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Jan Ree Pool 2017

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I finally brought the GoPro on our last trip to the pool. Here is a little of the fun times we had at our neighborhood pool this summer. Chase learned to swim without a life jacket and Sky bravely jumped off the diving board.
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Text Comments (9)
VinnySendIt (1 year ago)
Do you still work for ups?
Scott D (1 year ago)
onetonk5 That’s a big 10-4 bud Would love to see another one. Thanks
Scott D (1 year ago)
onetonk5 Of course you are still driving I can tell how much you like it just by watching. You look like a lifer. I like delivery driving too and have thought about ups but it isn’t a good time to be changing jobs for me.
onetonk5 (1 year ago)
Scott D - ha thanks. I'm still driving the brown truck. I would like to make another video. Maybe one in the summer since the last was in winter. Will see keep a look out 😉
Scott D (1 year ago)
Ever want to make a life of a ups driver part 2? I’ve watched part one about a million times when I need a little motivation. Awesome vid. One of the best
VinnySendIt (1 year ago)
onetonk5 that’s good.