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UPS Truck stuck snow storm Spokane WA Part 2

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UPS trying to unstuck in deep snow on residential street after digging out using cardboard
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moparmania74 (6 years ago)
this guy was pissing me off. every time he should have been giving it gas, he wasnt. then every time he should have hit the brake, he didnt. he kept rolling forward and getting up a little. he should have hit the brake when up there. then put it in reverse and hit it hard... i guess some people are just better drivers in snow than others. i mean when i snows hard i go on back roads for fun... and in a mini van...
Hairee Stener (7 years ago)
A puny little peice of cardboard won't do piss all! The tire chains did help as it would not even budge at all without them.
orcaandsims (8 years ago)
my god i remember how bad that snowfall was, me and my mom were about 10 yards to are house going up a hill and we got frickin stuck are nieghbors had to dig us out!
kayu38 (8 years ago)
i still dont get why they dont have doors
Brent Sparrow (8 years ago)
it doesent help the matter that these truck are worthless in the snow
TheCerebralEmperor (8 years ago)
That's really weird. A UPS driver got stuck in my driveway and I and few other guys helped rock the truck out of the snow. The driver must have been desperate. lol
Jake B (9 years ago)
very true, i was driver helping last xmas and a kid next to us swerved and hit his truck. the kid even said it was his fault (didnt look before changing lanes with NO blinker) and my driver almost lost his job....stay safe man
Brian V (9 years ago)
Hey! that looks like my pkg he's using for traction
Andre Barrow (9 years ago)
Where the snow plows when you need em.That street needs it.
C Kush (9 years ago)
We have it bad during that time of year..................it fucking sucks
Pslpng2 (9 years ago)
I'ma be workin as a driver helper, hope it snows
JimmyDean404 (9 years ago)
but you were atleast allowed to shovel the driveway for him...i see the point I guess for that.
JimmyDean404 (9 years ago)
your kidden?! wow. They are strict.
JimmyDean404 (9 years ago)
the driver is probably like couldn't you help me instead of filming. But hes probably like the more time the more i get paid. Nice vid
Michael Lewis (9 years ago)
lol I work at UPS too but not a driver yet but yeah those damn QVC packages ugh... and is he in a driveway? that's a no-no... I know they have buckets of sand and little traction mats but I've never seen chains used.. heck last year some drivers had a hard time just making it out of the UPS parking lot.
DanScoob (9 years ago)
I live up in North Idaho and for the amount of snow we get we should definitely have some 4WD UPS trucks to get around in the winter because the plows can't keep up with the snow in the Inland Northwest sometimes. I love my Subaru!
jessejohn77 (9 years ago)
im a UPS driver...been there...done that...all so some lady can get her frickin QVC box....
s33urf (9 years ago)
i cant believe that something this interesting had a part 2.
Hairee Stener (10 years ago)
Morale of this story: Tire chains do not make you invincible.
dueltruck700 (10 years ago)
should have shovled around the truck..clear a path for it and throw some sand under the tires
007nites (10 years ago)
There was a brinks truck stuck infront of me 4 days ago and I just overtook him.
CMOSjockey (10 years ago)
I've driven through blizzards in RWD and done fine. Those trucks have low profile tyres, so they are going to flounder more. He had chains, he was going to get out. He just needed to rock it a few times.
jcareusa (10 years ago)
I know the feeling, those darn 600 are no good in the snow!