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Heavy Time!! UPS Boeing 747 Go Around / MD-11 Close-Up Landings (HD)

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Heavy Planes !! Boeing 747 and MD-11 Arrivals by UPS. The weekly Parcel planes arrive on a rather untypical runway at Cologne. Runway 24 is the shortest runway at Cologne and they had to land on this runway because the long runway 14L was closed due to construction works. Every Sunday you are able to watch lots of United Parcel Service (UPS) Heavies arriving at Cologne. Cologne is the European hub of this Airline, which is based in Louisville, Kentucky, (US) The main runway (RWY14/32 - 4000m, 13120ft ) at Cologne was closed due to construction works. This was a fantastic opportunity for me to make some videos of fully loaded Heavies arriving on the relatively short runway 24 (2400m//7200ft). Did anyone see the rabbit? Thanks for watching, I hope you like it and as usual please don` t forget to rate. Additional Information: 00:00-00:13 UPS3 N250UP MD-11F Dubai - Cologne 00:13-00:25 UPS203 N278UP MD-11F Louisville - Cologne 00:25-01:12 UPS1 N573UP B744F Hongkong - Cologne 02:17-02:35 UPS21 N254UP MD-11F Shanghai - Cologne 02:35-02:45 UPS9 N285UP MD-11F Almaty - Cologne
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Text Comments (83)
outwiththem (1 year ago)
Too nose heavy maybe?
Ethan Alex Aviation (1 year ago)
Nice video mate!! :)
Lokapix (2 years ago)
Uhm, the 24/06 is not the shortest. The shortest the 14R/32L.
Rohan Patel (2 years ago)
Gotta love the MD-11's Stabilizers! 1:36 <3
Joe Chuckles (9 months ago)
They are smaller than on the -10 reduce drag/improve fuel efficiency, which dogged us during the initial deliveries. That is only one of the mods to meet the requirements. Also, some do not know the horizontal stab is a fuel tank as well, used for CG purposes. Supposedly, the fuel management system would not allow the tank to be a certain level while on the ground, to avoid tail strike. Rather, the fuel was pumped to the center tanks by the computer (if memory serves). This may be why the stab was full nose up on the back taxi shot.
12345fowler (1 year ago)
To me how the stabilizer could have been certified by the FAA is a mistery. Clearly they are too small for the plane & don't provide enough stability (this is why MCD had to come up with some sort of stability aumentation system) MCD shrunk them to the max in a desperate efforts to loose airframe drag as the MD-11 had always been short of the performance they had sold to the airlines. (range & fuel consumption) The front view from the MD-11 with it's stab almost to the up position is almost insane. An airplane should'n be rigged that way & is clearly the sign that something is wrong.
Canadian Plane Spotter (3 years ago)
I rate 8/8 mate! SUBSCRIBED! Love the tire smoke! MD-11 lands fast, and love the 744!!!
jj h (3 years ago)
Rough Landing
Brian Kavanagh (3 years ago)
seeing the ups 747 and md-11 together on the runway was a pretty cool sight
kwmack11 (4 years ago)
That was one hell of a filming job, great video !!!
Southern Arkansas Rail (4 years ago)
Very nice captures. I saw on a documentary that the MD11 requires a faster landing speed due to the stabilizers. The documentary stated that no other large aircraft lands faster than the MD11. That would explain why they bounce so much when they land.
Bianca Machuca (4 years ago)
Yea UPS!!!
Brothercasters Gaming (4 years ago)
1:24 Sup b**ches
DC-8 Tailpost (4 years ago)
Watch the rudder movements on the 747 @ 1:00-1:07... Pretty cool....
maranellocrskart (4 years ago)
where is it possible to find this location? thx for feedback!!
slwnh67 (5 years ago)
Listen to those amazing wake vortices!
amri amran (5 years ago)
Did you hear that?..Wake turbulence sound swishing and hits the camera..
Aviatorspot (5 years ago)
Amazing landing of UPS! Love the UPS!
MirKwiwieiw Ali (3 years ago)
Renzo John Tassinari (5 years ago)
Yes I see it XD (the rabbit)
Matheus Carvalho (5 years ago)
UPS have such a beautiful logo.
danahan01 (5 years ago)
That wascally Wabbit??? phunny.....
helsinki vantaa spotter (5 years ago)
1000 Subscribers with no videos? (3 years ago)
+helsinki vantaa spotter darude sandstorm international
larrybueno (5 years ago)
This is one of the best aviation videos i've seen.
Aviatorspot (5 years ago)
Wow! stunning footage of the landing! Great close-up zooming! Good work man!
Aviatorspot (1 year ago)
What the hell is that?
Alexandra Ionela (2 years ago)
eghvghbcbn cum BBC knowledge
Nuno Miguel Cunha Bica (5 years ago)
Runway Incursion... Rabbit crossing the runway!!! Min 2:16
Just Random Gamer (5 years ago)
me too! awsome videos man. too awsome!
JustAnotherPerson (5 years ago)
i just love the md-11 !!
Aviectus G. (5 years ago)
stuning videos! i would like to see some sort of a tutorial on how you create those terrific time lapse videos!!
planespotter_germany (5 years ago)
Big airplanes + short runway = perfect video! :)
jack gavin (5 years ago)
First 2 were not 747's
YankeeTango (5 years ago)
einfach nur klasse...
larry spizzirri (5 years ago)
Aviatorspot (5 years ago)
Aamzing shots of landing and takeoffs! Good work!
youtrein (5 years ago)
Amazing !
BunnyHairedKid (5 years ago)
Long Ethan (5 years ago)
why the MD11 leave the pitch trim so high
incyphe (5 years ago)
Man, these UPS pilots sure are in a hurry to land...
sturttv (6 years ago)
Louisville, Kentucky man here. UPS is pretty much all the planes that come and go out of here since the airport isn't a hub for passenger planes. Anyway, those first few landings were hard. Maybe soft landings are a bit harder to accomplish with a lot of cargo? I always wondered if a plane makes a really hard landing, do they inspect the plane more aggressively for wear and tear after that specific landing or are they just built to take that kind of beating?
Chestozo (6 years ago)
Do you know some long videos / movies with planes in the air? I am looking for such a movie I saw once in a cafe in an airport. Just planes and biplanes flying, filmed from air. And thank you for your beautiful videos! )
damirovy (6 years ago)
I like all your videos...
Francisco José Vázquez (6 years ago)
Alucinante...!!! Insuperables tomas. Daría lo que fuese por una perspectiva así ...!!!
Ari Santiago Toxqui (6 years ago)
I saw the rabbit a 2:17 to 2:20, in a rush to get out of the runway.
Supercritical (6 years ago)
Flaps 50!!!
Ba Co (6 years ago)
Just awesome! As usual... :)
Michael Howe (6 years ago)
It's huge! Big big big!
Rocker AM (6 years ago)
They looked very busy
Awesome Aviation (6 years ago)
Excellent - very nice job!
Dutchbird757 (6 years ago)
Quality as usual! Loved it!
manifestgtr (6 years ago)
sounds like you got to hear some wingtip vortices....that's such a haunting sound
Ununpentium115 (6 years ago)
The rabbit comes at 2:18. (Mein Name ist Hase.)
PRicardofaria (6 years ago)
great video!!!!
jules dourmap (6 years ago)
That MD-11 made like a very hard landing Very nice video :)
TheVladimirHD (6 years ago)
Amazing video, nice catch ;)
Barcelona - El Prat Int'l ✈ (6 years ago)
More than AWESOME!
Chris Schwenk (6 years ago)
I heard the wake vortices crack like a whip on the first landing too. Really really great video.
lulla3 (6 years ago)
after reading your comments, decided to see it again and I saw the animal :) Great shot! Very nice footage of heavies :)
castlebravo (6 years ago)
You can hear the vortices off the MD-11's in the beginning! Great video
Daniel Neumann (6 years ago)
What a pitchtrim on the MD-11 @ 1:20 :D
DogisRain Co. (6 years ago)
That was very cool.
Jorge Rojas (6 years ago)
Que excelente ! me gusto demasiado! y el sonido de las ardillitas al acelerar el vídeo jaja
Schuecklueh (6 years ago)
Thank you for the video
Charlie Mike (6 years ago)
Congratulations great video i love md 11
Flyspotter19 (6 years ago)
Fantastic video! Well done :)
EinkOLED (6 years ago)
After watching teat 747 landing, I still get horrific pictures in my mind of that 747 stall and crash in Afghanistan.
eulenspeigel (6 years ago)
Is it even possible to land a md-11 without a bounce?
Daniyal Ali Obaid (6 years ago)
Out of all the videos i have watched on Aircraft spotting, this is one of the best videos i have watched.
MrBryan86 (6 years ago)
Darko Marjanović (6 years ago)
It's really nice!
Jean Hasdenteufel (6 years ago)
hear the tire hit the runway! 0:03 really good video!
wiseguy (6 years ago)
wow you simply have the best spotting videos, thanks!
Mark Jones (6 years ago)
Very cool!
ZurichAirportSpotter (6 years ago)
Fantastic video!
Blue Red Yellow Green (6 years ago)
Really great full screen video!!
jetblast787 (6 years ago)
You can see the wings drop at 2:25 once the spoilers come up and lift is cancelled
jetblast787 (6 years ago)
That first landing looks painful
Hirschcar (6 years ago)
A rabbit at 2:18 :D
Thenewyorkerpilot (6 years ago)
Nice video!
dave4shmups (6 years ago)
Awesome video! I wonder why that 747 went around? It didn't look like there were really bad crosswinds; perhaps they had a warning light go off in the cockpit?
Leptir (6 years ago)
Nice video !