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Max Stam 10 years old future tennis star

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10 year old Max Stam tennis match against 12 year old Jorge from Columbia.
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Text Comments (11)
okpapereat (9 years ago)
0:25 the ball is out?
Rickey Huynh - Omega Phi Gamma (10 years ago)
theres no doubles box...
IKnowWereYouSleep (10 years ago)
your school must suck shit at tennis
E-manny (10 years ago)
wow reallly. yo what the flip. tennis star? my mom does that, so my mom is a star. flick a diddle do
copavida (10 years ago)
i like the court, except for the server side were is to short the distance between the fence and the baseline
jocamaneiro1 (10 years ago)
im sorry to say this but..... HE SUX BALLS DOG!
B Ma (10 years ago)
for returning?! that's legal.
sacura605 (10 years ago)
hate to say this but i've seen better
B Ma (10 years ago)
what the hell are you talking about.
bullet4mv93 (10 years ago)
bitch got HOOKED!
NeoSpectrum VI (10 years ago)