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2017 Monaco Grand Prix: Race Highlights

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It's an iconic race, but teams like McLaren and Ferrari haven't registered a Monte Carlo win for years. Would that change with a Ferrari front row in 2017? Find out... For more F1® videos, visit Like F1® on Facebook: Follow F1® on Twitter: Follow F1® on Instagram:
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Text Comments (1814)
LegendarySnipez 7000 (3 days ago)
Crofty had a massive voice crack
Enderwardduke Plays (9 days ago)
The announcer sounded like he is losing his voice during this.
Joey-A. · (16 days ago)
5:31 Is that Charles?
Comentarios Argumentativos (28 days ago)
Good times without halo shield
jordan Jingkovilova (1 month ago)
Can we just appreciate Crofty being passionate to his work. It is very difficult to talk and commentate knowing that you have a cold or throat issues that day. Well done Crofty!
Jaden M (1 month ago)
Steel Wix (1 month ago)
Why they keep making Grand Prix on tracks where it's impossible to overtake? Even 5 minutes of highlights was boring to watch
EffizientLink (1 month ago)
I can speak Italian now thanks to F1 "Grazie Regazzi" to every question in Italian.
Mido BM (1 month ago)
C0nnorPlayzGames Lol (1 month ago)
Oh those Ferrari idiots They just love Vettel don’t they
Scar Racing (1 month ago)
Poloc Santos (2 months ago)
Pepijn Kolber (2 months ago)
5:32 is that Charles Leclerc?
Alexini 007 (1 month ago)
Underground101 (2 months ago)
Is it me, or does Crofty sound really croaky in this?
Raunak Kothari (2 months ago)
fuck the overcut
gar kein name (2 months ago)
Is the cometator ill
Gustavo Rodriguez (2 months ago)
Kimi Is better than Vettel
Greer Thompson (3 months ago)
Fuckin shit strat lol
Khyte (3 months ago)
5:30 *see a future champion right there*
Gen Franco vel Russex (3 months ago)
5:31 Charles Leclerc :) Welcome boy in F1 ! :)
จันทิมา คงวัน (3 months ago)
mathis claes (3 months ago)
lead sufficient region mission north operation theory reputation region river.
玉山航輝 (3 months ago)
笑いでも南祖だあ 🏥 危険かあ死んだに出る
Carl Tobias Goldberg (3 months ago)
3:36 the mediteranian sea isnt moving at all
Ashutosh chouhan (4 months ago)
5:31 leclerk ?
Leetbeast (4 months ago)
Last great f1 season #makef1greatagain no grid girls and fucking stupid halo now f1 is destroyed
NtsParadize (3 months ago)
Κωνσταντινος Μωραιτης (4 months ago)
5:30 Leclerc watching
ROT8TED (4 months ago)
looking at this race to compare with 2018 one you can see how much Halo impacts drivers vision with tight encounters...sigh
Dick Dousche (4 months ago)
4:40 lol that little thumbs up from the marshal and vettel points back at him
Kushothe (4 months ago)
5:31 Leclerc?
Theo Pot (4 months ago)
Why BBC boys are about to cry when Ferrari wins but they scream out of hoy when Redbull Mercedes win..?
Chuchi Muchi Toys TV (4 months ago)
josef salon (4 months ago)
Just like wrestling we already know who will be the champ!!!
Michael Amechi (4 months ago)
Would never doubt the ability of a 4xWDC to win races on his own merit, but the dynamics in that Ferrari team must be grating because Kimi is clearly not allowed to win. So when Vettel wins under these type of circumstances, the vocal celebrations and "you deserved to win" comments from the pit sound very hollow - definitely not sporting, and it is the similar question mark I have against Schmacher's legacy.
Laslus (4 months ago)
5:31 A familiar face :)
Mirza Belal (4 months ago)
I guess it's gonna be the same. RIC will be replaced by HAM in 2nd
DAZEN Music (4 months ago)
5:30 *Charles Leclerc?*
Karan Arora (4 months ago)
LeClerc at 5:31!!
Marci Kriza (4 months ago)
5:31 is that Leclerc?
MrJanizPetke (4 months ago)
Used to like Vettel, but that Hitler jugend boy is annoying as fuck these days!! "yes yes yes grande machina, grande ragazzi" Kiss ass
Florita Kelly (4 months ago)
bem que a f1 poderia botar pelo menos legenda nos videos
Nathaniel Karuno (4 months ago)
Kimi at the podium facial expression haha
Fabian Heinrichs (4 months ago)
5:31 Charles Leclerc spotted
Sr68720 (4 months ago)
worse race ever should get rid,
McrUk (4 months ago)
this track needs taking off the calander
Renzo 02 (4 months ago)
Fuck you ferrari
Marko Ratkovic (4 months ago)
5:31 Charles LeClerc
Gene Hendrix (4 months ago)
This race again proving VER is RBR's favorite driver...oh wait..
HAM GM (4 months ago)
The thing I don't understand is how a same team can do a undercut on the driver that had the Pol position and put vettel in the lead I don't know how Kimi would have felt about that
Dennis Chen (4 months ago)
2017 Ferrari grand prix
loose goose (4 months ago)
Commentator's voice is hideous
NtsParadize (3 months ago)
He was sick dude
Luismy (4 months ago)
como se llama la música del final
Keyser Söze (4 months ago)
Monaco is a bit of a boring race in comparison to other circuits.
Yeheahboy (4 months ago)
Is that leclerc at 5:30 ?
CROLLECTOR (4 months ago)
Yeheahboy Yes it looks like
paul torr (4 months ago)
They fuck over Kimi again
Der eine Maier (4 months ago)
it was ericsson's fault that kimi not won this race !!
Đình Dũng Vũ (4 months ago)
did David Croft have a sore throat?
arikelvara (4 months ago)
Every race should be like this!
Carroll (4 months ago)
But new Year and season for Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton to extend their lead... 2018
rajesh saini (4 months ago)
Yfhiydguiff Gfgii
Fe Lix (4 months ago)
3:36 that Water looks really fucking fake.
NtsParadize (3 months ago)
It's fake, because they are extending the city behind
Adrytchan (4 months ago)
It is a wall...i took me a lot of time to realize it lol
Fe Lix (4 months ago)
exactly. I'm so confused
Juu Juu (4 months ago)
Fe Lix wtf its not moving at all
Donald Record (4 months ago)
I always kinda figured that Darth Vader was a Kimi Raikkonen fan...
Asithan Supendran (4 months ago)
look at 3:35 the water in the background is not moving🤔
thankyoupourlavideo (5 months ago)
What a race. But don't spray the iceman, he's dry, ok?
g g (5 months ago)
remind me again why this is a thing?
I like Trains (5 months ago)
Great start for the Ferrari’s
M M (5 months ago)
Kimi didn't feel the time on the podium
Atech Gaming (5 months ago)
3:42 Marcus just gave up on life
242turbo (5 months ago)
5:31 Leclerc in Ferrari uniform....
thiago henrique (1 month ago)
evilstricker 619 Maybe I do x2
Simbayoyo 12 (1 month ago)
evilstricker 619 now we do
Simbayoyo 12 (1 month ago)
oh yea! didn't see that
thiago henrique (1 month ago)
thanks i hate it hahaha I knew it I knew it!!!!
thanks i hate it (1 month ago)
thiago henrique Ferrari boss accidentally leaked the news
Woask (5 months ago)
we want wehrlein back!
Andrej Popovic (5 months ago)
5:31 hey there Charles
anfeild8 (5 months ago)
Ever since they made the pits bigger,and the line out of the pits,, hardly any spots to over take,I remember Giles vilinervne, over take Jones,in that inside where the now pit line is,
Oliver Sallmannshofer (5 months ago)
The FERRARIS are LOOSERS that with RAIKKONEN was not fair!! This Strstegy was bullshit. Kimi lost his Place for Vettel's unsports Victorys!!!
Thomas Musselwhite (5 months ago)
The waves don’t move in the background at 3:36
Mind (5 months ago)
It doesnt feel like monaco anymore...😔
Mike Hergenroether (5 months ago)
A ton of skill needed to get around Monaco, but the cars have just outgrown that circuit.
彭琨鈺 (5 months ago)
JudenGaming (5 months ago)
4:40 thumbs up
Giacomo Chiavacci (5 months ago)
5:31 Leclerc?
Sagnik Sengupta (5 months ago)
I heard "Master Vettel" as "Masturbater"
Jack Tozer (5 months ago)
Jenson Button's 306th and final race in his F1 career
Giacomo Mastai (5 months ago)
Forza vettel sei un vincitore
Jiří Skopalík (5 months ago)
5:31 Charles Leclerc
Ray B (6 months ago)
0:41 a Nissan/infiniti with a gearbox problem. Why am i not at all surprised lol
Marlon Rendon (6 months ago)
Steve P (6 months ago)
The closest we will ever come to experiencing what its like to sit in one of these machines and take laps around some of these iconic tracks is through an Xbox or PS and if you do you will then look at this sport with a whole new outlook on how difficult racing one of these machines are especially at a track like Monaco
Nikhil Nagaraju (6 months ago)
Is it Charles leclerc at 5:31
Want a million subs with no video . (6 months ago)
Dont know how Ferrari lost the championship last year . Anyway let's hope they don't throw it away again this year
Gami (6 months ago)
4:41 did Vettel thumbs up back to the man?
t2lee2023 (6 months ago)
yes yes yes yes, yes yes yes - vettel
Saliya Wijesekera (6 months ago)
ZX R-CADE (6 months ago)
Classic team radio with Button and Alonso and Kimi should have won this race
JonathanPDG Roblox (6 months ago)
That amazing!
Honfy Lam (6 months ago)
Just don't get why Kimi was so slow before his stop. Vettel just had a lot more pace. Would have beat him on the undercut, would have beat him on the overcut.
Aidan McWhirter (6 months ago)
Can someone educate me on what makes racing hard? It looks like anyone who knows how to drive can do it.
joshAKAtheman (6 months ago)
are these cars stick?
JACKTUMBO universal (6 months ago)
vettel is a nazi selfish litle fuck.
26rosarnese26 (6 months ago)
Over Ferrari forza ITALIA!
Gravelord Nito (6 months ago)
Still a disgrace of a race
xX_Kjcomputer_Xx (6 months ago)
2:40 One day 2:41 There a car crash XD LAIGH SO HARD