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Amazon Prime Air

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Science fiction no more. Jeremy Clarkson shares a look at our newest innovation
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Text Comments (5051)
MEME BOI (4 hours ago)
But am I gonna?
Melvin T (5 days ago)
What if an unexpected rain or storm during its flight?
Robby G 888 (7 days ago)
Yeah but when can we use it
amdrea boris (9 days ago)
Fuck u amazon
TheNYRailfanner 6275 (10 days ago)
Louis Owings (12 days ago)
Balance has been restored to the universe
Tbonyandsteak (13 days ago)
Sooo it is a britsh invention??? Well it is Jeremy speaking
Black Panther (13 days ago)
Lmao shoe box in a box 📦
DiditWidit (13 days ago)
Omg that man is from the Top Gear
Rohan Jain (14 days ago)
One free drone with every order
Gordon The Muslim (15 days ago)
Why didn’t it show the sniper stealing the packages
algarvetrail (16 days ago)
Thats cool, they are building drones and robots to replace the underpaid workers...who will have the money to be get that trash-bombardement?
Akal The Door Mat (25 days ago)
Gramps, if you say size 3 puma evo power firm ground soccer shoe one more time I will blow your head off.
Akal The Door Mat (25 days ago)
Fuckin Stewart
Craig Borgstrom (25 days ago)
Amozon sucks its the worst company on earth worse than ebay
DrPhil Official (27 days ago)
1:49 first time i see a drone taking a shit.
The Bread Lord August (28 days ago)
Drone strike?
Ebola Ebov strain (1 month ago)
I want one of those thing!
Devin (1 month ago)
You missed April 1st. Even with a drone
PC GUY 1241 (1 month ago)
*buys a drone via prime air* "yay the prime air drone is pregnant!"
SpaceSheepli (1 month ago)
HERPY DERPEDY (2 months ago)
So how is it going to deliver my 55 gallon drum of lube? 5W30 to be specific
Bryce Thibodeaux (2 months ago)
I thought we were going to have individual tubes! Like in futurama!
callum hardy (2 months ago)
In The World
Ferox Joltis (2 months ago)
Stuart wtf
Aiman 12 (2 months ago)
Is that lil tay
Apollo HD (2 months ago)
its all fun & games till the drone drops a phone in a pool
Ashlee (2 months ago)
This will never happen.
Gloria Borger (2 months ago)
Hi My name is gloria borger and I liked for jeremy clarkson
Nils Pelka (2 months ago)
Jeremy clarkson could sell me nails for 50 $ a package and he would entertain me.
Pyae Thiha Aung (2 months ago)
He is from top gear
D K (2 months ago)
People are obsessed with packages and buying useless stupid shit. I wish we could stop with all that. Are people gonna be any happier with all of this happening or are we just small kids buying stupid shit all the time while trashing everything around us? So much trash, I can see it already
Lylith Elaine (2 months ago)
This is so amazing :)
Mason 205 (2 months ago)
When will this hit Europe as there are laws against drones in Britain
Red Lazer (2 months ago)
People are going to steal the drone, ride it or put stuff in it
Mithril (2 months ago)
Funny, the drone itself is usually going to be worth more than its payload
RellyOhBoy (2 months ago)
Or you can get your fat lazy ass off the couch and go pick it up yourself.
Harry Hyman (2 months ago)
RellyOhBoy it's a quicker delivery
CJH200iiWii (3 months ago)
What if I order a giant thing..
Colden Atkins (3 months ago)
cool vid
Joseph Bellemare (3 months ago)
Why arent their any likes or dislikes on this video....
Joseph Bellemare (3 months ago)
With 7.4 millon views ... Looks like Amazon has something to hide .lol
Xx Big Easy 141 xX (3 months ago)
Stuart is thicc
Ewaz Nazari (3 months ago)
Ewaz Nazari (3 months ago)
Ewaz Nazari (3 months ago)
Ewaz Nazari (3 months ago)
Ewaz Nazari (3 months ago)
Ewaz Nazari (3 months ago)
Ewaz Nazari (3 months ago)
Ewaz Nazari (3 months ago)
Jim Boonie (3 months ago)
Why the ratings off?
FigyPlays (3 months ago)
Are you sure about this amazon?
That's actually mind-blowing to be honest! In under or in 30 minutes? Cool!
w23857980 (3 months ago)
Why not just beam the package to my house like Star Trek?
EliteFighter31 (3 months ago)
What’s next? The amazon tesla?
TheWarHawk 27 (3 months ago)
Who else thought that when he said “this is a story” he was gonna start singing the prince of bel air theme song lol xD
supercomputer2004 (3 months ago)
What if I order 100 pounds of lead
Fortnite Force (3 months ago)
A girl playing football..... Haha unlikely
johnny llooddte (3 months ago)
and then the dog eats it because some one stupidly ordered dog treats with the rest of the order
johnny llooddte (3 months ago)
ahaha amazod lost 6 billion in shipping last year..amazod is bankrupt
Jude UK (3 months ago)
Jamokai (3 months ago)
don't let sniper Norris see it
LaRon Tyson (3 months ago)
It's now 2018
QuantumBullet (3 months ago)
Just don't have a fog.
Marco Ramirez (3 months ago)
I like it that he said "Amazn"
RileyPlays (3 months ago)
Looks like fun target practice
FruitSnack24 (3 months ago)
i ligit thought they were selling air. Cause, you know, you shouldn't have to go outside to get some- just have it delivered
Terry Danks (3 months ago)
I've noticed that about every article about drones has the same stupid comments. "Oh, it'll get shot down." Perhaps. Only in America! Then there will be a few prosecutions, some convictions and the Duck Dynasty/Honey Boo Boo crowd will discover that shooting down drones is not so risk-free as they thought. And the great "let's shoot down drones" game will fade away. Like the fad of pointing laser pens at landing aircraft. Oh, it was such great such great fun . . . while it lasted. Idiocy!
Giordano Silva (3 months ago)
where is stig's hot lap?
Coolboy123 Omgmghy_xd (3 months ago)
Is this real?
kidgamer36906 (3 months ago)
Dasher Jake (3 months ago)
Dasher Jake (3 months ago)
The future is here boos!
Clid (3 months ago)
Still not available in most places.
Mindblitz64 (4 months ago)
Shoot these things down and see what you get
commanderOFgalaxy (4 months ago)
I was thinking about pizza delivery lol 😂
Wam (4 months ago)
When are they going to start using them?
Triskilion (4 months ago)
Aawin Matriano (4 months ago)
Or maybe discipline your dog
tripjet999 (4 months ago)
"Nothing can go wrong, go wrong, go wrong, go wrong..."
Liao Alex (4 months ago)
I like this design, but wish I can get more detail so I can built one like this!
Deocap (4 months ago)
Imagine explaining to your kids the reason that their Christmas present is late because someone guy had too much fun with a rifle
Quidstar (4 months ago)
jhon doe (4 months ago)
and typically big corporations will lobby for rules that only their drones can use the skies and not small businesses
Energy Stone (4 months ago)
They package one thing and receive two things! What’s up with that!
Prixsen (4 months ago)
What if it rains 😫
Me Gusta (4 months ago)
Jeremy Clarkson like!
cap'n Bubblepant (4 months ago)
And no-one can see the sky
The Crustacean of Creation (5 months ago)
It's not here yet
Crafter1992 (5 months ago)
This will work. Unless you live in America where people have shotguns.
K (5 months ago)
Like communism sounds good doesn't work
English Grammar (5 months ago)
No, that's why neoconservatism doesn't work. That's why communist China is five times richer than capitalist India, why capitalist India has an infant mortality rate five times higher than communist China and why communist China has a murder rate five times lower than capitalist India. Why capitalist Russia's economy hasn't grown in the last 25 years since the collapse of communism, why capitalist Russia has a male life expectancy lower than in Pakistan and why today capitalist Russia has a murder rate higher than even in Haiti. And, why America grew into a super power, from 1921-1965 thanks to collectivism and big government at the helm; with extreme protectionism, closed borders to immigrants, very high income taxes, with a top tax above 90 percent and 20 nearly as high tax bands below that between 70 and 90 percent, very high corporation tax of 52 percent and with sales tax of 25-30 percent. No, communism works beautifully, so unlike neoconservatism and stupid Amazon drones.
Mr. Sandman (5 months ago)
Anazon should mount infrared guns on this thing if somebody tries to shoot it down or tries to damage it.
Marius (5 months ago)
Or just go to a shoeshop
Stars227 (5 months ago)
Ok so all I need to do is take the amazon sticker from my neighbour's yard, put it in mine and I get a free delivery.
ein riskanter profilname (5 months ago)
Sees Jeremy Clarkson. Like instantly.
Darrius Johnson (5 months ago)
I bet the dislikes are from the Amazon workers😂
Darrius Johnson (5 months ago)
That Drone is huge!!!!
Nuancolar (5 months ago)
What's to stop a few naughty kids from whacking one with their baseball bat or wrestling one to the ground? I just cannot see the practical side of seems to be fanciful thinking.
Mr. Sandman (5 months ago)
A gun mounted to it!
Narelle Bullock (5 months ago)
What if a thunder storm starts coming when it’s flying
Ender Shard (5 months ago)
Yeah but when it gets dropped like that what if you don't make it and it's stolen? What if the package is to big? Or can't be dropped? It's so flawed
Link The hero of wild (5 months ago)
Who watching this in 2018?