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YouTube could change forever thanks to new EU rules

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The European Parliament has approved a new directive that aims to protect copyrighted content on the internet, but critics argue it will limit free speech. Here's what's at stake for internet users worldwide.
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Text Comments (477)
Johnny Feve (4 months ago)
They just don't offer the service to the EU...
Johnny Feve (4 months ago)
Nick clegg policing Facebook.. There like worms
Kevin McKee (4 months ago)
Google and the like are already alienating half the world with their social justice warrior stances by limiting free speech, so I like seeing them getting screwed in any way possible! Bring em down!
Julian Hitchen (5 months ago)
They'll aim to "tackle" populism with this.
Maple Flavor (5 months ago)
you will get the regulation you want and the regulation you don't want and it will have been the future you brainlets chose
kerry A (5 months ago)
100000000% agreed Hackers what goes around comes around it's time justice must be served
David Harris (5 months ago)
Well they seem to be able to figure out how to send me "Stephen Colbert-Topic" channels so they can figure out how not to. So maybe I can close what to watch and not some troll farm in St Petersburg.
Surname (6 months ago)
348 European Union parliament members voted for Article 13 and 310 voted against is. No Europe citizens wanted this law to go through only old parliament members who don’t even know what youtube is want it.
Swiftie Forever (6 months ago)
Ed Sheeran or Dua Lipa could have never rose their stardom without starting from music covers of other artists.......... This is not at all good..
Masterr Laster (6 months ago)
Google should just stop all service to the EU. At this point they need google more than google needs them. No google maps, no gmail, no youtube
Michael Elmer (6 months ago)
From a American citizen with deep English roots: May must have been bought off by the EU with money (40 billion pounds are at stake the EU ) or an offer of a life time position with the EU. Why else would she Sellout her country, ruin her own political party, and put the citizens of England into permanent slavery to the EU??? Follow the money. A great American patriot- PATRICK HENRY said in a famous speech in 1776, "GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH" A great American politician - Thomas Jefferson said in 1787 - "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants!" Both were of British families but felt the need to resist royal imposition of unjust laws and actions.
Zeal warrior Gaming (6 months ago)
I think they are also made this law so we cannot use memes against SJWs, some of the people who voted in favour of Article 13 are probably SJWs themselves
FlyingPharoah 486 (6 months ago)
A major blow against freedom of speech.
Grigory Zinoviev (6 months ago)
Europe is done.
Bert Nijhof (6 months ago)
The big tax-evading companies can afford those investments, they stashed away enough money in Panama and the Bahamas. They could also defer the complaint to the uploader of the copyrighted material, but then they have to stop anonymous uploads. The maw also helps against ISIS uploads and those by Russian trolls.
Faiz Ahmed (6 months ago)
Google's abusing it's dominance over the internet. They are hindering the competition by shipping their own products through their manufacturers network.
peterson’s lobster pal (6 months ago)
Fuck the EU
night hawk (6 months ago)
UK needs to leave the EU before this happens!
Build it Ride it. (6 months ago)
I remember the times when, Europe as a whole was considered the greatest champion of freedom of expression among other vital values for a fulfilling survival of mankind. But then there is always a time, when great civilisation start crumbling and had to censor things, under various guise.
John C. (6 months ago)
EU is home of corporate media... disgusting.
BIG CHUNGUS (6 months ago)
EU: we're cracking down on big tech. Big tech: Sells VPN and makes more money. Governments who vote for people who want to ban things have some low intelligence citizens because it just creates a more concentrated less controlled market.
Animated Anatomy (6 months ago)
Europe is just lost... I hate being born here and I wish I was born in America or China
CrunchyNorbert (6 months ago)
so glad my country decided to leave this clownshow of a trading block; for goodness sake stop trying to punish the future for no reason!
ivanbarbosa81 (6 months ago)
Going a little bit too far...still it could mean more jobs
Gabriel Yoo (6 months ago)
Make a seperate site called Youtube.com/eu. Deny access to the normal site if anyone tries to access it from an european Ip adress. Make a paid service plan where you can request any video to be tried by a legal team. If the video get accepted, it will be available for eu citizens to watch for free on the seperate youtube site.
N L (6 months ago)
Invest in VPNS right now cause they're about to fucking skyrocket plot twist: EU owns all the VPNS
KenNovaMC (6 months ago)
Time to delete Europe from the internet
Gorski (6 months ago)
Its incorrect. For the sole reason that the EU isn't going to be around in the next decade. This fundamentally anti democratic paper tiger is disintegrating at a fast pace with the UK exiting, France and Italy revolting, Hungary revolting as well, Greece, Slovakia, Sweden and Spain. So the division in the bloc are huge, the elections on 23rd May will mark an end to a Corporative Technocrat EU, and it will eventually go the same way the Soviet Union went. It just grew way too fast, and it morphed into a totalitarian superstate, that is why we're witnessing the biggest political changes in our history that are going to sweep away the millionaire ruling class. So in the coming decade the internet is going to be just fine, and it will be much more relaxed once the worlds superpowers change their outdated political systems. We are on the verge of a new era and if anyone thought that the days of Democracy, Rule of Laws are over, that one clearly doesn't see the future. The future THANK GOD will be much more relaxed on a planetary level. There will be business instead of war.
Valentin Islas (6 months ago)
Nah this is a good idea, everyone needs to stop being fucking lazy and make their own shit and stop stealing!
Beetless (6 months ago)
Will be getting Express/Nord/Proton vpn! :)
granjero luna brillo (6 months ago)
Fuck the #EU
FireWalk (6 months ago)
People are going to get frustrated when they realize what's happening. By then it will be too late. These directives are almost impossible to enforce. The end result might be that a lot of YouTube channels disappear.
lampard ktw (6 months ago)
Just legal porn hub video putting in youtube make alot money from aisa lol
ChristianIce (6 months ago)
So, nothing changed. The EU didn't have a copyright law, now it has one that is pretty much identical to the american one.
ChristianIce (6 months ago)
@imbehindu45885588 Be quiet.
imbehindu45885588 (6 months ago)
ChristianIce fucking idiot
Ky Nguyen (6 months ago)
EU: “Article 13 passes “ VPN: “ This is America”
Arjun Chatterjee (6 months ago)
Its not going to change youtube forever dumbass, its going to make them the dominant video sharing platform for posterity. MSM nitwits cant even hide their schadenfruede.
polifatts (6 months ago)
Ethan M (6 months ago)
Can't we just ban the EU from the internet sites? That'd make change real quick.
ML8593wy (6 months ago)
What site do you own?
KYA NO DO (6 months ago)
90% of people here a critics lol No one wants memes to die..
Adam Hall (6 months ago)
memes are literally exlcuded. Just a bunch of uneducated edgelords on here lol
Tyler Jhonson (6 months ago)
Fucking Brits and their stupid laws.
Justin Zuberka (6 months ago)
copyright is bullshit. let the markets and people decide
B P (6 months ago)
Google should shutdown operations in Europe. Fuck em. No YouTube for Germans
M96k3y (6 months ago)
europe is a disaster nothing new
ML8593wy (6 months ago)
Europe who made the modern world is a disaster imagine the rest ...
Leon. (6 months ago)
Alfa Romeo (6 months ago)
Just ban Europe from the internet
beginned (6 months ago)
when you live in switzerland
polifatts (6 months ago)
Aiden Thomas (6 months ago)
CNN you're a bit late, this as been an issue for the last 2 years, you posted this on April fools cause you are a joke.
cristina lexy (6 months ago)
The EU can change forever thanks United Kingdom...
stannextdoor (6 months ago)
V P N motherfuckers
Kenneth Kellough (6 months ago)
Oh no my memes are in danger.
Personal Song (6 months ago)
Solution on top of my head "build a great firewall of Europe". Like china limit the users access solely in EU servers so the content to be filtered is reduced and in uploading addtional content implement a delay time for review of the said content especially in fb. And for the cost of this system implement a hyperlink transaction. Where before you can access the site there is a small fee.
Reno Saintz (6 months ago)
And not everyone is happy about that
ruben monterroso (6 months ago)
Andi88kc (6 months ago)
This guy is ridiculously hot.
Etuate Racolo (6 months ago)
Fuck it ....let's move to the dark web hassle and bs free ... Well actually no but at least we don't have to worry about bs laws and regulations and restrictions and all ...
安荣 (6 months ago)
Quick reminder, when China asked YouTube to filter content, YouTube (chose to) quitted China
Steven Amoah (6 months ago)
Why is the music so dark
Aa AA (6 months ago)
About time...
westerntui (6 months ago)
The real issue here is the copyright bullshit that should be wiped what joke.
J. Golf (6 months ago)
They just make it seem as if it is a good thing for everyone, when in fact only big cooperations profit from it.
Jake The Dog (6 months ago)
Let’s end the EU so that these regulations will not exist
Mike Scarborough (6 months ago)
Brexit may have been a bad idea in macroeconomic terms, but stories like this add to the context for understanding why the majority of UK citizens said enough is enough.
cicada (6 months ago)
How about EU create a separate EUnet for this crap. We'll see how many users the EUnet will get. EU doesn't own the internet.
ML8593wy (6 months ago)
Do you even understand what the video is all about?EU makes their rules Period ... youtube do wathever they want , follow EU rules or not and leave Europe.
Papi LiTTY (6 months ago)
EU ? estados unidos 🤣😂🤣😂
TheAdventurer24 (6 months ago)
Yet nothing is done about the climate change... Sigh...
Sri Sanketh U (6 months ago)
Riots in France are a start 😂
BlackKnight344 (6 months ago)
I would at least suggest that those who think its such a bad idea at least have a look at A Different Bias video entitled ' The EU Copyright Directive - Articles 11 & 13' before passing judgment/get some perspective on the subject. Just a thought
Paul Neale (6 months ago)
I don't like the way this world is heading. The elites want to control everything and make us robot like. Already the building blocks have started and people are miserable because thier too worried to say or do the wrong thing with political correctness at mind at every thought.
Mr Nep (6 months ago)
There are many problems with the internet but this is way down on the list. Copyright just helps the rich get richer. Bigger problems are things like scammers, illegal content, hackers and protecting idiots that post too much information about themselves such as embarrassing pictures etc or cyberbullying.
Him (6 months ago)
"...thanks to the.." lol what?
Allen Attoni (6 months ago)
Nuke E. U
i'm sorry (6 months ago)
quick someone start a war
CaliCoin Digital (6 months ago)
A potential solution. Substratum. Decentralizing the foundation of the internet.
CaliCoin Digital (6 months ago)
@Mathematical Ninja the thing is with substratum all traffic is masquerading and hides in plain sight, so you wouldn't be able to tell the difference from substratum traffic and traditional internet traffic. At least that's the idea.
Mathematical Ninja (6 months ago)
They will regulate ISPs then
TrapKing Productions (6 months ago)
Copyright strikes are already all over YouTube. I don’t, understand YouTube’s already gone to shit after the last adpocalyps. So why do GOVERNMENTS wanna try and regulate this? So they can take down things they don’t want you to see.
Yoshue Miranda (6 months ago)
No more memes nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot please..... I can't stand this......
2a (6 months ago)
Fuck the EU !
Sneke Studios (6 months ago)
[Sorry, you were not able to access this comment]
Electrical Blogger (6 months ago)
YouTube should shut down its services in EU. Why should all world suffer because of stupidity of few politicians.
mike locke (6 months ago)
Well this is there law.not ares. we can block youtube to UK. They lose what they like mite change things. I understand copyright and why we need it.But it seem it got to the point all they want is money.They sue anyone. Small youtube channel trying to have fun with the people and make Little money.Good for big business bad for the little guy.
Damon (6 months ago)
TOR, VPN, just chill.
Ray Mak (6 months ago)
Was EU trying to throw us on April Fool's?
Char Bacho Ki Maa (6 months ago)
@Ray Mak Thanks, I know I am.
Ray Mak (6 months ago)
@Char Bacho Ki Maa you're amazing =)
Char Bacho Ki Maa (6 months ago)
Your videos suck.
Char Bacho Ki Maa (6 months ago)
Im not giving you a like, trying to appear on every random video.
CoolxGuy36 (6 months ago)
wow, they did it on my birthday.
Travel Here (6 months ago)
Good video. Love the effects used in the video.
GEMJ #BORDERWARS (6 months ago)
Man fuck those Europeans!!! This is America!!!
tallroc (6 months ago)
Answer is blockchain use bit tube!
so CNN cannot be called fake news on the social media platforms?
Ben (6 months ago)
Soon media will be monopolized by a few companies. This is how they are going to control our thoughts and our voices. EU is doing some dumb stuff and im not surprised Britain wants out. I am also not surprised they aren't the only one.
BeautyHunter1986 (6 months ago)
Europe should focus on Illegal Immigrants AND leave freedom of speech alone.
Phlegethon (6 months ago)
EU, what a fucking over reach.
MMSGEE (6 months ago)
Most platforms already do this
Setting Mind (6 months ago)
Fuck the eu and their totalitarian laws.
Harris Syed (6 months ago)
This is the EU's answer to Stop Online Piracy Act by the US in 2012. "SOPA of Europe", "European SOPA", or "EU SOPA" call it what you want it all means what is being passed here.
tworains2 (6 months ago)
I dont live in the EU, my youtube should not be affected...THESE EU RULES are getting annoying as of late... I see why Some people in Britain want to be away from the EU
Rob Asks (6 months ago)
rapidmon17 (6 months ago)
As if YouTube wasn’t screwing content creators enough. Things are about to get much worse. This platform will eventually be unusable.
Ben (6 months ago)
Internet has already changed drastically. Big tech is massively censoring conservatives and no one gives a fuck.
Maluhia808 (6 months ago)
"I dont feel so good"
Michael Wargo (6 months ago)
What if all those big tech companies banded together and said "fine, no internet for you then". Now THAT"S a negotiating position
ScrewCollege (6 months ago)
I don't know why I'm watching this video because CNN is fake news.
312vandal (6 months ago)
Shut the fuck already with that stupid bullshit.
Popaje pokaži mu propeler zviz (6 months ago)
I don't use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. for years now. So i don't care really. I cleansed my system from all that shit. Now i will do the same with YouTube and incredibly pathetic YouTube comments. I need to clean my brain of it ALL! RESET! Better to clean your garden.
Piotr Dobrzyński (6 months ago)
Fuck article 13!
NNoMore PlaNN (6 months ago)
*And That Also Become Meme*