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Introduction to Supply Chain Management Part 1

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Summary of power point presentation on introduction to supply chain management. Chapter 1: Simchi-Levi et al.
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laportest coulson (1 month ago)
Аrе уоu Ѕеаrсhіng fоr Ѕuррlу Сhаіn Маnаgеmеnt соursеs оnlіnе. Just gооglе "Ζое Таlеnt Ѕоlutіоns"
Farah Khan (2 months ago)
I have my exams in a week and I've literally scoured through all your videos and love you for all the effort and help. ✌
oxto32 ox (5 months ago)
Professor, thanks for presentation. How we download your presentation materials?!
112012cw 1252015cw (8 months ago)
Thierry CHIRIMWAMI (9 months ago)
A very interesting course
Stephen Appiah (10 months ago)
Thanks Prof. very useful
Duke D.A (10 months ago)
nice one
Georgette Nguiekou (1 year ago)
Thank you for sharing this powerful concept. I really learn a lot. I am preparing for my Certified Supply Chain Professional (APICS) CSCP and was wondering if you have any training program for this purpose. Thanks!
VISHAL tawde (1 year ago)
Thanks very much for the videos.. Can you suggest be best SCM courses
VISHAL tawde (1 year ago)
Hello Professor, I am doing my MBA in international business, Can you please suggest me a good SCM course... have a good day ahead..
Susan Lee (1 year ago)
CAS is next level challenge on the supply chain innovation. S&OP ,AOP, FOP and ISC should also have more innovation , we did it. if you have more supply chain management question , can reach me anytime, I just publish one ISC book(integrated supply chain management) including SCOR and AOP, FOP,S&OP and total inventory constrained model and innovation forecast accurate measure solution not like as MAD from APICS.
Susan Lee (1 year ago)
you can leave your contact way to me via my youtube.
Susan Lee (1 year ago)
you can leave your contact way to me via my youtube.
Alanis Coronado (1 year ago)
Susan Lee I'll check them out, thank you. Are you on LinkedIn? Would like to see what other resources you have there.
KingkingHolaSiam (1 year ago)
Supply Chain Management learn more here!... https://twitter.com/AxmerMarketing/status/819715221488963584
Priti Halder (2 years ago)
Jeanette Dawson (2 years ago)
Is statistical studies and analysis a major concentration of this program?
Jeanette Dawson (2 years ago)
Does a background of studies in Marketing Management work well with continuing to a Bachelors in Supply Chain Management?
Dr. Harvi Millar (2 years ago)
Sure. if you like quantitative material that helps as well.
Jeanette Dawson (2 years ago)
Thanks for this Info. Very helpful.
شيخة البهلولي (2 years ago)
You cant imagine how many times i pray for you happy life.. you helped me in a time where i were struggling and now i am graduated with a GPA 3.17 out of 4 thank you i wish i can help in something i wish i can return you a valuable thing.
AA (2 years ago)
شيخة البهلولي ماقصرتي اختي على المعلومات القيمه،، جزاك الله خير
شيخة البهلولي (2 years ago)
+ali Alkhaldi ايوا اللوجستكس جزء من ادارة العمليات اللوجسيات هي حلقة وحدة من سلسلة ادارة العمليات السلسله هذي تحتوي على حلقة : مخازن لوجستيات جودة خدمه مخازن اخرى محلات بيع تجزئه زبون مستهلك سلسله طويله بين مخازن وبيع تجزئه وزبون الى ان تنتهي لمستهلك ملاحظه الزبون قد يكون محل ويعيد بيع المنتج للمستهلك مثلا مطعم البيك هو زبون لمصنع الدجاج ويعيد بيع الوجبه للمستهلك SCM سلسلة حلقات رائعه جدا وقد تتوظف في المشتريات والعقود لان هذا عملنا كذلك اترك لك المجال تبحر اكثر في هذا التخصص
AA (2 years ago)
اختي معليش بس هل اللوجستكس تحت operation management or supply chain management وهل هناك اختلاف كبير بينهم انا اللي اعرفه ان اللوجستكس احد فروع SCM اعتذر على الازعاج
AA (2 years ago)
اشكرك اختي على ردك انا باستخير والله الموفق، انا بروح للمشرف واعرف اكثر عن التخصص والمواد وباذن الله اذا ارتحت الترم الجاي بحول له اذا ربي اراد اكرر شكري وامتناني
شيخة البهلولي (2 years ago)
+ali Alkhaldi وعليكم السلام اخي.. اولا مبروك والله يوفق الجميع، تخصصي بكالوريس إدارة عمليات، من كلية الاقتصاد، مشابه وقريب من الهندسه الصناعيه، ايه من التخصصات الممتعه والمتجدده، اذا كنت تحب العمل الروتيني فأنصحك تبتعد عنه، اداري العميات هو اداري العقود اللوجستيات الخطوط سواءا بري بحري جوي، اداري الجودة وكذلك المخزون، له اكثر من احدى عشر مسمى وظيفي، هذا طبعا لخطة الكليه اللي درست فيها، ع العموم يترتب على اداري العمليات قدرة هائلة في التفكير بصورة مخالفة ، آرائه يحفها الابداع والكسل، لانه يحل الامور بأسرع واجود طريقه، هذا اقصر تعريف له، بالعاده خريجي هالتخصص طريقة تفكيرهم تكون غريبه، لاننا اغلب موادنا يعرضولنا مشاكل ولازم نحلها وتكون إداريه، اما من نحية الهندسة او بمعنى الهندسه الصناعيه فما عندي خلفيه عنها او قد تكون بسيطه جدا، كل التوفيق لكم
Haitham Al-kashef (2 years ago)
How can I get this material like PPT
Russel Stockton (2 years ago)
" *Supply Chain Management learn more here! .* https://t.co/W5lHCbXWTk
Khanh Doan Ba (2 years ago)
Thanks so much for your video!
Syoko Yulisa (2 years ago)
i spent a few days reading this book and found many of the concepts i didn't understand. However after listening what you taught, it is totally clear. Thank you so much for sharing this video!
WattledOak25 (2 years ago)
love this guy.
Brieara Huff (2 years ago)
" *This course gives an understanding of Supply Chain Management and its elements start here! .* http://shrsl.com/?~cmj6
osama kamal (3 years ago)
Hello Dr, Is there any documents for this course?
Dr Jagannatha Reddy AMARAM (3 years ago)
very useful knowledge-base, well explained with examples appropriately
KDeco (3 years ago)
Thank you for being one of the few people to post a SCM video that is not only informative but very easy to follow.
myLearn sap (3 years ago)
Hello Dr. Millar, Thanks for sharing lecture.  I have been working in SAP Implementation.  Please keep teaching us.  Thanks!
KMF (3 years ago)
I'm going back to college for my second degree and looking for a useful degree. This video was very informative and a SCOM degree sounds very promising.
saeed AL-SAIRY (3 years ago)
thanks Prof.Harvi
mesfin make (4 years ago)
Jason Douglas (4 years ago)
Very informative Professor Millar.  Thank you for this detailed presentation.
GABRIEL KABONGO (4 years ago)
Hello that is goog bu my resuest is :Can i get this trainnig in frch please?
Jeanette Dawson (2 years ago)
GABRIEL KABONGO before playing the video set the language on your phone to french.
DC_amp88 (3 years ago)
+GABRIEL KABONGO You expect him to redo everything here in another language just for you and for you free?
Gary Bonkowski (4 years ago)
Professor, well executed brief, very helpful, thanks for sharing.
Ron Olivar (4 years ago)
Thanks, this helped me a lot. =)
Marcus Harris (4 years ago)
Thank you. We are covering similar material with our Global Logistics Specialist Course. Great perspective!
ishan joshi (5 years ago)
Thanks that was really helpful...
Mohamed Atia (5 years ago)
it would be great if you attached a link to those presentations as a pdf or something, and Thanks a lot 
Justin Durueke (5 years ago)
Thank you Prof.
hafeez rehman (5 years ago)
reji raveendran (5 years ago)
Hi Sir, Could you please share me the material of this tutorial?. It is very kind of you. Regards
Bisen Speedage (5 years ago)
very knowledgeable video