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Join Emma Chamberlain and Angela Kinsey as they shop at Target and go aisle by aisle to buy whatever catches their eye.
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banana roti (22 hours ago)
Angela kinda doesn't age omg she looks the same
Click bait (1 day ago)
who else has never heard of Angela Kinsey
banana roti (22 hours ago)
she's most known for her role as Angela Martin in the office! It's a super duper popular tv show
Kitty clockwork (1 day ago)
i'm tired of hearing this video when I open youtube on my laptop, it's so annoying now.
plastic.barbiez (9 days ago)
my favorite people
Diva jeon (10 days ago)
"saya bicara dengan emma" nNGAKAAKk soo hard. am I the only one from ind in this comment? sadly yes :'
Sophia Aviles (12 days ago)
Emma Chamberlain is probably having to agree with Angela on everything so they could be "alike" but we all know Emma Chamberlain doesn't come just to buy washing stuff
Bre-Anne Newby (12 days ago)
"It's a weird youtube thing." No, Emma. It's to help the camera focus. :P
Classic Guess (12 days ago)
look target why do you make thing too much money like one tim my dad got food with no suger but it was i think 40 dollers why did you do that if anyone gares coment
Hey there (21 days ago)
angela went from the office to here...
Dezzarae Dejesus (22 days ago)
actually they would be an adorable mother-daughter team
Rachel Ramsey (24 days ago)
“I ship you and you’re mom”
Mr. Hexagon (24 days ago)
Cringe factor is OVER NINE THOUSAND!!!!!!!!!!
Kitty Shoemaker (24 days ago)
My 3 fav things Emma, the office, and taaaaaaaargeet
Georgia Bond (25 days ago)
JM Foley (28 days ago)
I Fucking love your voice emma its so sexy!!!!! :)
The adventures of Flimski and Mashy (29 days ago)
Target makes the most annoying HOliDaY ShOPpInG
jewel402 (30 days ago)
“I ship you and your mom”
Georges Salloum (1 month ago)
Target suckss
Zamari James (1 month ago)
Wait you what what state do you live in
Team Killers (1 month ago)
Ashlyn L (1 month ago)
how many times they said “so cute” l \/
Stephen Parker (1 month ago)
This is fake, they would’ve gotten kicked out the moment they walked in with the cameras
Charlene Faith (1 month ago)
Subcribe to my contentless channel...for now
Treana Bates (1 month ago)
The way she said bilingual hahaha
Møønlight_Pøtatø (1 month ago)
I love glazed donuts but ones with frosting make me sick sorry don’t hate
Dee (1 month ago)
This made me dislike Target even more. And what's wrong with that kid's voice? Does she have bronchitis?
Debbi Reynoso (1 month ago)
SupaEMT134 (1 month ago)
I'm in love ❤️
SURA (1 month ago)
Title should be 11 minutes and 43 seconds of Angela being hip and Emma reminding her of her age at Target 😂 love them
syafira (1 month ago)
omg emma noticed jakarta
Fernando Lomas (1 month ago)
Look at his hair. It's on fire. Oh no the fire alarm is going off now. Bye bye.
Crispy_Tflan 123 (1 month ago)
*inhails* ahh it smells like overpriced items
Karen Sargsyan (1 month ago)
Yola U de rendon (1 month ago)
Fart Smucker (1 month ago)
The best example of "basic" in one video.
Alicia Gonzales (1 month ago)
Literally start randomly picking customers who have recently shopped at your target and have them shop on your dime and make a video I guarantee id make way better video.it would be so original funny honest and real.stop the insanity.
christie leduc (1 month ago)
I don’t like donuts ! Emma it really is a thing
Xochitl Ortiz (1 month ago)
My sister is a dig fan offices
Josie Maniscalco (1 month ago)
Omfg Angela from the office and Emma!!
مرابنت فيروز (1 month ago)
Im sad we don't have target😭😢
Wolfie•Chan (1 month ago)
Miranda sings mom from hater back off UwU
sleepy pup (1 month ago)
Okay but where can i get the denim jacket that Emma is wearing
Caitlin Wayne (1 month ago)
Emma trying SO hard to get Angela to like her is a mood.
XxcookiesprinklexX 123 (1 month ago)
Angela-she is from the office
Lunatic Girl (1 month ago)
Every other youtuber can’t film in target tho lol😂
Northern Hawks Association (1 month ago)
FIRST you say they buy EVERYTHING then when you go to DESC, They buy what THEY WANT. Just dont lie, then say the truth in the desc
Ella Bonney (2 months ago)
I really want to go to target now
Crystal Ram (2 months ago)
Robert Plank (2 months ago)
Wow what fun! Two rich fake over exuberant women on a staged shopping spree at a discount store that they wouldn’t shop at unless they were compensated!
FangirlForShips (2 months ago)
2:41 it’s to make the camera focus on the product
FangirlForShips (2 months ago)
*I want a freaking Target* 🎯
Kinda Qubti (2 months ago)
2 of my FAVORITE PEOPLE omggggggg
Donna Busic (2 months ago)
I was very saddened to see a target commercial a few min ago that had two health adults riding an electric cart. There are so few of these available in a store that I don't understand how target would encourage this. Let's leave the electric carts for the injured, elderly, and those with a walking disability. Booo Target!
Maria Jaramillo (2 months ago)
how did we come to this?
maggie lehto (2 months ago)
it's so weird watching angela be nice
Epic_Amans (2 months ago)
The hand behind the item thing is so the camera's auto focus will focus on it.
Javiera Balbontin (2 months ago)
I need her denim jacket
Shelby Freligh (2 months ago)
Angela needs an extra EXTRA small 😂😂
gage riddle (2 months ago)
Anyone notice that this target is empty? Somebody's trying to hide their reputation of having a crowded store.
cady brown (2 months ago)
I love that eye makeup remover 2:20
MikSha RizS (2 months ago)
I’m indonesiannnnn
Laras Salsabila (2 months ago)
Holly (2 months ago)
Emma: films in target Any other youtuber films in target: “excuse me you’re not allowed to film in here”
Valen Figurka (2 months ago)
emma's "yeah babe, look" killed me (9:24)
Stephanie Baker (2 months ago)
Okay, but where is Emma's jacket from???
starry nightsss (2 months ago)
Whaaatt?!! She speak bahasa?! I didnt know that
ryann ღ ༄ (2 months ago)
they are literally the only ones there
Shakyra Carnadi (2 months ago)
Evi Kolman (2 months ago)
Emma makes friends w everyone I love it so much
Miah Grayer (2 months ago)
Didn't know I needed this... but I did
Deka Warfa (2 months ago)
Love those donuts
Fawwaz Azzahra (2 months ago)
when she spoke in bahasa i loveeddd it bc i’m from indonesia 🇮🇩
Megan Doyle (2 months ago)
Emma’s outfit is bomb
Gülşah Bostan (2 months ago)
I just watched some random video of Emma’s where she stayed up all night and she said that she doesn’t like donuts whereas in here she says she loves them... idk what to believe anymore...
sangay dechen puri (2 months ago)
I literally love both of them but like this is so fucking cringy. Like Emma is agreeing and repeating everything Angela says
Kbthn Sklh (2 months ago)
"Saya bicara dengan emma" Sedikit binggung sih pas pertama kali denger wkwk perlu rewind bbrp kali tapi keren sih.. ga nyangka tiba2 nyebut jakarta lol ga mungkin, satu indo yg nntn emma gue doang... Pasti ada yang lain kn?
Rafael Sorano (2 months ago)
No me gusta el color de la pantaya color claro
Michelle Foucault (2 months ago)
You guys should invite Jenna Fisher next time!
MD Morenno (2 months ago)
wow angela can speak indonesian. im suprised
ha ha (2 months ago)
26 mil tf
Midnight Slimes (2 months ago)
Angela is what Emma will be like in 30 years
Dark Vampira (2 months ago)
Yeahh I agree why do YouTubers do that thing when they show the products ? Lol it’s so funny to me what I do know is that it’s there camera, there camera is probably not that great so
Sydney Howard (2 months ago)
emma’s hair is giving me kacey musgraves vibes
Fatima Jassica (2 months ago)
Everything Emma does is fun and funny 💖
Isa Lourie (2 months ago)
Angela gets caught up in the actual conversation and Emma's much more aware of camera dynamics omg you see Angela getting excited and talking and emma suddenly turns to us to say "love that"
Gianna M (2 months ago)
eleven minutes and forty-two seconds of Emma agreeing with Angela
Espiridion Jáuregui Gómez (2 months ago)
diet coke (2 months ago)
"i wore it so much it was dirty" haha, baby that's not why
Chloe Adam (2 months ago)
lmao Angela is such a mom and I love it
Chloe Adam (2 months ago)
The collab I never knew I needed until now omgg
Caroline T. (2 months ago)
I’m 14 and also loooving baskets
r // (2 months ago)
omg i feel like a mom for liking baskets and home decor stuff 🤣 pls tell me im not the only young one who likes these stuff
Kaira Candice (2 months ago)
OMG! angela lived in Jakarta so cool
Khairy Alll (2 months ago)
I’m freaking out when angela kinsey told that she’s from Indonesia, I’M FROM THERE!
Akiko Fink (2 months ago)
Emma is probably one of the nicest and genuine 18 yr olds you’ll ever meet
ShutupHeather sorryHeather! (2 months ago)
Angela hows Dwight
mydickjustfelloff (2 months ago)
are we going to ignore the fact that there was a jar of peanut butter for $8
Joana Gutierrez (2 months ago)
Angela is kinda annoying there I said itt
Jane Laird (2 months ago)
these video are so funny LMAO whoever targets editor is is killin it
Tiff Ro (2 months ago)
Angela is so cute!