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Honest Twister Commercial

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For sexually frustrated people ages 8 and up. See our videos a month earlier at http://www.collegehumor.com and follow us on http://www.facebook.com/CollegeHumor
Category: Comedy
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Suika Mangle 789 (8 hours ago)
i remember when i was watching these girls (3) and boys (2) and one of the girl was in this position so if the boy looked up , he'd see the top of her skirt. He accidently looked up and looked straight at her skirt, and for some reason the girl lifts her skirt up for him and winks... i just stood her in shock.. and never looked at her in the same way.. one word to describe that girl T H O T
Nick Stauffer (1 day ago)
Lol "Right hand ass, left foot green"
Billy Bob (1 day ago)
Fun fact: twister is the game of choice in the south
Parminder Kaur Ty (2 days ago)
main reasons to buy twisters revealed
Michael Mahoney (2 days ago)
If only
SealyWealy (7 days ago)
Its all fun and games until someone gets that awkward boner
Someone please send help (12 days ago)
Why not all male? I would love to do an all male twister party ;)
Joey McJagger (15 days ago)
Twistedr nude is 1 giant orgie
Dinese K (15 days ago)
I had friends that were also my neighbors. (All of us kids were 13/14 ) When our two families decided to have a dinner together, we asked them what they do for fun, and the parents said, "a lot of Twister". After dinner and a movie, we went home. My mother didn't want me going to their house alone anymore.
Abigayle Tyler (15 days ago)
Very honest:-)
Tirshon 77 (16 days ago)
This is ironically true.
alex lopes (17 days ago)
Donald Trump will win this game all the time.
John McNally (18 days ago)
Kyal (18 days ago)
Pull it out at an all male party to see who’s gay
Ayam Mee (18 days ago)
New rules of playing twister 1) everyone needs to play while they're naked to promote naturality.
The LMMC Program (19 days ago)
Laura O. (20 days ago)
Wait... "Not for use at all male or family gatherings" Well I suppose it would be quite the awkward situation...
Nicholas Coffey (24 days ago)
This might as well be the actual commercial.
bulletproofboi (26 days ago)
Monkeyman Da Beast (27 days ago)
Dustin Dean (27 days ago)
That's the reason why I play twister
Abhijeet Pandule (28 days ago)
Lol don't use it all male or family gathering
novi beograd (28 days ago)
Cathal Dunne (29 days ago)
Wtf is all that I can say
Dee La (29 days ago)
That is so sick😂
Edwin Lasher (1 month ago)
I wanna play 😊
Samsung Galaxy S7 (1 month ago)
Twister on the floor, what do you say? Merrier the more, Triple fun that way, loving the extreme, what do you say? Are you in, living the sin is the new thing Which song is this?
Handsome Survivalist (1 month ago)
time to dig in my closet.
Joe. (1 month ago)
lol in 2nd grade we played twister and a girl put her butt in my face lol i was in 8 year old heaven
UNKNOWN (1 month ago)
*right ass ass ass ass ass BOOBS*
DYLAN Rose (1 month ago)
Anyone else play drunk twister before?
Ice Fox (1 month ago)
DaisyDrawsStuff (1 month ago)
And this is why as a teenager I thought strip twister (when you fall you lose an item of clothing) was the best game ever invented in the history of time, and now as an adult i see nothing but painful sexual tension
Ryan Chow (1 month ago)
Dammit. They knew...
Alyssa Sowell (1 month ago)
Will this work for lesbians?
Drace90 (1 month ago)
What if this whole video was just an excuse for those actors to touch these actresses?
Sura Cakir (1 month ago)
...so that's why my parents never bought it for me
JohnyAlv (1 month ago)
We all came for the thumbnail... admit it!
Aazam Ben (1 month ago)
Play with condom play safe
skinnyguy 32 (1 month ago)
Ok so we know why the guys want to play twister right is this the point that's trying to be made. Ladies please fill me in here who forced you to do this and Il call for help immediately
neko Warrior (1 month ago)
...........alrighty then. Crotch...boobs...ass... ass...Boobs... Great message..?
federico saviano (1 month ago)
Taylor Owens (1 month ago)
Roses are red, violets are blue, You came for the thumbnail, Didn’t you?
DopeTrailerz (1 month ago)
I was the fat kid whose arms gave out so i fell on some chick
Tj Poston (2 months ago)
Ha this is funny
S H O O K T H (2 months ago)
Sexual harassment.
Melon Lord (1 month ago)
Sexual Hair Ass Mint
NEELAM SHARMA (2 months ago)
Sounded like a commercial in a GTA game
Proxytale 101 (2 months ago)
I won't be playing this with my friends
דיידי דידי (2 months ago)
Light Higher (2 months ago)
Well I'm never going to play twister after playing this game.
grant newcombe (2 months ago)
Left ass ass
nejire (2 months ago)
if you do it with all male players, it’s hella awkward
Isabella McKenzie (2 months ago)
"Not that green there's no crotch in the way!" 😂😂
Dizzy Diva (2 months ago)
This is too funny
Everything Girl (2 months ago)
Someone remind me to get twister now *puts on shopping list*
ยุทธพงษ์ วงศ์อภิวัฒนกุล (2 months ago)
Honestly! This game is hillarious!
Elijah Goodman (2 months ago)
Tity twister
Kakakios Sfakianakis (2 months ago)
I can see porn directors making porn films inspired by twister in the future
Moistified Taco (2 months ago)
Bruh imagine this on pornhub
Mikeylangelo (2 months ago)
Wonder how awkward it was for the females to film this....XD
Birdly Cat (2 months ago)
And this is why no one plays this anymore
Marie A.K.A agent 2 (3 months ago)
This is highly supported in the anime I originate from.
Mad Drawer (3 months ago)
Honestly when I play twister we have girls and boys play seperately. From request of the boys and girls.
Overload Gaming (3 months ago)
jean-louise carroll (4 months ago)
God college humor used to be so gross
Soda King (4 months ago)
In fairness this is 100% accurate + the injury's it can cause
Alois Hitler (4 months ago)
Not everyone had female friends at the age where people play twister
Cindy Hickman (4 months ago)
Honestly this is sorta sick ... And twisted
stxrfish (4 months ago)
Wouldn't this be great as a drinking game?
Audrey A (4 months ago)
Sadly accurate
I've Seen Better (5 months ago)
Remember when this channel was great?
Benawesome BW (2 months ago)
I've Seen Better no not really
Adam Hyatt (5 months ago)
So it's a porn game?
Flo Flo (5 months ago)
2010 cast
Kaiden Daland (5 months ago)
...and now I understand why my boyfriend keeps begging me to play naked twister with him.
VT Zdorovetskiy (5 months ago)
*Females not included”
Lepsonical (5 months ago)
Fun for the whole Famil- NO. Just NO!
Jason Stole Ur Timbs (5 months ago)
Im a female and i approve
The Gayest Bisexual Tran (6 months ago)
p.s. I'd use this at an all male gathering ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Don Skiver (6 months ago)
Twister. The game that leads to sex or a fist fight.
Carla Trejo (6 months ago)
I thought this was going to be about how you give up playing within the 5 minutes since you started
SHIN BAKI HANMA (6 months ago)
This vid is still fucking bonkers!! XD
francisco josé (6 months ago)
Doktor Dovakiin (6 months ago)
seriously TWISTED
Irma Weasley (6 months ago)
This is homophobic and promotes rape culture I'm really glad College Humor are a bit more woke now
Circle Dorito (6 days ago)
what do you think “humor" means
Cer Berus (5 months ago)
Irma Weasley It's not promoting it, it's making humor off of something everyone already knows, but never says explicitly.
Morty Face (6 months ago)
Twister Challenge mode: Not allowed to touch another player.
Lau Wai Kit (6 months ago)
incest is wincest
ChEILoZ (6 months ago)
Just think. Seven years later and this video wouldn't be socially accepted
Ivan Johnson (6 months ago)
Are you saying that no ladies are thinking right hand blue bulge? Nah. Less not forget the gays and the bi. There's groping fun for everyone.
Vivek Mittal (6 months ago)
their marketing team must be feeling really down now
Trevor Aspinall (6 months ago)
Still gold
Trevor Aspinall (6 months ago)
Still hold
Philosophicalyoungmind (6 months ago)
Childhood ruined…
Chris Bennett (6 months ago)
I am a male and I like to play this game with a bunch of other males after I put ghb in their beer. 😎
Gamer Trash (6 months ago)
I'm ashamed to say I fapped to this
Luiz Alex Phoenix (7 months ago)
I only saw this game irl once. As soon as the girls pulled it out and started to strip I chickened out...
Arno Sinclair (7 months ago)
should the channel change name from collegehumor to officehumor?
Zikanovich (7 months ago)
Recording this must have been a doozy
Adarsh Kumar (7 months ago)
Remember the time college humor made such great sketches
Elikeaboss (7 months ago)
They defo banged after this
trashumbrella (7 months ago)
orgy simulator