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UPS Technology

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Use of Technology in the last mile of logistics in UPS
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Text Comments (13)
My leg! (2 years ago)
They forgot to mention that they work their employees like slaves.
Phillip Nazarian (3 years ago)
Haha that's great, you should be ashamed as you work for a lousy, unorganized, pathetic parcel company. Every time I have a package coming from this pathetic shit colored company, IT HAS NEVER EVER ARRIVED AS IT WAS PAID TO. 3 out of 4 packages usually are claimed to have been attempted to have been dropped off, when in fact the driver was just a lazy ass peice of shit, that's dressed as one too. I have no affiliation with fed-ex but I'll tell you whenever someone sends me shit though fed-ex I don't know if my home is in there beginning routes, but by 8am they are here. Ups is usually a day late, anywhere from 5-8pm on delivery. I would never ever willingly pay UPS to ship my packages. They need to take notes from fed-ex because obviously they know something that ups doesn't sorry to say.
the90salways (5 years ago)
Worst place to work for.
Lyndon Thomas (6 years ago)
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Young Achilles (7 years ago)
@BCRclay no we dont know but just to let you know when i see a package with a careful sign on it i usuallly throw it hard jus because it stands out
malocollao (7 years ago)
more respect to drivers
NWA1503 (8 years ago)
@bigazztoker no offense dude but it has been forever and my package isnt at my crib yet. ups would beawesome if they actually delivered them on time and didnt break my package
David (8 years ago)
Very interesting nd informative. Nice vid
alexfo7o (8 years ago)
I work Reno Twilight! In the HUB! 8959 T.
alexfo7o (8 years ago)
I work in the HUB!
Trevaris Long (9 years ago)
haha im quit the end of this month tired of loading trucks
SuburbianKnights (9 years ago)
ups is th bomb!
alexfo7o (10 years ago)
HAha I work for them !