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Module 1: What is Supply Chain Management? (ASU-WPC-SCM) - ASU's W. P. Carey School

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Part 1 of 12 - This module introduces viewers to the field of supply chain management. It describes the complex supply chain of a simple product, a bottle of water. The video also illustrates the importance of supply chain managers and their skill sets in our modern global economy for both manufacturing and service industries. In defining supply chain management, the video also hopes to educate and inspire business students, young and old, about the opportunities available to those with supply chain management degrees. This is the first installment in Arizona State University's twelve-part introduction to supply chain management video series. ASU, the W. P. Carey School of Business, and the Supply Chain Management Department are proud and happy to share this video series with supply chain management departments, supply chain instructors, career specialists in high schools and universities, as well as industry leaders in an effort to inspire a new generation of supply chain management professionals across the country and around the world. Further installments in this series will be made available during the spring of 2010. For more information, visit W. P. Carey's SCM Web site at http://wpcarey.asu.edu/scm or send an e-mail to wpcarey.scm@asu.edu.
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Ahmad Raihan (16 days ago)
What a nice intro.. This is like an intro to play an awesome games!!!
R X (29 days ago)
WOW. I can't wait to read my book now.
Soumaya Sammie (1 month ago)
So many people are telling me to get into this. I watched this like okay nope I don't care about any of this.
David NZ Labour (1 month ago)
Very clear, easy to understand video! Really appreciate your content! Thank you very much!
zik israel simon (2 months ago)
This is awesome, brilliant summary of supply chain by introduction. I think he deserves a better name as a coach than a lecturer.
jajlertil (2 months ago)
The beginning of this makes me wonder how anyone makes a profit off anything
Ravi Patel (2 months ago)
Thank you very much for an overview it is really helpful
Tompkins International (2 months ago)
How to build an anti-brittle #SupplyChain to succeed in today’s uncertain and volatile times. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=alWz3W5stkE
khaled7stars (3 months ago)
No one: No kid: Not any kid on earth: Kid: I want to become a supply chain manager when I grow up
Peter Krarup (5 days ago)
As a logistics senior NCO in the Army, I can tell you that supply chain is critical to mission success.
Jogador15 (3 months ago)
falafil Gro (3 months ago)
i slept watching this
Harshit kansal (3 months ago)
Yahi Hindi m btaye plz
Steven Aguilera (3 months ago)
"This is the reason why little kids all around the world wanna be Supply Chain Managers." This is most likely the fattest lie ever fabricated lol
Candy Girl (4 months ago)
I’m the only girl taking this in my class
Brendan Prior (4 months ago)
Thanks for this. Very Helpful!
MrStifleras (4 months ago)
send this to bernie sanders
MJlover2300 (4 months ago)
shankar gokul (5 months ago)
1000 thanks.
Akhil dandamudi (5 months ago)
IT SAMAYA (5 months ago)
The Best video to understand Supply chain concept so far (Y)
me myself (5 months ago)
Learned more here than in marketing college
Glend Mejia (5 months ago)
jdotpenneyatcomputer (5 months ago)
This is just project management. PMBOK.
Ali Hussain (5 months ago)
For those of you wanting to switch careers and have this in mind: DO IT!! SCM is the future and will only grow bigger and bigger and more profitable
Kathie Britt (6 months ago)
Аrе уоu Ѕеаrсhіng fоr Ѕuррlу Сhаіn Маnаgеmеnt соursеs оnlіnе. Just gооglе "Ζое Таlеnt Ѕоlutіоns"
Ranjithkumar Muthukrishnan (6 months ago)
Amazing. What will be the supply chain management flow for your Video ?
Global Supply Chain Council (GSCC) (6 months ago)
Great! I really like this clip.
coolrox (6 months ago)
Thanks a lot!
Mamadou Bah (6 months ago)
Well done Sir! Congratulations for chaining me into your supply YouTube management. Subscribes+1, likes+=1
Harvey Specter (6 months ago)
This was an amazingly easy to understand video! It makes it so easy even though many of my fellow business students (including me) often forget the core ideas of SCM!
Asdamkindo Jabar (6 months ago)
Do you have any modul about supply chain management in construction business?
Daniel Right (6 months ago)
Damn my lecturers who bullshit all the time with nonsence end up explaining nothing
Chris B (6 months ago)
Great example of storytelling to get the point across.
ok (7 months ago)
nigga fuck college
Vans Ngassa (7 months ago)
What is your name sir ?
MAX BPO (7 months ago)
Very knowledgeable. click here for related video https://youtu.be/EReHVVztCrY
ubaid ullah (7 months ago)
guys if you want to learn more about supply chain management https://www.engineersays.com/supply-chain-management/
Randy Olivares (7 months ago)
I really want to get into supply chain but my school doesn’t offer it. I have the chance to major in business administration, marketing, accounting, computer science and civil engineering but I’m leaning more toward the business majors( business, accounting, marketing) which one should I pick? And how can I break into the supply chain industry? Should I get certs or get a masters in supply chain ?
Luis Rodriguez II (7 months ago)
Thats how a logistic pro should see his/her surroundings. As Neo see codes in the Matrix.
Degree7 (7 months ago)
Supply Chain: Supplier -> Manufacturer (broker) -> Wholesaler -> Retailer -> Consumer Vertical Integration: Buying up or down supply chain for cost control
Nameless Girl (7 months ago)
"Simple example" that's one hecka long example. But good.😊
Ali Ramazanov (7 months ago)
That course is more than awesome and very helpful. Thank you!
Vivek Uniyal (7 months ago)
This clip was impressively worthful
Woravat T. Fungtragool (7 months ago)
Ashley Anderson (7 months ago)
Thank you so much! I learned more in 8 minutes than I did in my 6 week value chain course!
Rahul Chatterjee (8 months ago)
I have never seen a kid dream to become a SCM.
Hunter Nelson (8 months ago)
yo if i just watch this do I still have to buy the modules on ibooks or amazon? or is this just as good?
Amorita Maharaj (8 months ago)
Great video.
saloni rawat (8 months ago)
thanks a lot sir ..
Milo Dodds (8 months ago)
Basically we need to stop drinking bottled watered let alone half the other things we are purchasing which btw has much to do with being prepared and planning ahead or in other words becoming better supply chain consumers. It's a waste of our resources to do otherwise.
Peddle Plus (8 months ago)
Great teaching...this module is quite helpful.
Peddle Plus (8 months ago)
The module learning is great..I supply chain got more easy with Peddle Plus, checkout https://www.peddleplus.in
Harry Macke (9 months ago)
Is this made for children??
Abhisheki Singh (9 months ago)
What's the profit ?
Susan Mbui (9 months ago)
Spent my childhood dreaming of my first supply chain class 😄😄
sylvest100 (9 months ago)
The management of the network of supplies - Supply Network Management. Might be a more apt job title. :-)
John John (9 months ago)
Oh man, everything was so good until the last part HAAHAHHA. Thank you. Great video
Sharad Pant (9 months ago)
Great, thanks for making concept simple to make understand.
Mahmoud Ahmed (9 months ago)
Thanks so much 😐
Saroj Singh (9 months ago)
totally unsatisfied.........you didn't teach any think ......
Neosage (10 months ago)
Very knowledgeable instructor. I just wanna say this: "Damn I wish I could talk like that in public." :( lol
Richard A Pico (10 months ago)
there are a ton of consumers who are completely blind, naive & unaware of supply chain management (scm). most think scm is a 2 step protocol.
vee kay (9 months ago)
Oh, so you know most consumers? And you know that they are "completely blind, naive & unaware?" Failed logic.
Alpana Kumar (10 months ago)
MikeyGQOTA (10 months ago)
If only life came with an instruction booklet, I would say the tutorial is just as good. Thanks :)
S K (10 months ago)
LOL childhood dream of supply chain management 😂
Davidson Vincent (10 months ago)
Thank you very much for opening my eyes to the topic. God bless you.
Nikita Gupta (10 months ago)
Randy Cates (11 months ago)
Interesting video about the cost of producing the plastic bottles. For example, It takes three times as much water to produce the water the bottles contain. https://youtu.be/WBrx959A6iU
Gazi Sanaul Hasan (11 months ago)
vee kay (9 months ago)
MOI (11 months ago)
What kind of kid would dream about becoming a supply chain manager? that' some sociopathic next level shit
priyanka chavan (11 months ago)
Super...I am learning this subject in this semester
Elo Ofere (11 months ago)
Helpful thanks
Louis B (11 months ago)
I watched this video about 7 years ago to learn what supply chain management is. I just got my Masters Degree in Integrated Supply Chain Management. Thank you so much for simplifying SCM for all of us!
Louis B (9 months ago)
Eric Ninsson no, you will be fine. Math isn’t the core of SCM overall.
Eric Ninsson (9 months ago)
Louis B i don't have a math background but i want to do my masters in supply chain management. Is it going to be difficult for me?
vasil sivilov (11 months ago)
Going to to ASU soon
Lea (11 months ago)
Detailed explanation of SCM as a starter :)
NilSpace (11 months ago)
I love SCM
w m (11 months ago)
I really liked my major after watching this video , Thank you
elj hajar (1 year ago)
The guy is Genius..........
Piumi Herath (1 year ago)
loved it! Thank you
Dominika Łuszcz (1 year ago)
1. What are what are the basic SCM concepts of the case? 2. What are lessons for the mid-level manager to learn for this case?
tangobayus (1 year ago)
This is an excellent series worth every minute you spend watching it.
Teely T (1 year ago)
This is very helpful, helped me understand SCM much better. Thank you!
jackson phiri (1 year ago)
It makes a lot of sense now.
lebeR Ogun (1 year ago)
I so love that this has 1.5 million views
Bader Alaraimi (1 year ago)
wooooooow 😍 🤩
Erick Grigsby (1 year ago)
Very good video, I am looking forward to changing career from teaching to SCM.
TheSlushFund (1 year ago)
As a consumer, this just blew my mind.
Sonu Mirchandani (1 year ago)
Awesome lecture!
boogiemie (1 year ago)
"Welcome to SCM. Where all your childhood supply chain dreams are about to come true" LOL Gonna use that line with my students :D
Oscar Yair Reynaga Martínez (1 year ago)
Well done, It is an interesting review about SCM
Malay Kumar (1 year ago)
Dude....you are amazing. I need to send this video to my Prof. nd tell him. This is how you should teach.
Biniyam Simachew (1 year ago)
Thanks alot!!!!!
Raj Purohit (1 year ago)
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Yang Du (1 year ago)
behold, white Obama
Thanh Nguyen (1 year ago)
I need a standard course about SCM.
lee wills (1 year ago)
What is I just buy the water at retail then resale it for 1 dollar a bottle out of a pack of 24 costing 3.99.
LAMOND HAUGHTON (1 year ago)
No wonder Amazon systems automation and AI is becoming more and more dominating from complexity to simplicity. When they implement block chain and use decentralized service's to move their product around traditional supply chain management will become outdated as it is now .
LAMOND HAUGHTON (1 year ago)
Supply chain management is antiquated protectionist system that will be replaced by blockchain and the distributed ledger.
Cam gtoro (10 months ago)
You think it's a waste of time? What fields are good to get into with an MBA?
Zeze Ruiz (1 year ago)
This was pretty good! Interesting and dynamic!
Holisol Supply Chain Management (1 year ago)
Supply chain management (SCM) is the broad range of activities required to plan, control and execute a product's flow, from acquiring raw materials and production through distribution to the final customer, in the most streamlined and cost-effective way possible.
khayakazi mqhamane (1 year ago)
You explained SCM very well , thank you