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60 Seconds of News Reporting F*CK UPS (Ep.4)

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Text Comments (190)
LIL GLASS GSF FOOL (1 month ago)
God needs to cleanse the first lady
GamingGC YT (5 months ago)
Dat bootyy
AllThoughts 3rased (5 months ago)
I need a babyshitter
Merry Jays (6 months ago)
the last one 😂
g nice (7 months ago)
Yves - Rene Guilland (8 months ago)
Réellement ! Elle a comme ça les seins chauds ? Pour nous les montrer ainsi ? ! Une sacré compagnie d'être avec. . .! Merci.
xaenon (11 months ago)
I used to work with a woman who would often dress similar to the woman in the first clip. And then would run to management and whine about harassment if she caught any of the mechanics in the shop staring.
ThisBoy LovesPink (1 year ago)
Makes a million billion dollars bitch.
FlitterScales (1 year ago)
Are you seriously gonna ignore that person at the end who said they were homeless
Taylor Yeager (1 year ago)
Baby Shitters. Priceless. xD
Bonny And Catreen (1 year ago)
Когда 3 видео было, ( с горы на тюбинге съезжали) у меня также было...
Leonardodp (1 year ago)
0:34 - What a fuck the reporter was thinking? That the "sliding guy" had streering wheel and would turn it?
DinmaSalitzey (1 year ago)
Is the first clip real or was it a prank or "social experiment"?
Douglas McCarty (9 months ago)
Neither, This lady is Jenny Scordamaglia and she works for Miami TV. She always dresses like this,. Very sexy.
DarkChaoto (1 year ago)
I'm a simple man, I see boobs I hit like.
King Panda (2 months ago)
INK Ω Sniper3KFates hahaha deymmm
INK Ω Sniper3KFates (3 months ago)
FreaackyFreeky With that grammar,you're like 7.
FreaackyFreeky (6 months ago)
ur probably like 9
J.C.C. Tutoriais (1 year ago)
Paddy Murphy (1 year ago)
why is the first one dressed for a porn movie ,more importantly whats her name ? haha
RyanWazHere (1 year ago)
+Paddy Murphy Jenny Scordamaglia
donttreadonme (1 year ago)
first lady needs her salad tossed.
GhostJedi (1 year ago)
+Patrick Clothier was that needed?
Simbaholic (1 year ago)
0:36 More proof that cartoons are based on reality. :P
Radio Bizarro (1 year ago)
ultra repost stuff. not funny
Signkae1 (1 year ago)
slow it down .05 at 00:35
posting id (1 year ago)
That first chick at the :03 mark; I'd fuck her right in the pussy!
Bill Campbell (1 year ago)
The first girl is not a "News Reporting F*CK UP". She has a YouTube "news" channel and she usually has her shirt open in her "news" videos. That is her style, and possibly her best feature.
TheBoganHunters x (1 year ago)
That view whore thumbnail
Habiba Miyan (1 year ago)
Honestly your videos are never 60 seconds, I have mentioned this a few times and I think you should really think about it cos it makes this channel super unique
UGK17 (1 year ago)
Um can anybody explain what the "fuck up" is in the 1st clip??
Darin Div (1 year ago)
Smh, it was the clothing she was wearing
Crazy ChromeZ (1 year ago)
I came here for the thumbnail. ITS WANKING TIME
Intisar Abdullah (1 year ago)
They first one is a slut your a REPORTER get your shit together
SoapFights (1 year ago)
1:20 isn't that that crazy bitch from the train that got snatched by that dude? "hold up, wait a minuteeeeee hold the FUCKKKKKKKKK UPPPPPPPPP" lol
Isabelle May (1 year ago)
This cheered me up, thank youuuuuu
Nando N (1 year ago)
not sure if first one is fk up or on purpose
Patrick Harrison (1 year ago)
Alright, the first times were kinda fun, but START DOING FACTS AGAIN.
Roxer (1 year ago)
first one is Jenny Scordamaglia, your welcome, she does nude cooking and isn't afraid to show her body while reporting
Roxer (1 year ago)
+SuperSonicBros01 anytime bruh
SuperSonicBros (1 year ago)
Thanks Fam
y u m e h a n a b i (1 year ago)
what is that first slut fucking wearing
y u m e h a n a b i (1 year ago)
+UGK17 yep, i bet her school skirt was from 10 years ago.
UGK17 (1 year ago)
A skirt and a shirt. Are you blind?
Flix (1 year ago)
the "reporter" in the first clip looks like whore
Evan W (6 months ago)
I watch her on filmon TV...she was at a rum festival and her tits fell out!!!
Douglas McCarty (9 months ago)
This lady is Jenny Scordamaglia and she works for Miami TV. She always dresses like this,. Very sexy.
TerraFirma (1 year ago)
+Flix Always the best
Tommy Grille (1 year ago)
hey news people!
Zukamara- Chan (1 year ago)
Hmm wasn't as funny as the others but ok
Jake David (1 year ago)
First under 301+
thelegend 27 (1 year ago)
Hello news world
JH.13 (1 year ago)
why is she dressed like that in the first clip?
hell yee boi (6 months ago)
+attack125 Learn to spell you beta male.
attack125 (6 months ago)
+hell yee boi it doesn't matter what you care about. your oppionion is worthless 
hell yee boi (6 months ago)
+attack125 I don't care, I don't speak to pathetic cucks
attack125 (6 months ago)
+hell yee boi but i *am* talking to you
hell yee boi (6 months ago)
+attack125 wasnt talking to you, pathetic beta male
Potazer (1 year ago)
This isn't 60 seconds lol. This is 94 seconds!
Crazy ChromeZ (1 year ago)
+Lazar Svabic Whoops, lmao
Mr. w0mster (1 year ago)
Potazer (1 year ago)
+Crazy ChromeZ idk if you watched the right video because there was no outro 
Crazy ChromeZ (1 year ago)
There was an outro...
Mr. w0mster (1 year ago)
+Lazar Svabic haha hay the longer the better ...right:D
Butterfly Queen (1 year ago)
my local news at the end
K.C (1 year ago)
i love watching these ^^
bassblaster505 (1 year ago)
How much should baby shitters get paid?
Dylan Nah (1 year ago)
+bassblaster505 Gaming 10$ a shit
Potazer (1 year ago)
About 4 dollars
CamSK (1 year ago)
First (: