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2001 Dale Jarrett UPS Commercial

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From 2001, Dale Jarrett told he is going to drive the truck.
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Survivrs (3 years ago)
NASCAR has never been the same without DJ/UPS. He's the only driver I've ever loved and while I was disappointed when he retired, I will always be happy that I was here watching when he got his last win at Talladega. He was truly a gentleman!! It's nice seeing him in the booth but it's just not the same.
Justin Trebell (3 years ago)
Ups and Dale Jarrett commercials were the best
NASCARFAN160 (5 years ago)
They wanted the race the truck so badly, lol. And they got their wish in NASCAR 06. :P
N1SC4R (1 year ago)
Don't You Mean In 2004
Carolina Tater (5 years ago)
these ups ads were some of the best...
Joey Logano 22 (6 years ago)
Anyone notice the NASCAR 2000 logo on the car lol
clikcerticker (6 years ago)
im a seasonal driver helper for UPS. this shit is so funny. but to be fair if Dale's gonna drive one of the trucks. then the drivers get to take the car one time
Jardbig (6 years ago)
i remember seeing this in the daytona 500 that year
Billy McKinney (7 years ago)
"Oh that, thats just a PR tool. You'll be driving the Big Brown Truck" lol
DaleJRfan100 (8 years ago)
dale jr or dale jaret I am a fan of dale jr