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Lufthansa A346 Trembling Takeoff

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Logan Int'l Airport Lufthansa Airbus A340-642 / D-AIHI
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Text Comments (130)
Steven Yong (2 months ago)
Beautiful close-up!
Chrisrianto Channel (2 months ago)
I love this queen. A masterpiece ✨
Bruce G. (3 months ago)
I didn't see any trembling. The wings bounced around a bit, but they all do.
basit 786 (5 months ago)
Quality work
David Blocher (5 months ago)
Video is ok but trembling? Really dude.
Richard Joganah (7 months ago)
nice take off from lufthansa my favorite airline 😊
Oliver Keating (10 months ago)
Beautifully shot - manages to track the aircraft at high zoom and remain so smooth
Robert Mchenga (1 year ago)
A346 or A340?
Thomas Daniels (4 months ago)
A346 is short for A340-600
AirlinersHD (2 years ago)
Well done! Top machine - A346!
marcel-nine-one-one (2 years ago)
Nicely tracked, but I think it was a bit too close.
Venkat Gurram (2 years ago)
Good camera work.
ASJE Aviation HQ (2 years ago)
Great video! Subbed & Liked!
Thomas Kerwin (2 years ago)
Beautiful aircraft but it's underpowered and reaching it's operational age. Besides having 4 engines, it is not too friendly to the corporate pocketbook. It's now being replaced by the A350 XWB which is 27% more economical (2 engines), a lot quieter, and more environment friendly.
Murat Sark (2 years ago)
Bad take off
destinysalex (2 years ago)
I've flown the A340 with Lufthansa from PHL to FRA and EWR to MUC. The take off is just spectacular. What a gorgeous bird.
Vincent Planespotting (1 year ago)
ogbono soup (2 years ago)
It works if you shake your screen as the plane takes off. You do get a trembling effect.
Michael T (2 years ago)
It's not trembling, but it should....Boeing is better.
Jason Carroll (2 years ago)
ccwalker050 (2 years ago)
Great video!! Very nice! Why'd you end it so fast? :)
Sriram Sivaramakrishnan (2 years ago)
which video camera do you use? beautiful shot!
phapnui (2 years ago)
"shaking or quivering, typically as a result of anxiety, excitement, or frailty." Deceptive aka clickbait
Negan Grimes (2 years ago)
Reported for possible misleading and possible clickbait
johncoktostone (2 years ago)
I also didn't see any trembling. Economy class seating on the LH A346 sucks.
slippyg (2 years ago)
johncoktostone lol economy class on any airline sucks
Hugh Ghazz (2 years ago)
Of course its "trembling" its a Scarebus....
marbleman52 (2 years ago)
A "Trembling Takeoff"...?? You should be ashamed for such a dis-honest title..!!
Vincent Planespotting (1 year ago)
well if you do not like the video then why in the hell did you EVEN WATCH IT!?!?!??!??!?!??
Vincent Planespotting (1 year ago)
ahahaha *Cough* *Cough* *Cough stfu*
blackmambalim (2 years ago)
phapnui (2 years ago)
By rights, should be a lot more. What was so trembling?
Transport HUB (2 years ago)
Damn those tires on the nose landing gear look huge! Never noticed that. Thought they were smaller
David Blocher (2 years ago)
Nice video but "trembling" Really?
Tom Genner (2 years ago)
Who or what is "trembling"
ehsan83 (2 years ago)
Excellent shot well done. Subscribed 👍🏼
Werner Salzl (2 years ago)
Ich liiieeebe den A340!
LULU KNOWS LP (2 years ago)
Ian Harvey (2 years ago)
What are some good spotting spots at KBOS
Mikosch2 (2 years ago)
Padi3_14 The Prydwen.
Alwyn Wallace (2 years ago)
Beautiful shot keep it up
cdnpont (2 years ago)
catfish500mark (2 years ago)
OMG, I'm still trembling.SMFH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Paulistófilo (2 years ago)
Nice shot. Just a good camera it would not enough to film this takeoff like this. Actually, it seemed like documentary scene.
Stefon (2 years ago)
@SuperEdge67 I honestly don't remember asking a question. 😟I am also a pilot!
johncoktostone (2 years ago)
Economy class on a LH A340 sucks horribly.
Vincent Planespotting (1 year ago)
How F*cking Dare You!!!
Lex Go (2 years ago)
David Horgan why did u say that
David Horgan (2 years ago)
johncoktostone well it's a horrible plane.....
Jose Vera (2 years ago)
Incredible, very nice video anda superb great queility, what Camera used in video? Please whait for your response, sorry mi bad english
ImmortalSynn (3 years ago)
AwaitingTheMeteorOfDoom (3 years ago)
This plane is soo much more pleasing to the senses with those updated Rolls Royce engines! Would love to fly on one.
Andrew Anane (3 years ago)
I wanna kiss that plane, its so beautiful it is just perfect😆
Vincent Planespotting (1 year ago)
Yes! Whoever does not like the A340 and/or thinks it is a horrible plane well they need to just *Stop it, Get Some Help.*
Andrew Anane (2 years ago)
@Dengar97 lol
Dengar97 (2 years ago)
Different eyes, I can understand, but... cocks? lmao
Andrew Anane (2 years ago)
@coolkidsahib So? We have different eyes and cocks lol
coolkidsahib (2 years ago)
How could you say that (offended) Check out the 777-X < That looks sexy af
Chetan Acharya (3 years ago)
Beautifully shot, you are clearly a professional at this. What camera do you use?
Christopher o neal (3 years ago)
your camera is amazing such nice clarity
Noble6233 (3 years ago)
Awesome video and one of my favorite planes
dan kuettel (3 years ago)
Outstanding panning and zoom
Pulkovospotter (4 years ago)
Great example of professional planespotting!
DealWithItGaming/BRCFTW (4 years ago)
WOW what an awesome video! :D
Juliana andri (4 years ago)
Lufthansa A346 Trembling Takeoff
pannekoekster (4 years ago)
great camera work,
Ashley Teo (4 years ago)
Amazing footage!  I love how the plane says "HI". 
Stefon (5 years ago)
What a long take off run. Even with the strong head wind
kennysandhoj (2 years ago)
The point would probably be that with weak engines compared to the size of the airplane it needs a longer take off run to reach takeoff speed.
Stefon (2 years ago)
@SuperEdge67 exactly so what's your point?
David Horgan (2 years ago)
That's an A340 for ya. HUGELY underpowered
Hiding Jaguar (5 years ago)
whats so "trembling"
Aviatorspot (5 years ago)
Stunning video! Great camera work!
QUICHE45 (5 years ago)
Almir M (5 years ago)
So beautiful!!
Bumble Bee (5 years ago)
Exciting takeoff
so ro (5 years ago)
I love a340s
MUCAviation (5 years ago)
Martin Gomez (5 years ago)
whattttt theeee helllllllllll! very nice............
Timothy Cathy (5 years ago)
Is there a Dune on the side of the runway? the takeoff looked like it was close to a tailstrike but it could just be the angle
Greg Chomko (5 years ago)
I didn't know an Airbus could sound that good!!
BadenCityFire (5 years ago)
she is dirty !
create (5 years ago)
That filming was just magnificent. Great job. You kept the camera so steady; the only other place I've seen camerawork that good is in professional movies! Great job!
SKBenergy (5 years ago)
spectacular video :)
José Reyes Cortés (5 years ago)
damn i think i sh/Iz on my pants DOPE
dion sanchez (5 years ago)
thumbs up if you hate people that sit at the windows n keep the shutters down.
Karl L (6 years ago)
Great video. Love the sea gulls squawking at the end of the clip. Priceless.
vgprom (6 years ago)
awesome!! just curious.. what cam do you use?
SKBenergy (6 years ago)
nice :)
aviationetwork (6 years ago)
flygwada971 (6 years ago)
Like this heavy taking off. It is amazing.
Malinda Rajapakse (6 years ago)
Lovely mate!
Daniel Luna (6 years ago)
Wow! Very high Quality! Regards from México.
mattfrommaine1 (6 years ago)
What an AMAZING video!!! Thank you for sharing!
dh94531 (6 years ago)
cool.. this beautiful airplane is named as my hometown! :P
Videography by gregster295 (6 years ago)
Love how the gear door says HI haha! Excellent video!
Pmdg Allplane (6 years ago)
212bvs (6 years ago)
magnificant clarity and detail including the pilot ... awesome.
BostonAirborne (6 years ago)
BostonAirborne (6 years ago)
I hope you are enjoying your time in AZ! :)
TheAbdsAviation (6 years ago)
bloody hell the video in 1080p looks beast!! keep it up!
jenf777 (6 years ago)
Superb, superb footage, just fantastic!!! :)
RyDon85 HD Aviation (6 years ago)
Epic shots dude! Amazing clarity Chris ... good to see "Monchengladbach" back on YT. She's a beauty, filmed her with a KLM MD-11 arriving into Vancouver last year. Thumbs up!!
Louise Brillo (6 years ago)
1:34 you here that birds? Like in spongebob :D
microdubber (6 years ago)
A nice pretty Airbus - unlike the 380! Lazy take-off roll though.
Roberto Pozo (6 years ago)
one and only Lufthansa! My favorite airline, the only one I fly. Beautiful filming!
Jesper Rådegård (6 years ago)
Like it!!!
Antilles Fly (6 years ago)
Nice Shot my friend !
TheVladimirHD (6 years ago)
Great video, amazing close-up taxing, ;)
Tommy Olsson (6 years ago)
Very Nice, well done!
Flyspotter19 (6 years ago)
Oh god, beautiful aircraft! Smooth filmed! Awesome!
mtrauua (6 years ago)
Great video. Smooth camera work with no wobbling.
SydneyAirportSpotter (6 years ago)
Perfect filming!
O'Hare Aviation - Jay's HD Plane Spotting (6 years ago)
I have a new video in my Favorites!
PVDAviation (6 years ago)
Wow, great close-up! Fantastic work!!
IOM-Aviation-Videos (6 years ago)
Great filming!
Flightbudy2channel (6 years ago)
Sweet, vary nice man
Almir M (6 years ago)
Very good! You record like a professional, without trembly. Congratulations!
jaypek43 (6 years ago)
Superb resolution!