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Amazon Prime Air

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Science fiction no more. Jeremy Clarkson shares a look at our newest innovation
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Text Comments (4973)
Ching Ting Ng (2 hours ago)
It's 2k18 and still waiting
simo4068 (4 hours ago)
This ad Looks like a something from a fallout Game
Tabuzo Tabuzo (5 hours ago)
i miss the old top gear.
Dronzee Fpv (10 hours ago)
Me: Can i have permission to fly 200ft in airspace where theres 2 regional flights a day Amazon:Yes yes you can anywhere you want
ThatHarryGuy (18 hours ago)
and what about the 97% who Dont live 30 mins away from this place where it is dispatched?
A. Nameline (1 day ago)
Soon your personal household robot may hold Alexa hostage to order itself a ski mask and hunting knife before stealing your self driving car for a crime spree that it will try to blame on you.
Chuckie Waitt (1 day ago)
Must be nice to have money
Charles Villegas (3 days ago)
I honestly thought it was small
john tobias (3 days ago)
Fuck this shit!
Greg Slater (4 days ago)
what gives? its 2018!
Hyde Harris (5 days ago)
0:00 thought he was going to sing fresh prince
the random guy (5 days ago)
Fuck stuart
Kobi (6 days ago)
SlushtasticKat (6 days ago)
"This is a story" *All about how my life got turned upside down*
Christopher J Vlogs (6 days ago)
Amzen Lol
Aaron (6 days ago)
0:00 who else thought he was going to sing the fresh prince of bel ar theme song
SlushtasticKat (6 days ago)
Pfft me.
Eli (6 days ago)
Milli is a spoiled bitch,
Kaleb Bruwer (6 days ago)
I'd let it hoist the package down so it can also deliver to people who don't have such huge yards without any trees in the way. And then it could wait for you to tale the suspended package by hand so your dogs don't destroy it and the drone.
fluffy leaf (7 days ago)
People can just follow a drone and steal the packages it drops, also assuming the landing pads cost money, they will be easy to steal.
Star SpekleZ (7 days ago)
This made me want to buy Puma cleats, and I don't even play soccer/football
Jaxon Morrsion (7 days ago)
had to check if it was april first
its shadow (8 days ago)
But, what if I live in a city.
Christopher Benham (8 days ago)
when a British person says "soccer"
Jayjaysquid YT (8 days ago)
What if it lands on someone and they take it (Life)
Connor Maykrantz (8 days ago)
What happens when you aren’t near a amazon headquarters/factory/shipping warehouse. Do you expect them to fly 30 to 3-4 hours. Yea no
Oskar Veenpere (8 days ago)
But it was from japan and im from estonia. Tartu
Oskar Veenpere (8 days ago)
Wow is that real bc i just ordered one thing and i want it like in few weeks
Neil Diamond (9 days ago)
Players will come for that crate. Better be careful. Maybe its a bait
Jacob Da Savage (9 days ago)
This is amazing. I see the concerns, but innovation requires testing, in real life. I love that this is happening. Amazing. I will admit, this video sounds fake... but..?
Tkor fan17 (11 days ago)
i am so excited
Dominik Urbanczyk (11 days ago)
That's pretty good!!!!#idubbbz
Hamilton Sullivan (11 days ago)
Can it avoid a bird
Alcala09 Gaming (11 days ago)
2 years later.. Still no air delivering.
Martin Jrrr (12 days ago)
Just use a drone catcher
TJ Larson (13 days ago)
So like when's this gonna happen?
Tvsnack bmbba (13 days ago)
is it just me or is amazon trying to get into everything ..
Daniel Price (14 days ago)
Soon they gonna parachute these bitches in from space
Rc Addict (14 days ago)
well if they are going to do this i hope they keep humans as pilots becuse AI is still not quite there yet and if they would use human expert pilots there would be allot of jobs for us and it will be a fun job but if not then expect bugs and people stealing the drones or they drop out of the sky causing a major highway accident or the AI gets hacked and all the drones goes rogue and then skynet was born
Bendytendy The Conservative (14 days ago)
It’s soccer not football you queers
Gianni (14 days ago)
catch it with a rope and steal what's inside
Moto EXPLORER (14 days ago)
What about thieves!?
Ted Miller (14 days ago)
I feel like there is an ulterior motive here.
marbinchen (15 days ago)
I'd shoot that drone
lovely boy (15 days ago)
Amazon delivers in sunday india
Beastmode 567 (15 days ago)
In the USA anyways
Beastmode 567 (15 days ago)
Sorry to say but this will never happen it's illegal
MR. VCtool (16 days ago)
Richard Flanagan (16 days ago)
Bibin Thampy (16 days ago)
U cannot do this on india..
Tiglith (17 days ago)
Storks anyone?
nosabe s mi nombre (18 days ago)
Just for rich people in rich countries. I used to wait 1 month for delivery from china.
navyiceywolf (18 days ago)
I wish
She Pelirrojo (18 days ago)
Jajjajjajjajjajjajjajjajja vaya mierda mas grande. Buscando dinero y buscando inversiones para engañar con algo a dia de hoy imposible
THE WORLDWONDER (18 days ago)
Jack 'o Bong (18 days ago)
Weird, a video with no ads
David Diez (18 days ago)
Where's my shotgun
Stirling Swift (20 days ago)
Yeah it’s cool but it probably costs an extra $50
Jason Harris (20 days ago)
Clarkson is a twat!
DikoObraZ (20 days ago)
Fuck Amazon for packing a box inside a box! Just put the damn sticker on the original box damn it!!!
polandball (20 days ago)
someone will just steal it
Supper With Pupper (21 days ago)
Obesity Diversity (23 days ago)
How to bomb every Amazon shipping building
Wondering Wolf (23 days ago)
Betcha they will make you sign a disclaimer saying if it breaks or is stollen your paying for it XD
PURIFIER ! (23 days ago)
Good idea!
Mc Baumwolle (23 days ago)
I live in a very small village. I am sure they won't deliver it to me...
parker Azz (23 days ago)
If only.
Matthew gugenderger (23 days ago)
Use this link and create an account it will get you money no joke
aj brown (24 days ago)
I thought it was an ad before a video
Elvar Snær Ágústson (24 days ago)
youtubing brian 5 (24 days ago)
Why is jeremy clarson the top gear guy acting in amazon
Yash Deshmukh (24 days ago)
I thought he was going to say.... "This is a story all about how my life got flipped turned upside down".
Silver Skuller (24 days ago)
It looks small but it is really really big i have tried it
TanakaBanana (24 days ago)
Ahhh Aliens! Shoot em down!
yar tar (25 days ago)
No thank you amazon!!!! We have enough drones in the sky dont need a army of them all connect to the same place for sum evil mastermind to take them over and do his bidding!
Mitch Taylor (25 days ago)
Won't someone just knick ur parcel tho
Lorenzo Limas (25 days ago)
2 years later still doesn’t exist
Noah K (24 days ago)
Lorenzo Limas lol
ReyeZ/ gaming (25 days ago)
But the packages are tiny...
Abiral Man (25 days ago)
This person is from top gear!!!!
abhishekjanjale (25 days ago)
All i hear is how blah blan blah!!! i faked tesla roadster breakdown!!!
Edible Rubber (25 days ago)
Idc about the drone, I got excited to see Jeremy Clarkson
Hudson T. (25 days ago)
HELLO FROM TWO YEARS LATER! Spoiler This idea has never been followed through
Speedy Demon (25 days ago)
Fuck you stuart
Aufrecht Untergehen (26 days ago)
My new hobby: Waiting with a shotgun in the backjard, because if that drone comes along, i will get a new present
Fran Zeleznjak (26 days ago)
0:57 they put the box horizontaly in to the drone and 1:50 whan the box falls down it is vertical
Tobiurs (26 days ago)
that beeb in the backround made mee feel sick :(
CreepleBossBoss (26 days ago)
First problem is they have people pulling the packages, and not machines; the second problem is that a typical family can afford new shoes without a job in the future.
swa9g is (27 days ago)
Or you could just you know go to the store and get them
ProfineDoesStuff :/ (27 days ago)
I wonder what the FAA thinks about giant whales flying through the sky
shashank tiwari (27 days ago)
So, when are we getting this in india ?
Curtis Densmore (27 days ago)
If you wanna get snarky about how games should be logically named, both games require the use of feet and hands extensively. And WTF is going on with cricket? Was there already a plankball?
Albert Abuzarov (28 days ago)
A rational human being wouldn't have a pet in his/her house in the first place.
Oliver Macpherson (28 days ago)
Jack Davies (28 days ago)
This is fake right?
Stoney Montana (28 days ago)
Or just go out to a store and buy some
TheRealLuke 007 (28 days ago)
Jaden Schmitt (28 days ago)
Why would u buy ur daughter another pair of expensive shoes if she just had the same exact pair? I would just tell her to wear a different pair of shoes. I ain’t wasting my money on another pair of shoes!
Hill Farm productions (28 days ago)
What if Stuart runs out and chews up the drone or it chews him up?😂😂😂😂
weirdo (28 days ago)
0:08 how to roast the entire country of America 101
Dnakphew (29 days ago)
Whats next a walking package?
jakoc11 (29 days ago)
And what about other drones!!!!!!!!!!!!