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Driving Fails caught on Dashcam #854

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Text Comments (96)
Zefe Manzano (6 months ago)
11:41 That's the last one they're talking about.... Real good.
a anduze (6 months ago)
The opening rewinds are simply awesome!
Christian Traxler (7 months ago)
The last one blew my mind!
cbpitt01 (7 months ago)
At 2:30, is that Pearl Bodine on the radio? 😂
AlphaRomeo-OneFive (7 months ago)
The last one blew my mind!
AlphaRomeo-OneFive (7 months ago)
Ok why is everyone copying me? Lol
Devil_Travels (7 months ago)
You aren't a true Russian until you have cause or been the victim of a car accident.
HomoTriSapien (7 months ago)
haven't seen the last one yet...
HomoTriSapien (7 months ago)
it didn't blow my mind ;)
CELSO F (7 months ago)
Muitos velhos
Christopher Agnew (7 months ago)
The run away trolly-cart at 2:11 is probably the closest to me hearing "Oh s#}^!" in Chinese that I will ever get.
Max Compilations (7 months ago)
6:37 what the heck is that sign
Charles Green (7 months ago)
That last one WASN'T a FAIL BUT IT WAS EPIC 😎
MR GHOSTER (7 months ago)
What kind of MORON see's a car doing a 3 point turn and tries to drive round it? JEEEZZZZ! LOL!
MR GHOSTER (7 months ago)
It's nice to see the local Dog's at least have some Road Sense in Russia if not their driver's! LOL!
Blahblah Bluhbluh (7 months ago)
5:22 yeeehaaaaa!!!
where is my pin (7 months ago)
How to be a millionaire with one simple step: Open a car insurance place in Russia
cbpitt01 (7 months ago)
No, because you’d end up paying out a hell of a lot more in claims than you’d ever collect in premiums!
James Brewer (7 months ago)
Only if you started your ins. company with 5 million dollars.
Aiman A (7 months ago)
Ok why is everyone copying me? Lol
AlphaRomeo-OneFive (7 months ago)
Aiman A (7 months ago)
The last one blew my mind?
1krazykev (7 months ago)
The crashes in Eastern Europe and Asia are way more exciting because the get out of their vehicles asses the situation then go home. In North America they either die or stand there yelling at each other 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Eli Christman (7 months ago)
I suspect most of these identical posts may be a bot program? (The last one blew my mind!) Is the publisher attempting to boost his own stats?
lwolf1952 (7 months ago)
You don't green the fun, do ya?
Trash Rabbit, Duke of Bad Habits, Shellac Addict (7 months ago)
Drive safe.
David Stratton (7 months ago)
A plus plus plus on that guy in that last clip . . . . best clip I have seen in awhile.
Aiman A (7 months ago)
Did that one blow your mind?
tvercetti1 (7 months ago)
Nobody knows how to drive.
del trotts (7 months ago)
Stupidity rules...... And the last one.............etc etc.
vikSport (7 months ago)
Muy buenos! Gracias por compartir. GAS !
Lyle Waller (7 months ago)
What's with the blah-blah-blah when dogs use pedestrian crosswalks?
John Wyskochil (7 months ago)
The last one blew my mind!
Lee Neufeld (7 months ago)
Seriously, do these people not know where the brakes are?
Stephen smith (7 months ago)
At 4:00 two Volks Wankers in one go. Beauty
Amos Y (7 months ago)
The last one blew my mind!
Jacques B (7 months ago)
can't people not drive in general these days?
J. A. (7 months ago)
3:02 - if you see the idiot in the middle of the road for that long, and it's obvious you're going to hit him, WHY DO YOU KEEP GOING???
Youssef Elmasry (7 months ago)
The last one blew my mind!
Matthew Bowen (7 months ago)
The last one blew my mind!
Xennol Northernhigh (7 months ago)
The last one blew my mind!
bonotheist (7 months ago)
Wow. Russians and their intellectual inferiority never surprises me.
dedalliance1 (7 months ago)
0:15 is why you don't hog the left lane kids.
Thomas Yates (7 months ago)
It's also why you don't weave in and out of traffic trying to go faster than everyone else.
Tire Smoke (7 months ago)
rgrndu (7 months ago)
Last one made me blow!
rgrndu (7 months ago)
Logicsgrl IE 😛
Logicsgrl IE (7 months ago)
I don't know what that means..lol..but it was definately bad-ass!!!
nmtGurl (7 months ago)
7:17 ohhhhh blyat lol! 😂😂
_Suburban_ (7 months ago)
So, nobody in Russia ever yields, not even to avoid a collision?
ramy gamil zaki (7 months ago)
What about copy and paste comment didn't belw your mind ??!!
Aiman A (7 months ago)
What do you say?
punker4Real (7 months ago)
0:49 the only two cars on the road happen to crash
Richard Burdick (7 months ago)
2:40 tram vs. bus, bus driver should lose job, and WTH is up with the tram? Tram has more extensive damage than the bus? Low speed collision to boot! Suprising.
KonmonS (7 months ago)
The last one blew my mind!
bobbie burks (7 months ago)
Where in the hell do people learn to drive overseas, it sure as hell can’t be Walmart lol.
Vanger48912 (7 months ago)
Why the fuck was a scooter in the crosswalk?!
Maciej Gołąbek (7 months ago)
Everyone drunked!
Daniel Sykes (7 months ago)
11:40 is my wife after she's heard the store is selling her favourite candy at half price 😉
Adrank (7 months ago)
the last one blew my mind!
Sven Sharpsword (7 months ago)
The last one blew my mind!
Sagitarioitc (7 months ago)
Russians can't use the brake. Not even in self defense.
beH3uH (7 months ago)
Penis on billboard 6:32 LMFAO
Aiman A (7 months ago)
LOL. Keep an eye out for the Vagina Billboard. Coming up next in the new compilation.
Doc. FunkBlack (7 months ago)
Small and fat
_Suburban_ (7 months ago)
I had to stop the video and go back, and find out if I saw what I thought I just saw.
Graeme Evans (7 months ago)
what the fuck is wrong withthese morons that will just slowly drive into another car. are they comnpletely blind or just impossibly stupid?
Nunya Goddamnbusiness (7 months ago)
I certainly wouldn't describe the last one as a fail.
TheTenaciousVids (7 months ago)
Or a dashcam video.
Red 13 (7 months ago)
8:37 You know what would work a whole lot better than the horn? The brake.
Michael K (3 months ago)
Mirrors, the brake pedal and common sense are three things that are never used while driving there.
Eljakim De Clerck (7 months ago)
And decent tires. Anyhow, the last one blew my mind!
Aiman A (7 months ago)
I think the horn is the perfect solution for the type of people who want to just crash.
maximagmhondafan88 (7 months ago)
Red 13 agreed. That accident was definitely avoidable.
Lars Andersson (7 months ago)
Any deaths in 10:36?
Sflot (7 months ago)
It's actually not weird for people to stop screaming the moment they get hit. Such an impact completely silences a person, like the air is pushed out of their lungs. When something is about to happen we brace for impact, which includes ducking, shielding our heads with our hands and also closing eyes and mouth.
Xesphere (7 months ago)
I hope not, but the scream from that lady stopped suddenly, that was weird :/ And in the other videos we can see the police cordon the area off so maybe someone died indeed.
Lars Andersson (7 months ago)
The last one blew my mind!
boristhebarbarian (7 months ago)
last one: icelandic hill climbing and dirt racing
Logicsgrl IE (7 months ago)
Boli.. I laughed when I 1st read your response! Then i thought to myself.."good ???" LOL
Boli420 (7 months ago)
Iceland has dirt?
maximagmhondafan88 (7 months ago)
Ok why is everyone copying me? Lol
AlphaRomeo-OneFive (7 months ago)
Ok why is everyone copying me? Lol The last one blew my mind!
John Wyskochil (7 months ago)
You are a meme legend.
a man of many parts (7 months ago)
NissanSucks99xVT. Because you blew their minds. Thank God that's all you blew!
Blahblah Bluhbluh (7 months ago)
thats what parrots do
Aiman A (7 months ago)
Ok why is everyone copying me? Lol
MSTrishRN (7 months ago)
That last one was awesome!
Aiman A (7 months ago)
You meant to say: The last one blew my mind!
Orgothi (7 months ago)
The last one blew my mind!
Vanisler72 (7 months ago)
The last one blew my mind!
Я Russki_ 96 (7 months ago)
The last one blew my mind!
maximagmhondafan88 (7 months ago)
The last one blew my mind!