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Dale Jr. Download: "I'm Going To Win The Daytona 500" - Dale Jarrett

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NASCAR Hall of Famer Dale Jarrett joins the Dale Jr. Download and discusses his early career, the chance he took from switching from the Wood Brothers to Joe Gibbs racing and how he knew he would win the Daytona 500. Listen to the full Dale Jr. Download podcast on all major podcast platforms.
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Howabouthetruth (10 days ago)
The more stories we hear from drivers & owners themselves about Dale Sr., the more one can be convinced that Dale Sr. really was the best driver of that entire era, hands down. To hear Dale Jarrett say: "Dale only took 2 tires, and his car was handling SO bad, he was literally steering the wheel to the right in the turns". ( he continues: ) "No one else could've even finished the race in that car, they would've wrecked, the way that car was handling so poorly, yet Dale was still leading the race"........end quote. Story after story like this. How much more proof does anyone need. Now imagine Earnhardt's car handling & running as good as the better cars in the field, and it's easy to see why he won 7 championships. The sad part is: Earnhardt & Childress had everything SO worked out before the beginning of the 2001 season, that both were absolutely convinced that they were going to win an 8th championship that year........but of course terrible fate put a stop to the "trifecta" that Dale was shooting for: 1st and 2nd place for his own 2 cars, and then him coming in 3rd. THAT is a dream come true. You can bet the farm Dale Sr. was one HAPPY & CONTENT man just before that fateful crash took his life.
Joe Archey (21 days ago)
Does anyone think Dale is a spitting image of Ned.
Tall Mike (1 month ago)
DJ is a class act for sure.
Ian Khan (1 month ago)
It's unfortunate what happened to Davey but it was that tragedy that led to Dale getting the opportunity too drive for Robert Yates racing because Joe Gibbs was a good opportunity but he would have had the same success that he eventually had with Robert if he stayed with Joe
Zack May (1 month ago)
I still have a poster DJ signed for me when we was at the local fair here in Sarasota, Florida many many years ago
Cosmik Motorsports (1 month ago)
Love hearing these stories and wish to hopefully see Ricky Rudd on one of these days.
Jay Grimes (1 month ago)
these are more engaging then the races each week.
John Laws (1 month ago)
I worked for a company that put Dale Jarrett's heating and air conditioning, into his new home on Lake Hickory back in the early 90's when his career took off. He would come by the job site regularly, he wouldn't even acknowledge any of the workers on the job even if you said hello to him he was a real dick, nobody liked him that worked on that job.
fastEdCanuck (1 month ago)
Dale Jarrett is looking more like his father as the years go on.
Ed Lafond (1 month ago)
What's going on in the picture over DJ's right shoulder? ;-)
Zack May (1 month ago)
Ed Lafond looks like Kurt Cobain
KK85 (1 month ago)
Dale Jarrrett going over to JGR back in 92 was the best move of his career! Granted he did win a few races with the Wood Brothers but clearly they were no longer a top tier organization by the late 80's, they were still competitive but never really championship caliper. DJ's time at JGR allowed him to grow as a driver which led him to sign with Robert Yates racing, win a bunch of races and his 99 Cup Championship.
Willco Jak (1 month ago)
When I got married in the early 90s we went to Myrtle Beach. Dale jr. was racing at Myrtle Beach Speedway that weekend.
Tre' Cooledge (1 month ago)
I tell you what, Dale Jarrett can do some talking! LoL
itruck1 (1 month ago)
The big question is did Joe Gibbs offer Dale Jarrett any pimento cheese filled tomatoes?? LOL
Chooch (1 month ago)
I love this show. I haven’t been this engaged in Cup racing since your dad passed. It brings back so many memories & moments. I love it.
dominick virgilio (1 month ago)
who gives a country rats ass about the daytona 500!
Mark Strock (1 month ago)
Man I love these videos. Seeing all these cool moments from when I grew up, all the back stories that were never on tv. It's like shooting the bull with the boys at a campfire. Amazing stuff. Try and get Mark Martin on here
Small Shot (1 month ago)
So much respect for DJ. I just can't imagine him not being liked.
bigfatno (1 month ago)
I used to call Dale Jarrett "scrappy Jarrett" way back in the day. He proved me I was wrong.
De Ba (1 month ago)
Best radio show bar none!
kakluver (1 month ago)
Don't let good ol' Dale Jarrett fool you. History has shown he would jump ship in a New York minute.
Kellie Nicole Brooks Schettino (1 month ago)
Hey its good to see a disclaimer for comments unfortunately a large majority of people in this world if mostly negative and feel they need to dump that negativity on the comment area,with out any idea of how to be a constructive complainer or decent about some thing they don't like....comment s its not complaints,customer service is closed at the moment and until further notice....thank u very much.
Kellie Nicole Brooks Schettino (1 month ago)
Yeah its nice to hear that about Joe Gibbs I only know of him from football,foosball,and I guess like a lot of people wait and see and see we do...
Chris The Chris (1 month ago)
Dale Jarrett is class act!
Jeff Rock (1 month ago)
Jeff Rock (21 days ago)
@BloodyPandaAE86 I agree
BloodyPandaAE86 (1 month ago)
they should let him drive a bona fide UPS truck as a pace truck
Coors Bandit (1 month ago)
I was at that race. 12 year old kid. Kyle Petty had that race won until Bobby Hillin Jr clobbered him at the start finish line. That was also the race Rusty had that major flip on the backstretch
Tim Pace (1 month ago)
5 dislikes? WHO THA F@#$ DON'T LIKE DALE JARRETT?!?! When is YouTube gonna start ID-ing trolls so we can all go NOT like their junk???
Anthony Schurz (1 month ago)
looking forward to Carl Edwards driving the number 21 Wood Brothers car after Penske takes it over
Madden Highlights (1 month ago)
He said
Marshal Jim Duncan (1 month ago)
I have a picture of Dale and Ernie standing in front of the 28 together, great picture, folks...
Marshal Jim Duncan (1 month ago)
Ford credit...
Richard West (1 month ago)
Dale Jarrett is awesome. Great interview 👍 with him. I am loving it.
zakura ayame (1 month ago)
Alan Kulwiki, Rusty Wallace ... that was a rough time.
Dan Heddleson (1 month ago)
Great interview, I was at that race that year, first 500, I was hooked, went to at DEI for you dad in 99, you were driving Busch car , Ron was in the truck, ended up HMS in 2002, painted aloft of your race, I am proud to worked with you and your dad, keep up the great work you do now!
tertessa (1 month ago)
I was at that Daytona 500...
Josh Files (1 month ago)
#88 Quality Care loved that car . Huge DJ fan RYR fan . Hated the day when UPS was put on #88 car as well as when DJ left RYR to go MWR . Still followed DJ but good old days was over .
Join me, shall you Vapes (1 month ago)
Great driver and person
ken pumphrey (1 month ago)
It's funny how I didn't like DJ in his driving years but now I absolutely love hearing him in interviews and calling races.
Jesse lee Davis 3rd (1 month ago)
Double pay sounds great 👍🏻
gothard5 (1 month ago)
A JD McDuffie shirt. Nice.
axegrinder0308 (1 month ago)
I remember thinking what a great representative for the sport DJ was during his reign as Champion.......... So well spoken and humble. He did awesome on the late night shows....Always pulled for Jarrett.
Vampirebear13 (1 month ago)
This was excellent!!!! PLEASE bring on MARK MARTIN!!!!!!
Mark Strock (1 month ago)
Yes, that needs to happen!!
Robert Stefanik (1 month ago)
I love hearing these stories
Jesse Mullen (1 month ago)
Where can I get a JD McDuffie shirt like Jr's? He was a true old school racer
Armando Rodroguez (1 month ago)
Ha Jr Thanks For The JD McDuffie mention And For Being On U-TUBE
Michael Marburger (1 month ago)
I love hearing all these podcasts. Dale Jarrett was a great choice for a guest. .He was awesome in NASCAR. I really wish he had more success in his driving career.
BeazleyZtudios (1 month ago)
You want the definition of class, just look to Ned and Dale Jarrett
Ethan Weeter (1 month ago)
NASCAR was classier back then.
Ethan Weeter (1 month ago)
One of my favorite guys was DJ, but I was always an Earnhardt fan so I could not openly root for him on race days.
evan wallace (1 month ago)
I met Ned at the 2001 bud shootout he passed us on a golf cart heading to his motorcoach outside of a fenced area so I waited for him to come out and I'll never forget my experience with him I was 12 at the time and he came out and I said Mr Jarrett can I shake your hand and he couldnt wait to come shake my hand and came to talk to me and my friend he talked with us for 10 minutes about everything except racing and before he left he said hang on a min he went inside and signed pictures of himself for us. By far the nicest and most genuine person I've ever met
flyhound97 (1 month ago)
For just once in my life I want to see and hear a NASCAR driver properly use 'good' and 'well'.
Wayne Nero (1 month ago)
So many legends “named dropped” wow 😮 great story!
mwwilli8803 (1 month ago)
Dale Jarrett and Todd Parrott with the #88 Quality care Ford , that was a Great team and a car you knew you'd have to beat every race.
Ethan Weeter (1 month ago)
The 88 was new, but the 28 had been around for a while and that is basically the team he took over. Robert Yates had been in NASCAR for more time than Joe Gibbs had.
brian cox (1 month ago)
I think I was 9 years old when DJ started out in the 88 car. NASCAR was such a HUGE part of my childhood... and DJ was MY driver! I had everything from hats and t-shirts to cereal boxes with DJ on them. I still have some of that stuff. Not very often to you come across people like DJ that have such overwhelming confidence on the inside but you would never know by just talking to them....so humble!
Bad Booking (1 month ago)
In 1996, that 88 team was as new as the #18 car Dale Jarrett entered in 1992.
Reverend Rasheem Stewart (1 month ago)
Please interview Bill and Chase Elliott
Susan Barfield (1 month ago)
yes please
wingracer 16 (1 month ago)
Who? Do you mean Chevy Chase Manhattan Bill Elliot Sadler?
Daniel Contreras (1 month ago)
I love DJ. Great ambassador for the sport.
Joe Valdrighi (1 month ago)
Will gall dang ! Shucks .. It were more money . And eyes got lucky that you know all about that Junior .
Cody Venrick (1 month ago)
I wanna know what all the diecasts are on the table
Cody Venrick (1 month ago)
That JD mcduffie shirt is toughhhh
NFL is rigged (1 month ago)
When King Richard was finishing up, I needed a new driver to cheer for. Dale beating Dale Sr with his dad in the box cheering for him settled who that would be.
Tony Wood (1 month ago)
The Last Great Cup Champion. Name one person who ever said a bad word about DJ or Ned.
GrungyFlannel (1 month ago)
Shane hmiel
WannaRideMyBigTrain (1 month ago)
Ernie Irvan said he has a big nose
NolanEP (1 month ago)
What about Gordon? Jimmie Johnson? lol
Steve Pratt (1 month ago)
I will never forget DJ's Daytona 500 win as long as I live even though I was only ten years old. I was a Dale Earnhardt fan. My brother was at Dale Jarrett fan. On the last lap him and I were both yelling at the TV cheering our drivers on. And then there was Ned Jarrett's commentary. That commentary made that race stick forever in my mind. As I recall Ned Jarrett said that he apologized to Earnhardt after the race for his commentary. Good times from when racing was racing. 😎
Ethan Weeter (1 month ago)
Ned apologizes directly to Dale, and Dale said “it is fine, I am a daddy too.”😅
Kevin Lesch (1 month ago)
I must have been 15 or 16 and your right about Ned's commentary sticking with you. I wasn't a Jarrett fan or an Earnhardt fan but for some reason I think that race made me a NASCAR fan! I later became a Jarrett fan and learned to respect Earnhardt.
Daniel Contreras (1 month ago)
He was a great champion
George Fonda (1 month ago)
Moving from Yates to MWR wasn't a good call. But I guess it doesn't matter. You are a legend
George Fonda (1 month ago)
@Michael Marburger I was going to go with Logano after Jr retired but he blocked him out of a chance of a last win at Talladega so I just pull for anyone but Kyle Busch
Michael Marburger (1 month ago)
@George Fonda Hard to say who my favorite driver currently is. A lot of drivers I really liked have retired such as Dale Jr., Gordon, Stewart, and Kenseth. I have admired the driving styles of Kevin Harvick and Brad Keselowski, but neither one is having stellar years in 2019. I am not a fan of his but like the driving style of Kyle Busch.
George Fonda (1 month ago)
@Michael Marburger yeah well he should've said going from Yates to waltrip was stupid so I didn't have to lol. Also I said he's a legend so I wasn't totally hating just keeping it real yo. Side note who's your current driver?
Michael Marburger (1 month ago)
He said in this bit that he was all about taking chances in his career. He took a chance by going with Gibbs and it paid off. He took a chance going from Gibbs to Yates and it paid off. He took another chance with the new MWR team and it didn't do so well. 2 out of 3 ain't bad. In defense of his career, during THAT time there were a lot (and probably more than any other period in NASCAR's top series) of young talented drivers making it tothat top level of the sport.
Jim R (1 month ago)
I could listen to Dale Jarrett all day....great guy!
Chris The Chris (1 month ago)
Jim R Yep! Great guy! RACE THE TRUCK DALE! Lol
Carmen Dawn Allan (1 month ago)
I agree. As his Dad,Ned.
Aye_Its_Karate (1 month ago)
@Joe Valdrighi lol
Joe Valdrighi (1 month ago)
What year did you have a lobotomy
What I learned from pro cycling https://youtu.be/iXtz7HxyUxo
Hot Dogs (1 month ago)
Jack Belk (1 month ago)
The best NASCAR talk on you tube, but Coffee with Kyle is very close!
Samet Özkan (1 month ago)
5 drivers you should bring them for the first time. Jeff Green John Andretti (your former DEI team mate) Reed Sorenson David Stremme and Timmy Hill.
Bad Booking (1 month ago)
John Andretti might be a tough to get, he's currently battling a re-occurrence of colon cancer :(
Drake Phelps (1 month ago)
Love you Dale Jr. RIP Dale Sr.
MegaMr46 (1 month ago)
Gotta love the Dale and Dale Show
Luis Y. Gonzalez (1 month ago)
Love the McDuffie shirt.
Michael Kelley (1 month ago)
This was another great podcast. I cant wait to hear who is on next week