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HUGE DOMINO SCREENLINK! (25,000 dominoes!)

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HUGE 25,000 domino screenlink! Enjoy new domino techniques come down with 25,000 dominoes in an artistic way! Subscribe to the builders: TheDominoEffect - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC85p1a5kWSc9-o1q1amLzRQ Dynamic Domino - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCn551amAW5JL25RYNgT3qYA ►GET CONNECTED Contact me ► dynamicdominoes@gmail.com Official Website ► https://www.dynamicdomino.com/ YouTube ► https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCn551amAW5JL25RYNgT3qYA More from Dynamic Domino ► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fXGr9DZhuek&list=PLAa60OJuhMjvtMoyBCqY1XJQ-QZe2kTd5 Facebook ►https://www.facebook.com/Dynamic-Domino-552159968274961/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel Instagram ► https://www.instagram.com/dynamicdominoes/?hl=en Google+ ► https://plus.google.com/b/101935944278031552819/+DynamicDomino/posts?gmbpt=true&pageId=101935944278031552819 ►MORE ABOUT DYNAMIC DOMINO Dynamic Domino is a 16-year-old professional domino artist that has been building for over 6 years. In the last year he has participated in many domino commercials, events, and other ads. Early 2017 he was the lead builder for a commercial done in Paraguay, which was also the most dominoes ever toppled in South America.
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wojtekpolska (15 seconds ago)
1:00 fail - the thing is triggered by piece from yellow line, so it accidentally skipped 2 lines
Tamara Saab (2 hours ago)
Евгений Петухов (4 hours ago)
Rmu w8
Nur Efsan (5 hours ago)
dinara supplier (6 hours ago)
207 mililon view wow!!!!!!!!
Андрей Гончаренко (9 hours ago)
Jere_ stunt (9 hours ago)
Cancion de cosci ndea
Карапуз (10 hours ago)
класс, столько терпения надо на это )
ThenextPicasso (11 hours ago)
Imagine the mess they have to clean up after this it makes me feel bad for them
Punsu LD (11 hours ago)
The are you me i
Evan 17 (12 hours ago)
Leave me alone now
Evan 17 (12 hours ago)
Who’s in the 1980s
Carlos Mendoza (12 hours ago)
Karina Criscillo (12 hours ago)
Whi will clean all that
Nhị Hồ Song (13 hours ago)
E.K.N orellano (13 hours ago)
Lizeth Martínez (14 hours ago)
Todo loque haces es genial
Tammy Raz (14 hours ago)
I am so jealous 😬😮
Rubi Pineda (17 hours ago)
SilverLime (18 hours ago)
WTF?! xD
Farhat Bhatti (18 hours ago)
How kann you do that i wish i could do that
dosinhos games (20 hours ago)
Muito sastivatorio adorei deveria ser mas popular deve te demorado muito para fazer
Anas Gamer (21 hours ago)
Manikkakumar Kumarasamy (22 hours ago)
terrible as poop
Feqan Qafarli (23 hours ago)
Very good
moti beg (23 hours ago)
Cecilia Teri (1 day ago)
Woooooooooouuuuuu!!!!! Que genial. Cuánto tiempo te tardó en hacerlo?😱😎😨👍
Margaux Sophia Sacluti (1 day ago)
OMG COANDAICE!!!!!!?!!!!
na hyeon yim (1 day ago)
Bless Naftal (1 day ago)
Omg 😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮
jose lerma (1 day ago)
Cool. ablan es pañol
IllisMoreo 87 (1 day ago)
The crispness of the falling sounds is delicious lol
Kopi Susu (1 day ago)
Domino nya panjang sekali
adriana nohemi salazar modesto (1 day ago)
Que aburrido
L1x Paputa (1 day ago)
Music name?
Sabrina Ortiz (1 day ago)
Jacob Ponce (1 day ago)
I like the way
Peter Harrington (1 day ago)
WOW 🤩😳🤯😱🤯😳😱😯😧😮😲😮😦😵🤐👍👍👍👍nice world I love 💕 it so satisfying. NICE JOB really I’m impressed awesome 😎!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!please put a like it took me a while🥴🥴🥺🥺👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻
Noah Turner (1 day ago)
did anyone else notice the thumbnail
Donnalyn Pope (1 day ago)
Noah Turner (1 day ago)
Samara Araújo (1 day ago)
Fernanda Inacia (1 day ago)
Planets Are Blue (1 day ago)
3:47 that part is so cool
Betty Garza Garza (1 day ago)
Good job
Jamal Rahman (1 day ago)
Fam Wilson Dirksen (1 day ago)
Rakimah Fleming (1 day ago)
(1 day ago)
U are genius!!😁
Salma Rahman (1 day ago)
Roméo Pelletier (1 day ago)
G&G Glam mom centil (2 days ago)
Sayang banget mainan nya padahal udah cape buat nya😔😔😔😢😢
Abbey Yoko (2 days ago)
tahir karic (2 days ago)
Veliki. Stomak Trudno
Karolina official (2 days ago)
Daisy Testado (2 days ago)
Free friday 24 ETF fundraising midseason CNN NBC a bang
Agatha Marcelino (2 days ago)
Elss Jane (2 days ago)
Wow amazing
Guillermo Rivera Marenco (2 days ago)
Yo hablo español
Elias Francis (2 days ago)
Not all of the dominos fell at each stage
coolkidrocks 4654 (2 days ago)
Its mine blowing
Lulu Kustrina (2 days ago)
Awesome...very so cool i like it 💪👍🤗❤️🙋
sebastian pergolesi (2 days ago)
que tan grande es tu casa
Toni Harvey (2 days ago)
Peggyzer (2 days ago)
So satysfaying why is this reccomended after 4 years
Aitano Jimeno (2 days ago)
wow me a encantado en algun video lo podras explicar soy la fan numero 1 quiero ser como tu
Bro Head (2 days ago)
the thumbnail reminds ... https://www.google.com/search?rlz=1C1AVFC_enPL858PL858&biw=1536&bih=760&tbm=isch&sxsrf=ACYBGNQUAf0lZ62xywut3aZF1Mf3HiWyfg%3A1573942212204&sa=1&ei=xHPQXdn7C6KHmwWm5aXwCA&q=swastyka+niemiecka&oq=swastyka+niemiecka&gs_l=img.3..0.72882.75279..75465...0.0..0.197.809.9j1......0....1..gws-wiz-img.......35i39j0i8i30j0i24.j5GHQVbiIUs&ved=0ahUKEwjZ7dHT3-_lAhWiw6YKHaZyCY4Q4dUDCAc&uact=5#imgrc=N8v5N8GCDjEATM:
Ahmed Ben Siamar (2 days ago)
Bravo !
MrCerebellum2 (2 days ago)
Swastika in the thumbnail Just saying
MrCerebellum2 (21 hours ago)
@E.Therese Bradley I fell off the ugly tree - hitting every branch on the way down.
E.Therese Bradley (1 day ago)
MrCerebellum2 What's up with the face..?? Lol
Patience Joiner (2 days ago)
U need to teach me u skilz
James Zimmerman (2 days ago)
I wish I had those!
mepoop 12 (13 hours ago)
Me too bro
Julia G. Capiz (2 days ago)
Don't Dislike all the videos!!! 😑😠
hellfire tank (2 days ago)
i do when grow up!!!!!
vạn dương minh (3 days ago)
ferry julian (3 days ago)
Çōōł ( íšt ępîč
Sára Laudon (3 days ago)
Silvia Aguero (3 days ago)
Neil Johnson (3 days ago)
So cool
Oli Silva PRO (3 days ago)
Como mola
Rexa Vengeance6661 (3 days ago)
Mariana 88 (3 days ago)
CMPTrainArmy CMPTA (3 days ago)
Börk Göteborg
Nurul Natrah (3 days ago)
Jag He’s She Hah Han SMK Nd Bd Mnbd Jjdjdj Jen
Kreker Here (3 days ago)
Anton Gál (3 days ago)
David V (3 days ago)
Very good
CoolGuy Minecraft! (3 days ago)
Cool, i love the toppling and the music, i wish i could do that.
Nash Nian Caboteja (1 day ago)
@julia Fontes y bbl vvddv
julia Fontes (1 day ago)
Speak portoquese
Kay Kay (3 days ago)
dis is amazing Accuracy %50% Amazing%97 %people watching dis 400.000.000.000,00
stevebicko okaka (1 day ago)
Shoxrux1991 Tagayev yuyuuuuuuuuuuuijkkk
Shoxrux1991 Tagayev (1 day ago)
Ata Vi (3 days ago)
Masterrrrrrrr woahhhhh!?!??........
Alexander Wamai (3 days ago)
lynncavalier (3 days ago)
Make a car domino track please
Alejandro Ferrusca (3 days ago)
Wooow cool no way he did dat
Isaias Diaz (3 days ago)
Definicion perfecta de esta persona: un capo
boywonder425 city (3 days ago)
cool dude
Sandra Itzel Torres Juárez (3 days ago)
Amo su creatividad y su sonido
Rawaz Barzinji (3 days ago)
Satisfying sound Good creation Nice music Nice job God bless
Caroline Peabody (3 days ago)
This is how many times they messed it up before getting it right 👇🏻
Ron Contorno (3 days ago)
Your done but first of all how are you going to clean up all those dominoes
Alanna nightmare Lima Bonnie (3 days ago)
Hamdan Hamdan (3 days ago)
Rafael Herrera (3 days ago)