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FedEx Commercial

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We have to send this box from here... to Germany??
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Text Comments (47)
Lame Asson (5 months ago)
👏👏👏👏👏 luv it
J Tiso (8 months ago)
11 years later still my favorite commercial
Flutterຮhy TR (9 months ago)
0:56 Relax İt's FedEx
Conrado Javier (10 months ago)
Noodle from Gorillaz brought me here.
Phack Em (1 year ago)
dariounited (2 years ago)
The box is driving me nuts!
G-man R-man (3 years ago)
I literally can watch this over and over again! love it!
Charlie Galatas (5 years ago)
Two white men portrayed as too stupid to figure out how to send a box to Germany. Don't use Fedex. They don't like you.
JakeandElwoodBlues (6 years ago)
The guy in the chair looks like Dave Morgan (stuck in the elevator guy).
brutusln (6 years ago)
Called Fedex. Hi, I'd like to schedule a pickup for here at this time. You're all set. Guy shows up. Oh, those are "express". Can't do it. Why not? They're Express. It's a different company. Call this number, dial zero three times and ask for a Fedex Express Dispatcher and they'll arrange pickup. Called the number. We can't pick those up today, it's after the cutoff of 3:30. Dropped them off at Kinko's. "We don't accept those kind of boxes. [Legal boxes.] Why not? Can't insure them.
BWTransform (6 years ago)
Lemme throw it back at you!
ABNSubie (7 years ago)
My Dad works for FedEx so I am going to send this to him. Really funny!
CrazyMind (7 years ago)
reminds me of engineering class
Mark (7 years ago)
such good actors, haha, funny
Eran Levi (7 years ago)
FEDEX are the BEST
s a (8 years ago)
ITS PAT FROM YTV!!!!! 'cool guy' too
Mark (9 years ago)
@mattdillonlover209 Good actors!
AJ Ibanez (9 years ago)
@72ve17 Well, actually, yes they do. And THAT'S the reason why other people invented FedEx :)
Marvin Hans (9 years ago)
sx600 (9 years ago)
This is how my old company was 100%! They could not do anything right. what a mess.
Jackie Hanrahan (9 years ago)
thats my uncle!
Ulises Barrera (9 years ago)
mmmm naaaa its not that good
Brad K (9 years ago)
Freaking funny! Reminds me of certain kids that I know, who don't know how to mail a letter.
72ve17 (9 years ago)
these businessmen sucks
Mais H (10 years ago)
Is it stupid or it's just me!!
benlwyy (10 years ago)
Fedex is not reliable..i tries it before..trust me!
BabyBlueJeff (10 years ago)
hahaha that was great!
Cody Gerow (10 years ago)
the guys who walks in at the end used to be on ytv didn't he? what else has he done?
MondoBeno (10 years ago)
I've seen too many "meetings" that go like this. They'll spend hours discussing every nuance of something that I'd give five minutes.
Logan Inglis (10 years ago)
At the end its so funny hes like relaxxx its fed exxx its like hes chewin on a marshmellow or something while hes sayin it! XD
SourceOfChaos (10 years ago)
lmfao this is hillarious xD
davibrass (10 years ago)
IT's hillarious...it's the hyperbole that makes it funny
Lloyd Tran (11 years ago)
from here to germany LOL
djkissnicky (11 years ago)
I work for FedEx an I hate every minute of it!!!....
Gwen Broderick (11 years ago)
KriegerBR29 (11 years ago)
haha loved it..the whole we're analyzing but making no fuckin' progress hahah
Matthew Morganelli (12 years ago)
colinandrewcraig (12 years ago)
Yup, someone please post the third commercial!
Bill Christie (12 years ago)
We need the third commercial in the series. "Let's break into groups."
deuxit (12 years ago)
I also looked at the French Canadian version. and it shows you how small script difference make a big difference. In the French version they one actor questions the usefullness of the Diagram "Has this ever been usefull for us". Ruins it. Much better to have both actors see it as a usefull representation of all they know about the problem. This is a great ad.
Craig Windrim (12 years ago)
unbelievably funny commercial. is totally unrealistic but that's why it flies. top three commercials for me - along with the DQ flamethrower burger ad.
colinandrewcraig (12 years ago)
"This box is driving me nuts!" - great commercial. Fedex commercials are awesome!
sandwich2353 (12 years ago)
Whoa, whoa, whoa. Slow down, Einstein!
Jesse Taylor (12 years ago)
Patrick Morrell (12 years ago)
They must have been in one of my meetings...
Ryan Ciampa (12 years ago)
Hilarious! I love this commercial!
Dmatrix9 (12 years ago)
this commercial needs more love