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How long can you keep a secret?

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Someone is bound to smell it. #LoveLocal #benchtm #benchbodyph #SoInLoveEDT
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Text Comments (1632)
Majid Ali (3 days ago)
I love my lovely asawa Rene
pugs and food is happiness forever (6 days ago)
My heart LITTERLY hurt when he ran out of perfume and his senpai (sorry XP) didn't talk to him
Bryan Carlo Co (17 days ago)
So me 💕❤️🏳️‍🌈
Theo Stef (23 days ago)
Who are they?
beenalwaysbee (24 days ago)
The dad is tottally my type!!!! LOL
Kumpulan vidio hiburan (25 days ago)
His daddy is hot
RedTitan5 (25 days ago)
Ipapanuod ito kina darren at jk wahaha
Abdul hakim (26 days ago)
Maksudnya apaan sih? Ada yg bisa jelasin??
Banana Juice (26 days ago)
I love his papa..
Reza Cyrus (26 days ago)
Next episode please..😊😊😊😢😢😢😢 this is very very interesting
Ali Sofyan (26 days ago)
Siapa yang ke sini gara2 instagram
Efriani Nurhasanah (26 days ago)
Astagfirulloh 😫😫
-1 Kuy (27 days ago)
Kesini gara" ngakak sehat?
Adis Halma (27 days ago)
Aurelly Novsha (27 days ago)
Mampir sini gara" di post di ig heu
Ricky Arisandi (27 days ago)
Apa cmn gw yg kesini gara2 postingan di ig?:v
Fahry bin Nurdin (27 days ago)
in south east asia, it's a shame to have a gay son
UNCLE SAM (28 days ago)
Najis Comercials
Dwi Aditya (28 days ago)
Oh shit. Bancii
yongky5451 (28 days ago)
Burhan semasa SMA
Priscila Humaran (28 days ago)
I didn't expect that ending. It was so sweet❤❤❤
patricia gilbert (1 month ago)
How do they even make wonderful commercials like this?
funny fluffy (1 month ago)
0:54 fav! 😂
Blu Novan (1 month ago)
Buset.... Nonton ginian gr2 hbs lihat di ig. Kepo sm lanjutan ceritax.
herdianita pandelaki (1 month ago)
what is the artist's name?he get guy?
Richmond Vinoya (1 month ago)
Who's the straight guy?
Elian Pogi (1 month ago)
Shane's Inner woman (1 month ago)
tatyana Bryan-vines (1 month ago)
Aaww I love how supportive his dad turned out to be
Polly Llolu (1 month ago)
Magiging suki na ako ng Bench forever😍😘
Doge Legend (1 month ago)
Sino Pinoy dito?? Sino Spanish dito??
Eduardo Fuentealba (2 months ago)
What a great dad
AnixxIshObwessed withBL,Yaoi's/Gays (2 months ago)
Haha LMAO! 😂😂😂 <333
Shannon (2 months ago)
This literally explains my whole life. My mother doesn't know I'm gay and my dads dead so... Ye so at home I'm straight and at school I am too gay for my own good. People get scared when I act really gay because I think I'm toooooo gay. P.s I love rainbows 🌈
NOrleansbro (2 months ago)
eylül çetin (2 months ago)
Whats the movie name? Is it Korean drama? (I’m like ‘what the f***)
eylül çetin (2 months ago)
Yorumlar ful İngilizce mk
Layla the anime lover (2 months ago)
What a beautiful gay
Piper Lumé (2 months ago)
I didn't expect that ending... But I absolutely loved it <3
Lyanna Mormont (2 months ago)
Isabel Cruz (2 months ago)
Mochii_ Tea (2 months ago)
Would’ve smack her ass to her lesbian side if she tried taking my crush
Mochii_ Tea (2 months ago)
JR is so fucking me
ShewithBathsoap (2 months ago)
This is the best perfume ad I have ever watched. Good job Philippine 👍
Time Marvelous (2 months ago)
Eto yung di ko matapos tapos panoodin sa Mall kasi next na ako sa counter😂💖
Juan Garcia (2 months ago)
Nice funny 😄 commercial. I like it Kaya.
Shermaine Esternon (2 months ago)
Filipino language pala sinasabi nila hahahaha
AllyPlayz (2 months ago)
*Omg I Love The Ending*
Matty Bruno Lucas Escobar Salas (2 months ago)
Yeah like the father knew that. Unless he was stalking him
certified space bisexual (2 months ago)
From planet Vinlie (3 months ago)
Hannah Sparkleeyes (3 months ago)
wa la (3 months ago)
Claudio Claudio (3 months ago)
I should have born in Asia... Like... In THAILAND... But... I am a Brazilian f#@% person... I'm crying out a river right now...
Syukur Abdullah (3 months ago)
did he get the guy where the full story
Anna Blue (3 months ago)
that was sweet
Alexander Jr (3 months ago)
His dad know his own son is gay OH MY GOOOOOOOOOODDDD !!!!!!
Alex Is qeer (3 months ago)
This is not how we gay peps act exuse mwah
Pipe diaz (3 months ago)
Breanna Terry (3 months ago)
I wuv it
lovespuppies23456 (3 months ago)
Jerome Jacosalem (3 months ago)
Oystor Sauce (3 months ago)
What perfume was that?? I wanna buy next time☺😊
Spooky (3 months ago)
Sjsksjsksjs 🤣 THIS WAS GREATT
Jayla Frey (3 months ago)
This dude is literally me at school😂
Hazel Campbell (3 months ago)
Bi An (3 months ago)
this is cute AF omg! i watch this over and over again
tornado catherine (3 months ago)
That lucky motherfucker didn’t even have to awkwardly sit his dad down and tell him
Warren Abeshouse (3 months ago)
This certainly needs a sequel with a happy ending (guy gets the guy). Was it actually an extended commercial for a scent?
Roguis (3 months ago)
One moment I'm watching memes and then I got here
OneDay4Change 444 (3 months ago)
I like to order a lifetime supply please!
HD Y (3 months ago)
That stud that keeps saying he smrlls good is just so fine. Perfect. Attractive.
ĐØŲBł HĄMĮĐ (3 months ago)
Alpha Cuck (3 months ago)
Fucking gay
jhulius rheyes (3 months ago)
ito yung favorite commercial ko so far,,parang sa thai commercial..
Diana Stowe (3 months ago)
*your telling me* *this was a perfuME COMMERCIAL*
Mikasa Kirisima (3 months ago)
awww so cuteee aawwwwwwww
Daeadroses (3 months ago)
Pa is amazing, I wish my family was like that.
Celine Foster (3 months ago)
2:08 bruh I wish
Khaleel Ahmed (3 months ago)
Ieahn Baste (3 months ago)
Im a fan of bench.
Tran Anh (3 months ago)
Phim j v ạ
Amil De Mesa (3 months ago)
Ano real name ni JR? Marami po kasi nagsasabi magkahawig kami?
Curious Taylorx (3 months ago)
Work sis
cilla darkoa (3 months ago)
I think the commercial is bout using the perfume and get ur crush to follow or like u. Without it, forget he/she was even there. Lol.. Hahahahahaha
Glendel salva66 (3 months ago)
Pa, na amoy din kita hahahhahh Malangsa
Achmad Angga (3 months ago)
I wish he were my father
Achmad Angga (3 months ago)
nice parent. good job dad
Aaron Misouk (3 months ago)
Johnson Yuen (3 months ago)
How quick / bad and widely the Hong Kong bad people protect their reputation / benefits via covering their bad matters by defaming others ?!
jaky antonio (3 months ago)
Amazing papa
Kiyoegg (3 months ago)
Nihal crossworks (3 months ago)
Such a cue guy. Story of my life....
Lucky Sounds (3 months ago)
"Hey Papaa, wake up😵thas not his SECRET"😓
James Barrion (4 months ago)
Owww!! Sana lahat ng tatay, tanggap ka kung ano ka. I am sad kasi 'di ko nakasama at kung matatanggap din ba niya ako.
THAT GUY PR!NCE (4 months ago)
Oh my gawd make this a series already!
Beatrice Erstegottin (4 months ago)
this actually my brother when daddy is not around.
Oxygen Channel (4 months ago)
Gua kesini gara2 cyv_music njir
Arya Bima (4 months ago)
Sad ending 😥
Sup Kill me (4 months ago)
I stg I like his sense of style. Most especially when he's being true to himself.