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Family fixes home in ghost-town lab & tells others to follow

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With 25,000 euros and 1000 hours of work, Maurizio Cesprini and his partner Paola Gardin rebuilt a ruined home in the medieval village of Ghesc, Italy. They hope other young families will consider their example with a plentiful supply of medieval ghost towns. They also feel drawn to save the rich architectural heritage of artisanal stonework dotting villages throughout the Alps, and beyond. Called “The Village Laboratory”, Ghesc is part-owned by the Canova Association and hosts workshops so college students worldwide can come learn historical stone construction techniques. The public half of the village includes a communal kitchen, pizza oven and concert spaces. Right now Ghesc (in local dialect; “Ghesio” in Italian) in the commune of Montecrestese near the Swiss border has just 3 inhabitants (Maurizio, Paola and their son Emil), but the four homes that comprise the private side of town are at various stages of being rebuilt. Canova Association: https://www.canovacanova.com/ On *faircompanies: https://faircompanies.com/videos/family-fixes-home-in-vacant-town-lab-tells-others-to-follow/
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Maurizio Cesprini (8 months ago)
To feel the good energy of a lot of people is simply amazing and this gives us more power to go on in this adventure. I’m trying here to answer some of the more common questions: We don’t need more than what we have, in this sense we are rich. I’m a teacher (I teach at the field school here in Ghesc) and I work with Paola, she's an architect and she has a small studio here in Ghesc, we both work in some private projects of restoration in the valley. In the free time we do physical work. Our son Emil is the most important thing in our life. Now he's crawling and we closed the staircase at the second floor with a gate. The earthquake risk in this area of Italy is very low; we also work with some engineers who are seismic specialists. The cost of the land here is between 3€ and 7€ for a square meter.; for houses is more complicated but a ruin can cost between 6000€ to 20000€ (plus taxes). Although Ghesc may seem to be completely outside of the world, the village is not so far from the main town of Domodossola. We can reach the car in 2 minutes walk and the town in 15 minutes by car. We didn't spend 8 years to restore the house, but 2 years working just during our free times. Students don’t work for us, but they always work on the Association's house. At the moment we don’t have infrastructure to offer guest volunteer but we concentrate in field school program, to apply check the calendar and program here: www.canovacanova.com <http://www.canovacanova.com> FB page https://www.facebook.com/AssociazioneCanova/?ref=settings As the member of Canova Association (non profit organization) a huge thanks for every donations we received; we appreciate any gesture https://goo.gl/UTHhsD
Jimmy Johnny (21 days ago)
Tanti auguri per questo lavoro che avete fatto e continua da fare!!! Saluti dal Irlanda 🇮🇪
MuellerNick (24 days ago)
Veramente bellissimo! You and all the others made a wunderfull and most of all, respectfull work. You have put life back to those old stones. Almost reanimating them. Greetings from Bavaria.
Hilario benitez (1 month ago)
Is the roof made out of stone also?
Linda McCarthy (1 month ago)
I'm so excited to see that you all have worked with the Yestermorrow school! I hope you will do so again. I would love the opportunity to learn and work with you!
Little Dorrit (1 month ago)
I would like to see a vlog of your progress. This is an appealing idea.
Can Conservative (2 hours ago)
Congratulations, it is hard work but a rewarding life that has more worth then urban concrete cubicle dwellers who are enslaved to the clock. Italy is gold, and there is still gold to be found, you found it.
MsMcmoe (12 hours ago)
Very awesome, you have a lot to be proud of, best wishes for your future
Crap Bag (12 hours ago)
Family fixes home in ghost town lab & tells family to f....was the thumbnail..when i clicked to see the rest i was hugely disappointed not to see the word uck off. lol would have been funny.
RoboGraham (15 hours ago)
That is the most beautiful place in the world.
Jean Bélanger (1 day ago)
Entreprise admirable avec beaucoup de grandeur d'âme et d'humilité , vraiment fantastique.merci de l'exemple.
ronnette harvey (1 day ago)
Ghost town? Looks more like Frankenstein. Beautiful.
Adventure Hawk (2 days ago)
Bring a metal detector!
Adventure Hawk (2 days ago)
I’d move there in a heartbeat
Sunita Vishwakarma (2 days ago)
What a beautiful place to live. Why they left this village. So clean air and calm environment. ❤️
kasslove111 (3 days ago)
love that place
ITPD GAMING (3 days ago)
Guessing village is from the 1700 maby earlier
Nandini Chandra (3 days ago)
The area has been liberated The populace returns.
brenda ingram (3 days ago)
This is wonderful. It always makes me sad to see lonely, abandoned buildings.
Kathryn Quinn (4 days ago)
So incredibly beautiful. Wishing you years of happiness in your new home!
anastasia46 (4 days ago)
how did they dig for water lines, sewer and electricity when the whole project cost $25,000 euros ?
Nathan Lam (4 days ago)
The buildings are amazing beautiful . I would love to move there and help out
Gayle Elizabeth (4 days ago)
....The wife doesn’t say a word (I’d like HER opinion on this remote, lonely place....
Delicate Sounds of Satan (3 days ago)
What does she need to say? The unrelenting huge smile on her face says it all. She obviously made the decision to live there. It is not that far from the next town, as he explained. She is there with her man and her child, and people visit for work and parties from what I could see. Just in case you didn't know, it is people who are lonely, not places.
Black Heart (5 days ago)
They should call it...Silent Hill
Sarah Blue (5 days ago)
It is so beautiful there and I love the stonework of the old village. I don't know if I ever could have left it back when the original people did. Modern can't hold a candle to it.
Nicholas Thuraisingam (6 days ago)
I remember this place.. Dark Souls?
MsB inSYDNEY (6 days ago)
Well done to this Maurizio, on restoring this wonderful gem. What an inspiration 💓
Joanne Bailey (7 days ago)
so beautiful
ÖZGÜN ÇEVİK (7 days ago)
ısnt ıt hıstorıcal place?  must be state land...so how they can get and start living?
Goran Svraka (7 days ago)
That was amazing. I would have kept the cherry tree an make it a feature of the house....Priest House nah Cherry House!!
Jump Ship? (7 days ago)
Awesome work. You guys are an inspiration. We have been looking at moving to Italy from Australia for ages. I have researched heaps, and I think I know Italy more than most Italians now ;). Love to do that, but not sure I can go through the red tape that Italians seem to love so much. It is so obvious to me, from an external viewpoint, how crazy limiting the Italian economy and political processes limit and impede individuals from doing the simplest things. Unnecessary laws and rules are strangling Italy and Italians.
Maritza Noa-Cabrera (7 days ago)
This is a wonderful concept. There's a love for history and the beautiful idea of re-using and considering oneself as a "guest" in these houses is magical. Thank you for doing this, I hope I can visit or live there soon!
Douglas Brannon (8 days ago)
A beautiful area.
Michael Pearce (8 days ago)
I used to live in a small village in northern Italy. I love Italy. Can an American buy a spot there legally. I want to go back to live. I'm an Artist, a painter and sculptor. I went to school there.
I made this comment (9 days ago)
Truly fascinating. Thanks for making this video for us, Kirsten!
Yesenia Rivera Torres (9 days ago)
hermoso nacionde turismo
Tierra Isbell (10 days ago)
How awesome He is so brave taking in such a project He must be way rich
Tierra Isbell (10 days ago)
It's perfecto It could be a gay village in the mountains It's like a Castro but better
Tricia Chancey (10 days ago)
Wonderful video and lovely couple! I enjoyed your work and their dedication to such a charming village! Well done! Hope we get to see the other homes redone.
Eva Rivers Libby (11 days ago)
We need a world law that if someone abandons a property & there is no trace of them after diligently seeking that the person or people who invest and restores the ruins are the new owners. A group of investors could be the New owners that is doing the restoration work because literally they are, they actually care with putting their time, money& passion into the project. We need this for all ruins on earth tied in with the field of Accurate History, History telling& Archaeology that's made public &no more hiding the truth from the people. The place needs to be metal detected out & each place can hold its own village museum.
ubatubacasa (11 days ago)
Maurizio... i would love work in your construction laboratory :) amazing oportunity to architeture students!!! ...for sure!!!
Carolyn Nigro (11 days ago)
That view. Breathtaking
annacolleen wesson etters (11 days ago)
Great and beautiful idea. Really cool too. A few neighbors is nice, I guess. One needs a bit of help or wants a small sense of community. Personally, I go for months w/o seeing anyone but my husband or grandchildren and daughter.
Maximo Bistoyong (11 days ago)
This is beautiful 😍
clarence spencer (11 days ago)
totally absolutely fantastic. so glad you made it habitable again. it was made to be inhabited not as a slowly crumbling reck. all power to you. you and your friends saved it from a certain destruction by nature and age. by the way, how did you work in the sewer, running water, electricity, gas... into those medieval stone buildings? must have been tough
nahtanoj (12 days ago)
i find this to be rather pleasing. Thank you
SJ Taylor (12 days ago)
So peaceful.
consuelo yañez (13 days ago)
Que gran idea! Dios bendiga a estod jóvenes, reconstruyendo edificaciones tan valiosas y construyendo el hogar con sus propias manos!
Alberto Rodriguez (13 days ago)
Very beautiful work not only are you reclaiming a old ruin from nature before it fades away completely you are also rebuilding homes.
tired comet (13 days ago)
Great fun
Nicoletta Ciccone (13 days ago)
Voglio comprare una casa lì ma abito a New York e non posso adesso perchè non ho troppo soldi.😔😔
kdeeuk (13 days ago)
SouRi1Two3 (14 days ago)
it was abandoned for a reason... the noise attracts them and the warmth of a human host keeps them around.
Pamela Chambers (16 days ago)
Beautiful, where is this place? So fabulas!
Idania Morales (16 days ago)
Beautiful 🇺🇸❤️
Jesse Prier (16 days ago)
And in 100 years it will be abandoned again, left to ruin once more
Selestine Overholser (16 days ago)
Impressive to have the courage to learn while doing. This couple is intelligently amazing!
Денис Реджепов (17 days ago)
Очень красивое место,а природа великолепная
Cant Just Exist (19 days ago)
Did he say Tartars at 4:57? The more I learn about these "abandoned" places, the more I am convinced that our history is a lie.
J S (19 days ago)
In the states, if you don't pay property tax, the gov. takes it from you and auctions it off.
J S (19 days ago)
Good exercise. So beautiful.
The Captain (19 days ago)
It’s great when your the first family to move in. But those houses are packed close together if you had direct neighbours, the tranquility would be gone. To make it really work, needs connecting to a road and a lot of investment in getting all the buildings restored or knocked down. Then start adding some completely new houses. The complications with buying the land/properties is what put off most people. Along with issues of not getting connected to all the utilities which is a further major stumbling block. Great for those who are the pioneers and best of luck to them!
Prince Avinash Mishra (19 days ago)
Hollywood could hire this place for amazing locations
kat diablankos (19 days ago)
the fact he was waking in leaves with flip flops on i-
Rob Hof (20 days ago)
I stopt after 6min. because of your italian. You speak good englisch, so i dont understand way you speak italian. Of all the poeple who watch, how many speak italian, and how many speak englisch. English is the international language.!!!
Sgt Duster (19 days ago)
How fucking obtuse and celf-centered can someone be?! Let me guess....American, aren't you?
kifesh a sepi (20 days ago)
24:45 we have the same white cabinet on the left in our home wow didn't know it was that old
theothertoolbox (20 days ago)
White folks will be gone in another 100 years. What's the use in doing any of this?
FunnyFurFamily (21 days ago)
Love this, the only thing that makes me nervous is the top of the steps and the baby falling...
Autumm Dottir (21 days ago)
This is what Donna did for that Greek hotel in _Mamma Mia_
marnie p (21 days ago)
Stunningly beautiful. Amazing village, such tranquillity & energy for a beautiful life. Great to see these old abandoned villages having new life put back into them.
Raso Narancic (21 days ago)
Extra 😎
Tom Tetreau (21 days ago)
In the US of Gay the kids would have ruined this great treasure..
chulieho (21 days ago)
cool thanks
King of Wakanda (22 days ago)
Being a student in these European countries must be really awesome for an adventurous and curious person.
Sidilicious (22 days ago)
I hope this catches on, rebuilding and saving these picturesque old villages. Simply charming!
Nasli31 Be (22 days ago)
Very beautiful
Beverly Balius (22 days ago)
I would love to live there!!! I was a Merchant Mariner and I loved Italy,,,, Sicily and Sardinia, Palermo...You could make an Elderly Retirement apartments there!!!
Christopher Revels (22 days ago)
I love this... I would love to be a part of something like this.
clray123 (22 days ago)
Energy efficiency class: "run for your lives, your ass is freezing now".
scrumpymanjack (23 days ago)
Troglodyte thumb 14..28!!!
Jean Mermoz (24 days ago)
Uuuaaooo vengo subito!!
Jack (24 days ago)
Interesting, its beautiful ! Where is that place?
obe dan (25 days ago)
This is a genius project. Rebuilding the old abandoned villages. Love to participate or live there...I wish❤️
clray123 (22 days ago)
Wait till you hear there's no Internet. No supermarket. No sensible sanitation. No central heating. No jobs around. But lots of bugs and critters to share company with.
Anastacia Townsend (25 days ago)
Beautiful!! Thank you for sharing this.
cody harris (25 days ago)
That would be a nice place to go metal detecting
Ernesto De Lapuente (26 days ago)
Maurizio, me interesa muchi'simo visitar este citio, por favor, me puedes decir donde encontrar este paraiso historico ?, espero tu respuesta !!!!!!!!gracias !!!!!!
Maurizio Cesprini (25 days ago)
you'll find all information here canovacanova.com
Jag Girl (26 days ago)
A true paradise. 👍💜💜
Jag Girl (26 days ago)
What a great place to live. Beautiful and peaceful part of the world. 👍💜
Tab Blu (28 days ago)
Wow..., Once it's all fixed, He will make millions from tourist....
Sisu Guillam (23 days ago)
They want to live there... not turn it into a tourist attraction.
Jag Girl (26 days ago)
And why not.. He's doing all the work to prerseve it's beauty. I wish them the best.
jasmineonly (29 days ago)
They Should’ve picked a larger house in the village. They have only one bedroom so as the baby grows up they’ll need to move eventually🤦🏽‍♀️
Judith Cespedes Cordova (29 days ago)
Que hermoso la arquitectura de puro piedra hasta el techo en mi país también había o haya con trucciones antiguas de piedra en la parte de la sierra. Pero tambien algunas estan abandonadas. Solo q el techo no es de piedra. Saludos desde Peru me gusto el video
P N (1 month ago)
I would love to own that place...or something similar:)
Rach T (1 month ago)
I think what they have done and are doing is simply awesome! I love that they are restoring historical buildings from the medieval period. How amazing is that? Being American, we do not have historical buildings that date back to that time period. The oldest home I have seen was built in the 1600's, in the town I grew up in. It is so important to preserve historical buildings and structures, in my opinion. Love the video and thank you for taking us through this tour!
Bluegrass Arts Anne (1 month ago)
Be right over. Love the dog 🐕 I don’t see any mold here unlike new construction making people sick.
salvo lizzio (1 month ago)
Il progetto? Gli oneri concessori? Le concessioni edilizie? La soprintendenza? Il genio civile? I lavoratori in nero? la sicurezza? ... Bravo .. Tanti auguri.
Maurizio Cesprini (25 days ago)
Il progetto è stato presentato e visionato dalle locali commissioni e dagli organi competenti della regione. A seguito dell'ottenimento di tutti i titoli abilitativi sono stati regolarizzati gli oneri concessori e avviata una pratica di edilizia libera senza impiego di lavoratori terzi. Grazie, saluti.
Roger Frith (1 month ago)
I salute you sir and all you are achieving. Long may you and your family continue. ❤
vielka denerson (1 month ago)
What about ghosts living there, they can make your life pure hell ! I've been trough that, good look !
Tyrone Tripod (1 month ago)
Do i assume this is in a rather temperate climate of italy and barely gets much below zero celcius for very long in winters? where exactly? So he said for 25, 000 eu he fixed up his house? i assume that didnt cover labor from friends and whoever and further assume it didnt cover purchase price? Can a canadian buy here or have to be a resident firt or....
Buda Bunda (1 month ago)
Where are the ghosts?
Buda Bunda (1 month ago)
They misrepresented the true cost.. 25k EUR was just the remodeling expense. But the man says in the interview he had to pay alot of money to the prior owners families in America to attain the old building. Wish he had given the total cost what was labor materials labs taxes permits etc. I see they reused much of the materials around the area for free which lowers cost. They most needed labor which is alot when moving stones and large beams on hillsides into multi story buildings. The other i guess they needed was plaster sealant paint. Windows and flooring. I dunno. Maybe the really re built for 25k i dunno. Having doubts though. Unless the Labor is really cheap in the area. It sounds like he creating opportunity to teach classes on the subject and use free student labour to do more projects then sell themfor 350k-500k Euros as that what a sinister size home costs in the area.
beast shawnee (1 month ago)
Beautiful-but I bet they close that staircase when the baby gets to exploring...
Dorota Zd (1 month ago)
They already did.
Diana a (1 month ago)
I adore this video Very much!✨ Thank you for sharing... All yur hard work" I would love to do this!😁👍
mikey the man (1 month ago)
SPOILER: the owners are ghosts
Pedro alan Mata alvarez (1 month ago)
💙👑 me enamore de esa villa
Ouroboros X (1 month ago)
I think it is not something good to do because the houses are not only damaged outside but also the entire building. What if it collapses idk
Sisu Guillam (23 days ago)
That's the whole point of renovating and restoring... to keep that from happening.