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Hilarious Heartwarming Thai Commercial Promotes Human Dignity

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Hilarious and heartwarming Thai commercial promotes human dignity. This advertisement from Mitr Phol Group (Thailand) focused on the value of human dignity and the incredible potential in all human beings. Watch how the main character Sakorn managed to fulfil the arduous task of organising a talk for an village improvement program under his charge. However, due to his effeminate nature, the village folks shunned him and he had problems getting his audience. Until he befriended a sweet little girl. --- Mitr Phol Group is Thailand's and Asia's biggest sugar and bio-energy producer. --- 𝑺𝑢𝑏𝑠𝑐𝑟𝑖𝑏𝑒 ℎ𝑒𝑟𝑒⇢ http://www.youtube.com/c/KickAssAds?sub_confirmation=1 Follow us on our Social Media Pages https://www.Facebook.com/Kick-Ass-Ads-218140205636554 https://www.Instagram.com/kickassads https://Twitter.com/kickass_ads 🅚🅘🅒🅚🅐🅢🅢🅐🅓🅢 ②⓪①⑧
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Text Comments (540)
veranya2074 (1 day ago)
This make me want to grateful for everyday. A little thing could make better.
Eduardo Lomocso (2 days ago)
Woow! Very crative one. Like it.
Farid frd (4 days ago)
Regardless sexual orientation, everyone have rights to live and be treated equally as human beings.
Spartanunit117 (5 days ago)
7:30 min long for an ads?
ted di (9 days ago)
ดี แต่ก้แค่ซึ้ง คนไทยเชื่อว่าแค่มีเงินทุกอย่างก้จบ
dan theman (9 days ago)
For once a youtube vid that didnt get me angry !..................... And no negative comments....................Am i dreaming 😂
carlonovem espadero (11 days ago)
nowadays, humans value technology and infrastructures, more than they value farming and agriculture.
αDi 23 (13 days ago)
He is soooo adorable 😊
Hardrdadi (16 days ago)
Gay people are always so bright and happy. It’s always society dragging them down.
Ry Russ (20 days ago)
5:13 memorable scene and view. Brings me back to the childhood when socmed not yet exist
Subash K C (21 days ago)
Who is cutting onions here? My eyes became all watery 😭
September2091 (21 days ago)
skip ad to watch ad, seems legit
Foodie (22 days ago)
I loved it when he kicked the papaya tree and one landed in his hand. LOL. Instead of throwing at the man, he asked if the little girl wanted papaya salad:)
herit123 herit (22 days ago)
a better life
Jeramy Keomounmany (25 days ago)
0:57 is a big mood
Tongkat Ali-Activ Plus (26 days ago)
Thai commercial is amazing so is their food and people
sangmin pai (28 days ago)
Love from india...I'm visiting Thailand real soon
Unknown Entity (29 days ago)
So this is why there are so many ladyboys in Thailand.
Unknown Entity (19 days ago)
+spirit a Thailand promotes a lot of things. I don't know about homophilia, but it seems outwardly that the prevalence of men who neglect masculinity (honestly doesn't have to have anything to do with being gay) is especially big in Thailand.
spirit a (19 days ago)
Thailand does not have more homosexuals than other countries, but is more acceptable in the entertainment industry.
Emile Van Rayner (1 month ago)
I now believe in the value of human dignity even more
Edhy Edhy Jae (1 month ago)
I miss and like Thailand everything. Cannot wait to Re-visit Thailand again and again next year. Warmth greetings from Indonesia 'Jambi
Sisa Kemarin (1 month ago)
I am totally touched and cry sincerely
OneThe Ship (1 month ago)
The ending make me cry😢😢😢
fij 01i (1 month ago)
Dislikes = Islam !!!
this is so sad alexa play remote control (14 days ago)
what the fuck is wrong with being islam
thickbrianq (1 month ago)
I am Gay.
khokho ruru (1 month ago)
It's a beautifully made ad 😊 made me happy.
Do Ji Soo (1 month ago)
While I was watching this,I cried.
Velys Tiandi (1 month ago)
This is real life sakorn Facebook https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002491617455&_rdr
HalfBloodOtter (1 month ago)
why does thai language sound like they're all retarded ike they are biting their tongues all the time
this is so sad alexa play remote control (14 days ago)
+HalfBloodOtter only brainless retard call other brainless retard fact
HalfBloodOtter (1 month ago)
+belle lovely nah i like learning languages but thai is just retarded alright - do thai people even have any literature of their own cuz i know they just copied indian epics in their language like the brainless retards they are
belle lovely (1 month ago)
Learn to respect the difference, dear. You live too long in your own little world.
No use for lazy people None. (1 month ago)
Wouldn't it have been better if a REAL Farmer advertised for "farming products", Homosexual or Not? Just asking. This is like a lumberjack advertising for makeup or Feminine Hygiene Products. This guy would be better suited for household cleaning products or clothing designs. just sayin'.
Armel Brontosaurus (1 month ago)
I love this commercial, not very often that we hear accent from Northeastern. This is a powerful message that no one can ever trample upon someone's worth and dignity, regardless of one's religion, ancestry, and orientation. But most importantly, I love this because despite not explicitly shown, this is in honor of our late King. This is what His Late Majesty always wanted, what he worked hard for decades, that every Thai family has constant food in the table. I'm missing him even more.
Hana Al (1 month ago)
Lovable indeed!
Dummy Account (1 month ago)
Gabriela Fanelli (1 month ago)
Loved it!
ddyymm waw (1 month ago)
Another good ad from thai ^^
Zoel (1 month ago)
Mary Lou (1 month ago)
Maricel Orbon Manatac (1 month ago)
So beautiful...love it so much...
Blue Flower (1 month ago)
ahua luo (1 month ago)
This sounds like Lao. Anyone pls explain y
Pleum (1 month ago)
In the Northeast of Thailand speak Isan language is similar to Lao dialects.
Roland Bonostro (1 month ago)
God damn ninjas chopping way too many onions today!
joycee regalado (1 month ago)
Wow...im speechless
ohsevenone (1 month ago)
I don't care what you say, any man that thinks its a woman is disturbed. If people understood that homosexuality is a mental illness and not some fashion trend then they would realize how hypocritical they are. The way the guy in the video behaved, is a caricature of what he thinks a woman is, and not his natural behavior. His behavior is something he developed over time because he convinced himself that that is what he wants to be. Anyone that doesn't agree with me needs to look at the statistics on homosexuals and suicide to realize how confused these people are to not encourage them. I wonder how cute you think it would be if you met a schizophrenic when he was having an episode or a bipolar when he is frantic. .
Blue Angel (1 month ago)
Beautiful country... I wish language will never be a hindrance soon for those who wanted to visit the country. Thailand has a lot to offer... 😊
Adesta Arsha (1 month ago)
ryu007 is god (1 month ago)
Karen Ann (1 month ago)
Truly heart warming! Truly inspiring! Giving people hope!
franz leonard (1 month ago)
Early folk thai music pls?
Almas Meta (1 month ago)
Best advertisement ever. Sincerity truly is everything. Most of people are now doing their job only because of their pay or position, but doesn't do it wholeheartedly. If only everyone are doing their job out of love, I believe this world can be a much better place. Much love from Indonesia <33
tomaf (1 month ago)
Funny, but very poorly made. I have to rewind and pause it every time a subtitle goes up, because they are up way too short.
mark twentynine (1 month ago)
Yeng Shee Cha (1 month ago)
GOALS, the way how he catched that fish though... Lol
l\ (1 month ago)
So silly. Nobody jumps in the lake and comes out with a fish. He was wagging its tail for it too. Fake.
l\ (13 days ago)
Yeah, I get it, but it is just so over-the-top for me. This ad wants you to feel serious compassion, but then throws nonsense in. Too silly for me!
this is so sad alexa play remote control (14 days ago)
its a ad mate dont be silly
Lisa Ning (1 month ago)
Ghina .R (1 month ago)
Somehow that food makes me hungry😅
Multi Fandoms (1 month ago)
This is truly amazing
azizah azizah (1 month ago)
Anjaaayyy gua nyasar!!!!!
azizah azizah (1 month ago)
Cuco banget anjayy!!!!
Anindita Banerjee (1 month ago)
Believe in the value of Human Dignity, What a beautiful message. Lots of love and respect from India.
Afrah Fathima (1 month ago)
Such a lovely commercial
9 Noble (1 month ago)
Thai really had a most powerful and best of the best advertising. I'm a filipino and I love how they advertised √♡
Anonymous Lady (1 month ago)
Someone was cutting onions, and the onion juice went flying into my eyes just as the adorable guy was being turned down/ignored
Mark Vincet Sedano (1 month ago)
The dog in 1:11
Philamer Quilla (1 month ago)
Its not about the gender ; its about How Will you Make yourself worth and productive to your community!!,
Adut Rohmat (1 month ago)
I hope this commercial can inspire everyone. This is the true story of how people judge on other's looks. Especially in the world of work (or world of Job? Occupation? I'm not really good in english).
Diana Mae Buenvenida (1 month ago)
Srishti Rawat (1 month ago)
Thai ads are the best. So much emotion, values and great messages everytime. You guys rock!!
Idan Ramdan (1 month ago)
joy jakall (1 month ago)
Integrated farming...intresting
hekio 16 (1 month ago)
Awesome. . I leuuf it so.
ally (1 month ago)
the last part teared me up
ally (1 month ago)
why did i cry ?? thai ads just get me
Li Linder (1 month ago)
193 retarded assholes dislike the video
shocklett (1 month ago)
I’m so hungry
Steve B053 (1 month ago)
It's like having an alcoholic pilot drunk and flying all the passengers to their destination.. This commercial wants you to think all the passengers on the plane see the true value of the person who loves flying (but, he's ass plastered on booze, and flying the plane anyway)
cal_sama (1 month ago)
This give me hope
EmGee Vic (1 month ago)
damn, thais are homophobic af.
김현지 (1 month ago)
Thai are really good at this. The way they do most of their commercials will really hit hard on you. I love how they value community, family specially in LGBT community. I can’t wait to visit Thailand next year and hope to meet new Thai friends.
FF My goal (20 days ago)
김현지 actually almost of Thai ad are from Thai being.
Anime Lover (1 month ago)
Asian countrys are really creative doing ads.
ベンソンジョシュ (1 month ago)
😇😇😇😇🏳️‍🌈😄😄😄😄 made my day so much better
hasimi simi (1 month ago)
VIVA THAILAND 🇹🇭 Love from Indonesia 🇲🇨😁👍
Leah Rae (1 month ago)
Who's chopping onion?...Love this one <3
Ehsan Mdae (1 month ago)
I'm Malaysian. Thailand is my neighbor. Since I was young, I love de idea how colorful is the Thailand really is when we talk about the commercial advertisement. Humor and touched my heart. I love the funny and sentimental commercial advertisement. Thanks to Malaysia, we also have our own commercial advertisement. The best part is when all the gigantic company in Malaysia makes their own commercial advertisement on every festival season. It will be sentimental and funny. Those gigantic company will compete each other to produce the best commercial advertisement for Malaysian. I love Malaysia. Malaysia truly Asia. Super colorful 😘
Siski Bivadli (1 month ago)
You know, as a neighboring country, sometime im being jealous Thai know more & respect LGBT's right & LGBT friendly than Indonesia 🤧
majupeetube (1 month ago)
Value to human dignity. Not their appearance. I'm not LGBT, but LGBT is human. Greeting from Thailand.
moi mui (1 month ago)
Excellent 🤗 nicely done😀
janet hope (1 month ago)
jumping in the water, is funny with shoes on to catch a fish duh.
Jo Montanee (1 month ago)
FYI : this heartwarming commercial has so many hidden messages, not only is about the human values, but about Thai's core values also. "Integrated farming" is one of the key projects by our late beloved King Rama 9. And the music near the end of the commercial has been written (music) by the King. It's called "Our Land". The lyrics is about cherish your land, take good care of it. The families, the community and the citizens are bonded together by our land and make it prosper "together". It really has a deeper meaning indeed.
seva1958 (1 day ago)
Jo Montanee beautiful ad! Thank you so much for explaining the finer details that are in this ad
Peachymin (1 month ago)
Hehe I have a feeling he'd be a good comedian too, he just has that vibe on him!
rully kurniawan (1 month ago)
Love Lover (1 month ago)
This made me cheer up
dino pup (1 month ago)
Its almost like a beautiful short movie..
Lim Lim (1 month ago)
Thai TV adv alway surprise me. 👍👍👍
Madman (1 month ago)
Thailand is one of the most carefree countries in the world today I say, due to it being a Buddhist country judging other people by look is a rare occurrence ,only in drama does it happen That's also why we have the most she-male in the world
spirit a (19 days ago)
Thailand does not have more homosexuals than other countries, but is more acceptable in the entertainment industry.
V (1 month ago)
I'm not crying! you are crying :'(
Reny (1 month ago)
Thailand advertisement is always good to watch. Love💖 from Indonesia😊
maulida muhajir (1 month ago)
Never give up.....
Moët (1 month ago)
The theory that he was talking about is part of Sufficiency Economy Theory +New Theory of Agriculture, created by King Rama9, which earned him UNDP Human Development Lifetime Achievement Award from UNESCO. When I was young, I didnt get what he said at all. But now I totally get it, especially by living in the US and had to fight with GMO foods and industrial farming everywhere 😑 It got me so sick that I couldn't continue to my PhD ,so I decided to go back to nature way with real food- Thai style and I'm cured. Thanks to his hard working that brought Thailand out of poverty, I didn't realize how lucky Thais are until I travel the world. Even more when I visited neighboring countries. Good leader can effect so much!!
Jo Montanee (1 month ago)
Tank you Moet.
Athena Zakea (1 month ago)
さとし (1 month ago)
Queen tomatoes! Lmao
spirit a (19 days ago)
The name of the species of tomatoes.
Sofu Tofu (1 month ago)
Did they also speak lao?
Sofu Tofu (1 month ago)
+Anuchart Donmung I also speak lao and wasn't sure about it. But thanks for your reply!
Anuchart Donmung (1 month ago)
Sofu Tofu yes, similar language. It’s the common language in the northeastern region of Thailand. It’s about 80-90% similar to Lao language in Laos.
ForeverARMY (1 month ago)