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UPS and my dogs

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My dogs love the UPS guy because he brings them treats. Sadie even gets right into the truck when he arrives. Makes me love UPS!
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Jessie Chelliah (5 months ago)
What is it with this UPS guys and dogs? UPS must have a clause that says don't apply if you don't love dogs!
caveman Versace (9 months ago)
It's great and all but my dogs won't take commands from strangers.
FL2070 (1 year ago)
Why dies this have almost 100K views?
Blake Gorham (2 years ago)
at lest he was nice we had a delivery truck guy walk to our door drop off a package walk around our house to the back gate to our dog that was barking(gate was closed and locked btw) and sprayed him twice in the face. so we preceded to fight him
MrSquirrlee (2 years ago)
I had a dog (Boonie) on my delivery route that would meet me with a ball and bark untill I would throw it for him. I soon found out I had to carry tennis balls because if he didn't have a ball he would bark his head off. So I kept tennis balls in my truck for him.
Julie Gomoll (2 years ago)
+MrSquirrlee Nice :)
MutekangaChannel (2 years ago)
I hate people who dont mind their dogs! Do u think all service men want to waste their precious time petting your dogs? I fell sorry for postmen and others.
Juan Gaytan (4 months ago)
shut up bitch
Cowboy Kody (1 year ago)
Fn get a life loser
Ryan Mobley (2 years ago)
Cowboy Kody (1 year ago)
green.brown.blue (2 years ago)
Really nice to see such a gentle delivery guy ^^
marie55 (2 years ago)
Too cute..what an adorable video..
Terri Romero (3 years ago)
That's how my dogs are, they hear the UPS truck coming & they start dancing for a cookie. We call it the cookie truck. But they don't care about the FEDEX truck (they don't even look at it).
Julie Gomoll (2 years ago)
+Terri Romero Man, marketing folks at UPS should jump on this comment! "Even dogs prefer UPS" :)
J.R. White (3 years ago)
Good looking driver !!!   
Tanner Stage V (3 years ago)
Wow what a great idea. Super delivery guy.
Brandon Zgadzaj (3 years ago)
We always have dog treats on our routes haha some dogs see us and freak out cause they know they are getting treats Driver for ups in Utah
detimothy (3 years ago)
Good UPS Driver and smart with dogs>
spiffcats (4 years ago)
Nothing quite like a border collie.
Donald Anderson (4 years ago)
I carry dog treats. If a dog is threatening, dog treats will usually calm them down and I can make the delivery.
Fred Flintstone (4 years ago)
Worst part of delivering is dealn with dogs and people too stupid to have a mail box or they're address at all. I carry dog mace when people who order shit and a aggressive dog loose. Dont call me the bad guy. I've been bit by a pit and the ppl complained why they're package wasn't delivered.
Jim Bob (4 years ago)
Ofcourse ofcourse, but look at the driver. He doesnt bother about it. I mean he even has dog treats with him to give to them. If he doesnt like the dogs than yes i would understand.
neolightproductions (4 years ago)
I was attacked by a dog that three weeks prior he was like my best friend. I like dogs but i'm a lot more cautious around them now. If I had to deal with this on a daily basis, I'd probably pull up with my doors shut until I knew they were safe.
Jim Bob (4 years ago)
Rage bro ? bet you work for UPS lol!
Cowboy Kody (1 year ago)
No, he s a FedEx loser lol
Jim Bob (4 years ago)
Its so hard for people like you to read huh? There is a description for a reason.....
kurojin97 (4 years ago)
Is this dumb bitch really retarded or what....why are you recording your dumbass dogs harassing the UPS guy ?? Put those dogs on fuckin leashes because for every cool UPS guy who loves dogs there's another 10 who just want to drop off your package and go about his business because they've been barked at and had other dogs chew on their ankles....women/dog owners like this really need to have bricks thrown at them.....
biggerbellytinybelly (4 years ago)
BittenMitten (5 years ago)
i just 38 videos too
Miister00 (5 years ago)
exactly, and the dog owners are like 'no they don't bite, they just want to play'
Mark Carman (5 years ago)
I always carry treats with me too. For a while I had a customer that would let his dog come meet me at the truck, get a treat AND (if it was small enough) carry the package back to him.
niggardlyways (5 years ago)
Ok, and I could see where that would come into play if it were a complete stranger, but this lady had a rapport with the driver. Hell, he even brought the dogs treats, because he knows the lady, has probably delivered to her many many times, and knows her dogs. Don't assume the worse.
Jacob Gunner (5 years ago)
Folks obviously he visits these dogs often. He has treats for them.
ahlahlancha (5 years ago)
wow its people like this that make me think that we should have to have a permit to own dogs.
whysosyria1 (5 years ago)
I work for fedex and i just ignore the dogs, they seem to walk away.
AnnieDenny (5 years ago)
One of my dogs hates strangers, but when it comes to the Fedex and UPS guys, she loves him!
Alan Ramirez (5 years ago)
HIMI2003 (5 years ago)
omfg. thank you for saying that. some people just dont understand. gees
Elida Peña (5 years ago)
i work in UPS Mexico , imagine what i feel when i see this video aww!! i love a lot dogs im soo happy work in UPS...
Streptovsky (5 years ago)
If he didn't want to play with the dogs he'd say so. I'm quite sure that these friendly lovable dogs are a fantastic diversion from his otherwise shitty route.
iamchevyman5 (5 years ago)
i hope she actually does take the time to call UPS and compliment this guy. In retail and in jobs like this, everyone takes the time to "talk to your manager" to complain, but if you give exemplary service, rarely do people take the time out of their day to appreciate it.
preschuck (5 years ago)
The best UPS drivers wear awesome sunglasses!
SazerTarious (5 years ago)
lol atleast he was being nice unlike those fedex guys
Fahim zaman (5 years ago)
do all ups drivers have dog treats in the truck?? ive seen quite a few clips of the drivers feeding dogs some treats.
magicfreak121 (5 years ago)
Awsome ups guy
atlgfunk1 (5 years ago)
Can UPS drivers mase dogs?
kosmosleha (5 years ago)
don't be surprised if your house gets robbed with you dogs inside.
ryan215553 (5 years ago)
what a pro
July Mond (5 years ago)
MarcoTUV (5 years ago)
The guy is bribing the dogs =D
Edwin Mendoza (5 years ago)
My job interview for driver helper is tomorrow (:
Chris Hernandez (5 years ago)
thats nice
RFCFD105 (5 years ago)
i just started working for ups a couple days ago as a drivers helper for the xmas season. after the guy i rode with the other day and seen how many dogs are on our route and him keeping a box of milkbones in the truck, i now carry a pouch on my belt next to my scanner full of dog treats for our regulars with dogs.
Breakneckhydra1 (5 years ago)
You're just stupid for not realizing the guys just being nice.
jujumistress (5 years ago)
You might not want to do that. UPS drivers are typically not allowed to feed peoples' dogs. Contacting them to praise a driver for doing so will only get him in trouble. If a dog dies because it was allergic to something in the treat, UPS would be responsible.
IAmaPersion (5 years ago)
Some people just don't understand that they should restrain their dogs. If you're dog is jumping on me, freaking grab it! WTF does it take for someone to understand that I don't want to play with your damn dogs!
Tide (5 years ago)
Lol cool guy
SAMURI KAMI (5 years ago)
Pepino Juarez (5 years ago)
why do all UPS people carry dog treats and USPS people carry dog spray??
Chew Jube (5 years ago)
He's on a rural route!!! Most homes in the country let their dogs free in the yard!! Dogs know when that truck comes it's treat time!!
Den L (6 years ago)
maybe you should get your dogs out the way. dudes got alot of work and your slowing him down
numbstateofennui (6 years ago)
@ricebike i don't even know how to respond to that and I don't even *have* a job anymore
in_famous_8-7 R6S (6 years ago)
Yes we do carry dog treats just stared drivers helping.! Today first day on the job
conor1148 (6 years ago)
@bobkelso4245 I don't think it's a requirement, but from where i've lived, i've had 4 different UPS guys. all of them carried dog treats for the dogs so they don't have issues. I think the driver has to pay for it though.
Chris Whatley (6 years ago)
@707BLACKDEVIL707 Who does, you think UPS supplies drivers with dog treats? Hah.
Blackdevil Icecrown (6 years ago)
They make them have dog foot just in case...
xKmotx (6 years ago)
What a great UPS dude! :)
feubarkada (6 years ago)
Ahhhhhhhhh... Now i know why my dad has always a dog food.
Jeremiah James (6 years ago)
dogs are the highlight of my day. all the dogs in my delivery area start drooling when they hear my truck engine. i go though a lot of dog treats.
TheEgg185 (7 years ago)
holy shit. Juan Pablo Montoya works for UPS now!