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Vettel & Kimi Raikkonen Funniest Moments!!

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The funny moments with Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Räikkönen in ferrari! Subscribe to this channel for more Sebastian Vettel Videos!
Category: Comedy
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SebVettelVids (1 year ago)
Hey guys! Subscribe to this channel if you want to see more Sebastian Vettel videos!
Сергей Якушев (9 days ago)
wert freund (22 days ago)
These two were and stil are the most constructive teammates in within whole F1. If it really was "Zenturio" Mauricios decission to exchange Kimi for Charles ..It is the most worst decission in F1 ever. Seb always brought best results under getting pulled in a team that cares for him with a great common sense then when he's challanged by his team-principal.
Giulia Palumbo (2 months ago)
correct or uh?
MrRealgar (2 months ago)
Northern Italy’s food with Southern Italian music 😓🤯
AussieR1 (2 months ago)
6:30 ... best kimi reaction ever.
Too Lazy to make a normal name (3 months ago)
Carl Tobias Goldberg (3 months ago)
4:49 Man: Guey Seb: Guey Do you now the *Guey*
Carl Tobias Goldberg (3 months ago)
3:38 of course there are other finnish drivers: Hakkinnen and Bottas
Ken Yoshida (4 days ago)
+hunterhayate56 Kimi also raced for Ferrari in 2007-2009.
hunterhayate56 (1 month ago)
+EppuJoloZ Yep, it's only Mika Salo (1999) and Kimi (2014-2018).
EppuJoloZ (3 months ago)
They never raced for Ferrari, though.
Alexandrina Tomulescu (3 months ago)
The Stig’s German Cousin (3 months ago)
Is this an anime romance?
Sam Wmjrt (4 months ago)
I love them they give me second hand embarrassment
Pasquale Bianco (4 months ago)
coppia perfetta
billygowhoop (5 months ago)
I feel like they're one of the only sets of teammates who actually like each other.
F104Starfighter (2 months ago)
You forgot Perez and Ocon ;)
Thoughtful Thoughts (2 months ago)
Bottas and Hamilton are chatty and alonso and vandoorne do a Saturday night complain about mclaren
Hox Fox (3 months ago)
ardian dirgo bro you clearly never see RedBull's yt channel and their interviews 2018...
Sofia Ungo (3 months ago)
ardian dirgo Do they remember that nowadays? And it's mostly possible if they do, they might just share a laugh and not care too much about it :T
ardian dirgo (3 months ago)
Hox Fox really? You forgot daniel gave middle finger to max in hungary GP
Themightycaptain (5 months ago)
Only seb can make him smile this much.
TNTFreddan (6 months ago)
Why do every other F1 driver besides Seb get angry at Kimi?
Firemarioflower (9 months ago)
I miss the Christmas song of 2015 and the akwawrd moment with Nicole Kidman!
DiGamer15 _YT (11 months ago)
Like si te salteaste las partes de mexico :V xd
LuddeDrifting05 (11 months ago)
what language at 5:01??
Pedro Neto (5 months ago)
Spanish. I'm Brazilian, spanish look like portuguese
Handsome Jack (6 months ago)
is the traditional Mexican song "Cielito Lindo"
LuddeDrifting05 (11 months ago)
Nicolas Guardo (11 months ago)
Dude, i'm from Argentina, i speak Spanish, in the video they are leaning some mexican words, but trust me, thats Spanish ( Sorry for my bad English )
LuddeDrifting05 (11 months ago)
No, becsuse i go to spanish class
Wiley E. Coyote (1 year ago)
Best bromance in F1. Ever.
low key (1 year ago)
3:16 give me your hand baby.
AceStudios10 (1 year ago)
Vladyslav Zacharevič (1 year ago)
5:03 :D
ron donnis (1 year ago)
kimi seems embarrassed with the amount of races he has won in comparison to schumacher
Penguin Pie (1 year ago)
cutest couple in F1
Give me some noodles (4 months ago)
Martin Levenstam (6 months ago)
Penguin Pie i
SilentNinja (1 year ago)
At 8:32 i love how Kimi's phone is on charge without any cables going into it and he isnt using a charging case either.
QurttoRco (7 months ago)
some say that his hand charges phones and that he once actually did smile
SilentNinja (1 year ago)
You can see a little lighting bolt on the right of the battery sign which shows it’s charging
nosdriver (1 year ago)
6:04 had me ROFL
SUPERSTAR_H_GAMER (11 months ago)
Manga Guru guey
Manga Guru (1 year ago)
what did he say
Quattro Bitch! (1 year ago)
Anyone know what watch Kimi is wearing at 4:05?
HeHoZy (11 months ago)
Yeh it's a Hublot Big Bang Ferrari.
pampillone (1 year ago)
should be an hublot sposor of ferrari
Quattro Bitch! (1 year ago)
1:51 Vettel knew he was lying lol!
Quattro Bitch! (1 year ago)
Hizumi Kivito girls* and why do they edit it Lol. Makes it frustrating
Erik (1 year ago)
Quattro Bitch! The German version of the hockey game interview edited that part differently and instead when Kimi says he never looked at the grid boys Vettel replies "Yeah, as if!" :D