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FS2004 - UPS MD-11 Takeoff

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Text Comments (44)
spongebob tentacles (9 months ago)
Pls make a whole flight video🎥
Justin More (9 months ago)
Rip dc 11
CJ S (9 months ago)
How old are these planes? They don't make em anymore, right? Boeing bought them out, and they obviously don't make that model.
NickTheGamer 700 (9 months ago)
Ok and..?
LIVE from St. Louis VLOGS (9 months ago)
Hey Alec. Can you do some research on the plane crash of Singer Aaliyah and possibly put it into your prospective so we can get a visual of what happened. Thanks
Sam tyler (9 months ago)
Please use prepare3d
Ashra Tempel (9 months ago)
Berlusconi mafioso, vaffanculoooooooooo!!!!!
Quan Cena (9 months ago)
Ha cool!!
swagman 333 (9 months ago)
do lufthansa flight 441 you showed it in your III trailer and it has not come out
Captain Nahdin (9 months ago)
https://youtu.be/lx9LvvlKCJ0 Saudia Boeing 787 Takeoff .Pls Watch it. Allec Plz Support Me
The Aircraft Aviation (9 months ago)
Great video as always.
Arya Soleimani (9 months ago)
Is ups a passenger plane or cargo plane?.
Luis Rodriguez-Davila (9 months ago)
As a UPser retired employee after 20 years... I can say that they used to charter passenger flights long time ago for a specific vacation cruise company. Same planes, they just added seats and had a charter crew as well.
Wendy Gaming Indonesia (9 months ago)
Arya Soleimani Cargo
itsmegp46 (9 months ago)
In spite of the first three answers, what constitutes freight vs passenger service is beginning to blur knowing how airlines are finding new ways to cram in more and more passengers.
Quan Cena (9 months ago)
Arya Soleimani cargo
igotanM16 (9 months ago)
UPS, FedEx, and DHL are all cargo only airlines. no commercial passenger service whatsoever.
S1l9o9a0n (9 months ago)
Not first!!!!
Deutsches Kaiserreich (9 months ago)
Reymarck Esaguirre (9 months ago)
What are the deadliest airline hijackings? That hijacking dissasters are a little bit thrilling to watch.
I Am mar (9 months ago)
reymark isaguirre 9/11
Arinerm (9 months ago)
Hey Allec, you do great vids with lots of good info. I'd like to request a re-creation of one event, but I can remember very few details. The aircraft was flown by a Central American airline, but I could only guess at the airframe. I can barely guess at the country. The flight was on descent to New Orleans in a thunderstorm, when it lost all engine power. The pilot, who had only one eye due to a gunshot he suffered on a past take-off from a Central American airport overrun by a drug cartel, landed the aircraft on a levee near a NASA facility, because without engine power they could not reach the airport. Sorry I'm so short on actual flight info, but I hope this is enough for you to find the event and re-create it.
Allec Joshua Ibay (9 months ago)
TACA 110.
The Aircraft Aviation (9 months ago)
Arinerm I hope he does too. I know about this crash.
Brock Landers (9 months ago)
The fuck was this?
jerry (9 months ago)
I thought it was air crash investigation but a patreon donation thingy.
LM archive (9 months ago)
NeyAirplanes PTY (9 months ago)
I love the MD-11, im like to see another MD-11 in passenger version for a last time no in cargo, freigther version Im remember im see one of the last klm MD-11 in short final to tocumen intl airport in Panama
Harrison La time traveler (9 months ago)
5th comment!
Awesome S5 guy (9 months ago)
Harrison La time traveler no one cares
Miguel Gutiérrez (9 months ago)
You should update to x-plane 11 or p3d. Fs2004 is old as hell.
arona fall (8 months ago)
Allec Joshua Ibay I'll buy you one if you want? Let me know!!
Cooker Cook (9 months ago)
And i think you need to buy all of your addons on X-Plane and P3D
Cooker Cook (9 months ago)
More addons man, more addons.
Baixado e Parafusado (9 months ago)
No problem, continue with your great work because I like your videos
The Aircraft Aviation (9 months ago)
Allec Joshua Ibay no problem I love what you make
Potato Flake Haven (9 months ago)
NJ fishing and outdoors (9 months ago)
YT_FireLondon (9 months ago)
I love UPS Airline