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UPS Washes their plane too much

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What a stupid concept for an Ad. It Came from BETA
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Chase Heater (1 year ago)
it's a 747
CarWashNews (6 years ago)
We save tons of gas and waste thousands of water also!
UTube4Junky (6 years ago)
What about you nichols?
TheEMS41 (6 years ago)
Air France should make this too !
Mister Cello (6 years ago)
The cello was shipped TO me and no, I am not insane. And no, everyone does not know that UPS doesn't pay claims on stuff they break. I told this story to countless people in the 9 months is took UPS to pay for the cello. Invariably people would say, "Well, if it was insured they have to pay for it!" Not so! UPS payed for the cello only after we took them to court. Had I known what would happen, I would have driven half way across the country and driven it home myself.
Azealia Daily (6 years ago)
wont you want your package on a clean plane?
mrFalconlem (6 years ago)
That videos from about 1991.
mrFalconlem (6 years ago)
Are you insane shipping a wood item UPS? everyone knows to ship those USPS .. breakables are never a good bet with UPS.
Mister Cello (6 years ago)
Yeah, UPS is tight-no doubt about that! They don't pay valid claims, which probably saves them a lot of money. They happily collect the fees for "Declared Value" but don't use the money to pay claims. Insurance pays, but "Declared Value" is a donation to UPS. Should I feel better that it might have been a very clean plane or truck or hub in which my cello was destroyed? Should I care how clean is the desk of the adjuster who has stalled on my valid claim for 4 months? I don't think so!
Santosh Pulami (7 years ago)
fuck the title i suggest u to think before putting the title
matt k (7 years ago)
@jlgoins64 agree. paying for that shit is a rip i bough something on wed payed $28 for next day. didnt end up getting it till monday.... uh the fuck?
Love Peace and Bacon Grease (7 years ago)
LOL, biggest bunch of $HIT I've heard...4 out of 4 times they have not gotten my 2nd day Air package to me. NEVER USE UPS for 2nd day air.
planestrains95 (7 years ago)
douglas neff (7 years ago)
thats not stupid at all im a drivers helper for ups but im looking to be a pilot for UPS some day and did you know that works on your car as well you wash your car that also reducies wind drag so you learn something new every day stupid no not at all
The Flying Gasmask (7 years ago)
4 people used fedex and not ups
Jeff B (7 years ago)
it's good and bad for the environment. Save jet fuel = less fuel pollution = good Keep planes clean = more water usage = bad
gert riet (7 years ago)
Dat was wasstraat voor vliegtuigen.
xevnoc (7 years ago)
@RedShiftKYPO working the teamster way :)
xTomcatsForeverVF84x (7 years ago)
Wow, is that how they really washed their planes??? Damn I had no idea that's how they did it lol
alluminyo (7 years ago)
UPS you gotta teach AIR FRANCE how to clean an aircraft!!!!!!!!!!!!
minimusix (8 years ago)
thye probably spend all the fuel money on soap and instead by red fuel from lidls
The Egg (8 years ago)
i cant imagine scum on the sides causing enough resistance to cost thousands of tons of gas. it seems it would cost more to pay all those men cleanin it and the soap and water and time wasted...
airforce787 (8 years ago)
there's nothing stupis about it, I agree but they waste time on cleaning which loses them more money.
Dazed767 (8 years ago)
@bobbysam232 LOL!
Charles Randolph (8 years ago)
stickfigure1998 (8 years ago)
now its all nice and clean. let me get that... damn it, u birds stop pooping on my fucking plane!!!!
bobbysam232 (8 years ago)
OCD lol
RedShiftKYPO (8 years ago)
Nice! I probably helped load that plane over the last few years that we ran the 100 & 200 series 747s. Now all the 74's we own are the newer 400 series. In fact I'm looking at a couple of them right now.
claire smith (9 years ago)
wow a plane wash! lol