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Top Ten Super Bowl XLIV Commercials (2010)

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A countdown of the best commercials during Super Bowl XLIV (2010)
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Text Comments (34)
botanbutton (1 year ago)
These commercials from 2010 are always on replay in my mind.
Bethany Lingle (6 years ago)
I wish the green police were real...
Dominic Wright (6 years ago)
that was weak
SwagaBrownie (7 years ago)
Lol.... Milk a what?
Paul Schmdit (7 years ago)
The ground hog commercial was disturbing.
ChristiaanL14 (7 years ago)
If green police ever became a reality I would be a popo killa!
Musik Box (8 years ago)
The one with the cow and the horse... SO CUTE
Moved to OdysseaProductions (8 years ago)
GIANTS WON 21 to 17
memma04 (8 years ago)
awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww the cute animals!!!!! <3
SashaLeeanna (8 years ago)
WOOO!!! Polamalu!! yeeaaa Steelers! =D
Shadowdott (8 years ago)
@Vansoncrack Thumbs down this fool
mabyankeefan242 (8 years ago)
go to 7:13 to skip the adds
Sousuke15 (8 years ago)
best voice... "6 more weeks of football!"
KTevolved (8 years ago)
Jenean Van Manen (8 years ago)
The Green Police (put the rind down!).........bwah ha ha ha...
val310 (8 years ago)
@Vansoncrack wow you are a loser
James Tysoe (8 years ago)
pedo bear at 2:36.
James Tysoe (8 years ago)
pedo bear at 2:39.
James Bailey (8 years ago)
0:28 reverse OREO
david mumford (8 years ago)
your playing like bettie white out there! thats not what your girlfriend said
Cinemikel (8 years ago)
Seth heinen (8 years ago)
air humping number 8 lol
Patrick Zoppi (8 years ago)
thumbs up if this is the only reason you watch the super bowl
Djoker Dominator (9 years ago)
yap nice comercial conditioning you to NWO coming to your town, you will not have any freedom.
eclispe69 (9 years ago)
how didnt they have the dorritos commercial with the kid and the boyfriend
alycia k (9 years ago)
Melissa L (9 years ago)
"You're playing like Betty White out there'' ''That's not what your girlfriend said!'' Hahaha
Azam Naqvi (9 years ago)
T PAin one was the best i also liked the lil dorito kid
Dimitris Panayotopoulos (9 years ago)
Why the doritos one with the lil kid aint in there?? :O
alaskian07 (10 years ago)
pass the guacamole. ahahaaahhahah! love it.
SrM90 (10 years ago)
The auto tune one wasn't funny at all.
Malicus Maximus (10 years ago)
Number 2 was kinda stuip, But the others were funny
Dan London (10 years ago)
dont touch my momma, and dont touch my doritos
Patrick Sullivan (10 years ago)
"mike ur playing like betty white out there"