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CONTACT 13: Package thieves dress up as UPS delivery men

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Here's what you need to know to protect yourself against UPS imposters during the holiday season.
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Text Comments (3)
Frank Smith (11 months ago)
Notice they don't mention race when the dudes are black??? Now go watch a white robber and take a bong rip every time they say white... I bet you can't re-find this video after all those bong rips...
david kelly (1 year ago)
Warning there is a tall bald sexual predator following people home at night.. If you live in the South Pecos Road and Desert Inn area of the city.. He is watching/stalking people at night keep the doors/windows locked and the outside lights on as well.. Hi creeper no means no and stop following/stalking people at night.. Before you end up in jail or even worse like a graveyard..
Package Guard Inc. (3 years ago)
Well, THAT'S a new low. 😡