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GOOD VS BAD CONTRACTORS Here is a video about good vs bad contractors. If you enjoy this video smash the LIKE/SUBSCRIBE button. INSTAGRAM - CTHOMPSON1135 SNAPCHAT - CTHOMPSON1135
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Text Comments (67)
jayventz Ventz (24 days ago)
Hope you get compensates well and with benefits bud. :)
John Doe (1 month ago)
Been doing HD for a year. No raise, no benefits. Contractor wants me to come in on Monday’s to pay me 100 dollars to do 3 routes. Absolutely not I told him. Ground an hd needs a union. Contractors are fucking drivers left and right. I see it everyday. Sad
jaysZWorLD Arellano (1 month ago)
I worked for FedEx long enough when they use to pay us off the books i remember I had a contractor who would put people in very bad debt at the end of the year with a 1099 form had friends pay 10thousand dollar and Up to the IRS I’m glad FedEx forced them to give us W4 forms it was a sad experience but the minute you mention lawyer they would payout what you owe
Zach Wachs (2 months ago)
I had two bad contractors. My first guy put in a p700 on a fucking ground route. My second contractor didn't have enough trucks so i was back in a jumper for 5 weeks. I left FedEx and got a CDL now I'm rolling in money. My advice is get a CDL gentleman you won't regret it.
Death Wolf (1 month ago)
Come on dude cr englend n swift make no money man. U doing ort n bring home 9 hundred r little bit more n u say that great money. What a joke. Working for Fedex Ground linehaul. Now mean making great money. Swift cre. Great money lmao. What a joke
Trevor Pedro (1 month ago)
Zach Wachs wow good for you man that sounds good
Zach Wachs (1 month ago)
+Trevor Pedro i went to a company called C.R. England and got my CDL through their school in Salt Lake City utah. A CDL is about 6 grand however companies like CR and Swift and a few others pay for you. Because i left CR England for Swift i owe them 6 k but i can easily pay that off. Getting a CDL means you can work anywhere and the money is fucking great.
Trevor Pedro (1 month ago)
Zach Wachs everyone is saying that, how must did you cdl cost you?
Trill Robbie (3 months ago)
Started during peak 2018 so it’s pretty easy right now compared to 1-3 months ago. Contractor could be better, no benefits and you get extra $ for every stop over 140. Could be better a lot of heavy lifting and I do about 3-4 routes daily
Beat The House (4 months ago)
I’m still owed over $1,000 from my previous contractor in Mesquite Texas. They claimed the checks were mailed back in July but I still have yet to receive them. The company has since been bought out so I don’t know wtf to do to get my money. Very frustrating situation.
andrademeza (1 month ago)
The new owners inherit the debt. They are responsible for paying you.
JJ Skattebo-Rhoades (3 months ago)
Beat The House if you know your old contractor name first and last you can take him to small claims court. File a complaint with the Labor Department
Luis Guzman (4 months ago)
I get a little bit of both he’s annoying and talks a lot of shit But he pays good He doesn’t let us ask for help Wants us to sweep kinkos everyday 3 times No contractor is perfect but I’ve learned stick around with one and he’ll take care of you
Luis Guzman (4 months ago)
One good thing about being here so long you know what’s the right amount to get paid We’re a bunch of contractors under one company so my boss can’t slack off cause we’ll step right over him and speak to the big boss At the end of the day as long as I follow FedEx rules and stay on good terms with them I can easily go drive for some one else if I really wanted to
Bigtim850 (4 months ago)
Luckily I’ve been blessed with one of the best contractors. Even though my manager micro- manages like hell.. I guess that’s why we broke peak records and have the best safety score. My contractor ensures that our stops are balanced and everyone gets back to the terminal about 4pm. I average 80 stops but if I’m heavy 100 plus he does balance us out. I know other contractors where their drivers get back at like 8-9 pm and have 180-200’stops! Some care some don’t.
Trevor Pedro (1 month ago)
Bigtim850 I just left my Fedex job and bruhh my contractor was giving us 150+ stops by our 3rd week. Mind you some of us temps never even had proper training and had never even driven a commercial vehicle before. Shit was crazy. We still did it though. I think the most stops I had was about 183 and that was probably my 3rd or 4th week
Alexander Ashby (4 months ago)
I got hired from the official Fedex Careers website fastest job I have ever gotten guess I was lucky applied last week and started this week
CodeineAlliWantIsYou (4 months ago)
Do you need a cdl license to become a delivery driver
Sinister Rc 's (2 months ago)
Class c ....
My leg! (4 months ago)
No, all you need is to be DOT certified
Young Black Conservative (4 months ago)
Important question. My contractor is a piece of shit. I have to quit after only three days. *I haven't filled out a w4 or I9* still. He may have done this intentionality. Can He refuse to pay me for those three days???
Maro ss (4 months ago)
I was offered a job starting at 110 dollars per day and $1.25 for every stop after 80 stops but with no benifits would you say that is average ? I'm located in Rhode Island
Kiwan Greene (5 months ago)
STAY AWAY FROM HUPEC LOGISTICS in Hyattsville,MD run by two idiots that don’t know what they’re doing they brought 14 routes from the previous contractor 5 drivers have quit so now there hiring people from off the streets to work with no expand no real drive to work. Had to call out for a family emergency and they left my truck sitting at the terminal came back the next day with double the work
First Time Dad (5 months ago)
I been working for 2 months now and I'm hearing all kinds of stories and don't know what to believe some ppl say your supposed to get paid by the packages some ppl say you get paid by the day which one is it I'm lost
CThompsonTv (5 months ago)
It depends on what contractor you work for. You can get paid either way. There is no right or wrong way. Those are just the two common ways
Bmw E46 (5 months ago)
Gilbert inc out of superior wi sucks
t spartan (5 months ago)
just finished my 3rd day, doing home delivery, i like it, its very strenuous and physical but not too bad. pay is good. my contractor seems great, no complaints out of any of the drivers about her
Nathan Piatt (5 months ago)
When I moved to the Schertz terminal I was working for a contractor that was okay but out of nowhere another one started subcontracting us and eventually the one I was originally working for pretty much flaked out so my current contractor got the routes for free and hes actually better. In fact he owns routes here, west san , and south Austin. I'm going back to west san after peak because it is so much closer to my house.
Ricky k (5 months ago)
You look like jason derulo!
Jaymo E.T (5 months ago)
I am thinking about working with a contractor they're saying a flat $150 rate per day plus $1.50 per stop after 100 stops. Not sure how a FedEx day goes any help??
Marlin R (1 month ago)
Jaymo E.T that’s good
Travis Guin (5 months ago)
Never worked for a bad contractor, but I interviewed with one before going with the one I work for now that I got bad vibes from. They failed a year later, so I'm glad that I went with my gut.
Shaunthepyrotek (5 months ago)
I been a driver for a few ground contractors over the past 8 years (9th peak this year!) And I've been a BC for a bad contractor. He fired me for standing my ground after my current contractor offered me 7600$ more per year to do less than i was being the BC for the one that fired me. This 'bad contractor' underpays, gives shitty bonuses and doesn't care about anything but his own image (ie putting more into nice equipment than quality drivers, wearing diff pair of vintage shoes every day that match his outfit etc) Have also worked for a different bad contractor that actually lost his contract because he wrecked a ground van evading police while drunk at 2am. If you want to hear the juicy details let me know i can email u my number..... Keep up wity these vids, very cool to see someone showing the inside world of fedex. P.S. our handlers cant load trucks worth a shit, and mis scanning packages EVERY FKN DAY and big brother seems to not care about scan compliance or load quality any more.....leave it up to the contractors to deal with shitty loads and make the drivers deal w it all day every day......
VALE (4 months ago)
I want more
Guy Francis Buscemi (5 months ago)
That’s why you all need the Teamsters union.....
pikawolfy (5 months ago)
Oh boy, my old contractor was the worst. They sent us out on broken trucks all the time and despite our complaints they refused to acknowledge it until the truck just couldnt move anymore and then they blamed us for being irresponsible. Their "maintenance" was watching a youtube video and doing the cheapest option. My truck got stuck for over 5 hours in a rural area and contractor wouldnt pick up the phone. The bc had to come a help me after he finished his stuff and i didnt get home til almost midnight and the contractors spent the next day making fun of me. (And no it wasnt my fault) they refused to give me overtime on days they forced me to work 14+ hours and payed me $5+ an hour less then they promised and when i pointed it out they said i was lying. They harassed me on my days off for things on other peoples routes and when I was suffering from heat exhaustion on route they didn't believe me told to deal with it and when i got home I pretty much collapsed in the door way from borderline heat stroke. I wasnt even asking to leave early, just asking if one of the nearby drivers could give me a hand because i couldnt see straight
Kourtni Trotter (5 months ago)
No over package limit per route bonus
Kourtni Trotter (5 months ago)
No benefits
Matthew Allred (5 months ago)
My first contractor used the most crappiest vehicles you can get! You knew I was coming down the street because my van was LOUD! All the trucks had exhaust leaking in the cabs. Than he sold the routes to a better contractor only to find out he sold them CHEAP because he needed to leave the country because he was being investigated for tax fraud
Tyler Foley (5 months ago)
I used to work for some pretty crazy and foolish contractors until I found the right one. They would send you out in box trucks falling apart with steps half broken off and no way of washing them other than yourself. Paychecks bounced regularly. They ended up falling behind 15,000 packages and other contractors including us had to help out. They lost they're routes in another city they were in and wow
Alpha Saiyan (5 months ago)
My contractor is a cool dude but man. Got switched to a new route after one year and I'm making less and working more. Total bullshit
Stryker chan (5 months ago)
I don't know if I'm stupid or what but I work at FedEx Express and I don't know what you mean by contractors they must run it different at Ground
Stryker chan (5 months ago)
So anyone can buy the route or how does it work
JJ JJ (5 months ago)
Express is actually Fedex and Ground has contractors bought out by Fedex.
Diaz (5 months ago)
I worked for a contractor that would deduct his penalties from our checks. Did a DNA... Thats coming out of your check... Didn't meet the performance goal... That's coming out of your check. I got stuck in a driveway and needed a tow truck... They wanted me to pay for it out of my check. I walked out that day and they never paid me my last check. They ended up losing their contact and I couldn't be happier. Ultimately if you do good by your people they'll do good by you. It works but ways.
Chris Alvarez (5 months ago)
+Alfredo Guzman thats illegal
Alfredo Guzman (5 months ago)
My contractor charges 10 for a missed delivery 60 for complaint and 500 for accident so I feel your pain
Diaz (5 months ago)
+Big Boss people would quit all the time. It's impossible to get routes done when you have to train new people every week.
Greedy Girl Red (5 months ago)
Here in Alabama at the Eastaboga Alabama terminal we make $100 a day
Alpha Saiyan (5 months ago)
Wtf. Damn bro find another job.
Alfredo Guzman (5 months ago)
My old contractor use to give safety bonuses every month, but when my current contractor bought the route he discontinued it also my current contractor doesn't speak to the drivers he just deals with the management side for the most part he has the bc deal with the drivers, but I will say my contractor does pay well he gives .50 extra per stop after 700 stops during peak season in my opinion there is gonna be give and take with every contractor
Therealmontana52 (5 months ago)
In Houston don't not work for A&M Parcel or AAA there owned by Pakistan brothers the Butts cheat on taxes and send u out in death traps
Eric Schnelzer (5 months ago)
I worked for a contractor for a year and a half and it was so bad i begged another contractor to buy the hd route because he had the ground route
Eric Schnelzer (5 months ago)
+CThompsonTv for a year and a half he would always find a way to keep me from the threshold, he was middle eastern extremely hard to understand, I am far from being prejudiced he was the kind of guy that was very very intelligent but had no idea how to run a business he ended up selling the route to the contractor shortly after FedEx took all his routes away
CThompsonTv (5 months ago)
What made it so bad
neonclown2727 (5 months ago)
Bro I got on at FedEx! I ran my first rout today. Shits cake bro. I love it. No better time to start than peak.
neonclown2727 (5 months ago)
+Love&hiphop Clevelandlike 3 days. That's why I'm glad i got hired during peak. They need me to drive right away. It's not a hard job to figure out. Everything is done on your scanner.
Love&hiphop Cleveland (5 months ago)
How long did they train you before you started by your self?
CThompsonTv (5 months ago)
That’s true man
Will Thompson (5 months ago)
I work for a good contractor but he isn't getting paid greatly for the route I am on. Its not the package count you take. Its the pickups and stops that make the loot for the contractors. Or so I have been told.🙈🙉🙊
Hadas Kebed (5 months ago)
Have a good week every one . #positivevibes
RTM Dustin (5 months ago)
I had the most strict contractor in the terminal.. Good guy, but real hard on the rules. Had a guy have 4 disputed packages in first month and let him go.
John Doe (2 months ago)
CThompsonTv thank you that’s exactly what I tell my contractor. Some lady filed a complaint against me for having an “attitude”. My contractor told me one more complaint and you’re done. I said listen, I can’t control who gets to file a complaint against me. Customers find the craziest things to file complaints against someone.
CThompsonTv (5 months ago)
I’ve seen one or two that are strict, but they need to pick they’re battles. Some things the drivers can’t help
N /A (5 months ago)
I'm 3 weeks in, seems to be a good contractor. Got a raise already, New truck and permanent route.
N /A (5 months ago)
CThompsonTv he owns 45 permanent routes so I'd think he's good haha
CThompsonTv (5 months ago)
Yo! Seems to be good so far