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The Future Of Urban Delivery Is Electric Cargo Bikes

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DHL Express, the world's leading international express services provider, is piloting a new City Hub concept that will enable increased use of cargo bicycles for inner-city deliveries. The City Hub is a customized trailer which can carry up to four containers for the DHL Cubicycle, a customized cargo bicycle which can carry a container with a load of up to 125 kg (one cubic meter in volume). A DHL van delivers the trailer into the city center, where the containers can be quickly loaded on to two Cubicyles for last-mile inner-city delivery. It can then be reloaded for outbound shipments. The solution significantly reduces emissions by minimizing the mileage and time spent on the road by standard delivery vehicles. Each City Hub can replace up to two standard delivery vehicles, with an equivalent CO2saving of over sixteen tons per year and a significant reduction in other emissions
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Text Comments (480)
E. Asinus (5 days ago)
I want one so bad lol. And 16 tons per wehicle?
Denise Seabreeze (12 days ago)
Should have full size tractor trailer mirrors and his/her own sound system 😆😇 Screw the carbon footprint 😈
Red_Bull (16 days ago)
Parecen carretas del Viejo oeste..
gorbulas (17 days ago)
legit the future
Mohit Kashyap (25 days ago)
Great idea
jie liu (25 days ago)
All the SF-Express man here in China are using electric trycicles to transfer goods for many years. And all of their urban trucks are already electrified. But their bike and truck really need some industrial design cause they are really not so good looking
Yuni Field (28 days ago)
I hope is electric bike .
mad ass (1 month ago)
Good luck with that.
Cap Buaya (1 month ago)
Riding bicycle in this posture may cause hemorrhoids in the long run. The workers should sue DHL
Mark Wiesnau (1 month ago)
this is gonna kill your back in no time^^
LateWorm Studio (1 month ago)
This is not a bicycle. This is straight-up just a truck with pedals.
imam hendra w (1 month ago)
Verry awesome ....
Leroy Jordan (1 month ago)
Nah I'm good👎🏽
Mr MaNuSia (1 month ago)
Nice weather
Jokune (2 months ago)
I saw one at finland!
vaquero aferrado (2 months ago)
Libre de infracción
Trollbot 5000 (2 months ago)
One courier dies and they will ban them, just like they did in NY.
Saint Christopher (2 months ago)
Trialled in Holland ?
tom thompson (3 months ago)
stick a small engine on itand a roof and your onto a winner ,,, oh hang on , thats a van
Max Nachnahme (2 months ago)
DHL/The German Postal where these vehicles are from also has a bigger version with an electric motor and will show their newest version with a hydrogen engine in 2022
Thiago Pizzaia (3 months ago)
incrível e inovador!
Miguel Sanchez (3 months ago)
Impressive, smart, and good job!!!!!!!!
kantstop Me (3 months ago)
Great way to move goods from A to B. Anybody who thinks this is funny or a stupid idea is a flippin moron.
Werner Müller (3 months ago)
Null Inovation ,das spiegelt die neue Ingenieurskunst wieder,und keiner sagt wie lachhaft und dumm es ist.
InDeepConcentration (3 months ago)
have a dildo on seats like South Park ?
Jane qual o valor Eliano (3 months ago)
Bally Sohal (3 months ago)
The future looks more and more like classic India. When is DHL gonna use cows and donkeys for city deliveries?
Robby Midgett (3 months ago)
As soon as these are open for public purchase, best expect a flood of YouTube videos on your feed with the title “My life living in an Electric Cargo Bike”. Not gonna lie... I’d watch them all.
andres bolanos (4 months ago)
Había testigo de jehova. 1:48 hermoso
El Loco (4 months ago)
I don't think so - automatic dilivery systems are the future
Benjamin Schaetzle (4 months ago)
My future you mean.
lem farba (4 months ago)
I wonder if these would work in India?
kirchnerista ladron (4 months ago)
En argentina no le dejan ni la ropa al repartidor. Le roban todo
劉梓宏 (4 months ago)
Tobias (4 months ago)
Annnd It'll be cancelled because of all the robberries.
el ragnar STO (4 months ago)
Into The Arena (4 months ago)
A total waste of human time..slave drivers.com
whatsupbudbud (4 months ago)
Containers should probably be coated with solar panels, especially in more sunny regions.
Nan sd (5 months ago)
What ever DHL do . They are totally like robot's or machine. They are depending on machine and computers . Not using human brains.
Jose Eli (5 months ago)
But a roof or visor.. can to be better
عمر الدراجي (5 months ago)
Is there a job opportunity for you please I need to work with the same machine in any country you want to know I am from Iraq
محمد حميد (5 months ago)
its my dream to work with this company in turkey
kammo making (5 months ago)
Prochaine étape, le cheval
Tony Hardy (5 months ago)
I want to know the company who built those electric assist peddle trucks.
kind elhail (5 months ago)
We like this tricycle we are from the region of Marrakesh Morocco a group of young people working in recycling things we need a truck or tricycle so can help us thanks Cooperative jeunes de Maroc vert pour le tri et recyclage des déchets. 00212661913995 Marennour@gmail.com
Carlos Ruiz (5 months ago)
Alterate Awful (5 months ago)
if i get one i am gona tow an extra cargo on it
Alterate Awful (5 months ago)
how do you stop people from stelling it?
BlackPanda45 xxBlackPanda45x1 (5 months ago)
Wo kann man so eins kaufen ?
Charlie Tharan (5 months ago)
Hell yea that sounds like a chill job. Easy to stay in shape!
whatsupbudbud (4 months ago)
Exactly. I'd ditch my well-paid office IT job at any time for this. When I think about it, maybe I should create a company that does this. Package delivery has always been a pain whenever I'm waiting for something or sending something.
DEATHRIDE2316 (6 months ago)
You can tell the Non American element.
Marc Frank (4 months ago)
deezynar (6 months ago)
The cargo box, and the weight, can be lowered at least 6 inches by lowering the rails the boxes sit on. I would not be happy if I had to ride one of these in the rain while being completely exposed. A windshield and roof at least would help a lot and not add more than 5 kilos. Other than those things, it looks great to me. I may buy one and make it into a camper.
František Novák (6 months ago)
Eide segway mini pro seating with a hoverseat
MrWguts (6 months ago)
We need this in America, American employees need the exercise!
Canal malo Juegos,InventosXploración (6 months ago)
Need a hanbrake
Michael V (6 months ago)
well, a soft roof to have better protection against elements would be nice. Especially when riding in more horizontal position like in those bikes. Deliver post by bicycles for the last kilometers has a long tradition in Germany.
Chuck Douglas (6 months ago)
What a asinine idea and a waste of engineering time and skill. delivery’s made quickly nothing beats the internal combustion engine there’s enough bicycles aggravating drivers already
Big Dummy (6 months ago)
DHL is an awful company to work for. I can't imagine delivering on one of these bikes and have dispatch constantly pestering you.
Big Dummy (4 months ago)
@Jim Goodwin Thank you for the kind comment. I'm glad you are receiving great service from DHL! Hopefully, you have a group with positivity working your route. My experience comes from working with DHL as a courier in the Southeastern USA. Some of the people I worked with could care less about about a persons parcel. The company was really sketchy. The company places unrealistic expectations on it's employees. I want to write a book or be a whistleblower about what I saw and experienced that would blow your mind. Just like many large companies, you are treated more as a number than a person. Like I said, that is my experience and I hate to sound negative, but it is the truth unfortunately. If you get a chance, I highly suggest watching the Documentary: Billionaire. It is about the founder Larry Hillblom. Take care and have a wonderful weekend! Peace
Jim Goodwin (4 months ago)
I've been using couriers for over 20 years and have to say DHL is by far the best we've ever experienced. I'd like to thank you for being part of that......
Abraham Delatorre (6 months ago)
What about bad weather, injuries, security, road conditions and what will breakdowns cost? Just convert or trade in for electric vehicles instead.
Tony Hardy (5 months ago)
They already have all those liabilities as it is, this will lower them, especially on break downs, road conditions, injuries. Since they are not road trucks they have nothing to do with bad road conditions, they drive around them. Since they are not real trucks the service and maintenance on them is less and cheaper. And since they are not involved in high speeds, and not involved in driving on the highways, they will have less accidents and injuries. Once everyone is using electric trikes and bikes in the city, there will be no cars running them over because everyone will be on a bike, trike, or quadricycle. If you are driving a car or truck and you hit a person on a bike, trike, or quadricycle, then you will be charged as running over a pedestrian, and lose your drivers license, be fined around $15. 000, and face possible jail time. They tell you driving is a privilege and they will that that privilege if you drive around running over pedestrians.
Dharm Veer (6 months ago)
it should be electric byke.more good results.
Nathan Torres (7 months ago)
All this Improvement and in North America pay rate still at 12.50 to 15 and hour good job DHL.Ho and if you dont believe me ask Direct hit logistics the one in charge of your Dhl in north america . I know in the last 4 years you have lost really good drivers because of this.
Clever Clover (7 months ago)
Forgot to mention only suitable for rich white locations.
notlihvic (7 months ago)
A solar panel will extend the range
MARCO HERRERA (7 months ago)
Muy buena idea pero desgraciadamente en México no hay cultura capaz te atropellan los irrespetuosos conductores de vehículos
Belyj Weiss (7 months ago)
el toro (7 months ago)
Screw that im driving in an air conditioned Mercedes Sprinter!
Randy Lahey (7 months ago)
Thanks mate but if I was a DHL delivery driver. And they told me I couldn't have a van I'd quit. What a jokes there only doing this cause of sadick kunnt and his stupid low emissions charges.
Randy Lahey (7 months ago)
These people are gonna get robbed... alot lol haha and completely soaked when it rains lol hahaha
Romario Badre (7 months ago)
its only natural .nice idea.
David Davis (7 months ago)
That's craaazzy
Dario Pereira Duarte Pereira Duarte (7 months ago)
Frz Ak (7 months ago)
Driver cabin & side mirrors
Redescobrindo bike (7 months ago)
Patrick J Stammer (7 months ago)
The two dudes using them do not look thrilled at all about riding around in the rain. I think commuting back and forth to work in the rain is one thing but working in it all day does not equal fun.
Carmen Garcia Romero (7 months ago)
Se are working in other alternative https://youtu.be/TG8-puqwOm0
zOiNhUh (7 months ago)
Put at least a 125cc engine on that and I could consider getting one instead of a regular subcompact car.
Bob Brawley (7 months ago)
Make those cargo boxes rolling drones. Now you are talking
Zachary Mohrmann (7 months ago)
Bravo....! Congratulations....
Fabio Dion (8 months ago)
alois hermida (8 months ago)
I need one , or can they do this in america so i can work there . It looks cool asf
Ricardo Clavijo (8 months ago)
Vale gorro tanta tecnología si luego se "pierden" los envíos.
Lachskönig IV (8 months ago)
Good concept, but I guess they will start blocking cyclying lanes. Kind of a weird legal position as well. I bet it only has pedals so it counts as a bicycle legally and can drive on its own just fine.
MrCarlRobinson (2 months ago)
The cargo bikes come under the power cycle laws, here’s an excerpt. Pedelecs (Pedal Electic Assisted Cycles) or EPACS (Electronic Power Assisted Cycles) are much like bicycles however when pedaling the rider gets progressive assistance from the electric drive system. There are many different types of electric assisted bike, the most popular and highest selling pedelec is the sub 250 watt pedelec/ sub 25 kmh bike.This lower power vehicle does not have to be type approved like motorised vehicles and is regulated through CEN standards, (with work ongoing to make a global ISO standard), it is seen as essentially a bicycle by all public authorities. These bikes have an assisted motor of up to 250 watts and a speed of 25 kph before the motor cuts out There are also higher powered pedelecs which are regulated within type approval, even though they are pedal assisted they are viewed as motorised vehicles by the EU authorities, here are the two relevant categories for these vehicles; L1e-A “powered cycles” – of speeds up to 25 kph and power cut out at 1000 watts L1e-B for “mopeds” – of speeds up to 45 kph and power up to 4000 watts The Cargo bikes are generally in the L1e-A category.
Ross Tapp (8 months ago)
DHL is the largest and best carrier, others will be forced to follow, food delivery is already dominated by bicycles in cities this only makes sense.
Shaik Corso (8 months ago)
I knew this shit was in Europe somewhere. Why can we get with stuff like that in North America? Tiny cars, bike lanes, all that. It's a fucking joke!
Matwej Frank (8 months ago)
First Impression: ugly af
Johnjohn Ro (8 months ago)
Fuck dhl beware of dhl mars in Victorville,ca.Dam woman named Teresa got lots people fired after blowing few of them nasty ass
Alana Weaver (8 months ago)
If Amazon did this more people would have jobs. But then they're looking to employee self-navigating robots is the future.
Danilo Castaneda (8 months ago)
de que futuro hablan? si ya es una realidad, sólo se estaría imitando lo ya se emplea en China. ilusos!
Paul Oskar (8 months ago)
Delivering with bike? no fcuk way
Arief Rakhman (8 months ago)
I see the sitting position is very awkward, but I don't really experience it tho. Maybe it's more comfortable for the rider.
fastdraw30 (9 months ago)
Lmao...no wonder DHL is slow AF 😄
Crust Brigtop (9 months ago)
Why on earth do they need helmets for sitting and riding at that speed? That'll do nothing in a collision with a motor vehicle and is worthless! Wear proper hats or none!
UnrelGoD (9 months ago)
It is a electric quad, not a bicycle.
Darragh Sinnott (9 months ago)
Many bicycle courier companies in the states folded when companies like Amazon cut pay for deliveries and companies like eat 24 offered to take over logistics and declared bankruptcy dragging the companies they contracted with down with them.
Darragh Sinnott (9 months ago)
I have a friend who does inner city catering using a seatpost mounted trailer.
Matt R (9 months ago)
Build better bicycle infrastructure and this will be possible in USA
stephanie dixon (10 months ago)
I am doing OnTGo billboards ebike promoter service using teen technology to deliver campaigns
Ramon Sanchez (10 months ago)
Que guapo memolaria tener un transporte de ésos cuánto podrán valer un cacharito de estés
陳皆成 (10 months ago)
Gianni Andrei (10 months ago)
😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍Bellissimi devono fargli anche in Italia Firenze magnare a dio 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Oregon Progressive Party (11 months ago)
UPS is soon to start using this type of system on a test scale in Seattle and Portland, using the Truck Trike made by Stites Design in Portland.