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Class A CDL Skills Test "Parallel Park Conventional" Video #10

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Parallel park Conventional, The first of the advanced manuvers. Remember during the CDL test you'll only do ONE of the advanced manuvers, you'll do either PP Conventional, PP Sight side, 90 Degree Alley dock. It's a random selection made by the examiner. When I tested and many other examiners do this is we roll a dice labeled with the three manuvers. You're allowed two free pull ups, you can take as many as you need up to a point. Pull ups are the least amount of points "1 point after the two free" so do them to get in a better position. The G.O.A.L. is limited to only Two. You cannot take a third look. Encroachments are 2 points for any part of the vehicle that crosses or touches a boundery line. On a Class A vehicle both vehicles, tractor and trailer are scored separately. You could have part of the tractor and part of the trailer encroached and that would equal 4 points. You cannot finish an exercise encroached. You can finish outside a boundary line for your final position. The final position has to be adhered to or there will be a 10 point penalty. You'll be allowed up to 12 points total for a pass. The 13th point is a FAIL. Ask questions if you're unsure about anything.
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Text Comments (171)
Soldier Blac (14 days ago)
Does it work with sleeper and 53 ft trailer?
Mike Logan (9 days ago)
Yes it does. Because the entire length will be longer you'll still get that additional 15 feet added to the total of your truck. All of the turns and reference points of the axle placements will be the same.
Andy whitlock (20 days ago)
This is the absolute best online tractor trailer parallel backing video
Mike Logan (15 days ago)
Thank You!
Maggi Madison (1 month ago)
That’s actually not how I was taught to parallel lol. I was taught nose in, swing nose out to line up trailer and curb and swing it in. Then straighten up and cock off a bit for the nose so you can get back out into the travel lane without actually being outside the spot. Interesting way of teaching this necessary skill. Funny thing is I can parallel park my semi but can’t do it with my car 🤣🤣🤣 no trailer to swing so I’m always turning the wrong way. Also for the new people some advice for backing that helped me tremendously when I started: ALWAYS turn INTO the problem when backing a trailer. For example, if I’m getting in a spot, but it’s drifting to the truck on my left I turn my wheel to the LEFT and into the problem. This pushes my trailer to the right and corrects the problem.
Mike Logan (1 day ago)
Yes, at first it is because it's different and everything has a learning curve. When I take someone out for their very first driving session I tell them that at the end of 4 hours they will drive me 10 miles on the interstate back to the campus. Everyone has been surprised by their progress after the first session. I can see the pride they have for their accomplishments. Remember you already know how to drive, it's just getting use to a non synchronized transmission and the size of the vehicle.
cullen Brankin (28 days ago)
is it hard to drive a truck?
Mike Logan (1 month ago)
As you can probable tell I review comments before I post them. I want to make sure the comment is PG rated to start with but I posted yours because your comment shows that everyone may get a different technique from all of the instructors out there. My instructions are not the only way to do this. Even the other instructors at this school have different tips on how to do this. My video has been instrumental for those who want to see what is expected when they do the skills portion of the CDL test. Thanks for the comment!
Lee Armijo (1 month ago)
Thank you for the help
Mike Logan (1 month ago)
You're welcome!
M T (2 months ago)
Its been a year since i pass my cdl test and got my license thanks to this video that helped me out a lot , i still watch this video from time to time,once again thank you mike logan god bless.
Mike Logan (2 months ago)
No thank you!!
Leslie Taylor (3 months ago)
Illinois doesn't have this part (at least 10 years ago, but i learned how to parallel park at a Texas rest area
hotredboy84 (1 month ago)
They do now
Mike Logan (2 months ago)
Neither does Florida. there may be other states that also don't require this maneuver.
Alabai George (3 months ago)
Please,what length,widht and height truck?
Alabai George (3 months ago)
@Mike Logan thanks,love american truck!
Mike Logan (3 months ago)
What really matters is the length, The truck you're in will be measured and 15 feet dded to that total. The height is a regular van trailer but has no relavence to this manuver. The width is 102"
lugy Don (4 months ago)
My favorite parking.
Putin 007 (4 months ago)
Will this work for me at my school with a 26 foot Trailer
Mike Logan (4 months ago)
Yes, shorted trailers work the same. They react faster so be ready for that.
AJ Usog (4 months ago)
Schools teaching to pass the test, not how to drive. 1:40 turn left to start trailer into the box BUT YOUR TRUCK IS NOW HITTING THE VEHICLE THAT YOU ARE TRYING TO PARK BEHIND! And its every driving school video that I've seen on YouTube.
Mike Logan (4 months ago)
I see what you're saying. I really do! All the schools can really accomplish is get you through the three sections (11,12,and 13) in the CDL drivers manual so you can get a license to get a job. That job along with the proper future training will get you the experience you'll need. Every backing video I have explains what section 12 talks about. It allows you to see a way to do the maneuver and to pass the test with out any regards to a pretend vehicle to deal with. Once you get the basics concerning how to get the vehicle parallel parked then you can compensate in the real world senerio for another vehicle. Here you don't have to. When you do get in that situation you can start further away with no limits on how many pull-ups or G.O.A.L.s you get. This is a basic skills test and you don't have to be perfect. Thanks for the comment!
Lyndel Hodge (4 months ago)
This was a great vid. Pay close attention to your reference points the points and you'll nail. Also practice turning while stationary until you get better at it
Mike Logan (4 months ago)
That's exactly right!
cali-truckdriver (4 months ago)
Will this work on the 28in trailers at my school were training on those?
THFMAX (3 months ago)
Mike Logan so will they adjust the course to the length of the trailer? I’ll be training in a 26” Trailer day cab 379 pete. My understanding is they’ll measure my complete rig & add 15 feet and that will be my course?
Mike Logan (4 months ago)
Yes, you'll still have an extra 15 feet in the space and the reference points are the same, Note; the 28 foot trailer reacts quicker...that's all.
Oran Oran (5 months ago)
I never got the off set
Mike Logan (5 months ago)
Please keep trying, As you achieve each exercise you'll gain confidence
alhaji Channel (5 months ago)
Nice 👍
Oussama Joker (6 months ago)
thank you so much good luck
Mike Logan (6 months ago)
Robert Matthews (6 months ago)
When did they start making you put the tractor in? When I got my CDL the first time in 2004 we left the tractor jackknifed out of the box and we only did the blindside but your DOT bumper had to be in the 2ft box as well. I am testing next week to get my license back after having to give it up for medical reason for a few years.
Leslie Taylor (3 months ago)
@Mike Logan what state is this for?
Mike Logan (6 months ago)
You should be asked if you have any questions after they read the overview. Ask that question. For the past 6 years that I've been involved with this we only do it this way. Thank You!
Dom Mill (6 months ago)
In the very beginning, did you start your turn when the cone is in between the tandems?
Dom Mill (4 months ago)
@Greeneyes Humbled just seeing your comment, thanks I appreciate it
Greeneyes Humbled (4 months ago)
D Mill congratulations man
Mike Logan (5 months ago)
@Dom Mill Good !
Dom Mill (5 months ago)
@Mike Logan I'm in Las Vegas, you're not too far but I'll definitely check into the oil industry in your area. Thanks for everything I appreciate it
Mike Logan (5 months ago)
I don't know anyone who is hiring entry level drivers. Do you have experience? It usually takes a year or two to get on as an experienced driver for Oil companies. I'm near Grand Junction, Colorado. You could check out all of the companies in this area, which there are several. Go to western slope Colorado on Craigslist and go to the transportation section in the Jobs section. You may find something there. Good Luck!
Jose Calderon (6 months ago)
I just took my CDL skills test today and got my truck in the box and perfect at the second try and second “get out and look” made the mistake of getting out to let examiner know I was done instead of sounding my horn and Fuken Failed me!!!! 🤬 pls understand you only get 2 get out and looks
Mike Logan (6 months ago)
I'm sorry that happened to you. When I was certified to administer this test I was told that if the applicant got out more than they were allowed that you would kindly go to them and tell them they used all of the G.O.A.L. and would have to finish the exercise behind the wheel. There were not points associated with that. You could not be failed for that. I will ad that I was last certified March 2017 and every two years I would go to a day long session and be re certified. That happened this month (March 2019) so I'll check to see if this is a new rule. I don't test anymore, I will reply again if it is. Thanks for the comment!
John Bearden (6 months ago)
I appreciate this video as it gives the proper steps to execute this particular maneuver without taking forever. I feel confident about this maneuver now, thanks for the video.
Jasmin Vasquez (6 months ago)
hes perfect ... im in nj and the city where i live at i have to pay for CDL school
Jack Yakubov (7 months ago)
Thank you so much for the author of this video. Today I passed my CDL exam after failing 3 times!!! I wish I watched this video before I took my exam. My last exam I passed everything except Parallel Parking. So that try was the 3rd one and I failed. I had to redo everything again. Few days ago I was searching about parallel parking and found this video. This is what exactly I was looking for and this techniques told in these video worked out perfectly. I can’t wait to start my job now and again thank you!!!
Mike Logan (7 months ago)
I'm happy that this video series helped you out
Chelle Jones (7 months ago)
I don't even think I got to this part I failed on the crossover back part! 🤷😭
Mike Logan (7 months ago)
right, the offsets are usually before the parallel park. Hand in there, you'll get this.
Adam Ingram (7 months ago)
My parallel parking space is way smaller than this. But still a good video
Mike Logan (7 months ago)
It should be length of the truck and an additional 15 feet, That's for all vehicles Class A and B
granjatairona (7 months ago)
hello. good morning. thank you. que buen video. saludos desde colombia man
T Regis (8 months ago)
When counter steering, keep the vehicle stationary.
Mike Logan (7 months ago)
lucas majors (8 months ago)
Made it look so easy
Mike Yates (8 months ago)
Man I was having bad luck wo Th this one. And today I finally got it
Whisperistic (8 months ago)
Wow, I love how smooth that was.
Charles M. (9 months ago)
Would this also work for a Dump Truck coupled to a trailer by a pintle hitch?
Mike Logan (8 months ago)
Yes, the length of the trailer and truck will make a slight difference and the points where they articulate will also affect the maneuver.
Denis Bezpomestnih (9 months ago)
Thanks Mike. I used your way to train for Parallel Park and for Offset Back/Left/Right. It works great. I didn't even use any pull ups. Thank you for your help!
Mike Logan (9 months ago)
That's great!
Baburo101 (10 months ago)
Sage is too expensive trucking school
Mike Logan (10 months ago)
It's not cheap for sure, It's not the most expensive either. Look into tuition assistance that will help you pay for it. The States have programs to help with that. They have an inexpensive option where you attend only 8 hours of class and take the required training and then you get all of the hands-on vehicle training. All of the inspections which are more extensive than my video series and training for the backing maneuvers and several sessions behind the wheel with one student in the truck. Most can pass the CDL exam with this training. Beware though some companies won't let you in on their entry-level driver training program without the entire 80 hours of classroom. Several companies do offer tuition reimbursement. Talk to the school director in your area to get the details. Thanks for the comment!
Brad Lambkin (10 months ago)
Hey Mike , Im in Colorado as well . Do you have a school ?
Mike Logan (10 months ago)
I'm in Grand Junction, Denver also has a school www.sageschools.com good luck
Husky Racer (10 months ago)
Does this work with a 28 ft trailer and single axle drive tractor? In regards to the the turning reference points?
Husky Racer (10 months ago)
@Mike Logan thanks !!
Mike Logan (10 months ago)
Yes, remember that the shorter trailer will react quicker but the principles are the same.
Dirty Nasty i (10 months ago)
I schooled the parking test last week for my cdl. Lol 1 shot everything
Mike Logan (10 months ago)
Way to go!
Navdip Singh (10 months ago)
During my CDL practice days, I have watched all You tube videos including this. But overall, I would say, make a plan in your head before you start your skills. Assume virtual maneuvering and follow that you will be end up close...best of luck!
cuonxc (10 months ago)
OK, I failed this at my last road test. But I got thrown off in that I didn't drive past the opening- the opening was set up behind and to the side of my rig while I waited. (So I never got to preview it while I drove past.) And then when I was trying to back up I kept aiming at the "back wall" of cones- when I finally used a GOAL to inspect, I realized the cones were to the side of where the back wall should be.) (ie it's not the elongated U shape that you and everyone else uses in their video.) Meaning I had been aiming at the wrong area the whole time. I have practiced this maneuver and can do it, but I'm worried that the examiner is going to set it up the same way next time. Any advice? Thanks.
Mike Logan (10 months ago)
Ask questions, The space should be 12 feet wide and the length of your truck plus an additional 15 feet. Did they measure the entire length of the truck? Check to see if the cones are spaced at 10 feet intervals, here in Colorado there is no standard as to how far to space the cones. They can be set at 5 feet or 15 it doesn't matter. we space the back cones at 4 feet. Also In the overview that I use it states "Drive past the entrance of the PP space. Stop, then back the entire vehicle into the parking space. You are allowed two free pull-ups and may exit the vehicle a maximum of two times to check the position during the exercise. your vehicle must be completely within the space when completed. Set your parking brake and sound your horn when you have completed the exercise, Do you have any questions." It doesn't seem like you had the chance because you were already past the last row of cones. Keep trying....good luck!
Nick Hulstrom (10 months ago)
I've been trying for a couple hours to get it right, I put this video on and got it spot on the first time!!!! Thank you so much
Mike Logan (10 months ago)
AntiFakeJews Revelation2:9-10/Zechariah9:6 (10 months ago)
Ain't it the Fort Pierce FL place? How much $ for their courses?
AntiFakeJews Revelation2:9-10/Zechariah9:6 (10 months ago)
@Mike Logan thanks a lot
Mike Logan (10 months ago)
Google "Sage Truck driving schools" that will take you to the directory. Call the school nearest you and they'll tell you the cost and things like tuition assistance. I'm from Grand Junction, Colorado
Dale Miller (10 months ago)
Great videos Mike thanks, really helped me. Keep up the good work
Manny Villegas (11 months ago)
I failed this maneuver 2 times....I get it in at the School....then choke at the DMV...No issues with straight back....offset....and passed cola and pre trip...man....
Manny Villegas (10 months ago)
I just now...failed my dmv test...3rd try....Paralell parking....very bummed...perform this easily at School everytime...not at dmv....venting...
Mike Logan (11 months ago)
Manny, try to relax and take your time. If there are time constraints the examiner will let you know. Where I test there are not any time constraints. I've seen several students get in a hurry and then blow it. good luck!
J Vili (11 months ago)
I have done this in motion without stop
Mike Logan (11 months ago)
That's awesome!
luvtflyy (11 months ago)
Appreciate this very much. You were not full of words but simple and plainly explained it at my level. I needed this, thank you.
Mike Logan (11 months ago)
You're welcome
Momma Knows (11 months ago)
Just wanted to say thank you for your video.I took my skills test today and really didnt think I would have to parallel park but i did and passed my test first time.I watched your video only one time but I thank God I did because that is how I passed remembering your video. So Thank You.
Mike Logan (11 months ago)
Your welcome!
Dave Lindsey (1 year ago)
Thank you!!  Great job on teaching this.
Minds Of Mayhem (1 year ago)
Does the same concept applies to end dump trailer? We have our kingpin pushed back to the last notch to meet Texas 50’ bridge law. I’ve tried to apply the same concept as you explained, but my issue is it takes longer for the trailer to turn then normal trailers therefore everything is off. Does that mean I would have to pull up the trailer a little more forward than normal pass the cone?
Mike Logan (11 months ago)
You may have to because you are doing this with a vehicle I've not tried so I suggest trying different methods.
Skir Villa (1 year ago)
Is the 15' extra for 53 feet trailers only?
Mike Logan (11 months ago)
It's for every vehicle, Class A or B
Rashid Nizami (1 year ago)
Thanks for the helpful video
safeey khan (1 year ago)
nyce 🌷
Sabrina Harper (1 year ago)
Mike Logan (1 year ago)
Yes, that's correct
bennglued (1 year ago)
Was away from CDL-A school for a while, and am just coming back now, and we're going into this maneuver, so thanks
Mike Logan (1 year ago)
I hope this will help
David Soto (1 year ago)
I am currently In CDL A classes. We are learning this maneuver now.
Jolly CoOperator (1 year ago)
I've been learning the old school way. Spent 2 months with my dad he's an owner op. He put me in the driver seat and said go lol. Spent 2 months hauling frac sand with him. Those sites are a bitch to back in to.. If I fail next week it will surprise me. I heard a lot of schools only give the students a short time behind the wheel I wonder if that's true? I'm gonna buy my truck so hopefully I won't have to put up with the " Oh you don't qualify since you didn't graduate from an accredited school"..
Mike Logan (1 year ago)
If you've watched my videos and you can do the inspections, park and maneuver the rig and drive safe and in control then you'll do fine. Use the clutch, you'll get marked off if you don't and you could fail the driving portion because there are a lot of shifting points that could put you over the allotted amount. Driving schools are designed to get you from a permit to a license and the driving will come when you hire on with a company that has a training program. You don't have to do it that way, you can go the route that you've chosen. Best of luck and thanks for the comment!
A O Carter (1 year ago)
This really did help, thank you!
Ra' Shauna Carter (1 year ago)
So when looking out my mirrors while backing would it be best to use my convex mirrors, and also for the offset and parallel maneuvers while doing my right and left turns would I stop at the middle of the landing gear
Mike Logan (1 year ago)
I wouldn't use the convex mirrors to make steering decisions. Use them to get an idea as to where the vehicle is but the main mirrors are the main mirrors.
Sukh Grewal (1 year ago)
Very simple, slow and awesome way to teach. Very nice. Thanks
Rovik Rb (1 year ago)
when taking the CDL driving test and skils on what to pay attention to ??
wilber sandoval (1 year ago)
Hi how are you .. are these steps the same for a day cab truck and 48 ft trailer same position passing the cones in the back to start backing
wilber sandoval (1 year ago)
Mike Logan thank u
Mike Logan (1 year ago)
Yes, everything will work the same
manpreet singh mann (1 year ago)
Please open this type of driving school in punjab, india i really want to drive these trucks our government is unable to provide this service in mohali
yeili Acura (1 year ago)
Thank I love this
Roy Hines (1 year ago)
Thank you for the great exzampel my respects.
Case st peter (1 year ago)
Great instruction, thank you!
ThE fUn HoUsE xx (1 year ago)
Ok De (1 year ago)
great videos can you make these videos with 3 cameras showing all the angles ? thanks a lot
Mike Logan (1 year ago)
I'm sorry to say that I don't have access to the Trucks anymore so I'm not able to modify any of the videos at this time.
Phillip Huff (1 year ago)
Thank you Mike for this video, this is not even close to what I was taught. Had my CDL test yesterday and got to the parallel and failed. Man I have never felt so depressed as I do now, I pray I can do this on my return test next week.
Mike Logan (1 year ago)
Phillip, You can do this, Take it one step at a time. If you notice in my video I don't talk about anything except what you're supposed to do for each step. The next statement is Very Important! Once the trailer axles are in the correct position, parallel park the truck just like you would park your personal vehicle. I promise the maneuver will work this way. I do watch the back of the trailer because you don't want to go too far back. Focus on where all the tires are in relation to the boundaries. Good Luck!
Ku'i (1 year ago)
Mahalo 4 the great vid!
A Chambers (1 year ago)
Not everyone can teach this in A simple manner . But u did, thank you.They can make it so complex. Also Practice makes perfect.
Iftekhar Khan (1 year ago)
A Chambers Indeed 🌷
Mike Logan (1 year ago)
I appreciate your comment. I believe in taking you through this step by step. I don't ad information because then it makes the instructional steps confusing. If you don't do one step correctly then you'll struggle with the next one and then the next one. Practice does make perfect. Take care!
todd mustafa-ali (1 year ago)
Mike be honest when you first started learning how to drive a big rig, how many times did you practice maneuvers to get them right to pass the driving skills?
Mike Logan (1 year ago)
When I went to teach at this school, I could already do the manuvers. I practiced and worked with other instructors on the technics for teaching but you get the skills from years of doing. And making plenty of mistakes.
Mike Logan (1 year ago)
There was a difference in schooling when I started. There was no CDL program in 1980. The focus in 1980 was teach you how to drive as good as they could in 6 weeks. Now the focus is to get a permit to learn, go to school to learn how to pass all the tests in this video series and then get the lisence after you pass all these skills test, then with the drivers lisence you go into a training program with your choice of companies. So you get drivers training after the Truck Driving School. It's quite a bit different. back then you took a 40 question test and then you got a Commercial Drivers Lisence.
Ray Harkins (1 year ago)
Great way to teach it. Thank you..
aircooledhead (1 year ago)
Nice explanation of this maneuver. What are the reference points for a short (28-32 ft) single axle trailer?
aircooledhead (1 year ago)
Mike, I passed my CDL skills/driving test today. This vid helped me TREMENDOUSLY! Thanks to your instructions (I was quoting you in my head during the test.) parallel parking was rather easy. 1 pull-up, 1 look = pass. Thanks so much!
Mike Logan (1 year ago)
They really are the same. The shorter trailer will react quicker. Try the points I've layed out and see if they work. I think you'll be surprised.
DDI (1 year ago)
Working on this maneuver right now, I got truck & trailer In the space perfect. Thank you for the video! This helped me a lot.
Steph F (1 year ago)
school bus
Mike Logan (1 year ago)
At the facility I worked at we didn't do anything with school buses. The school district in our county handles all of the school bus training and testing. Thank You!
SIA ME (1 year ago)
Perfect help...thanks!😂be supa safe out there...
happy saini (1 year ago)
Hello sir. I am new driver I want to know about u turn. When we do u turn how much room want around trailer than other trailer because one day I did u turn and back of my trailer touch with another trailer. Someone said me there will be need about 1 meter space is it right? also I have problem when I take out trailer from parking one my friend told me when my trailer's tendem tyre (last axle tyre ) is out so that time I should turn the steering is it right? Thank you for your video its very helpful
happy saini (1 year ago)
Thankyou sir
Mike Logan (1 year ago)
I get what you're saying. You can't always break it down like that as far as which axle is where? You need to have good sence of where the whole vehicle is at all times. Top, both sides and the back and if you have a lot of trailer hanging past the back axle you know it's going to swing wide when you turn. You have to watch that specifically, Watch the sides, especially when you have other vehicles close to you. I can't say specifically what the distance should be near you, you have to make a judgement call about that yourself, don't forget to get out and look when these other objects are close to you. That's most important because you can't always see those things in the mirrors. Thanks for the comment
JJ (1 year ago)
This is the most pointless thing they test for. You will barely ever use it in the real world and it’s way easier than the maneuvers you actually use when docking a truck.
Tejas C 1/9 (1 year ago)
Many rest areas only have parallel parking. You might not use it all the time.
Mike Logan (1 year ago)
We get a lot of comments saying how pointless these manuvers are because they're never used in the real world. I don't totally disagree, but manuvering the truck in these situations for the test is difficult. Agree? I think they are hard so if you can do these and do them successfully and you showed the examiner you can control this type of vehicle, then you're ready and you deserve to have your CDL as long as the rest of the tests go good. Thanks for the comment!
Anthony Dean (1 year ago)
Don't know where y'all test but our box is alot smaller.
Mike Logan (1 year ago)
Colorado, All of the states are striving to test according to the AAMVA rules, (American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators) Google this organization and you'll learn that they are the organization that regulates all vehicle testing. Everyone who tests has to be AAMVA certified. AAMVA doesn't have different sets of skills course dimensions for different states. I promise, Thanks for the comment!
SIA ME (1 year ago)
Awesome thanks so soo much!;-)
Homefront (1 year ago)
Good video, but walking in front of the truck with the camera does not show whats happening at the cones/rear
Mike Logan (1 year ago)
The rules changed a little in March 2017, There are no rules pertaining to the back row other than "Don't go past the cones outside the boundary" That will be an encroachment and will be 2 points for going outside and 1 point for pulling forward if you have use all the free pullups. the goal is to do the exercise within the space that is given. 8 Ft. wide vehicle in a 12 Ft. wide space. The lenght is measured using the total truck lenght and adding 15 additional feet. The only exercise that has a specific stopping area is the 90 degree Alley Dock and its a 3 foot space. Not sure specifically what you needed at the back, If this doesn't clear up a question let me know!
Rosina Lopez (1 year ago)
I'm Manuel thanks 👍🏻
Don Herculano Sanchez (1 year ago)
Question so I need to put the rear drive axle in the box before I hard counter steer?? Im having trouble in school getting this right..
fillintheblankstare (1 year ago)
Hi, does this same principal apply to a trailer connected at the bumper? I am taking my test in. single axle truck with a trailer connected at the bumper. It is very responsive and I'm having a hard time following these tutorials since they are all done with a trailer connected at the axle.
Mike Logan (1 year ago)
I think the principles are the same. When it's time to set up the trailer you would go in at the same angle. How the vehicle reacts will be different from vehicle to vehicle depending on where the vehicle articulates. Example a shorter trailer reacts faster. Below are the dementions stated in the response for Jason. Set this up and practice. Thanks, Place the trailer first and then park the truck as if the trailer were not attached. Of course you would be careful and watch the surroundings.
Jason Lemmond (2 years ago)
How much extra room does the box have around the truck
Mike Logan (2 years ago)
The parking space is 12 feet wide, and the vehicle is 8 feet. So you'll have an extra 4 feet. The lenght is always measured for each vehicle that does the test. Take the total lenght, that means measuring any part or object that extends outward in front or behind, example a snow plow will be included. Total lenght plus an additional 15 feet. This applies to all vehicles, Class A and B
Mike Logan (2 years ago)
Larcardo, The first turn to the left is all the way. Try to get as much done in the shortest amount of distance. Remember you're limited on the amount of space you have on this manuver, lenght of truck plus 15 additional feet. Not sure if the information got to you before you test but GOOD LUCK!
Mike Logan (2 years ago)
Good job, Very proud of you and everyone who is able to see there dreams come true!
Larcardo Hardison (2 years ago)
I be back yes I started working for CT Transportation flatbed
I be back (2 years ago)
did you pass
Larcardo Hardison (2 years ago)
Mike Logan Thanks my good friend....
Larcardo Hardison (2 years ago)
Question??..How hard do you turn the wheel to the left on the first turn when your tandems get to the cone?
Mike Logan (2 years ago)
Good Luck Patricia, I'm glad you found this to be simpler. It's not that hard but when you look at it for the first time it seems overwhelming. This holds true for everyone. Take your time and don't lose focus and you'll be fine. Take the pullups and looks if you need them. Thank You!
CCIV ST Fuck fish Any day (1 year ago)
Mike Logan hey Mr Mike any pointers on me trying to get my CDL any videos you recommend me watching I have been alley docking parallel parking and seems to me that I’m having most difficult backing up and my opposite steering totally sucks
patricia holiield (2 years ago)
I just could not comprehend paralle parking, but you seem to make it seem simple, I am supposed to test in 4 days, and could not master straight, offset left or paralle. I wish I would have seen your video before I went to class. YOU ROCK!  I am going to a new school, I will use your methods. you simplify the maneuvers.  Thank your
montrell howard (2 years ago)
you make it seem so easy then the school im in
Mike Logan (2 years ago)
It really is, what happens is when a mistake is made quite often students drivers don't know what to do to correct the mistake and often make their situation worse. Think of it like this, compare this to how you PP your personal vehicle, It's mostly the same except you have the trailer, position the trailer correcty and then finish parking the tractor the same as your personal vehicle. As long as the trailer is not in too far Into the space and it's not too close to the back row it WILL end up exactly where you want it to be after you finish parking the tractor.
montrell howard (2 years ago)
miekyla mason (2 years ago)
Mike thank you so much you are good instructor keep it up the good work and stay blessed.
Suxrob Omanov (1 year ago)
Good driving