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How to Make Money Being a Delivery Driver!

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Tips on how to Make Money Being a Delivery Driver. Facebook: Cody Gaither Instagram: Cody Gaither Snapchat: cody10
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Text Comments (40)
Keith Lestrange (8 days ago)
Have a lot of apts on my route but some days i clear everything on the van ..great video
Cody Gaither (8 days ago)
Apartments are the worse, and thanks!
Tony c Gowe (16 days ago)
What do you think about FedEx contractors im about start working for one in CA he promised me around 700 to 800 a week
Cody Gaither (16 days ago)
I think you should chose wisely. I know a lot of great ones who help a lot and ones that doesn’t care about you they only want the money. But you can always switch to another contractor at any time. That’s good starting pay for sure! Don’t settle for under 700. But give it a shot man you’ll like it a lot. Good luck to you!
Nina robbins (29 days ago)
Looks really nice down there. Late comment sry. Pick season for me a bit tough. 320 stops two weeks 😬
Kiante Davis (1 month ago)
Peak season was not bad where am at
Cody Gaither (1 month ago)
Lucky lol
Aaron Farrow (1 month ago)
Do they hire off the street for delivery drivers
Cody Gaither (1 month ago)
Aaron Farrow (1 month ago)
Even if you don’t have an appointment
Cody Gaither (1 month ago)
If you go down to a local terminal and apply it would be better
Aaron Farrow (1 month ago)
I don’t think they are hiring where I live because I can’t find a job posting for it anywhere
Cody Gaither (1 month ago)
I would go ahead and do the application and get that part over with they will hire you when they need you for sure. But where I’m at we always need drivers
Brick Worlds (2 months ago)
My most busiest day yet has been 160 stops and 220 packages I am told that tomorrow will be far worst fingers crossed they are wrong because I am a golf cart delivery driver. in Florida.
Scott D (27 days ago)
I’ve heard of that. There are videos on YouTube about that too I think it’s hilarious too.
Cody Gaither (2 months ago)
Oh wow. That’s crazy I’ve never heard of that lol!
Brick Worlds (2 months ago)
Cody Gaither No it’s a average neighborhood I have a pod that’s filled up in the morning and I make multiple runs through out the day delivering to houses. UPS thinks it’s easier then using a truck. But it’s actually pretty slow because of the speed the golf cart goes.
Cody Gaither (2 months ago)
Oh wow. That’s crazy! So what exactly do you do you deliver golf supplies?
shortymackinem (2 months ago)
Last week i had 220 stops almost everyday. Am a home delivery driver in the bay area CA. This week its been about 180 to 190. Starting to slow down.
Cody Gaither (2 months ago)
That’s insane I feel bad for you but your knocking it out nice work!
out of the loop (2 months ago)
Today had 132 stops , Monday 144 . In Oregon , starting to get busy
Dave Smith (2 months ago)
Cody Gaither , How much per week is your pay ?
Cody Gaither (2 months ago)
Oh nice! Thanks for letting me know where you’re from. It’s about the same here about 140 a day.
Roberto Nazario (2 months ago)
Hey cody long time since I posted a comment, how you been?It's really heavy here in New York 188 stops and 245 packages peak has officially started for us. They telling us Wednesday we are suppose to hit hard due to cyber Monday 😥
Cody Gaither (2 months ago)
+Roberto Nazario dang, Idk how you are doing it! Keep hustling that’s good though
Roberto Nazario (2 months ago)
I'm ground, I'm good but stress out due to work n school, I'm a full time worker n student everyone at work thinks I'm crazy lol
Cody Gaither (2 months ago)
+Roberto Nazario hey thank you I appreciate the support! I’ve been doing great wbu?! Also, are you ground or HD? That’s crazy!
SCsBack 1 (2 months ago)
I had 66 stops 160 packages so not too far from you man lol. I was expecting alot worse. I even went in real early too
Cody Gaither (2 months ago)
+SCsBack 1 haha I was too. I’m glad you had a easy day! Appreciate the support!
Scott D (2 months ago)
Looks nice down there.
Cody Gaither (2 months ago)
+Scott D yeah it’s tough to sometimes man. My route makes it easy to come back with 100%. But thanks bro. I love it down here
Scott D (2 months ago)
I have never come back with 100% of my packages gone. There are WAY to many apt buildings in my route. I have, however, had two days in my career where I came back with one package leftover.
TheLorola (27 days ago)
Scott D Smh me either them damn signatures mess you up..
Scott D (2 months ago)
Give a lil toot of that horn in the parking lots from time to time. Let em know you’re there buddy 😁👍