a downturn season.
GiarkReleos (9 months ago)
Your economics degree is worthless, most of what you said is garbage... you call it "theory"  your second paragraph is gibberish and full of what ifs and hourse shoes..... ,   anyone that is not an idiot calls it BS.   inflations is increasing and accererating, US$ is losing value,  only shit jobs without benefits are being created, cost of materials are going up... artificially because Trimp is an Imbecile!   cost of goods are rising(they always do under a conservative Gov.) US economy is clearly contracting.   Oh ya and the National Debt is growing at the fast rate EVER!
TheRetiredtrucker (9 months ago)
Highest rate of inflation in 6 years
Knox Watson (10 months ago)
She is saying that we have reached the peak of the short term cycle, saying it has been "8-10 years." When those things happen we're in a recessive economy, but not yet. She's saying it's close though, and the oil prices being the highest they've ever been along with interest rates, mortgages, etc. show we're definitely hitting the peak. That's why it's so important that she mentioned the mid term elections, as we could be in a falling economy at that point. Note the term losing steam, not failing, but running out of success now or soon. I'm shorting stocks now haha Also I think she has to understand macro econ to work CNN money... ;)
A.d.g Gon. (10 months ago)
GiarkReleos (9 months ago)
Hilarious, Why  don't you  fact check these actual true claims
A.d.g Gon. (10 months ago)
Fuck CNN!😤🕵️‍♀️
Orangutan (10 months ago)
The economy and stock market will bring Trump victory
J.T. Tomas (10 months ago)
why is CNN in my suggestions? you guys suck!
J.T. Tomas (10 months ago)
yeah, on C. Lincoln's mom
C. Lincoln (10 months ago)
Because Youtube knows you suck too.
Rick James (10 months ago)
pragmaticpolitics (10 months ago)
Rick James cnnmonry is good
Clay McIntyre (10 months ago)
Rick James she's just reading a script she's a mindless reporter
faisal aliii (10 months ago)
GODBLESS AMERICA (10 months ago)
1st viewer here !