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Upps - Funny Clips Part 24 - Trampoline Clips

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TO WATCH THIS VIDEO IN HIGH QUALITY JUST PRESS THIS URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OC2GTFMdI6Q&fmt=18 Upps - Funny Clips from "Upps die Pannensh..
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Text Comments (111)
Bruno Van Sompel (3 years ago)
The House of Jokes (3 years ago)
This is a competently put together video. Thank you for the time that you put in.
Arvie Grace Sarino (6 years ago)
Ibraheem Mansour (6 years ago)
Check Out My Channel For Cool Videos :D
Mario Stoka (6 years ago)
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Toby blowdy (6 years ago)
the music is?
aireen may luna (6 years ago)
i like this..
Tammy Chung (6 years ago)
hey mate the video is funny. If you don’t mind, we would like to post your videos on behalf of Baofeng video. Your kind reply is much apperciated.
redcapedjoker (6 years ago)
If there were women, naked woman doing this, it would be waaaay funnier. Thumbs up.
G (6 years ago)
fuk ya mate.
I Joshua (6 years ago)
FaUn_OneUp (6 years ago)
Everyone please stand for YouTube's National Anthem.
fiatlux14 (6 years ago)
Fun vid - thanks!
fiatlux14 (6 years ago)
Damien Gomez (7 years ago)
funny video but wierd song
Silshadnic (7 years ago)
0:31 was a SUCCESS
Chris Weselovs (7 years ago)
Where did she go lol
emmalouisehearn (7 years ago)
TBH none of theese videos are exactly 'funny'. Most of them actually look like they really hurt. So...
TheVinovaloza (7 years ago)
Watching this while listening to I believe i can fly. :D
baileyster collins (7 years ago)
that happens in the the vid tiger boo
aristrub123 (7 years ago)
In the last clip where did the kid go
México News (7 years ago)
Peter Greene (7 years ago)
this is WORSE than minecraft
Agnes Sliczniak (7 years ago)
one thing in common. they all don't have nets
jacob mcleod (7 years ago)
no.. you love this song, its yo favorite song, you wake up and brush yo teeth to this song. you bought 10 albums just so you can listen to the song.every time he asks you, you tell him you love this fucken song!
Freshkiicks (7 years ago)
wats up whith the song):
svet racunara (7 years ago)
song ??????????
Amanda Knowles (7 years ago)
Um, did the video just restart itself? Spookey.....
Jake (7 years ago)
I hate this fucking song....
Hugo Emanuel (7 years ago)
00:50 der ist dumm wie ein stück s c hei sse
Ian buckley (7 years ago)
ha JFJ *jumping for joy
GuyDoom (7 years ago)
I can't believe that you people could call this funny.Someone could die like this
B Gogic (7 years ago)
Born to be muted..
Bastian (7 years ago)
What a nice song where did i hear that before? (sarcastic laugh)
TheTrollJr (7 years ago)
Thumbs up if the two top comments are about the song.
KratosPrivat (7 years ago)
muuch better than that fucking useless narrator -.- I hate him he destroys all the fun q.q
Sir LongDongDigilly (7 years ago)
well the vid is ok funny, but your choice of musik sucks.
anchina12 (7 years ago)
Sorvos (7 years ago)
0:32 The real Spiderman. 1:05 Alien abduction
Bence Busai (7 years ago)
song??? wtf???
alexander (7 years ago)
@shomaske thunbs up if your sick from dumheads asking for thumbs up .... :/
linus lanzendörfer (7 years ago)
des is purer shit
DomeTerravir (8 years ago)
Die videos sind leider veraltet,aber teilweise in Ordnung . Trotzdem Daumen runter
susi müller (8 years ago)
eifach hamma witzig
PyroFanHD (8 years ago)
0:25 holy shit
Dejan Susac (8 years ago)
Lefan Jello (8 years ago)
@DytzaN111 Born To Be Wasted by 009 Sound System
tristanmaifert (8 years ago)
I Love This Music :D
on bekend (8 years ago)
Mounir Aharchi (8 years ago)
This video is incredibely awesome !! got me cracking up...
Dominik Lehenberger (8 years ago)
ardi h (8 years ago)
Juliane Fuchs (8 years ago)
Sehr beruhigend, dass Trampoline nicht kaputt gehen können.
celliyo1 (8 years ago)
lautlos is besser
TheLoneWolf (8 years ago)
that was tight what that guy just stickin to the wall like that BEAST
Forest James (8 years ago)
Man some of those looked like they really hurt
tobias ljungholm (8 years ago)
wondering the song.. its called Gay by overplayed
somard1 (8 years ago)
Thumbs up if you muted this video.
goldenboy803 (8 years ago)
that's why god doesn't give high jump superpower to humans
Thor Gram (8 years ago)
Sorry, didn't even finish because of the "Sound System" song. Petty I know, I could have muted it too, but I feel like being a bitch I guess. :)
claudio alves (8 years ago)
whoa so half falls from the trampoline and the trampoline arenbenta
MrsChristensen1982 (8 years ago)
there are so many songs...WHY THIS???Dislike because of the song!!Funny video but i did't enjoy it.
Teresa Feliciano (8 years ago)
Komplettzerwuschellord (8 years ago)
not good song
kabous75 (8 years ago)
Why do you post a link to the same video for HD? You want more hits? Not very ethical but clever!
Dimitris (8 years ago)
shit song
danutmh (8 years ago)
Now u just witnessed all the ways wich u can brake ure bones on a trampoline
buttercup0023 (8 years ago)
one word ......-> OUCH :P
angel-julz Hughes (8 years ago)
co za assy!
TheWeaponmaster123 (8 years ago)
whats the name of song??????
FOX drummer (8 years ago)
that happens when you dont have a saftey net xD
Meen H (8 years ago)
Das video ist toll! Ich mag! :)
Captn Jo (8 years ago)
@MaXeMoX1 thats crazy! there only offering me $35 lol
Captn Jo (8 years ago)
how much money did they send u to change the music??>?
WatchingFreaky (8 years ago)
die armen trampoline sind ja kaputt :(
Niklas Bock (8 years ago)
vor einem tag war die musik nit da
Terri McEvoy (8 years ago)
okey i guss
Streifenkarl (8 years ago)
@elendil6668 ok ma besten hören wir jetzt auf mit dem "ich zweifle an deiner interlligenz" sonst nimmt dass nie ein ende grüße Mario ;)
Daniel L (8 years ago)
daran erkennt man Scheiß trampolinQualität ;D
Streifenkarl (8 years ago)
@elendil6668 emm jetzt zweifle ich an deiner interlligenz wenn du glaubst dass das ernst gemint wahr glaubst du auch an den osterhasen?
Streifenkarl (8 years ago)
@elendil6668 ich bin mir da sehr sicher
Streifenkarl (8 years ago)
ich glaube trampoline werden von upps gesponsort bei jedem kauf gibt es gratis eine video kamera dazu
Dominik Saxer (8 years ago)
@elendil6668 ich hofe das du das nicht ernst gement hast. sonst wärst du der grösste voll depp den ich kenne xDD
cherryqueen565 (8 years ago)
@elendil6668 ich glaube nicht, sonst würden die das da nicht hinschicken, aber manchmal könnte man das denken, so wie die stürzen oder wo vorknallen ;)
hmdecheef (8 years ago)
oooh scheisse bei 0:50 ... der hat bestimmt rückenschmerzen füür die nächsten 5 tage!! xD
Chris Iliopoulos (8 years ago)
i am now thinking to stop diong trampoline!!!
RXBlack (9 years ago)
Abonniert mich es kommen bald coole videos von mir ;) vieleeee gürßßeee Rama20
tscheck21 (9 years ago)
Der Glas (9 years ago)
@elendil6668 nee :DDD
Jerkbaitful (9 years ago)
@Maci14Hopper ne. ich glaub nciht. ich hab mit nem freund eben sein neues schnittprograam ausprobiert. wir haben ein szene wie wir runterjumpen verkehrtherum laufen lasse. mit der richtigen mimik siehts genau wie hier aus.
IceteePfirsich (9 years ago)
@elendil6668 Das geräusch Brechender Knochen ist nur eingefügt, soviel zum tema sterben, die tun sich nur scheiße weh^^
Jerkbaitful (9 years ago)
0:31 is n fake. wurde einfach rückwärts abgespielt.
tiredeys (9 years ago)
Schadenfreude ist halt immer noch die schönste Freude :-)))
A_ 51phantom (9 years ago)
dude what happened to the rest of the videos i remember there was like 100 or something
FILM REview (9 years ago)
this video is nice
NoizeImpact (9 years ago)
0:21 am geilsten der rücken tut bestimmt weh
Trevor Jutila (9 years ago)
the last one is fucking reTARDED
Melane Darkholme (9 years ago)
OMG~!!! For the love of Kami, dude, that was F.U.N !!!!
Beat Base ent (9 years ago)
go up to your address bar, put the letter "Q" between the words you and tube, then press enter or click go
milot preteni (9 years ago)
wtf at 0:51