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T503 update

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Follow this video to update you t503 global iptv device
Category: Comedy
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Text Comments (15)
jamal kamal (1 year ago)
You are such a lier and fake , you are not showing the tv while you pressing the button on control , I did try so many times did NOT work at all that code is fake and I have same iptv box T503 , Just taking are money , this iptv box its awful Not good , and bad customer service
Nara sh (1 year ago)
This is the worse Iptv box I’ve seen , they just take your money then no channels , what a joke
Hode Melhem (2 years ago)
انت واحد حمار الله يكسر يدك على هل كود الخرة مثل وجهك العفن اذا مامتكيد ياحمار لاتعمل كود من عندك ياغبي
Hode Melhem (2 years ago)
الله لايوفقك ضاعت كول القنوات
Iptv Easywatch (3 years ago)
the cod 80reed0green8 disp not work with my T530
Iptv Easywatch (8 months ago)
Me too the code not woking with my box
Roshan Singh (1 year ago)
hi the URL gtv.bz/a Does not work
hanan alkhidhr (4 years ago)
جهاز سئ جدا ما انصح اي احد يشترية دائما يشيلو قنوات وقنوات مره تشتغل ومره لا واذا اتصلت عليهم يقولك مافيه اي مشكلة
tarek j (4 years ago)
The code is not correct .. anyone has the correct code please ?
youss ouss (5 years ago)
don't buy this,  this is a scaaaam  I swear  wlaaaaahi 
Mohammed k (5 years ago)
how can I upgrade my GTV T502?
Gaming Brothers (5 years ago)
no one answer our call since week i have problem in update
Ghassan alsaffar (5 years ago)
Cheap I swear, no one can answer me for whole week!!!!
Abdulaziz Sager (5 years ago)
I can not contact you !!!!! you did not answer for whole week !!!
Mina Bareh (5 years ago)
 how can we contact while.you dont answer the.lines . give us different numbers or find a way