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Wow...The Future Of Deepfakes Is Here, Alabama Outrage, Google Censorship & Manipulation Allegations

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Text Comments (10896)
Philip DeFranco (7 months ago)
Time codes for today's show: Future of Deepfakes 00:26 - TIA 7:45 - Alabama 9:08 - Veritas 10:55
Cassie Banks (7 months ago)
If you look like a Nazi and you act like a Nazi, you're probably a Nazi. It's as simple as that. If you don't like having people call you a Nazi, stop acting like a Nazi. Geesh. Is it really that hard an idea to wrap your brain around???
TKPS (7 months ago)
@axton Whilst I do agree more people use Google for convenience, YouTube and the like, it's not impossible to easily use other search engines and other sites. Maybe I'm not close enough to get what the fuss is about and I do use whatever engine is handy. I'm assuming Google will argue the same because whilst they are the biggest, they're not the only. I'll wait and see.
axton (7 months ago)
@TKPS US believes in little to no regulation, but Google itself wants to regulate how governments and laws works. As for the other search engines, none even come as close to the popularity of Google. Googling has become a noun for looking things up. One corporation should not have that much power and be immune to legislation.
Grinnar (7 months ago)
@bob noneya you weren't subbed in the first place. Pathetic Hambly dittohead.
Rico T (7 months ago)
Phil stop misleading your audience next time like you did in Veritas segment
fluffy isyermom (1 month ago)
Phillop de fraudo
Josh Hartley (3 months ago)
Lay off the drugs and porn and dont hate my state because we still have morals.
frany doodoo (3 months ago)
I feel so sorry for any person who is not a white man living in Alabama
Rochester92 (3 months ago)
Wow. Standing up for Google after literally hearing one of their staff say, as a media source, it is their job to prevent Trump from getting a second term. So much for external influence in presidential elections. Shill Defranco, Defender Of Soy.
Alan Martinez (3 months ago)
you sold your soul for money
EcnalKcin (5 months ago)
Try Googling "american Inventor". keep in mind the vast majority of inventors throughout US history are white men.
skeptic moderate (5 months ago)
If the woman with the baby really did initiate the fight, then she should probably get assault charges. Anything more is handmaid's tale type shit.
Frank Delgrosso (6 months ago)
Of course it is from the Eastern Block...it always is. Does no one else notice this? It is always a Russian or Russian ajacent evry single time. Like EVERY time. Anyone else tired of this shit and want to put a boot up Putins ass once and for all.
Sin Fire (6 months ago)
Google is going down hill, doesn't matter your political views, a company shouldn't use its power to manipulate people. The algorithm thing is very dumb, if men show up because more commonly men are CEO's and more men CEO photos are uploaded, That sounds like accuracy to me.. not discrimination.. When will people learn everything can't be fair? If you replace the men photos with woman its just the same problem.. I would rather accuracy.
Nate (6 months ago)
Do a deep fake with Trump and something might get done lol
KeepHerFeetCreamy (6 months ago)
Is it bad that, what I'm more concerned about at the moment is, /because/ of Deep Fakes becoming an infinitely more accessible thing, legit nude photos (i.e. evidence) of your girlfriend wildin' out and thottin' it up in Cancuun or Mardi Gras will simply be dismissed by her like "Oh no, that's not ME having my chocolate-drizzled ass eaten by... err, Enrique, or Ricardo —whatever his name was— while I grin from ear to ear in ecstasy. Someone toOoOoOotally Deep-Faked that, babe. It's so obvious! By the way, honey, don't forget that the wedding photographer will need our (i.e. your) payment up front and at least 2 weeks in advance. In the meantime, Dana and I will be dropping by his penthouse studio to, uhh... pick out some frames! Frames for the lovely photographs that'll be taken on our big, important day. Anyway, it might take a good while so don't wait up! Don't bother calling either— his suite has poor, terrible, downright AWFUL reception. Ciao~!"
carlric (6 months ago)
This guy is full of bs.
JustPassingThrough (6 months ago)
Ok boys and girls, here are the facts of life. Project Veritas is bullshit. Anyone thinking otherwise didn't need a biased, inaccurate, sham of an investigative entity to cement their already established... "convictions". They're just using them as a mouthpiece for their own bullshit. Also, of COURSE Google is left-leaning. Or rather, that is their intended face for their contacts and constituents. To what degree that stance effects search results and policy is probably much less than their detractors believe, but more than what their supports think. Or choose to believe. Oh and regarding how Phil covered this? Yeah he did fine. So shut the fuck up top comments. You didn't get what you wanted out of this because you never were going to in the first place. He's a little too balanced for that. Try the Ben Shapiros of the world. I'm sure you'll get your skewed and inaccurate fix from them, just fine.
JustPassingThrough (6 months ago)
I've said it before and I'll say it again: I am VERY alarmed by deepfake potential, and that of related manipulative software. We are in the dawn of an age of web deception unlike anything we've seen before, and with implications and viewers of a VERY significant level. I utterly despise the thought of augmenting my online presence to appease anyone, but at this point, I'm not sure I can blame anyone for being cautious anymore. Until better regulations are put in place, social media is currently the wild west, and that fact will be more and more apparent to anyone with any sort of significant online presence... or the right enemies.
Spartan_007 (6 months ago)
They literally say they have algorithms to make sure another Trump 2016 can never happen, they LITERALLY said word for word without interruption that smaller search engine companies won't have "the resources that Google has to prevent another Trump situation" .... and there's more, much more, NOT A SINGLE thing Veritas uncovered and released in the first video had edited out or selectively used and mixed and match sentences, it was FULL SENTENCES, UNINTERRUPTED, with COMPLETE CONTEXT...there's no other way to see that. Don't be afraid to go over this again and tell it how it actually is.
Lissie Lamb (6 months ago)
9:10 HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE OH MY FUCKING GOD. I'm actually nauseous, does the judge hate women that much that????? I DON'T UNDERSTAND HOW THATS ALLOWED
Data.Complex (7 months ago)
pix2pix has nothing to do with deep fakes other than being a machine learning algorithm. deep fakes use something called a variational autoencoder.
Lily Anna (7 months ago)
Deep fake is disgusting Deep fake body is disgusting All of them can ruin lives impossibly and will mostly be used against women, I know it. Even girls who try their hardest to stay professional and appropriate can get their scholarships or jobs taken away, because someone got the easy to get app and wanted to be able to see the girl nude. It’s disgusting
River Ó hÁillewill (7 months ago)
Does anyone know why I get conservative propaganda on every ad on this channel?
Da sha (6 months ago)
River Ó hÁillewill same I get prageru and Donald Trump adds all the time lol. I got one repeatedly for 2 weeks about Donald trumps birthday card
sPiDeR tOgAmI (7 months ago)
Why was this in a Crypt TV playlist? Is Crypt trying to tell me something??
Lissie Lamb (6 months ago)
Hahah weird
Anthony PC (7 months ago)
SOMEbody in a company of thousands shared an opinion.... BIG NEWS.
Anthony PC (7 months ago)
"The only true victim" is the fetus inside the woman who got shot in her belly ?????? Only in Alabama.... actually, not only in that state.
Lissie Lamb (6 months ago)
It's disgusting
Anthony PC (7 months ago)
Did you see the new Spider Man movie ? That specific technology may not be realistic, but I believe that's the level of deception we're heading towards.
Anthony PC (7 months ago)
it sucks that so many people will use are coolest technology immorally to cause harm, but I think we better make deep faking people seriously illegal, and soon. Deception is harmful.
Anthony PC (7 months ago)
3:13 re: the DeepNude exec's excuse -- well, it's inevitable that you're going to die, so better someone murder you now who will do it less painfully.. ?
yoshiknight36 (7 months ago)
Why is this video in CryptTvs Monster Universe playlist?? Like is Phillip de Franco a monster or....?
Erin Pinto (7 months ago)
Every now and then when I’m watching these videos I think about kids learning about this stuff in school one day and how I lived through it. But then I remember that climate change is going to kill us all before that happens and I don’t really have to worry about being asked about it
natecar1 (7 months ago)
Even as a modest to moderate liberal I have ALWAYS gotten the impression that the tech sector is too skewed left. I think a part of being in favour of improving the general state of the world you need access to all info. And the single monopoly pointing someone to a certain conclusion because it's the one that silicon valley likes is harmful in the long run. Even if I happen to agree with them on this or that
GPAngel (7 months ago)
i legit thought i opened a game or accidently played some lofi mix on the background lol
Player 1 (7 months ago)
Maybe the deep fakes is a sign we need to change our behavior on social media. Is it really a necessity to be posting countless half naked pics of yourself? Freedom of expression is valid but if people are so afraid of this seemingly unstoppable issue then just change your OWN behavior instead of demanding others do the same.
Tails Clock (7 months ago)
If you are holding a child whilst fighting someone, and that person has to fight back to defend themselves, you are now using a child as a shield. And that deserves extreme punishment. I don't see this as "batshit crazy" or another case of Alabama hating women. Why were people in support of punshing one women for the loss of an unborn baby, the moment the blame gets moved to the mother, the one responsible, now it's silly to punish her? These double standards are the only batshit crazy thing I see from this. If we imagine this women shot herself in the womb would we be treating this differently? Is that just an unscheduled abortion? Fucks sake. I'm pro-abortion but I cannot support this woman. Also. "Google is biased against letting Trump get re-elected" feels like a non-issue. I thought we were ALL biased against that? Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. Trump was a gamble and we lost. It is not political bias to not want him back. That statement about how Google is "for everyone" though is an obvious lie that Google do not support. They claim to be "for nazis" but this is not true. The claim to be for extremists of any kind. This is not true. It IS part of their job to decide who gets to use them and who does not, and they are excercising that. I am shocked they'd just outwardly lie about this like they're ashamed now? Google's response to this is the only thing that has made me lose some faith in them.
calamitous squid (7 months ago)
Regarding the Alabama case you shared, clearly the mother did not intend to shoot and kill her baby. Sometimes, the loss of a family member results in enough punishment in cases where someone acted negligently. Although I can see that Alabama is essentially saying she acted negligently, similar in logic to driving drunk with the baby in the car, I wholeheartedly disagree with this decision. The biggest issue continues to be that a baby is not alive until s/he is born. Extending this logic into the absurd, one could charge a mother if she was a passenger in a car and the car was in an accident resulting in the death of the baby, because she chose to ride in the car. The problem is, as was stated, this case indicates that a mother is prioritized as a vessel for a fetus instead of a living, independent person, and therefore a mother must make all decisions for the sake of the fetus. In truth, lets be honest, Alabama just wants someone to be held guilty for this shooting, so when the first trial did not work out for them, they stretched to then say that the victim was the fetus. I hope that this case is just shortsighted and not purposefully denigrating.
FINX (7 months ago)
Estonia.... my northen brothers... makin nude deepfakes... i see you bro... i see you... ;-)
SystemzOverload (7 months ago)
google did nothing wrong, lock him up, lock him up! hey im just using the right wing thinking... accuses google with no evidence of trying to rig the elections... right wing likly belived, wants to sue. evidence found russia got involved with elections, nothing... lmfao... right wing really like russia since them elections, i wonder why, they hated their guts before... :) picky picky picky...
SystemzOverload (7 months ago)
google did nothing wrong, lock him up, lock him up! hey im just using the right wing thinking... accuses google with no evidence of trying to rig the elections... right wing likly belived, wants to sue. evidence found russia got involved with elections, nothing... lmfao... right wing really like russia since them elections, i wonder why, they hated their guts before... :) picky picky picky...
PeppeTheHotPepper (7 months ago)
Did nobody hear the pornhub intro?
Aubriana Strickland (7 months ago)
What was the music from the beginning video. I remember it but i can’t remember 😭😭😭
James Palmer (7 months ago)
9:20 - She lost her CHILD.
Matt MacCallum (7 months ago)
Throat punch me daddy!
Zermist TV (7 months ago)
Deep are literally a good thing if you're worried about your nudes being released. If you deep fake technology is widely accessible then if your nudes are released nobody will know if they're actually real. So in a way this is like an extra layer of protection against you. Is it still creepy people can get a photoshopped picture of you naked and jack off to it? Sure! But who cares if they don't think they're actually looking at your real body
Angela Grim (7 months ago)
DeepNude and DeepFakes remind me of the movie Cam on Netflix.... 😖
Lettuce For life (7 months ago)
What scares me with the deep nude thing is that if there’s a girl in high school and someone gets mad at them they can fake nude photos of that person and basically ruin there life.
Sunari (7 months ago)
"The Googler" only became funnier and funnier to hear. Sounded like an old Batman villain.
DocUrb12 (7 months ago)
How much did google pay you for this? You’re just a puppet.
Dylan Reis (7 months ago)
Ok but what was the sound at the beginning from? I recognize it but I can’t put my finger on it and it’s driving me nuts.
Carl (7 months ago)
the amount of sheeptards that upvote this bullshit is truly astounding.
the drowsy one (7 months ago)
Beside what are you going to tell your Chinese masters?
the drowsy one (7 months ago)
Mmmmm Phil been losing subs before the quartering exposed him. KEK
Joris Vander Cammen (7 months ago)
Are you actually this stupid to debunk Project Veritas by not even doing an incognito search or just so far brainwashed by the cultural marxism? Or are you just another gatekeeper that sells out? Because talking about Deepfakes, that's like literally getting ahead on the narrative when the data dumps are done and some big names are going to get exposed.
GioSerpo (7 months ago)
Time and time and time again, you here about how the justice system has failed, and it sucks. It really does. I can relate to how bad the justice system is, and my thoughts and prayers are with Jones and her family in this, and I hope that justice actually prevails in this case, and Jemison does time. Shooting someone is ONLY self defense if your life is in direct danger, and you have no other choice. Jemison had the choice to leave, as far as I can tell, and she wasn't in direct danger of losing her life, so, its not self defense. The fact the the baby didn't make it, then, should fall on Jemison, not Jones... Our justice system needs changed. Badly. But the ONLY way that is going to happen is if anyone who has ever been wronged by the police, sues them. If you can't afford to sue, start a gofundme, and explain your situation, and share it everywhere, because there are good people in the world who will give to good causes. If you DO have enough money to sue, but you think that people will think badly of you for doing so, drop those people from out of your lives, because they are the reason this crap still goes on, then sue, and if you got the money to sue and you dont personally want to get anything out of suing, donate the money you get. Because, as long as people keep making excuses for themselves and the justice system, nothing is going to change. If you are a good hearted person who browses gofundme, looking for good causes, donate to the ones who are trying to make a change to the justice system.
Ordinary Miracles and the Crazy 10 (7 months ago)
Muckbang! Muckbang! Muckbang! 😂🤣 .... just once though.
soulofbass (7 months ago)
man it feels weird to see pretty much the last bastion of old youtube still being successful. You do you, SXE phil! Well worn face and all!
Trent Blade (7 months ago)
DeFranco gets called out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MMIqDDycJAw
Pseudo Nym (7 months ago)
"If I don't do it, someone else will" is the exact same argument used by drug dealers. Funny. If everyone stopped using that horrible argument, it wouldn't be inevitable anymore.
abby j (7 months ago)
ted cruz’s beard scared me
Gavin Batterham (7 months ago)
I call BULLSHIT on anything Google says...and I think they are doing all they can to censor anyone that does not share their mindset.
keyblade zero (7 months ago)
i definitely don't think they should have charged her instead of the other woman, but i definitely get the mentality that once you become pregnant, your sole purpose and responsibility is to ensure you give birth to a happy, healthy baby, absolutely.
Brooke Hawkins (7 months ago)
If the anonymous source didn’t come out denying it you know know damn well they’d have been fired! PR was all over dat ass!!!
Brooke Hawkins (7 months ago)
If she was actually defending herself why should she be at fault because her defending herself caused the death of the aggressors baby?? Why would you be the aggressor in a fight when you have another life inside of you that it’s your job to protect if the baby was 1 day old and got killed when it’s mother was the aggressor and the other person was defending themself would they be outraged then?? I doubt it!!
Alonović (7 months ago)
Is he just lazy or stupid? Why is he signed in?
Emoe Blk (7 months ago)
Phil please don't hurt me i clicked the like already🙏
John Chrysostom Rev 3:9 (7 months ago)
John Chrysostom Rev 3:9 (7 months ago)
Everything you said is a lie , i hope you get prosecuted somehow
JestersCapxXx (7 months ago)
DeFranco at peak Shill levels. I cannot wait when they come for you. When the revolution eats their own the cheap shills usually get culled first.
Dds214 (7 months ago)
I never thought I'd say this to you, but....*You are fake news*
Jonathan Waters (7 months ago)
wtf... with that sound.
Awlex (7 months ago)
Really disappointed with you promoting Project Veritas in any way. Makes me doubt other sources you've used for the news segments. Can't trust your reporting when that's how you operate.
Greed Sin (7 months ago)
Rapsha100 (7 months ago)
No one can stop deep fakes. It will be used for porn and politics.
allmerry people (7 months ago)
Time to split google into smaller companies and fine them hefty for their leftist agenda.
allmerry people (7 months ago)
DUCK DUCK GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
allmerry people (7 months ago)
Loony Leftie.
T Mobile (7 months ago)
Google's bias is easiest to see by simply comparing results for the same terms on bing, yahoo, duckduckgo, etc. Try an image search for "idiot."
2ndgenjp (7 months ago)
Phil what is happening to you...
Othyel (7 months ago)
I just came here to tell you personally that you're a lying sack of shit.
steve johnson (7 months ago)
11:48 Google might have a liberal bias????? Omg I would never guess!!!!
hefland (7 months ago)
Thank you for covering the Project Veritas article. Yes, they definitely need to release the full unedited video of Jen Genai to have full context.
Eight Pointed Star Painting (7 months ago)
So your a Google shill?
Flash 🇿🇦 (7 months ago)
What's up with Crenshaw's eye?
Flash 🇿🇦 (7 months ago)
@hefland yeah, any idea what happened to him?
hefland (7 months ago)
It's covered by an eye patch.
Flash 🇿🇦 (7 months ago)
Well, Down with Project Veritas
Izzy Kazoo (7 months ago)
Deepfakes make it easier to commit a crime. Just claim your actions were deepfaked. Simple as that.
Frederick Schiller (7 months ago)
That Google paycheck must be nice though huh defranco?
macsnafu (7 months ago)
I really don't see how they can 'regulate' deepfakes without a way to reliably distinguish the fake from the real. And if you can distinguish, then any regulations would seems redundant, or worse, like censorship. On the other hand, if deepfakes cannot be distinguished from the real, then ultimately the value of photos and videos will be greatly diminished, as people will assume that it's all fake unless additional supporting documentation is available to prove that it's real. Ironically, later in this video, you talk about not trusting the edited video released by Project Veritas, which is a perfect example of what's going to happen. People who want to believe that fakes are true will be burned over and over again until they realize that photos and videos are no longer trustworthy evidence any more. As for the mother in Alabama, charging her with manslaughter seems really crazy to me. Even if we assume she pursued the fight after her attacker had decided to quit, I can't see any charge more justifiable than endangerment, and even that makes me a bit uncomfortable.
Jared McArthur (7 months ago)
Phil I have watched your show since I was a kid. Super appreciate you and your team.
Evielution (7 months ago)
I love how conservatives want less government involvement in corporations unless it's a liberal corporation. Then it must be completely regulated.
Adrian Alexander Veidt (7 months ago)
Absolutely appalling coverage of the Veritas story. You didn't even do the search right.
Dani Mother of Dragons (7 months ago)
Her statements were clear. Shame on you for the push a narrative bullshit. Where are your push a narrative comments for MSM media???
Dani Mother of Dragons (7 months ago)
The BABY, she lost the BABY Both should be charged. The mother had no right to start a fight pregnant. That's disgusting. The women who shot her should also be charged. Haindmaids tale? In haindmaids tale the dismember and kill people..that's what abortion is. The abortionist are the exact mirror of haindmaids tale.
OJ’s Glove (7 months ago)
All the men got the beginning
joshuadeleeuw14 (7 months ago)
philip stop lying, lies like you buddying up to google is why people like me stop watching you
t wedge (7 months ago)
Unsubbing. Phil is such a fraud. First BetterHelp and now this. There are far more reputable sources to get news from.
Tombee 123 (7 months ago)
It's funny how the conservatives in the comments are like Phil lied because he didnt do his research in the way they liked.
Amber Thibeault (7 months ago)
Nice incognigero search chum. So if you're secretly recorded it doesn't count? Oh phildo
Bears and Beats (7 months ago)
Oh Phil, sorry I got here late. I’ve never seen so many fans turn on you. I honestly am proud of you for covering it despite knowing you probably would never make any of these people happy. This country is fucked. There’s no doubt google censors and controls political capital. But many places censor things like ACTUAL HATE SPEECH and horrible spreading of false narratives that further spread chaos and hate. No it’s not going to be perfect, yes cenorship from any leader or corporation should always be addressed, it can be slippery. So you know, hey chuckle fucks, way to prove google’s point? Im just I can’t with this shit anymore.
Boxer Blake (7 months ago)
You're a bloody fraud.
Andy Ace (7 months ago)
Someone hopes for Googles Grace. I hope you will be prioritized in the future.
overunitydotcom (7 months ago)
..!!..Come to the new Bittubers com where also watchers of the videos are paid and not only the Creators.. So this is the best alternative to Youtube and also censorship free...no one can take it down due to the P2P structure and BitTorrent layer...you will love it and all payments will be in Tube coins...if you missed the Bitcoin rush then don't miss the Tube coin rise !.!.
Krynnymuffin (7 months ago)
Phill: "We kinda just googled these things after we read the article. Hardly an actual test." The Internet: "YOU DIDN'T INCOGNITO YOU RESULT-SKEWING LIAR!" Search history exists, yeah, but what difference is logging out actually going to do when trying to determine if a change has been made to the algorithm if there is no way to also make an equally as controlled test before the algorithm was changed for comparison? Think about it for a second: If Veritas's screenshots were from incognito mode, all that you also googling things in incognito mode is going to do is simply ensure you get the same results they did. Yeah, checking if their claims are valid is a factor, but anyone who can go into incognito mode (Which is everyone) can and has already confirmed this, or they'd be in the comments refuting it. You morons should be searching with your profiles or a controlled test profile to see if the results are skewed towards what's said in the video, not repeatedly checking incognito mode and expecting a different result. Insane morons.
Highway to Paris, TX (7 months ago)
See if we had let pornography be banned when Ronald Reagan proposed it we wouldn't have these problems but of course people are concerned more about what's in their pants then safety smh
Highway to Paris, TX (7 months ago)
Great, now peeping toms can be completely anonymous and creep on mostly clothed women. Great.
DisgruntledSideQuestNPC (7 months ago)
0:00 YOU CRAZY MOTHERFUCKER! I was listening to this at work, didn't have my headphones in, and legit just had 6 people stand up (including one really old lady) staring at me incredulously. LOL