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Funny Fist Fight (Leprachuan 6: Back 2 Tha Hood)

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I just had to upload this clip from Leprechaun 6 Back 2 Tha Hood. Very Funny! Watson gives the Leprechaun a warm welcome to the hood and Lep greets him from the heart. Viewer Discretion advised.
Category: Comedy
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Text Comments (76)
Uche Orizu (1 month ago)
Leprechaun back 2 tha hood, one of the best funniest horror movie I have watched...
Taniya Green (4 months ago)
LOL the leprechaun just stood there waiting so patiently for him to get off the phone he even had the expression like are you serious
Trey Myles (3 years ago)
LMAO Lucky Charms-lookin muddafukkah
Tom Gilbert (5 years ago)
3:25 did he say what i think he did 
Jon Mercano (5 years ago)
If you think he said Ninjas then yes In the movie its a replacement for the niggas
mike jae (6 years ago)
Give the gold back so easy
superturkeylegs (6 years ago)
Leprechaun is so polite.
AC3 (7 years ago)
0:50 Leprachaun's face is priceless!
Snitch (3 months ago)
AC3 0:50
Pj Johnson (7 years ago)
wazz-up ninjas
Keen98 (7 years ago)
Sup bitches! lol
aaronmore (7 years ago)
what the hell did he say? whats up ninjas?
Twin Burn (7 years ago)
@bostonianful lol
Twin Burn (7 years ago)
lol lep gets hit by the car
bostonianful (8 years ago)
3:38 notice that when the leprechaun jumps on him, the black guy is not wearing a headband. then at 3:39 hes wearing the headband
(Old Young Age Memory Channel) (8 years ago)
never mess with a 60 pound old green man with gangsta ninja skills and half awesome leprecauns
Michael Johnson (8 years ago)
FIGHT!!! *Leader throws punch after punch as HIS life bar goes down until he's tired. Then Leprechaun stood up fresh and healthy.* FINISH HIM!!! *Leprechaun rips out his heart.* LEPRECHAUN WINS!! FATALITY!! FLAWLESS VICTORY?!!!
Alex Monte (8 years ago)
they should make a flim with chucky and the leprachuan in it like they did with fredy and jason
raashon1 (8 years ago)
why do they keep making movies
Brandon nonyadamnbidness (8 years ago)
LMAO....I love how the dude puts the leprechaun on hold to talk to his girlfriend, and the idea of the leprechaun attacking after tiring out his opponent and taking out a very fake looking heart. Man its just too much to list.
Jackie (8 years ago)
@vidoctor28 debut in 93 not 92
Lewis Dorceus (8 years ago)
Wassup Ninjas! 3:23... LMAO
Francis188602 (8 years ago)
did the leperchuan call him the n word at 3:23
Silver Spine (8 years ago)
LOL you hit Like a we las XD 1:53
Rich Cologne (8 years ago)
You Hit like a weelats :))! lol hes cute in that part.
Zacarriss (8 years ago)
The crude humor dose wonders after exams!
rufflesthemonkey (8 years ago)
@LORDEZE7 cuz they think it's a mask. it doesn't look that realistic, and they make fun of that. a cop says that in the first movie.
Luciano Servetto (8 years ago)
U know what sucks? the Leprechaun doesn't use magic in this like he did in the rest of the sequel. i thought he does better with magic.
ImANastyPasty (8 years ago)
it's simple... G A Y!!!
Zieg (8 years ago)
Don't they see his demon looking face? Why does everyone just laugh instead of being weirded out.
Goyabeans12 (9 years ago)
lmao whats up ninjas XDD!!!
suicidetony (9 years ago)
i have never seen any of these movies but they look pretty interesting and why doesnt he die
Chrno34 (9 years ago)
Man, the Leprechaun is the only horror icon I have ever rooted for in horror films and this is no exception. Freakin' wannabe gangstas getting owned like the punks they are.
Brenden Moen (9 years ago)
always loved the leprechaun he was always so epic back in 2002 2 years after i was born i watched this and was laughing my head off
DoEsnipaXlegend74335 (9 years ago)
4:10 Leprechaun gets owned lol
jennifer murray (9 years ago)
haha whats up ninjas!
MAZZ0Murder (9 years ago)
It's all fun and games until someone looses a heart
ShadoWGlideR1 (9 years ago)
he shoulda picked him up and punted his irish ass
Chrno34 (9 years ago)
And this is why the Leprechaun owns.
Men's Health (9 years ago)
you have stow sumpten it be belongs to me
Men's Health (9 years ago)
hay man i just sall this show on tv
Adamguy2003 (9 years ago)
@shawngamble We never figured that out. We were coming up with ideas for how it would happen (I think we decided on, Leprechaun kills Tiffany, so Chucky takes off after him for revenge, and my cousin suggested that maybe the Leprechaun could have other Leprechauns that could help him fight), but no clue on who the winner would be. Chucky's a better and more experienced fighter, but Leprechaun has magic.
Adamguy2003 (9 years ago)
@shawngamble My cousin and I last summer came up with the idea for a "Chucky vs. Leprechaun" movie.
Larry Asebedo (9 years ago)
lol she hits him with car! xD
Kiki123Lena321 (9 years ago)
LOL when I watched the movie on BET during the commercial I was scared to us tebathroom because I thoght the Leperchaun would come out of my cabinet and shove a bar of soap up my butthole!!!!!! lmfao XD
Matty Bee (9 years ago)
Saw this today on BET...Shit is too classic! LOL
kylethompson4 (9 years ago)
guess he didn't have the heart to keep fighting:)
Ashley Valvano (9 years ago)
dhat lil nigga is a g
Uncle Ruckus (9 years ago)
I wonder why gangstas can't say they love their baby mama's too in public? lol
Edmund Hopper (9 years ago)
lol @ 51 he's like wtf?
JAME-O Ostergaard (9 years ago)
well its what i call a funny scarry movie
malika williams (9 years ago)
That was too funny. lol.
Black Sinow (9 years ago)
This is what I call natural sellection LOL.
ninjawraith17 (9 years ago)
Only in cinema would a brother NOT get the hell outta there.
Jorge C. Covarrubias (9 years ago)
do you know what song is 20 minutes relative?? is hip hop sound it's says about shake my weapon and that shit who knowss???
AltamontKiller (9 years ago)
irish men always fight lol
Torrence A. (9 years ago)
LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At 2:50 Watch his head after they shoot him and he falls down....You can tell it was a fuckin puppet LOL!!!
Darkman72x (10 years ago)
Wassaup ninjas xD damn that shit is fucked up
IchigoHayabusa (10 years ago)
OMG!! i fuckin love that *comes back to life* Wassup Ninjas? >:)
IchigoHayabusa (10 years ago)
omg...you do NOT punch the leprachaun...
Clembo (10 years ago)
Is blaxploitation still going? I thought jackie Brown killed that shit, nigga!
John Mason (10 years ago)
welcome to tha hood baby..... pow!!!!!!!! lollllllllll
Sonia Reyes (10 years ago)
hahaha! WATS UP NINJAS?! lmfao
sk8terman72 (10 years ago)
ya xXD
sk8terman72 (10 years ago)
Kenbow Scott (10 years ago)
he got ra over lololhahahahahahahahhahhahahahahahahaahhaahahhaah
shiningstar1995 (10 years ago)
I love the Leprechaun, but it's still fun seeing him get beat up, lol.
Seeruh Lindsey (10 years ago)
It makes me laugh how in each movie his outfit is entirely different like the first where he has the hilarious pink spandex and striped tights coming out from underneath to his ballin old school suit hes got going on now
BCoriginal1 (10 years ago)
Lol I betcha Leprechaun was thinking to himself: ''Five shots couldn't drop me,I took it and smiled.''
noestoyfacil (10 years ago)
in real life lucky charm got blazed
JReyes123 (10 years ago)
wow these fucking hood movies makes classics stupid
Zack Schultz (10 years ago)
sticky fingarz is a badass
MarijuanaFireFighter (10 years ago)
mikey rourke played the leprechaun in this movie
TedSchmosby (10 years ago)
HAHA. Leprechaun rules man!
Ex101 (10 years ago)
:D lol
yessliv olivares (10 years ago)