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Priyanka Chopra: Technology gives us freedom

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Priyanka Chopra may be known for acting, but now she's investing in tech companies. In an exclusive interview with CNN, Chopra tells Laurie Segall why she's investing in Bumble.
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Leonard Wong (2 months ago)
She's foolish. Not true. Excessive technology opens you up to being hacked by questionable tech companies. Some of these companies may have ties to terror networks. Phones now have... Your thumbprint, your facial scan, your iris scan, your otp from your bank accounts. Aps tracking your habits.... Nations now forcing people to pay via phones.... It's all crossing the line to invade your privacy.
JOHNNY BRASCO (1 month ago)
U r an idiot, who spoke abt anything in excess here?
Kitty S (3 months ago)
But, it also imprison us. Throw your cellphone, find yourself in an alienated area...and try contacting one of your family members for emergency; I bet you wouldn't even know their number. 🌚 People are going bad with spellings; thanks to autocorrect feature. 😔
Open Mind (3 months ago)
Crazy how people talk about empowerment of women, when they already have all the opportunity the same as males. What those women say equality is equality of outcome and more- their identity to be "recalibrated" so that the role is in reverse. Such will never happen, and neither do they really believe as they say at the core men and women are the same. We are different, and that's beautiful. Another hypocrisy is: they want men who are taller than them, make at least the same or more money and status than them for a partner; yet they want the men to be equal to them. They say women are oppressed: yet in western society women shout at helpless men who is not socially encouraged to fight back. If men win in argument, he is shamed as a misogynist; if the woman hits the man and the man hits her back the man is woman-hitter. Women know this and misuse this social protection against men. Men needs to rise above them. Be more of the man. Let the women celebrate themselves. Men need to grow up, stop being courteous and nice. Treat them equal and be strong. We need to encourage ourselves more, and shall.
LOVE AND PEACE (3 months ago)
Aman Sharma (3 months ago)
Mario Torrez Quant (4 months ago)
Freedom to be a slave of it, sure!
Datingmate69 (4 months ago)
She's a bomb
secret dancer (5 months ago)
Priyanka Chopra is best actor 💪
FR MLM (5 months ago)
very good idea. So many women are forced in marriage they don't want to enter in.
Can I Reach 500 Subscribers With Irrelevant Videos (5 months ago)
Yaha theek se behave krrhi h India mei kudti rhti h
Saify Khan (6 months ago)
Great Priyanka Chopra ma'am
Atul Sharma (6 months ago)
And I just unfollowed you.
Rajarajeshwari B (6 months ago)
I'm proud to be an Indian women....love pc 💝💝💝
Bhingz Datukali (6 months ago)
I love u pc❤❤❤❤
Nahian Ramesis666 (6 months ago)
Where u r husband Priyanka chukla
Jagdeep Singh (6 months ago)
very well explain for the futuer kids shaabsss
Asha Asha (6 months ago)
Priyanka chopra looks more manly than lady like..
Ii Itunes (4 months ago)
All south Asian women look manly. They are dark, hairy and smell like shit.
Asha Asha (6 months ago)
+Pavithra Narayanan u r sick of ppl who puts women down ???? Im a woman and u insulted me in ur comment by laughing at me....wat u called that. Didn't u put me down ? My opinion is she looks manly in this interview. So i stand by it. Its my comment. Why do u even bother. U love her tats ur problem. But my comment is my problem. Y r u so worked up talking about putting women down this and that. I hv rights to comment and i too hate wen someone stop my freedom to do so. That too falls under putting a women down. If u r fan of her den praise her by ur own comment. Y u reply to my comment. Cos what ever i feel u need not agree with. Likewise if u feel to praise her by all means go ahead. Don waste ur time on my opinion. Just cos i hv a opinion on someone it does not mean im putting tat person down. Everyone has opinion in this world. And anyone has the right to comment or compliment. I stand by equality. Not by feminism or masculism.
Pavithra Narayanan (6 months ago)
+Asha Asha Let's get things straight yeah? Your success (I mean no offence) is irrelevant here. I'm just so bloody sick of people putting women down ( in your case you're a women and you're still doing it.I don't even know how. Talk about hypocrisy). Why can we NEVER see beyond looks and see somebody for their intelligence. AND so WHAT even if she looked "manly''. IT DOES NOT MATTER. What matters is that she is successful today and is investing her resources in doing things for the greater good. So you see, I was just trying to prove a point. Peace.
Asha Asha (6 months ago)
+Pavithra Narayanan being successful is every persons point of view. Definition of success differs to every person. My success may not mean anything to anyone. Likewise ur success may not mean anything to me. So 🤐 In my eyes she looks manly in this particular interview. So keep ur hahaha to urself. And if u like her support her instead of putting down others who comment on her.
Pavithra Narayanan (6 months ago)
Hahaha. Does it matter? She is any day successful than you'll ever be. Hahah.
classic (6 months ago)
Whatever 'yanka and the other lady are blabbing here is nothing we have not heard before from hollyweird employees.....
Chris Martino (6 months ago)
Pornstar makeup..,. I mean, just saying
Pavithra Narayanan (6 months ago)
Of course this is the only thing your pea sized brain is able to comprehend from this video. Not surprised. I mean, just saying.
lalu prashad (6 months ago)
Amazing Priyanka
sarah kiyingi (6 months ago)
Powerful and intelligent Ladies
Steve Wipix (6 months ago)
Let's face it, this is a BIG sin, consider righteousness!
4M (6 months ago)
Zia Uddin Uddin (6 months ago)
Zia Uddin like priyanka Chopra....91232483
Zia Uddin Uddin (6 months ago)
number Singapore girl
buzzYNWA (6 months ago)
Priyanka, you should put some money on Enphase Energy (ENPH).
S SY (6 months ago)
She said no.
Ann Nax (6 months ago)
One and only amazing Priyanka Chopra♡
Tuxedo Cat (6 months ago)
She's just marketing her company.
Anupam Sharma (6 months ago)
Tinder worked in India, this will as well. The current generation of Indians is far more progressive and liberal than the westerners make them out to be. I am part of the Indian generation that has no qualms in using online dating services. But it is also true that extra security features are required in the app because there is a lot of variation in education levels in India and there are predatory men as well that were not brought up to respect choices made by women.
Coffee Shop (6 months ago)
Very good Priyanka...
James Pitt (6 months ago)
Women choose the men. Equality.
Positive Chick (6 months ago)
It’s all about balance. There are pros and cons in everything.
Rolando Sierra (6 months ago)
She’s hot
Funny Cute (6 months ago)
World most beautiful and Famous and powerful women is priyanka chopra and world proud of her so much
sonal rana (6 months ago)
+Jimeth Being 100 most influential people in world by time and gracing US cover, being 100 most powerful women in wolrd by Forbes and boasting almost 1 billion social media followers(Cumulative) is being mildly famous😏
Jimeth (6 months ago)
She's definitely not any of those things. She's beautiful, she's influential and mildly famous - calm down
Data Crunching (6 months ago)
by a proud indian :P
Andres Gonzalez (6 months ago)
Freedom ? You dare to mention even this word. JESUS says if You (including me) remain in my Word. You will know the TRUTH, and The TRUTH shall set You (me) FREE. this is the real Freedom verily
rap Monster (6 months ago)
My only criticism to Priyanka is that she is too quick, too fast, to desperate to speak out and she truly believes that is always the right way to behave. She thinks that looks good. She asumes that is a golden standard. She is always in a hurry to give her opinion when she truly would think twice but she does it to please the media like a servant looking for acceptance. Priyanka that is too naive sweetheart. You my baby!
Amanda Walter (4 months ago)
L Kaur oh i think you are d dumbass get a life disrespect idiot
L Kaur (6 months ago)
Mira S. Do you know the best way to get accepted?? Just to be :). This dumbass is trying to be someone else and making a fool of herself in the process.
Mira S. (6 months ago)
rap Monster I think same ., she is trying too hard to get accepted but everyone wants to get accepted ....so I don't think she is doing something wrong though😁
Literally Felicity (6 months ago)
Isn't that what you're doing too lmao
L Kaur (6 months ago)
rap Monster Priyanka is desperate to get accepted in the American society.
Rajat Yadav (6 months ago)
India don't need Indian American woman India need baba ramdev
Monika Singh (6 months ago)
Rajat Yadav v
Protim Borah (6 months ago)
Baba ramdev 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
You India You Lose (6 months ago)
Rajat Yadav yeah fake chemical products that you swallow daily?
lil briwn boy (6 months ago)
Who is indian American woman?our Desi girl?
peter lang (6 months ago)
Manoj the Indian billionaire wants super graphene geothermal that could power the whole earth! Yay technology!
fau2an100 (6 months ago)
No, technology shackles us and saps away energy from the masses at large For the most part, technology has been deleterious for the intellect. People now know less about multifarious topics than they did before even though information is readily available
lil briwn boy (6 months ago)
In this time..even people like you who share views against media and technology THROUGH TECHNOLOGY exists!from this very instance it's clear that techology plays an upper hand job in most of the ppls personal and private life....most of the tech users find connections through this media...the amount of likes ,rating and download rate of these dating apps are enough proof to substantiate this fact!ppl(most often men)tries to misuse the anonymity that these apps offer...especially in a country like india...as an indian I fell this initiative taken by bumble and mis priyanka Chopra would be really cool and would be a trailblazer in strengthening our women community....a big thumbs up to this initiative .you can't avoid technology.creating a better place within it by erasing the baddies would be an intellectual move!#pcforever
SAINT 65 (6 months ago)
fau2an100 Got any proof to back up those 'claims'? And not gotten off the internet; obviously!!! hahaha
Boochbeard (6 months ago)
Prove your claims
Anshita Jain (6 months ago)
Because of this technology u are able to comment here and share your views with the world