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SUBSCRIBE HERE ► https://www.youtube.com/user/mrfoamersimpson?su... JOIN THE MAILING LIST HERE ► http://bit.ly/2vnIxFg the (almost) DAILY VLOG - ep 234**. Last night Russell Westbrook, the reigning NBA MVP, debuted his first signature sneaker with Jordan Brand - the Jordan Why Not Zer0.1 in the Mirror Image colorway. They are having a limited release on January 15th for $125 and the "2 Way" colorway is releasing February 15th. This is just our initial thoughts on the sneaker and we will get back to you in 2 weeks when we get them in hand. Thanks for watching as always! Like, Comment, Subscribe and Share! WANT TO SEND US SOMETHING? FOAMER SIMPSON PO BOX 5513 CLEARWATER, FL 33758 CONNECT WITH FOAMIE ON SOCIAL MEDIA! Snapchat ► https://www.snapchat.com/add/itsfoamie IG ► http://full.sc/1b2RF27 Twitter ► http://full.sc/H8tB5t Facebook ► http://full.sc/H8txms CONNECT WITH BUCKETS ON SOCIAL MEDIA! Snapchat ► https://www.snapchat.com/add/thouartbuckets IG ► http://bit.ly/2pIaGW8 OUR CAMERA EQUIPMENT: Canon 70D ► http://bit.ly/2iBV3if DJI Phantom 4 ► http://bit.ly/2iBQ7da Tascam DR-40 Audio ► http://bit.ly/2iBUbdD Canon G7X ► http://bit.ly/2iBYcyu Rode Shotgun Mic ► http://bit.ly/2iBKYlA Tamron 24-70 MM ► http://bit.ly/2iBXVMh Sigma 105 mm Macro Lens ► http://bit.ly/2iBYDZE
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Text Comments (152)
Air Jograd (15 days ago)
"jordan zero.1"
Final Scope (3 months ago)
Would you be able to wear these shoes casually?
martindl1986 (6 months ago)
Them shit ugly
Francesca Hodge (6 months ago)
I'm having a hard time deciding a color, any thoughts no specific fucking teams only non team shoes.(yes the why not shoes)
donuteyes (7 months ago)
you did a video without having a pair??!! lolololololol
Live From The Grave (7 months ago)
I'm like the only person who thinks these look like the 19s more than any other
Vale Star (8 months ago)
Пидорасы!!! Где распаковка??? Нах идите!!!!
Dose Of Ball (9 months ago)
whrere can you get this
Eli&Amanda O'cana (9 months ago)
Im aiming for the black and whites straight up. These a bit to much but that back piece is crazy
KG Janoras (9 months ago)
Jordan zero.1
h L (9 months ago)
Where do you bought them?
Reggie Butler (9 months ago)
I rock with them russ is my favorite player "Jordan zero.1
Tha4704 (10 months ago)
this picture made it seem like you had them. down vote instantly
Max Amey (10 months ago)
i love buckets, the ANTI HYPEBEAST!
Quentin Kelly (10 months ago)
Jordan zero.1, y’all real comical 😭. Those are od cold though
thiskidwicked562 (10 months ago)
I already got my pair from Nike early access. Let me tell you guys lol these ain’t true to size in any way I’d say go a full size up. The lacing is really complex and difficult & I had a real hard time putting my foot in & that’s without socks. With socks on? (Forget about it)
Judy Panda (10 months ago)
Video for jordan 11s from Yeskick.cn??? you got the shoes, but never reply us then. we called you, but you said the wrong number. why ?????? :(
Garrett Liggins (10 months ago)
Jordan zero.1
Cure Autism (10 months ago)
Love da shoes. Do ya know if they're true to size?
Nina Lee (10 months ago)
Juan Nieves (10 months ago)
Downvoting this only because it looked like you had the shoe in hand and obviously you don't.
John P Tabacco (10 months ago)
Brah... Why are you always blowing kisses in all your thumbnail stills!!? Come on man...
Roel Aguillon (10 months ago)
Man I'm excited for these! Dope AF! Hope I snag a pair...
jaythebest1115 (10 months ago)
jordan zero.1
Tivo Kenevil (10 months ago)
How u gonna post that thumbnail tho?..
THESNEAKERADDICT (10 months ago)
Damn U my homies but was hype that u had them from the thumbnail and u didnt ! They look dope
Todd Fontaine (10 months ago)
Jarrod Jackson (10 months ago)
31 looked like jordan 1's 32 look like jordan 2's.....i can't wait for the 33's
therealmikebrown (10 months ago)
Jarrod Jackson, or the 41 or 42, I can only imagine...
Pat (10 months ago)
Clickbait thumb. Don't even have the shoe
Will Randel (10 months ago)
Jordan zero. 1 but you fooled us 😭
Hector Felix (10 months ago)
Keep up the good work..Jordan zero.1
M (10 months ago)
Fuck you and your click bait thumbnail
W-_-T (10 months ago)
Oy.. Baited
Chris Bussie (10 months ago)
Is it me? Or do they look like the Air Jordan 15 and 18 combined in one. 👍👎
nellek970 (10 months ago)
Bra, remember Jordan made those shoes with 2 full length Zoom insoles on top of each other...😩😩😩 I need to know that feeling, I know that shit was bouncey as fuck with that impact protection...🤗🤗🤗
Dbrotrue1000 Jones (10 months ago)
This shit ugly ass fuck
Studio8 Worx (10 months ago)
I guess Brodie like this one coz he's wearing it twice in LA n Clippers Game. If he dont like it he will go back to old shoes he like. The full length zoom with that price is a killer!
Matthew Wiley (10 months ago)
Wonder why Foamer never does reviews on the Gel Lyte III or V's anymore ? I just saw a bunch of old reviews on them.They are comfortable AF.
Heath Johnson (10 months ago)
Jordan zero.1 $125 for a signature shoe is a great deal.
nellek970 (10 months ago)
Heath Johnson it really isn't considering the shoes only cost $7.45 to make and that includes labor...
David Hernandez (10 months ago)
Ugliest shit I've ever seen!!!!!!!! ☠☠☠☠
nico (10 months ago)
Come on man. That click bait thumbnail. Did you expect to get lesser views without the thumbnail?
Cheuk Chan (10 months ago)
Yoan Arnaudov (10 months ago)
Are the limited edition ones gonna be released on Nike.com?
matt greene (10 months ago)
I really feel like your channel is well respected enough that you don't have to do these corny thumbnails! The fake in hand or the ridiculous facial expression is real click baitish and click bait is always synonymous with dishonesty and lack of integrity. That's never been the feeling I've gotten from this channel. Don't be that
Butterball2011 (10 months ago)
matt greene hit the nail on the head, well spoken
Amiflash (10 months ago)
Jordan zero.1
Pawel Pawlik (10 months ago)
Just when you thought AJ 15 was as far as anyone would dare to wenture without drugs.....you get this "creation" and start thinking their dealer is superior to your dealer....
Nate Allen (10 months ago)
Jordan 1 OG Golden Harvest
Joseph Kim (10 months ago)
this isnt a performance review..... clickbait
J W (6 months ago)
“Overview” idiot
frankmaiolino7 (10 months ago)
Joseph Kim it says overview not review. Not their fault you can't read
DZC theGod (10 months ago)
I really exited for these cuz it's Westbrook ima fan of his. But the shoe was made for him and I play nothing like him and I'm a bigger guy too so idk how the shoe is gonna work with me. But I would still pick em up for casual wear.
Eaglz (10 months ago)
Jordan zero.1 Buckets dive def scored higher because of difficulty
Lars Young (10 months ago)
“Jordan zero.1”
MR.NC-STAND-UP VLOGS (10 months ago)
Jordan zero.1
Dkub33 (10 months ago)
eChO echo EcHo
Timothee Thomance (10 months ago)
Jordan zero.1
Ben Helme (10 months ago)
BUCKETS! Love the hat
Sid Essex (10 months ago)
We need the okc 3s
Razvan Florentin Popescu (10 months ago)
why comment ? whats the incentive?
Xavier Watkins (10 months ago)
Jordan zero 1 and I'm not a fan of it yet but my brother a huge fan of Westbrook loves the shoes but it's about time he gets one
Eduardo V (10 months ago)
Jordan zero.1
Kevin Rollins (10 months ago)
Man this shoe is hideous it should retail for free ninety nine!
PowerstrikeTV (10 months ago)
Kevin Rollins 0.99 act free lmao
Mr. Mcvay (10 months ago)
“Jordan zero. 1”
Alonzo | Hooperflash (10 months ago)
Jordan zero.1
Alonzo | Hooperflash (10 months ago)
Gonna pick them up 👟
pushajc (10 months ago)
Jordan zero.1
Eric Miyamoto (10 months ago)
Jordan zero.1 $125 and full length zoom? Craziness
Eric Miyamoto (10 months ago)
nellek970 I know right? And yet they still charge an arm and a leg for signatures just cuz they’re Nike/Jordan
nellek970 (10 months ago)
Eric Miyamoto that's how much they should be... Zoom is super cheap it's just air and thread. So simple that little kids put them together...
BigRafTV (10 months ago)
Jordan zero.1 dope to me. Hope I can eventually get a pair in hand.
Jerz2392410 (10 months ago)
Jordan zero.1
Jase Allenson (10 months ago)
Come on you guys are better than this clickbait crap. Ț
king Possiden (10 months ago)
Jase Allenson I thought he had an early pair
nestajap (10 months ago)
love u guys
nestajap (10 months ago)
fix your fucking sound
Al Guapo (10 months ago)
"jordan zero.1"
willib323 (10 months ago)
I can't wait for this Sig to drop. I love the pg 1 an now we have the "JORDAN zero.1" mind blown
MrToneAtlas (10 months ago)
I’m excited about these, I’m interested to see what the lacing system is like. When you get these in hand please pass along the info fellas
EiramJosh (10 months ago)
Quiero esos!!! Fuego puro, arden uuuuuu!!! Translated: i want those!!! Pure fire!!!
pacmanalexander (10 months ago)
Jordan zero.1
Andy Le (10 months ago)
jordan zero.1
Social Psychos (10 months ago)
Name a better duo than these two.
Social Psychos (10 months ago)
T-Roy IRH that's a trio
T-Roy IRH (10 months ago)
Social Psychos dick and balls
Shaun Das (10 months ago)
anyone who wears a shoe with a dudes face printed on it.. SUS AF
Purple Swag (10 months ago)
Them things wavy tho
jeezychreezy1 (10 months ago)
Gonna have to double up on Jan 15
Benjamin Drury (10 months ago)
It looks like a combo of the 31 and 15
nellek970 (10 months ago)
Benjamin Drury exacly...
THEND (10 months ago)
"Jordan zero.1" I love to see how everyone changes their mind about the shoe once they said the mirror image pair was limited. HA HA!
pvd_21 (10 months ago)
I dont know why people dont like the shoe or colorway, I think its dope
Mike Wang (10 months ago)
jordan zero.1
Alan Rosario (10 months ago)
Why not Jordan Zero. 1 looks like an over all thumps up 👍 . Herringbone traction, cushion comfort, wide for balance , flexibility for speed . The string lace locks combined with the ankle strap to keep the foot in place morden suggested retail priceless
SINISTER 23 (10 months ago)
They 🔥🔥Ima get those and the CR7 🔥🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽
King Bass (10 months ago)
jordan zero.1
RICTANN67 (10 months ago)
Royalty (10 months ago)
Jordan zero.1
destiny5001 (10 months ago)
Jordan zero.1
john rodriguez (10 months ago)
For $125, why not? Like the style of it, look like the jordan 18 or the eddie jones back on the day old school, + zoom 💣💥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Midnightrunner X (10 months ago)
john rodriguez true
Ray Dargis (10 months ago)
Jordan zero.1 , at first the model looked like a crappy version of the Jordan 15...i thought it was a used diaper dumpster fire , after seeing it over and over again it started to grow on me , and by now im really digging on the sneaker. I'm really interested to get them in hand to see the lacing system up close and the price point is definitely on point.
James Hill (10 months ago)
Jordan Zer0.1 I actually like shoe! Reminds me of a Jordan 15 and the Nu'retro 2 that came out years ago.
Brendan Corbett (10 months ago)
nice vid
bpeterson366 (10 months ago)
Jordan zero.1
A Dunn (10 months ago)
I actually like the new jordan zero 1! Something new and different just hope they perform good on court. Starting to really like jordan 32 plus Jordan brand can’t keep relying on retro to save them. Thanks for the video and as always Salute bro 👊🏽 and salute to young buckets esquire aka hype beast killer 👊🏽
Sparta Elephant (10 months ago)
Jordan zero.1
J's Lawncare Services (10 months ago)
Jordan zero 1
Armike Bengco (10 months ago)
jordan zero.1
Steve Allan De Guzman (10 months ago)
Jordan zero.1
Matt The Knicks Fan (10 months ago)
where the M14's at? its past Christmas
Steven Thao (10 months ago)
Jordan Brand is discontinuing the Melo line
Wally Callam (10 months ago)
Jordan zero.1 I think these are perfect for Brodie. It's got that way back futuristic style. And you definitely can't beat the price